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Organization Biographical Information

Astral Physics School founded January 10th 1975 and the Church of Revelation founded in July 7th 1976 were founded by Rev. Harrison Roy Hesketh D. D. .

Astral Physics School is the training arm of this Non Profit Oganization and the Church of Revelation is the Service to Humanity arm of this Non Profit Oganization .

Astral Physics School has trained thousands of woman and man in Astral Physics ' Doorway into Light' Nine Month, 36 Lesson Course. Astral Physics School has developed A.P. Mastership 24 Lesson Course; A.P. Gifts and Powers 10 Lesson Course; A.P. Spiritual Dymacics 13 Lesson Course; A.P. Touch Of Light Healing 5 - 3 hour evenings and 2 - 6 hour Weekend Lessons Course; A.P. Channeling 5 month Course; Soul Mates and Twin Rays / Perfect Love [two weekend one day each] Course; Aura and Learning to 'See' Auras [two weekend one day each] Course and individual classes; States after Death, Path to Enlightenment, Self to the World and other evening Classes.

Astral Physics School holds two all day weekend A.P. Intensives in various places.

Astral Physics School has Summer and Winter two week A.P. Retreats in June and December and has done so since 1976.

Astral Physics School trained the general public, Creatives, Ministers, Teachers, Healers and Spiritual Mystics since 1975.

The Astral Physics School has trained, for the Church of Revelation, one hundred and fifty Ministers, Teachers and Healers, at larged, now serving in nine countries.

Astral Physics School became a 503 C Non Profit Oganization in the United States of America July 7th 1976 and is also known as the Church of Revelation: Church of Revelation, Astral Physics School; Astral Physics School, COR; Church of Revelation, APS: APS COR; and operates its Headquarters in Hawaii known as Astral Physics School, COR HQ HI. The International Headquarters is operated by Astral Physics School, COR HQ HI.

Astral Physics School, COR also become a registered Non Profit Oganization in Hawaii July 1976 and becomed registered in California in 1982.

The Astral Physics School became a Non Profit Society in Bermuda in 1983. The Non Profit Society in Bermuda is known as Church of Revelation / The Golden Circle Bermuda.

The Astral Physics School became a Non Profit Society in Canada June 8th, 1989. The Non Profit Society in Canada is known as the Canadian Church of Revelation.

The Astral Physics School has tought classes and courses in Washington; Seattle, Benten, Renton, Puollup and at Spirit Lake Spiritual Retreat since1979 to date. San Francisco Bay Area; San Jose, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Cupertino, Saratoga, and Hayward since1980 to date. Florida; Seminole and St. Peterburg. New York; New York City and Brooklyn. Virginia; Richond. India; Bombay. Canada; Vancouver, Burneby, Westminster and Hope Valley in British Columbia and Montreal, Quebec. Bermuda; Pembrok and Hamilton. Jamaca, Kingston.

See TAT TOUR for class and tour schedule.





ASTRAL PHYSICS "DORWAY INTO LIGHT" Number of Classes: 36 once per week starting in September ending in May. Adjusted for holidays. ( 4 Lessons for 9 months )

MASTERSHIP CLASS Number of Classes: 24 (Note, only open to 9 mo. students) Sundays only 3pm to 5 pm
GIFTS AND POWERS Number of Classes: 10 - 3 hour lessons, once per week

A. P. SPIRITUAL DYNAMICS Number of Classes: 13 - 3 hour lessons, once per week

TOUCH OF LIGHT Number of Classes: 5 evening 3 hr lessons plus one day weekends 6 hour lesson and the next weekend 6 hour lesson . All weekdays 3 hr lessons in a row.

CHANNELING Number of Classes: 6 - 6 hour lessons, once per month, Saturdays only 10am to 5 pm.

AURA and LEARNING TO SEE AURA Number of Classes: 2 - 6 hour lessons

SOUL MATES and PERFECT LOVE Number of Classes: 2 - 6 hour lessons

There is a Diploma given for each Class / Course Completion.

