Book Nine
Identify with the Highest

161. You can exercise these great attributes, of the Father, Mother and Holy Spirit in you, by practicing the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path and the Spiritual Training of truthfulness and sincerity in all you do in the World of Form and Appearances. You have the Free Will Choice given by God to the Children of God. The three aspects are to be balanced in One's character to reach Godhood. You are a more balanced Human Being when all three aspects of the Godhead are balanced in you!

162. You can live an altruistic love from a loving heart and become one permitted to serve Life in every way. God is Light and you to can become the Light of Humanity. God is Love and you to can become the Love of Humanity. As you become more endowed with the attributes of God within, you will surely be able to transmit genuine Spiritual Light to others. The Spiritual Light of The Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path is the Light to unite all things, in the devoted effort for the expression of the Divine Teachings. Letting the Divine Teachings flourish in your Life is a genuine way to serve and recompense God. Basic Service on achieving perfect Wealth, Health and Happiness is the another way to serve and recompense God. Love God with all your heart, mind and all your getting, than Love all others and yourself as you Love God. Do not forget the genuine Seeker of God finds God! God is not hiding!

163. God is Infinite Prosperity, Infinite Light and Infinite Bliss, and you too can live an Eternal Life given these Powers of God. Through the Cycles of Births and Deaths or through the Ascension, you will be able to serve for the completion of God's Divine Plan, God's Will and God's Desire. God absolutely controls all by the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path. Therefore, God is the Wisdom, Truth and Love as well as the One Perfect Freedom. God is the epitome of Selflessness. God is closer than your breath, closer than your heartbeat and closer than your skin. God is with you and in you as the very Life you live and lead. God is every part of you and you are part of God. You are a vital part of the Body of God. You are a vital part of the Mind of God. You are a vital part of the Spirit of God. You are a vital part of Creation! In turn, God is a vital part of each one of us!

164. Therefore, if you become awakened to the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path, you are being transmuted, transformed and transfigured into the One who practices Wisdom in your Spirit, Truthfulness in your Mind and Love in your actions. The Powers of Spiritual Mastery, Spiritual Consciousness and Spiritual Discernment will manifest in you as you awaken on the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path. The Spiritual Powers that awakens you will always be with you, within your Mind, Soul and Spirit.

165. Such Spiritual Powers from the practice of Spiritual Mastery, Consciousness and Discernment gives you the Golden Translucent Light to make a Free Will Choice in your Life. The Spiritual Powers make it possible for you to live in a firm Faith. Therefore, you will be able to start resolutely, practicing the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path and completing the Path to the end. You will become fearless as an Individualization of God expressing. You will be free from fear and doubt in your Life!

166. God is the Originator and Origin of Infinite and Eternal Prosperity, Eternal Life and Absolute Power. Therefore, with God Presence within, you can liberate yourself from self-imposed limitation and the Mask of the Personality in every respect as an Individual expression of God. God is holding you in God's Hands in full Freedom to be what you identify as I AM. The true Form of complete Freedom of Expression and the Freedom from poverty, disease and suffering is being given to you in the Free Will of Identity.

167. You can have Love and Harmony in your Life forever, without end. Happy or sad, joy or sorrow, rich or poor, health or sickness, wise or ignorant and all other choices in your Life are up to you, as you Identify. You have just been lacking in the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path and its Teachings to take advantage of your Spiritual Heritage. The choices of Life are up to you and Ascension is making a million right choices! Begin now to add consciously to the right chooses that you have already made!

168. So, you can now achieve all these Ideas put forth in this Holy Book. You are the One who will control possessing Spirits. You are the One who will not give them a chance to possess. The only task of importance is to purify your Spiritual Aspect and be Master of the way of changing your innermost Spiritual Mind. God bestows Love and Adoration to everyone. Even though God is exacting in the Laws of God, God gives Wisdom, Healing, Truth, Freedom, Love and Joy to sustain us in the Laws. As you exercise the Laws of God you will grow to be One that is being loved and being adored by the People of the World. Love, Compassion and a Smile you can give to all people you come in contact with. You can give Love, Compassion and a Smile to all people by the Grace of God that is in you now. Claim your Mastery!

169. Your Spiritual Body is interlocking with the Clear Crystal Fire Light, in a spontaneous vibration with the Great and Holy Spirit of God throughout the entire Creation. Moreover, your whole Spirit, Mind and Flesh are collectively breathing the Breath of Eternal Life. Your Soul and God's Soul are One Soul. You are being restored as a conscious Child of God. You are precious and others are precious also. You are worthy of Love and others are worthy of Love also. Be the Love of God made manifest now. Live, move and have your Being in the Presence of God's Holy Love. Be God's Love for God's Creation and all its manifestations. Love is a sustaining Power in even the Darkest trails of Life. Love contains the Rays of Hope and Healing for you, the Child of God!

