Rev. Bishop Harrison Roy Hesketh D. D aka Master Tat at the Present Day 20014

For centuries, man has craved the kind of power that very few men and women have ever experienced. The kind of power that leaves them in awe and wonder.

Some people just say that he or she is gifted, those who possess that power, but what most of us don't realize is that any power or skill can be developed.

Rev. Bishop Harrison Roy Hesketh D. D. also know as 'Master Tat' is an ordinary man who has developed extraordinary powers using modern and ancient disciplines. Less than one-tenth of 1% of the people on Earth today have the power that Tat has accumulated over the years.

There are many psychics around today that bring negative associations with their presence, drawing negativity where there should be positive energy. Tat, on the other hand, is not a psychic, but a man who sees by reading the inner and outer aura of an individual.

Rev. Bishop Harrison Roy Hesketh D. D has synthesized the most powerful wisdoms of ancient and modern day man. He has developed an extremely powerful way of integrating these wisdoms with the "work a day" world to help people reach their highest goals.

Rev. Bishop Harrison Roy Hesketh D. D is a very dynamic and powerful seer and consistently generates a tremendous audience response, whether he is on the radio, on video, on cassette and soon on CD, but nothing compares to how he teaches live.

1975 to 2000

When Master Tat teaches, he shares the keys to his powers that have come from the accumulation and practice of theAcient wisdoms.

"We teach people their Spiritual Mystic Powers and open a direct contact with God. Things that you don't learn in school such as developing inner strengths, competency on how to stick to the Path, and the Disciplines on a Focus or a Goal."

Blessings of Light to all the Light and Energy Workers and World Servers. Blessings to all our beloved friends, clients, and all of god's children. May you all be blessed with wealth, health and happiness. May God's Great and Holy Spirit bless you with Wisdom, Truth and Love. May you live and move and have your being in the Light.

Never forget that you are greater than your creations. You are greater than your problems and troubles. You are the master of your life, mind and body. They are yours; you do not belong to them. Take heart in the God given gifts and powers that can give you endless possibilities.

The past is fixed in yesterday's time, space and circumstance. You are the sum total of all that has come before today and the all possibility of an unconditioned future. Love and respect yourself and others; see God in all individuals, places and things.

Tat has produced his Light Body for his Students, Ministers, Teachers and Healers since 1975. First it was his Golden Body until in 1992 at a Retreat in Hawaii, at the Wood Valley Temple, Tat produced the above White Light Body. The picture was photographed by a Universal Church of the Master Minister. C. Imamoto was using a Camera: a Konica A4, autofocus, 35mm/3.5 lens with RGB color print film 5297, ASA 200.


In the beginning at age 35

Tat founded Astral Physics School on January 10th, 1975. Soon after he developed the Church of Revelation on July 7th 1976.

Astral Physics School is the training arm and the Church of Revelation is the Service to Humanity arm of this 501-3 C Non Profit Organization.

Master Tat and Dagma Williams formed the Astral Physics School, which became a Non Profit Society in Bermuda, in 1983. The Non Profit Society in Bermuda is known as Church of Revelation / The Golden Circle Bermuda.

Master Tat and Sunomi Groslin formed the Astral Physics School, which became a Non Profit Society in Canada, June 8th 1989. The Non Profit Society in Canada is known as the Canadian Church of Revelation.
To find more information on both, visit

Master Tat has trained thousand of men and woman in the Astral Physics courses that he has developed.

Master Tat developed the following courses:
The Astral Physics 'Doorway into Light' Nine Month Course The 36 Lesson Course

The Astral Physics Mastership 24 Lesson Course

The Astral Physics 'Gifts and Powers' 10 Lesson Course

The Astral Physics 'Touch of Light Healing' 5-3 hour Evenings and 2-6 hour Weekend Course

The Astral Physics 'Channeling' 5 month Course

'Soul Mates and Twin Rays / Perfect Love' [two in a weekend one day each] Course

'Aura and Learning to See Auras' [two in a weekend one day each] Course

Astral Physics Weekend Intensive
Master Tat has also developed the following individual classes:
States after Death

Path to Enlightenment

Self to the World

And More Evening Classes
Master Tat teaches Summer and Winter two week A.P. Retreats in June and December and has held them since 1976 until 2001.

Tat has taught the General Public, Counselors, Creatives, Ministers, Teachers, Healers and Spiritual Mystics since 1974.

|~ The Purpose ~|

To answer, in detail, his purpose is to:
To Teach Spiritual Mystics, Ministers, Teachers, Missionaries, Evangelists, Religious Ministers and Teachers , Spiritual Teachers and Students, Channels and Healers how to become one with the Divine Presence and/or the 'Holy Spirit' as the creative power of all life on this planet. All he requires is that they offer themselves as conduit and channels of this energy, power or force to assist Humanity in maintaining and being restored to health in their body, mind and soul.