Certificate Information and Requirements

Masters Certificate Requirements: Completion of the classes, in the full and complete Astal Physics Training. Approval of the Board of Directors and or the President APS COR HQ USA. $100.00 Fee

Ordination Certificate Requirements: Diplomas: 9 mo. A.P. "Doorway into Light"and the Mastership Classes. ROSEBAY MINISTER Approval of the Board of Directors and/or the President APS COR HQ USA $100. 00 Fee

Teachers Certificate Requirements: A Mastership Certificate, Presenting the Astral Physics Training for one year and approval by the Board of Directors and/or the President APS COR HQ.USA. $1000.00 Fee

Healers Certificate Requirements: Diplomas from the 9 month "Doorway into Light"; the Mastership Classes; Gifts and Powers; Astral Physics Spiritual Dynamics; Channeling Classes; Auras and Leaming to See Auras; Touch of Light week long classes and Healing T.O.L. weekend. Plus a proven healing by the applicant. Approval of the Board of Directors and/or the President APS COR HQ. USA $1000.00 Fee




The name of this organization shall be the Astral Physics School - Church of Revelation, whose principle HEADQUARTERS office shall be in the State of Hawaii. address shall be: RR2 BOX 2345 PAHOA, HAWAII 96778

ARTICLE ll - purpose
. The purposes for which this corporation is formed are:

A. The specific and primary purposes are to operate a church for religious purposes, to study, investigate, research, teach, promote and apply the teachings and healing techniques of Jesus , the Science of Spiritualism , the Ascended and Ascending Masters of Light and all other religious leaders from the beginning of time to the present, employing the laws of God and all of the forces of Nature and the Universe to heal the Soul, Mind, Emotions and Body of Humanity and enable them to live a happier, healthier, more Abundant and Ascendant Life.

B. To investigate, learn, teach and apply the basic laws of God Nature, including the use of all known beneficial elements of the Earth, the principles of electricity as they affect the Human Body, and all life energies and forces to heal the Soul, Mind, Emotions and Body of Humans so that they may be better able to do the Will and Desire of God.

C. Through diligent and exhaustive research, experimentation and application, to instruct in, demonstrate and to apply the healing laws of life and the techniques used by religious healers of the past to bring relief to the soul, mind, emotions and body of humankind.

D. Through the knowledge of God's Laws, as manifested in Nature and the Cosmos, to study, present, teach, apply and harmonize the energies, forces of life and the elements of the earth in combination with each other so as to demonstrate effective healing methods for the alleviation of ills and the removal of negative conditions of the Soul, Mind, Emotions and Body of Humanity.

E. To teach Spiritual Mystics, Ministers, Teachers, Missionaries, Evangelists, Channels and Healers how to become one with the Divine Presence or Holy Spirit as the creative power of all life on this planet and to require that they offer themselves as conduit and channels of this energy or force to assist Humanity in maintaining and being restored to health.

F. To use the Human Spirit, Human Soul, Human Mind and Human Emotions and the Human Body as spiritual instruments to channel the Healing forces and power of God in their endeavor to neutralize the destructive elements of life and to assist the divine passage of cosmic energy to flow uninterruptedly throughout the body.

G. To attempt to commune with God and Nature, give inspirational and spiritual communications, and to request and to receive Divine Revelation as to all of the energies and elements which are required to maintain perfect health in the bodies of all humans, including to warn, exhort and comfort members, individuals and our fellow human beings for their spiritual and temporal good.

H. Through the employment of religious , cosmic, spiritual, mystic, psychic, etheric and / or natural energies individually, or in conjunction one with the others, to receive revelation, intuitive promptings, inspirational guidance, messages and knowledge and to offer such wisdom, truth, love, knowledge, teachings and instructions to all persons whose conditions of spiritual, soulful, mental, emotional or physical stress, inharmony or imbalances requires corrective assistance.

I. When desirable or necessary to do so in furtherance of the objectives of this church, to research, study and teach ancient wisdom, alchemy, Spirituality, Parapsychology, Philosophy, Mind Sciences, Astrology, Ancient History, Psychometry, Numerology, Tarot, and all other forms of Spiritual, Mental and Physical therapy, Esoteric Sciences, Clairvoyance, Spirit Mediumship, Clairaudience, Aura Reading, forms of Etheric and Psychic surgery and any and all other forms of emotional, mental, soulful, spiritual or physical healing of Soul, Mind, Emotions and Body of Humanity including, but not limited to the Gifts and Powers referred to in the Holy Bible and all other World Scriptures.

J. To explore in depth and encourage research into Ascension, Reincarnation, Soul Survival, Spirit Communication, Psychic Phenomena, Spirit Return, Apports, Levitation, Parapsychology and all other related subjects which have been the subject of investigation by any previous Religious Craft, Church, Sect, Arcane or Mystery School or Mystic or Spiritual Organization.