170. The I AM THAT I AM is the Law of Identification. As you purify yourself, uplifting your Spiritual Aspect and your levels of consciousness, you will be more reluctant to accumulate impurities of the Body, Mind and Spirit. In this way Humanity, one by one, every one, is being lifted into the Divine Civilization, the a reconstructing of the New World Order. A New World where all people are equal and each one is considered as important to the whole of Humanity. Let us make it a New World Order to let all Humanity become inhabitants of Heaven on Earth and beyond the Earth to the Stars. This is being accomplished if each one of us respects and loves the Earth and stops treating the Earth as a thing. This is being accomplished if each one of us respects and loves each other as God expressing with the Power to be guided by God open and direct!

171. The Earth is a Living Being in God. In Creation, Humanity is being judged by what they have done with the things that God has given them. God is giving the Dominion of the Earth to Humanity. Without the Earth, there is no Platform for Humanity to experience upon. Without the Earth, there is no Place of Growth and expansion to the Stars for Humanity. Therefore, each one of us must take care of the Earth and all its Creatures as God's possessions. The whole Planet is our Home while on Earth! We breath each others air and drink each others water! No Country or people are separate unto themselves!

172. Until now, Humanity is being used by Mankind. Hereafter, in The Next Age of the Divine Civilization, we all will be in direct contact with God and be Self Governed. The Next Age is the time of No Time, when the Presence of Heaven will come back into the consciousness of the Children of God. It is the Age for all Humanity to serve God, open and direct. It is the Era for the accomplishment of the Goals of the Divine Plan of God in Creation, not limited to the Earth, but going beyond the Stars.

173. There is no other way to save Mankind and to attain the liberation of Humanity. There is no other way for true freedom of Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit. Humanity must work with God consciously to open the fountain of the Pure Waters of Life. The Pure Waters that wash Humanity free from war, death, intimidation, disease, or suffering. Pure Waters to individually and collectively wash all of us clean. Let the Pure Waters of God Cleanse your Soul. You can now drink deeply the Pure Crystal Clear Waters of Life pouring open and direct from the Godhead to you.

174. You are a Child of God, and were originally a Holy Spirit, in the Clear Crystal Fire Light of God's Holy Spirit, the true Breath of Life. Transmute, transform and transfigure yourself into the Holy Body, Holy Mind and Holy Spirit of God. Do not forget to enjoy and love it when you are training and purifying your Soul, Mind and Body. Remember, all is under the Law of Spirit first before the Laws of Mind and Matter. Do not let the servants of the Body, Emotions, Mind, Creative Power or Universe control the Master within, You!

175. However, you must make an extra effort to exercise your will power to the highest level to be Master of your servants of your Mind, Emotions and Physical Body. The Baptism by Fire is upon Humanity, and it will become more rapidly applied as we approach the Year 2000 and the Next Age of finally contacting God, open and direct. The Baptism of Fire brings forceful compensation for sins and separation from God. If you do not master it, it will master you!

176. This is the time of rebuilding the World and removing adversity, poverty and unhappiness from Humanity. You must not waste any more time in indecision and discussion. Now is the time to act in God. Therefore, we must conquer all obstacles and unite all of God's People in the World to make the maximum effort. We each should have a burning desire for the expansion and flourishing of the Divine Teaching of God to all Humanity. The fighting over Masters, Religions and other ways must stop. All must go to God open and direct. You are the Priest, Minister, Holy Being and intercessor in your Life. You need no intermediary to go to God. God is Presence in you. All must awaken the I AM THAT I AM, the PRESENCE OF GOD from within their Being, now!

177. The Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path is the way to achieve the Perfect Prosperity, Health and Harmony. Eliminate your selfish old Ego, and be reborn as a Child of God in the Light, Love and Life of God. Be in God who is the Source of your Spiritual Freedom, your true identity and your true individuality. You can realize that the I AM THAT I AM is the wondrous way of achieving Liberation for the Godman and Godwoman, and all Humanity that so desires to be free.

178. Liberation in the I AM THAT I AM for every Soul, in full and genuine Freedom, as God expressing, is the Goal of the Church of Revelation in the Divine Civilization of Humanity in the Next Age. Where you pay attention is where you are at. What you identify with is what you will become! Entering the Silence can not be over emphasized! You must train all your bodies of manifestation and consciousness to be still at your command! All should be still to receive the highest Blessing from God. Be still and know God!

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