Table of Contents


One: Beginning of Knowledge

Two: The Origin and the Path

Three: The Glory of God

Four: Overcoming Human History

Five: Tat Speaks

Six: Seeing the Unseen

Seven: God Heals Instantly

Eight: I AM That I AM

Nine: Identify with the Highest

Ten: Good and Evil

Eleven: Making Contact


Twelve: Using Wisdom

Thirteen: Light of Power and Protection

Fourteen: Polarity Balance Mystical Union

Fifteen: Gifts, Powers and Creativity

Sixteen: God Man, God Woman, God Self

Seventeen: You have No Boundaries

Eighteen: The Name and Word of God

Nineteen: The Manifestation of God

Twenty: Escape and Vision

Twenty One: The Power of a Seeing Mind


Twenty Two: Creation in Love

Twenty Three: The Time is Ended, Now is the Time

Twenty Four: Now is the Time for the Children of God

Twenty Five: Holy Life

Twenty Six: Wedlock and the Holy Place

Twenty Seven: The Human Body

Twenty Eight: Macrocosm and Micro Creation


Twenty Nine: Mind, Soul and Spirit

Thirty: God Is, I Am

Thirty One: The Supernatural becomes Natural

Thirty Two: Laws, Principles and Powers

Thirty Three: Powers of Creation

Thirty Four: Power

Thirty Five: The Diamond of Clarity

About the Author


If you feel this material is a spiritual blessing to you, please respond appropriately with supportive prayer for God's work through God's channel Master Tat and its Astral Physics Teachings, the message to humanity for all times. And, if possible, provide ongoing financial support for the proclamation of this message to all of God's people and all the world.

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