K. To include the practice of divine healing, spiritual contact, laying on of hands, herbology and all known forms of spiritual, soulful, mental, emotional and physical hearings in all of their practical modes and phases and to authorize and require our Ministers,Teachers, Healers, Counselor, Channels and members to include all forms of treatment covered in these articles in their ministering, counseling and teaching this to their fellow humans.

L. All Ministers, Healers and teachers of this church shall be allowed to accept gifts, donations, gratuities, services, barters, or to charge such fees for their services as in their discretion the circumstances warrant. In the event that the fees charged are found by the President and / or the Board of Directors to be excessive under the circumstances the licensee shall be subject to censure, probation or loss of his or her privileges by majority vote of the Board of Directors.

M. To study the mineral and metal elements found in nature which are essential to the maintenance of life in the human body at its optimum efficiency as ordained by God and to use this information for the healing of the human body so that it may become a fit instrument through which the Spirit, the Will and Desire of God can best be expressed. To become acquainted with the Electro-Magnetic influences in the Light, Energy, Atomic, Electronic and Etheric Atmospheres, Water, Air, Fire and Earth and to study the effect of these upon plant, mineral, animal, fowl, fish, insect, soul and human life, correlating these with the Supreme Laws of God as set forth in the Holy Bible, all World Scriptures, Mystery Training and all other Ancient Religious Rites and to use this information for the benefit of Humanity.

N. To employ prayer and to seek guidance in the intelligent use of the human body as a channel for the flow of divine healing energies resident in Nature and as emanating from a Cosmic Source to relieve the ailments of man.

O. To follow the healing methods set forth in the Holy Bible, World Scriptures and to apply Electrochemical, Ionic and Psycho-Genergetic Forces, as demonstrated by by Moses and all other Religious Leaders, in all ages, as providing humans with the means whereby they may enjoy a life more abundant as promised in the teachings of Jesus and all other Ascended and Ascending Masters.

P. To teach the use of and to employ chemicals, herbs, divining rods, minerals and all other helpful instruments or scientific devices together with prayer as religious rites in transmitting divine energies through the human body to all forms of the planet, vegetable, mineral, animal and human, soul and spirit kingdoms which require divine intervention to aid in expressing their inherent perfection and in so doing to apply Holy Forces and Power by Prayer, Ritual, Ceremony, Physical Contact, the Spoken Word, or other Religious Practices.

Q. To use biomechanical transducers or other means of transmission of Energy and Electro-Magnetic Forces as part of the religious requirements of this church, when deemed necessary for the alleviation of pain or restoration of health of the Soul, Mind, Emotions and Body of Humanity in conjunction with Prayer or other forms of Religious Practices prescribed by this church.

R. To study, teach and employ all forms of Divine Science as they are received inspirationally or through research and experimentation, testing the same through religious meditation and studies, and if found beneficial to Humanity, to use the same wherever deemed necessary.

S. The Board of Directors and / or the President shall have the power to ordain ministers, appoint licentiates, practitioners, teachers and healers as specifically provided in the By-Laws and to certify said persons upon their compliance with the rules, training and regulations established by the President and / or Board of Directors for such qualifications or the satisfactory passing of such examinations as shall be required.

T. All holy ordained ministers, of the orange ray and above, of this church shall have authority to perform Marriages, give Sacraments, perform Baptisms, give the Last Rites of the Church, to conduct Healing Services and to give Funeral Services and perform all other acts which are consistent with their level of Ministry and with the duties of their offices and which are permitted by the laws of the State of Hawaii and / or other states in the U.S.A. , providence of Canada and Parishes of Bermuda. Ministers outside of these countries must get permission from the Church of Revelation International Headquarters and the country in which he or she resides. The ordination of ministers, the granting of healing pacers or the issuance of other certificates and the appointment of assistants shall be conferred or performed only by the President in the manner set forth in the By-Laws; upon such persons who qualify thereunder for ordination or other qualifying positions as set forth in Section III (S) below.

U. That this non-profit corporation shall have the right to establish, organize and maintain branch church, schools, meeting centers, and associate centers, including home group circles, classes and all phases of extension work locations as may be determined by the Board of directors and / or the President from time to time, subject to compliance with these requirements as set forth in the By-Laws of said international corporation.

V. As a requisite to their right to maintain their teachings, ministerial or healing licenses in this church, each person so qualified, shall be required to answer the call of any person requiring healing and in so doing shall employ all of the teachings, prayers, meditations, methods, practices and remedies established by this church as having proven effective in the alleviation of pain or the healing of soulful, mental, emotional, or physical illnesses. Failure to employ such methods, when the same are deemed essential shall subject the licensee to the loss of his status or privileges.

