Book Eight

142. From the I Am of God individualized the Power of Invocation is brought forth. The I Am as Individualization is the Holy Innocence that first manifested from the Mother Father God as Humanity on Planet Earth. You are the Holy Innocence in your original state as the I Am Presence. You have the Power that brings Blessings or Curses into manifestation upon the Earth by right of Dominion. With the Power of Invocation, balanced in the Three Basic Ray, you can undo the chaos of the World.

143. The Golden Ray illumines the outer Mind as to the constructive use of Power of God's Word and the Spiritual Science to speak it. The Blue Ray qualifies life energy with the Power to do practical works of Creation in God's Name. The Red Ray directs the Power of Illumined Love of God for the Blessings of all Life in Creation. When not in balance with the Three Basic Rays, One will Invocate stress either in the Spirit, Mind or Body or any combination of the three.

144. The Divided Soul of God, the individualized Spirit Body, the Spiritual Form of God is within your Spirit Body, Mental Body and Physical Body. Through experience your Soul grows. Through your experience of God the Power of God grows in your Heart and Soul. The Soul of God is God experiencing what God has created. God created the Soul as a storage Body of Experiences so the Spirit could remain free. Your Soul is storing all your conscious, subconscious and superconscious experiences within it. Your Soul will and is merging back into the Soul of God which all Creation's Experiences is. The Things you experience physically, emotionally, mentally, psychically, creatively as an Individualized Spirit of God are being stored in the Oversoul as well as your individual Soul.

145. Your sense perception of all Creation is being stored in your Soul and Oversoul. The Oversoul is also being known as the Godself, I AM Presence, the Universal Light Body and the Causal Body of Light and some other names in different Spiritual Teachings. The experiences of the Soul are the Gifts or trash that you send to your Oversoul and return to God. With a purified Soul, you give the Gifts of your Life to God to break the Life and Death Cycle. Return now to the Power of your Holy Godself and that Beingness of you that controls all of your Life that is manifest in all the bodies of your Consciousness! You as God Individualized, in the Consciousness of the Third Dimension, control Dominion over personal, continental and worldly energies of Light in the hour of Crisis!

146. Therefore, you are an important part of God expressing in Creation, as an Individual. The Individualization of God is the I AM THAT I AM Law of Identity that has Dominion. God is within all things as the I AM PRESENCE OF GOD. The I AM is the Spirit of Freedom. We bring to you a remembrance that you are born free out of the very Essence of God. You are the Holy Innocence! In this way you are a precious Child of God made manifest. You are the One with a Divine Soul within. You can surely be a God-Man or God-Woman by awakening the sleeping Spiritual Master of your true Self. Advance towards God step by step, day by day, by practicing and living the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path to God, open and direct. The Gates of Heaven are open to you, and you can walk and talk with God as an awakened Child of God. God is in you as you!

147. The natural action and passive flow of your Life are conscious existence known as your Lifestream. Your Lifestream is an outpouring or precipitation of God's Light with the qualities of Wisdom, Truth, Love, Opulence, Beauty, Life and Perfection in it. Your Lifestream is without interference when you identify with the I AM THAT I AM, and the I AM PRESENCE. The I AM PRESENCE is the announcement of God Presence of the Universal focus at a particular point. The I AM PRESENCE is ready for manifestation of Powers, the Mastery of Life for any given purpose and the Free Will given to the Individual making a declaration.

148. The Power of the Presence is being announced through a thought, feeling or spoken word and is the qualifying Presence of unformed life into substance. Without interference the Power of Light would flow ceaselessly as a fountain of Clear Crystal Fire Light in your Lifestream. Your Lifestream filled with Light will flow all Good into the World of the Individual Conscious Manifestation of God. The Eternal Life, Eternal Existence and Eternal Joy will flow through you to be a Blessing to all that you come in contact with in your Life.

149. Why is there such a struggle? The Light that beats your heart and builds the Soul is a natural precipitation and manifestation of all you could require for a glorious living as God expressing. It is in the creation of an Entity apart from God that creates such an illusion. It is in the separation of the consciousness, from union with all this is, was and ever will be that creates such an illusion. It is the creation and development of the Personality as opposed to the realization of Individuality. The personality, evolved by the human body, human emotions and human mind, with its actions, deeds and thoughts of limitation, is a LIE.

150. The Individual Self is the Causal Body, the Electronic Body and the Power of the Child of God reaching into the Heart. The Wisdom, Truth and Love of God that are in you are God expressing. You are nothing less than God expressing. All the rest will pass away, but you the Self will not pass away for you are being made of God Essence. When One finally realizes that One is the cause of all distress and limitation in One's world, and earnestly and sincerely desires to make things right, every assistance is being given to One. Decide to make it right today!