To use the Human Spirit, Human Soul, Human Mind, Human Emotions and the Human body as spiritual instruments to channel the Healing force and power of God in their endeavor to neutralize the destructive elements of life, and to assist the God conscious divine passage of cosmic energy to flow uninterruptedly throughout the body.

To commune with God and Nature, give inspirational and spiritual communications and to request and to receive Divine Relations as to all of the energies and elements which are required to maintain perfect health in the bodies of all humans, including to warn, exhort and comfort members, individuals and our fellow human beings for their spiritual and temporal good.

Through the employment of religious, cosmic, spiritual, mystical, psychic, and natural energies individually or in conjunction with one another, he wants individuals to receive revelation, intuitive prompting, inspirational guidance, messages and knowledge and to offer such wisdom, truth, love, knowledge, teachings and instructions to all individuals whose conditions of spiritual, creative, soulful, mental, emotional or physical stress, inharmonious or imbalances requires corrective assistance.

To operate a church of religious purposes, and a school to study, investigate, research, teach, promote and apply the teachings and healing techniques of Jesus, the Science of Spiritualism, the Ascended and Ascending Masters of Light and all other religious leaders from the beginning of time to the present, employing all the laws of God and all of the forces of Nature and the Universe to heal the Soul, Mind, Emotions and Body of Humanity and enable them to live a happier, healthier, more Abundant and Ascendant Life.

To investigate, learn, teach, and apply the basic laws of God Nature, including the use of all known beneficial elements of the Earth, the principles of electricity as they affect the Human Body, and all life energies, forces and powers to heal the Spirit, Creativity, Soul, Mind, Emotions and Bodies of Humans so that they may be better able to do the Will and Desire of God.

Through diligent and exhaustive research, experimentation and application, to instruct in, demonstrate and to apply the healing laws of life and the techniques used by religious healers of the past to bring relief to the soul, mind, emotions and body of mankind.

Through the knowledge of God's Laws, as manifested in Nature and the Cosmos, to study, present, teach, apply and harmonize the energies, forces of life and the elements of the earth in combination with each other so as to demonstrate effective healing methods for the alleviation of ills and the removal of negative conditions of the Soul, Mind, Emotions and Body of Humanity.

To follow the healing methods set forth in the Holy Bible, World Scriptures and to apply Electrochemical, lonic and Psycho-Genetic Forces, as demonstrated by Moses and all other Religious Leaders, in all ages, as providing humans with the means whereby they may enjoy a life more abundant as promised in the teachings of the Bible and all other world scriptures.

|~ Tat on Training ~|

In his early adult years till he was 35 years old, Tat served in managerial positions as a chef and food sevice manager in all the well known hotels in South Lake Tahoe. Tat worked as a machanic, salesman and manager for the navy exchange systemwith the enlisted mans club, sevel food unit and moble canteens over 100 personal, Kentucy Fried chicken over 14 uints and 164 employees, and many Resturants.

Master Tat has trained for the Church of Revelation one hundred and fifty five Ministers, Teachers and Healers now at large and now serving in nine countries.

Master Tat has taught and occasionally teaches classes and courses in the following areas:
Washington: Seattle, Benten, Renton, Puallyp and at Spirit Lake Spiritual Retreat since 1979.

California: San Jose, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Cupertino, Saratoga, Hayward, Mt. Shasta and the San Diego area since 1980.

Florida: Seminole and St. Petersburg.

New York: New York City and Brooklyn.

Virginia: Richmond.

India: Bombay.

Canada: Vancouver, Burneby, Westminster and Hope Valley in British Columbia.

Bermuda: Pembroke East and Hamilton.

Jamaca: Kingston.

Tat is now giving Astral Physics Teachings on the world widw web at | Facebook | Tumblr | Tweeter | and has over 350 new students all over the world and growing daily.

|~ Growing up with Tat ~|

Tat was raised on a farm in Johnstown Pennsylvania. Tat's Mother, Rev. Lillian June Asturias, his grandmother, Ester McDanied Mother and his Great Grandmother Ester (all three dynamic seers, mediums and healers within the family and friends and they were each a devoted chela to the Christ, the Masters of Light and Ancient Wisdoms.), This lineage was for six generation until Tat came by the prayers of his Grand and great Grand Mothers and his Mother who prayed for him to come. Tat is the seventh generation of seers, mediums, healers and teachers and they began training him and relating spiritual teachings to him from the young age of five. By the age of thirteen, when he moved to the west coast, Tat was already demonstrating advanced psychic and spiritual abilities.