W. The general purposes and powers are to have the exercise of all rights and powers conferred on non-profit corporations under the laws of Hawaii, other states of the U.S.A., and other countries, including the power to contract, rent, buy or sell personal or real property provided, however, that this corporation shall not, accept to an insubstantial degree, engage in any Activities ties or exercise any powers that are not in furtherance of the primary purposes of this corporation.

X. No substantial part of the activities of this corporation shall consist of carrying on propaganda, or otherwise attempting to influence legislation and the corporation shall not participate or intervene in any political campaign, (including the publishing or distribution of statements), on behalf of any candidate for public

y. The further purpose is to initiate humans into the higher states of consciousness, soul and spiritual lives. To bring forth the awareness of consciences and oneness of god, humanity and life. To initiate humans into spiritual, light and energy realms. To bring forth Divine Cosmic personality and Spiritual Mystic consciousness. To initiate humans intoTranscendental Life.

z. To perform Traditional, Soul and Spiritual Marriages.

SECTION 2. This organization does not contemplate pecuniary gain or profit to the members thereof.


MEMBERSHIP. Any person shall be eligible for membership in this corporation who is willing to subscribe to the constitution and by-laws of this corporate church.

SECTION 2. There shall be no more than fifty persons who are charter members of the corporation.

SECTION 3. Fifty-one percent (51%) shall constitute a quorum. At all meetings of the corporation, a vote of the majority of the members present will be necessary to pass any motion.

SECTION 4. Voting may be by secret ballot or acclamation. Majority vote will prevail at any duly held and constituted meeting.


The officers shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Secretary and / or Treasurer for Headquarter and all extended locations. There shall be two mandatory meetings annually, one in June for the correlation of business and the second in January for the election of Officers. The time and place of these meetings shall be determined by the Board of Directors
and / or the President.

SECTION 2. The Board of Directors shall consist of not less than three Members. The decision of the Board of Directors in all corporation matters shall be final, with the right of veto by the President. A majority of the Board of Directors shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

SECTION 3. The Board of Directors shall meet once a month on the last Sunday of each month. Special meetings shall be held as directed by the President.

SECTION 4. In the event of the death or resignation of an officer, a special election will be held by the Board of Directors to fill the vacancy until the next regular election.

SECTION 5. A special meeting, by notice to the Board of Directors and Charter membership, will be held within fourteen days of the vacancy for the purpose of nomination of a new officer and / or officers. Election of a new officer will be held within thirty (30) days of the date of vacancy.

SECTION 6. The election shall be by special and secret ballot. In case of a tie, there shall be a run-off election.

SECTION 7. The term of office of a Board member shall be three (3) years with the exception of the President founder who by virtue of the office is a Board member for life.

SECTION 8. A member in good standing entitled to vote may vote by proxy executed in writing by the member or by a duly authorized attorney in fact.


The President shall preside over all meetings, regular and special, and will uphold the by-laws and rules of order of the corporation. It shall be the responsibility of the President to conduct all matters of business which pertains to the church. It shall also be the responsibility of this office to select the teachers in the church, by agreement of the members of the Board of Directors. The President is empowered to call special meetings of the Board of Directors when business so deems it. The President shall have general supervision of the officers and business of the society. The President shall appoint whatever committees that are necessary for the conduct of the corporation and advancement of its purposes. The President shall at all times function as the titular head of this corporate church. The President shall appoint the Vice-President or any of the officers to perform the duties of the President in the President's absence. It shall be the duty of the President to appoint officers of the church as follows: Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and / or any other officers necessary to serve for three year periods, commencing January 1ST of each year. One or more of the officers mentioned to be appointed by the President, may be held singularly or jointly by one person, appointed according to the will of the President. The President founder shall remain in office until death, resignation or removal, by vote of all the members of the headquarters board of directors and all charter members, on the grounds of incompetency. The international president is on all boards and has final say so in all operations of the church and school.

SECTION 2. VICE-PRESIDENT. The Vice-President shall assume the responsibility of the President in his or her absence, by directive of the President. the vice president is the head of all committees and can delegate this authority to other ministers of the church.