151. This Personality has no sustaining power of its own, only the individual's faith and belief in it. Therefore, it is being manifested and sustained by unnatural means. All laboring, working, struggling and limitation is resulting from personality in your feelings and thoughts: "I must do something to sustain myself." This is the me, my, mine and I consciousness. It is therefore, not self-sustained and must have constant effort, which proves that it has no natural place in the Universe as God expressing. It is solely a Creation of the Human's little ego and one day it will meet with death. The Personality is only the reflections of the experiences of the true Self and are not complete within themselves. You of the Presence are the real Self and are God expressing!

152. The awakened Child of God rises above the limitation of the Personality. Every Human Being is being endowed by Mother Father God with the priceless Gift of Creative Power which gives them self-sustained focus. The Power you are looking for is within your Heart! The Power is fully developed and is the same Power that is acting in every God-Freed Human Being and is the same Power God used to manifest Creation! The Creative Power in your Heart is for allowing you the expression and complete Mastery over all as an Ascending Master of Light unfolding!

153. The Mass Consciousness of Humanity has become so engrossed in personality that they feel themselves as the personality and not God expressing. The Mass of Humanity, is being misled by evil leaders and they themselves that have been manipulated by Evil Deities. Humanity wears the embodiment of personality, defending it, guarding it, feeding it, clothing it and is loving it. By stealing the energy of the Godhead and through unnatural means in transitory things, mankind empowers the personality to sustain its self by false means that will someday collapse.

154. You sustained the personality through the Free Will given by God. You have sustained this Impostor, Century after Century and for Thousands of Years. Now is the time to face the Truth. The Holy Self resides within the beating of your Heart. The Holy Self awaits the opportunity to express itself in your Life as you. The Holy Self will release the Perfection of God to be the full Liberty and Freedom of expression in your Life! Heaven rejoices and gives every possible assistance in helping each One of us to become a Godman or Godwoman, for this is our Spiritual Heritage and Divine Destiny!

155. The little ego, based on the World of Appearances and the outer consciousness, is constantly precipitating illusions of a transitory nature. These illusions constantly interrupt the flow of Clear Crystal Fire Life of God expressing in the Divine Plan of Creation where Human Beings control their Destiny. If the distortions of the Pure Flow were to stop, the Power revealed to you would give you Dominion and an automatic fulfillment to the Divine Plan of God expressing. Who among you is strong enough to break free from the allegiance to the little self?

156. Who among you is strong enough to break the hold of the personality and atone to the I AM THAT I AM, the MIGHTY I AM PRESENCE OF GOD EXPRESSING in you as you? Personal attachment to persons, places and things causes so much heartbreak for the individual self while on Earth. The magnetism, which literally mesmerizes the Soul toward its creations, is a tremendous line of concentrated energy that binds the Soul. When One does service to God and service to others impersonally One breaks the ties that bind!

157. The distortion takes place by the disqualification of the Clear Crystal Fire Light. Distortions qualify your Life with actions, deeds, thoughts, feelings, creations, images of limitation, ill-will, separation, etcetera. You should consciously qualify your Life with perfection in every action, deed, thought, feeling, creation and image. You should not add to the constant mass chaos of the World. The most difficult task you may face is renunciation of the little ego. Renunciation of the personal self is the only way to control the personal self, which is the Doer of the things in your life. Once you realize this Truth then calmly turn within to the Witness and Creator that uses the Pure White Light of the Presence.

158. Allow the Pure White Light to flow through you, washing you clean and returning you to the Pureness of God Expressing. Surrender your lower self on the Alter of Love and carry the Torch of Victory into your Ascension in the Light! Liberty and Freedom are Gifts from God bringing you the opportunity to accept magnificent virtues, to free you from the limitation of your personality so you can dwell is the Presence of God forever, free from all distortions!

159. God is Omniscient Wisdom, Omnipotent Truth, and Omnipresent Love. God is the Great Strictness and Firmness of the Father aspect, the Great Mercy and Compassion of the Mother aspect and the Great Giving and Lifting of the Holy Spirit aspect. The Father aspect sets the Power of the abilities of steadiness, being unshakable, to be fast, to fix, be secure, to be established, resolute, constant, unwavering, determined and reliable. The Father aspect is rigorous, unyielding, austere, exact, close, careful, absolute, perfect, complete, particular and precise. The Mother aspect gives the Power of abilities of pity, benevolence, consideration, forgiveness, indulgence, forbearance, kindness, gentleness, discretion, disposition and tenderness. The Mother aspect is sympathy, feeling, commiseration, heart, and clemency.

160. The Holy Spirit aspect relates the Power of ability to deliver, bestow, vouchsafe, impart, supply, contribute, grant, award, afford, assign, set forth, offer, utter, render, communicate and relax. The Holy Spirit aspect is raising, elevating, exaltating, dignifying, glorifying, blessing, intensifying and ennobling. God gives these aspects to the Children of God to live in personality, to fulfill the Divine Plan of Heaven on Earth of the Great Divine Civilization of Humanity. You have the Holy Trinity in you!

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