In his early adult years, Tat served in managerial positions as a chef in well known hotels in Lake Tahoe.

Tat was reunited with his spiritual beginnings in his early thirties and gained much knowledge from both eastern and western spiritual traditions. Tat meditated and studied tirelessly to gain the wisdom and power that would give him the dynamic abilities as a writer, an artist, a musician, a seer, a minister, a healer and a teacher, that he possesses today.

Tat had a Revelation from God doing a Rainbow Bridge Meditation in 1974 and then he; in 1975 Tat founded the Astral Physics School in Honolulu, Hawaii. A year later in 1976 he founded the Church of Revelation also in Honolulu, Hawaii. The organization of Astral Physics School is one of research and education, focusing on the aspect shared by yogic, esoteric, religious, spiritual and mystic teachings of "One God, One Humanity, One Eternal Life"; which is the Church of Revelation-Astral Physics School credo.

Master Tat has been teaching since 1974. On a twenty year tour, traveling over one million and one half miles to nine countries, he lectured, taught, and made media appearances in public, on radio and television in the United States, Canada, Jamaica and Bermuda.

Master Tat is now extending himself for world service to perform his channeled his Astral Physics Teachings, his music, chants as to heal, lecture and teach for all humanity.

Over the years from 1974 to 1976 , Tat studied 237 books on self help, spiritual, mystic, religious teachings and as well as gray's anatomy, Reiki, Shiatsu, Rolfing, Reflexology, Acupuncture, Radionics, Absentee healing, Laying on of Hands, Christian Science, Science of Mind, Alchemy, Acupressure, Aroma therapy, Color healing, Music healing, the glands, the anatomy of the body, the Chakras, and the Nervous System; and its parts, central, autonomic, sympathetic and parasympathetic, tat farther studied the respiratory and circulatory system. Tat studied both the physical and metaphysical side of the Human Body. With clairvoyance Tat could see all the levels of the physical body doing his 'Touch of Light' Healing'. Tat developed the Touch of Light' Healing from a synthesis all the studies mentioned above.

Tat then founded what is known as The Touch of Light Healing, an impacted synthesis of them all.

Tat also began a Seven Year Tour at age forty-two and set up Schools and Churches in Canada, Bermuda, and the United States. Tat traveled to Nine Countries. Tat and his wife Aestherae traveled over seven hundred thousand miles in these seven years.

Tat has had many news paper interviews in Canada, Bermuda and the United States. He appeared on Television and Radio Shows also while on tour, with many repeated Guest Appearances.

Also, Tat has written seven books, recorded over four thousand hours of audio tapes, and recorded over one hundred and fifty six hours of video tapes, all that are still available for purchase to this day by visiting

Tat was awakened on March 20th, 1974 at 9:05 PM Hawaiian Time at the Honolulu Airport. In that moment Tattenaiananda, Godself, was realized.

In the totality of this Lifetime of the Spiritual Mystic Master Tat, Thirty Five Years were spent as a Sleeping Master. Tat is now Awakened and on the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path consciously. His quest is to awaken the Oneness of God, the Oneness of Humanity and the Oneness of Life in Humanity as a whole. Also to bring into fuller Consciousness the One God without Beginning or End and relate and awaken the Spiritual Heritage of the Children of God.

This dynamic and warm-hearted man has touched the lives of millions. In his teachings, Tat shares the keys to the powers he's developed and demonstrates in his life; powers which have changed the lives of so many who have had the opportunity to see and hear him speak.

If you are interested in contacting Master Tat:

Web site:


Mail: Astral Physics School/cor PO Box 808 Oxford, New York 13830

May God's Great and Holy Spirit Guide You and May You Live and Move and Have Your Being In The Light. Blessings of Light. We Love You.

Do not listen to others that say they have personal knowledge about me. Come see me, take a class, listen to or watch a tape, get a Touch of Light Healing or a Reading. Or better yet don't hesitate to talk to me. I AM a unique and gifted seer. I AM an ordinary man who has developed Extraordinary Powers.


Shaktipat Picture by Rev. Bishop Harrison Roy Hesketh D. D aka Master Tat

Gaze into Tat eyes for Spiritual and Mystic energy and powers.

If you feel this material is a spiritual blessing to you, please respond appropriately with supportive prayer for this work and its message. And, if possible, provide ongoing financial support for the proclamation of this message to all of God's people and all the world.

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