Book Ten
Good and Evil

179. The Law of Duality that is being created by God is for the purpose of the Play of Consciousness. The Play of Consciousness gives movement between directions, so that Life is not stagnant and has a flow. The flowing of Life, which is the Out Breath of Crystal Fire Light in the Beginning of Creation, is also known as the Holy Spirit of God. The Clear Crystal Light flows as a River, an Ocean, a Breeze, the Wind, the way Water and Air flow. The Law of Duality gives choice, and the choice is for the expression of Free Will. Without Duality there would not be any Free Will only Oneness. Without Duality there would not be Mother Father God and the Child of God!

180. The Free Will of God can do anything because it invokes the Law of All Possibility. Duality leads to the multiform and multiplex Creation in a Unified Field. Without Duality there would be no Free Will Choice for Free Will Beings like Humanity. There would be only the Oneness of God. You have the Power of Free Will by the Grace of God. God is beyond the Creation, as well as in it, as it. This Mystery of God is a Unified Duality while remaining total, whole and all.

181. The Law of Duality that leads to the multiform, multiplexed and multilateral Creation of God gives endless expression to God. God is the expression of Creation as the manifestations of all Creation. Even though it appears as if there are many, there is only One. God is still as God was in the Beginning of Creation, all, whole and completely God. If it were not so, God would not be Almighty God. As a Child of God, made in God's Form and Image, you are whole, complete and are the same as God expressing. To God you are like a Wave in the Ocean of God. The Next Age is open and direct contact with God, by being At One With God just as the wave in the ocean. Humanity will return to the Consciousness of the One before the world was, and be able to live above the appearance of duality in the Divine Civilization. In the Play of Consciousness you have the Power to Change your Life.

182. The multiform expression of God is apparent throughout all Creation, seen and unseen, from the most Infinitesimal Spiritual, Mental and Physical Particles. By the collective Consciousness we have many Forms. Just as a family has many people in it that look similar to one another, so is the entire Creation in the appearance of the Image of God. From the Mother Father God, One Parent of us all, come the Children of God. The Children of God have at their core, their center and their heart the Collective Consciousness of God. We are like the Collectives of the Human Body with its many cells, the Mind with its many facets and the Collective Consciousness of Spirit where we are one with each other. The Whole contains all the Parts and the Parts make up the Whole. You are total, whole and all!

183. The Creation of God is being distorted by the Trinity of the Evil Deity. This Trinity consists of, the Devil which destroys by fire and steals identity. Satan which destroys by cold and indifference and Lucifer which is Light that falls back upon its self and falls short of returning to God. In different Spiritual Teachings these Three Evils have other names. It is these Three Evils that create illusion, elusion and delusion. These Three Evils hide the true Trinity of the Creator, Doer and Witness, all of which are innate in the Children of God. These evils can not get Life from the Godhead, as the Children of God do, so they create separations and weaknesses and feed upon them. They feed upon the weaknesses of Humanity and exploit Humanity with weakness. Power, Sex and Money are being perverted by these Three Evils. You are the Master over Evil as a Child of God.

184. In the mistaken view, some see the evil as equal with God, instead of seeing it as it is, a small part of God that perverts Free Will Choice. In this perverted view, some give half of the Power of Creation to Evil. The Wisdom and Truth is, that there is the manifest, the unmanifest and beyond. The Play of Consciousness is flowing through all of these. Of the manifested there is the seen and unseen sides, until all the eyes of Body, Mind and Spirit of the Children of God are open and direct. When these eyes remain open there is nothing hidden from view. The awakened Child of God sees all things as they truly are. There are no secrets in the Universe. The Diamond Mind is beyond Duality. The Diamond Spirit that is within you controls all you are conscious of with Unity. Within your Spirit you can find the Diamond Mind that gives you the Clarity of Reality and Illusion.

185. Most conditions that are being judged as Bad or Evil through human knowledge are the sources of Good in the Spiritual Realm. All things work for Good in God and the Wise. Most phenomena that are being judged as Bad or Evil by human thoughts will turn out to be the beginning of Good. One shall later become aware of the function of God's Healing Power. Healing Power is the Art of Purification, as One takes the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path to God. When One feels that they are being troubled, full of disease and going through suffering, One should realize that it is proof of the spiritual contamination. These things are the spiritual contamination of One's Spirit, Soul, Mind, Emotions and Body respectfully. Create in me a Pure Heart Oh my Lord and renew the tranquil consciousness within my Soul!

186. When things do not go as One wants or desires, or develop as One expects, One should understand that their Spirit, Mind, Soul and Body are not being atoned. One should realize that their heart, actions, deeds and thoughts are not consciously existing in tune with the Divine Will of God. One should turn in a new direction by the Power of Free Will. One should turn to God and break through the separation. One should be seeking union with God open and direct to know the Divine Will of God. God is not weak, but is Almighty God and can speak directly to the Child of God. Make the effort and seek God in all things. In this Wondrous Way you will overcome all Evil Deities, since they are smaller than your True Self!