SECTION 3. SECRETARY. The Secretary shall record all meetings of the Board of Directors and maintain all files necessary for the operation of the corporation, attend to the correspondence, sign all papers under the direction of the Church, shall keep a correct roll of membership, a correct account of all monies received by the church and to turn same monies over to the Treasurer, obtaining the receipt for same monies. to perform other duties as the President may direct, keeping the president informed in advance of all transacts of the secretary except for general business. A general business report will be supplied to the president no later that the 10th of the month for the previous months business. All local secretaries will send a duplicate of the minutes of all meetings and the general report of business once per month to the international President.

SECTION 4. TREASURER. The Treasurer is responsible for all monetary matters which include accounts payable and receivable and shall maintain all books as deemed necessary by the country, State and Federal agencies in which the operation of church business is being conducted. The Treasurer shall perform all duties incidental to the office of Treasurer, subject to the control of the President. All local Treasurers will send a duplicate of the minutes of all finance meetings and the general report of financial business conducted for the church, once per month to the international President. At the expiration of the term of office or leaving office by resignation or otherwise, the Treasurer shall furnish a statement of all disbursements and turn over all moneys, property and effects of the Church entrusted to his or her keeping to the successor or to the Board of Directors or President.

SECTION 5. All officers are to go beyond their individual conscious ego personalities and keep in mind the Oneness of the whole in performing their duties and carrying out the business of said corporation.

SECTION 6. No officer shall act as an individual agent for the Board of directors, without the vote of two thirds majority rule .

article vi - Amendments
These by-laws may be amended, added to or annulled, in whole or in part, at any meeting of the corporation by two-thirds vote of the members present at the meeting. the International President has final authority by veto in all such matters.

SECTION 2. This corporation shall also adopt as Rules of Order, the Robert's Rules of Order Revised, Seventy-fifth Anniversary Edition, unless specifically set down in some other article of
these by-laws.


POWERS OF THE BOARD. The Directors shall have full administrative jurisdiction of the Church of Revelation and its decisions shall stand as judgment in all affairs and business of the Church. It shall be the duty of the Board Of Directors:

(a) To audit the books of the Secretary and Treasurer annually.

(b) To adopt and alter a common seal of the corporation.

(c) To make and change regulations not inconsistent with these by-laws, for the management of corporation's business and affairs.

(d) To pay for any property purchased by the corporation, either fully or partly in money, bonds, debentures or other securities of the corporation.

(e) To borrow money and to make and issue notes, bonds and other negotiable and transferable instruments, mortgages, deeds of trust, trust agreements and to do every act and thing necessary to effectuate the same.

(f) To designate from time to time, the time and place of its meeting or to authorize the President to do so. To appoint such committee or committees on any subject within the powers of the corporation's Articles of Incorporation and to divine the power and duties of such committees.

(g) To select and designate such bank or trust company as they may agree advisable, as official depository of the funds of the corporation and to prescribe and order the manner in which such deposits shall be made and / or withdrawn.

(h) The Directors shall elect the President of this corporate Church whenever a vacancy exists in that office. The President shall serve as such until death, resignation, or removal for incompetency. Removal on the grounds of incompetency will require the unanimous vote of the directors and charter members. (exclusive of the President).


Section 1. MINISTRY
Requirements for application of Licentiate:

(a) Must be a lay member for a minimum of one (1) year.

(b) Must study Religion and Philosophy for at least one (1) year or Astral Physics nine month course completion and complete the requirements as instructed by the international Headquarters.

(c) Under unusual circumstances, these requirements may be waived by the President and / or Board of Directors.

(d) Licentiate (student minister, not ordained) shall be certified to administer and perform Divine healing, give counsel, inspirational and spiritual messages and instruction and teach the Christian Gospel and other World ReligiousTeachings to members and individuals, also administer the duties in the Churches or prayer rooms, with Ministers and Teachers and / or Healers or in their absence for them. Licentiates are not authorized to solemnize marriages, but after due study and preparation
and undergoing the necessary examination, may apply for Ordination Credential as Minister.


Must be a lay member for a minimum of one (1) year.

(b) Must study Religion and Philosophy for at least one (1) year or Astral Physics nine month course completion, week long and week end touch of light training course completion and completion of any other requirements as instructed by National Headquarters.

(c) Are required to adhere strictly to text book procedure and local requirements.

(d) Under unusual circumstances, these requirements may be waived by the President and / or the Board of Directors.

Healers and / or Practitioners shall be commissioned with a Certificate of Healing, which authorizes Healer and / or Practitioners to administer and perform Divine Healing and / or Spiritual Healing in all its modes and phases.

Ordination of Ministers:

Members may be eligible for Ordination in this Church after having fulfilled the following requirements:

1. Must hold Licentiate or Healer credentials in this Church for a minimum of one (1) year, and undergo an examination as to the moral, intellectual and educational fitness for the
ministry. The examining committee to be appointed by the President.
2. Must work with or under the direction of an Ordained Minister of this Church for a minimum of one (1) year.

(b) Under, unusual circumstances, these requirements may be waived by the President and / or the Board of Directors.

(c) Ordained Ministers shall be authorized to perform all the duties that may devolve upon them as such. Teaching the Tenets and Objects of this Church, giving counsel and spiritual assistance and help, to prophesy, to warm, exhort, and comfort members, individuals and our fellow human beings for their Spiritual and temporal good. Orange Ray Ministers and above can perform the Marriage Ceremony, Service of Naming Children, Baptism, Burial Service and any other service preformed by any Religious, Spiritual or mystic organization or order. perform and administer Spiritual and / or Divine Healing in all its modes and phases.


Decorum. Speaking in meeting or from the rostrum, disparagingly of or against any organization, Church or Society which has for its creed, religion or principle, or tenets, the teaching of Wisdom, Truth, Love, Fatherhood or Motherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Mankind
and peoples, shall not be allowed and proper decorum shall be enforced.

(b) Conduct. Any charges of "conduct unbecoming a Minister" by another Minister or member shall be submitted to the President in writing and a copy of all paper work is to be sent to the International Headquarters. A copy of such changes and a copy of all other paper work shall be supplied to the accused upon request. An investigation will be conducted by the President and / or an appointed committee and all the facts developed will be submitted to the Board of Directors for appropriate action. The President may also institute an investigation and submit it to the Board of
Directors. Local boards decisions can be brought to the international broad for investigation, appeal and final dispensation. the international president can pardon any accused by virtue of the office.

(c) Termination. The President and / or the Board of Directors may issue reprimands to individual Ministers whose conduce, reflects upon the Church of Revelation in a derogatory manner. The board of Directors, by Affirmative vote of two-thirds of all the members of the
Board, may suspend or expel a Minister for cause after an appropriate hearing. A letter of reprimand may be considered an appropriate hearing. All reprimands will be in writing and a copy will be sent to the International Headquarters. Any Minister who fails to file annual Minister' s renewal for two (2) consecutive years may be dismissed from the Church of Revelation. After these two years the individual must re-apply for admission as a new Minister. Any Minister who accepts Ministerial Credentials and / or Charters in any Church or Religious Organization other than the Church of Revelation must notify the International Headquarters for approval. If this is not done the Minister shall be considered to have resigned and surrendered their membership in the Church of Revelation and shall return all credentials.


There shall be no set admission or initiation fee levied or charged any applicant or member for membership in the Church of Revelation, except that on January 1st annually, member holding Certificates of Ordination, Licentiate and / or Healer Commission, and / or teaching and / or Auxiliary Church Charter, shall pay an annual renewal fee as determined by the Board of Directors yearly. there shall be issued an annual Minister's Membership Card for one year ending December 31st, as evidence of status and good standing as a Minister.
Ministers not paying the renewal fee within three (3) months after January 1st or by March 31st shall become delinquent, and surrender of Certificate of Ordination, and / or other credentials held, to Church Officers, for cancellation if required. a member shall be dropped from good standing as a Minister by action of the Board of Directors. Delinquent Members shall only be re-instated to good standing upon application to the Board of Directors, who shall name amount of back dues or fees payable, if by their actions delinquentMinister is permitted to be re-instated to good standing.

Section 4. VOTING.

Each Minister shall be entitled to one (1) vote on each matter submitted to a vote. this pertains to the Minister who is ingood standing.


Section 1.
The Ordination Certificate, Licentiate, Healers Certificate and / or teachers certificate fee shall be a contribution consistent with the wishes of the Board of Directors.

Section 2. The Auxiliary Church Charter fee shall be a contribution in the amount named at the time of application consistent with the wishes of the Board of directors.

Section 3. All Ordination Certificates, Credentials and Auxiliary Church Charters issued shall be under the direct jurisdiction of the Board of Directors, who are to authorize and ratify the action of issuance of credentials and approve applications in Board meetings.

Section 4. All Ordinations and Commissions and granting ofAuxiliary Church Charter

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Organization Biographical Information

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