187. One may infringe upon God's Authority by judging good or evil. One may judge by the values of One's own personality, human standards or the way One desires the results in a person, place, thing or situation to be. One may sometimes unknowingly disturb the Law of Divine Arrangement of God, by acting with self assured righteousness or piety. One may take the advice of an unenlightened person and that advice appears to be Wisdom, Truth, Love or Fact that is not being in harmony with God's Divine Plan of Perfection or the Laws, Principles and Powers of the Divine Arrangement. As soon as the Child of God, Godman or Godwoman is aware of such infringements, they should rectify them at that moment and not wait until a later time.

188. Be grateful to God for everything that comes to you from morning to night, day by day. It is the source of overflowing Happiness and Great Joy. It is good to be alive and be conscious. It is good to be aware and awake to all that is. It is good to sleep and be at rest. It is good that the Child of God, Godman and Godwoman has a Free Will Choice. God is Good and God is all things, so all things are Good. Some things are good to receive and some things are good to reject. One must make the Righteous Free Will Choice in all things for One's Life according to God's Divine Plan. Seek God first in all things. All is Good. How gracious it is that nothing Bad exists. It is your choice to accept or reject all things in the Law of Duality. Make the righteous choices and ascend. If you do not make a choice, the choices are being made for you.

189. Do not entertain a shallow Mind or shallow Heart which makes judgments of good or bad. In the shallows of the Mind and Heart there are many ripples of problems always appearing. See each problem as an opportunity for your Free Will Choice for good in your Life and the Good Life of others. When One mistakenly accepts illness or misfortune as bad, they have forgotten the Principle of cleansing One's own spiritual contaminations. These contaminations are being brought about by wrong choices. You can always change your direction of consciousness and go towards God's Great Love for the Children of God.

190. One should always understand the Esoteric Secret. The Secret, that indestructible Wealth, Health, Happiness and Prosperity can and are being reinforced each time One goes to God in Prayer. Pray to God for the release of One's evil conditions through the intense spiritual cleansing. Send to God the Prayer to be free from the contaminations of the Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit. By Praying One can develop One's Positive Powers over all Evil. Evil is live spelled backwards and means moving away from God. When One's lives One's Life in Evil One is going away from God into greater separation. The practices of the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path changes and enhances all of Life's movements and send the practitioner inward and upward on the Path to God. Thus, One can overcome Evil by practicing the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path to God open and direct!

191. Humanity shall perish in its own pollution for eternity unless they apologize to God for the misuse of God's Free Will. Apologize for the sins, that stem from separation. Apologize for cursing God and placing curses on others and cursing God's Creation. Humanity should not maintain the Age of Separation against God's Will and the denial of the Appearances of God to Humanity. Let it be known to all Humanity that the Divine Era has come to break Humanity free from the bondage of death, disease and suffering. Humanity, realize the Doorway into Light is being opened wide, there is nothing that can stand against Humanity but Humanity.

192. Now is the dawning of the Age of Light, the Next Age of Divine Contact with God. We are leaving the Age of self centered Spiritual Training and the chanting of Prayers from morning to night, without any action. We are leaving the Age without true solutions for Humanity and all the problems Humanity faces. Such practices of the Past can not and did not bring about the true solutions because of self centered People and Nations. If each one of us does not awaken to the true Light of God, the Crystal Fire Light of the Holy Spirit, God will consider Humanity as a contamination to the World. Humanity is being contaminated with the sin of separation, apathy and non action. Humanity is being contaminated toward the purification of the things God is giving to Humanity. Humanity will become extinct by its own hands if it doses not return to God Consciousness.

193. One will enjoy true growth spiritually when One accumulates Good in One's life by going to God with every Prayer as an Offering. One will grow by following God's Will of Divine Arrangement for One's life. Therefore, we will experience God's Grace when we live in the Divine Arrangement. Spiritual Communication is a Ceremony only when God and the Child of God are At One With each other. Is there anyone in the World who has held the open and direct consciousness with God? Are they always asking someone else to intervene for them? The Child of God, Godman and Godwoman goes openly and directly to the Presence of God in all they do, say, feel and think. You can go to God open and direct!

194. Politics and Government in the Next Age become true Politics and Government when God and God's Children are truly Atoned and At One With each other. When God and God's Children are truly Atoned and At One With each other then Ceremony, Politics and Government become One in God. The lost Power of Self Government will return to the Individual Conscious Manifestation of God, each Child of God, that is At One With God and one with all God's Creation. The time of the Adverse Way is past where Mankind has placed themselves above God and their Divine Souls and have exploited the two. The time is past for the false Images of God, false ideas of God, false beliefs in God and false Religious Practice in God's Name. There is no Grace in them. The Grace of God is in each one of us as each One goes to God open and direct!

195. Humanity will awaken to the Power of Oneness, between God and Mankind, which will allow for the first time in Human History, the consciousness of wholeness, throughout all Humanity, without the fear of separation. God has a Plan that is being fulfilled by Humanity, just as each person desires fulfillment for the plans and for the prayers. We ask God to fulfill what we are offering to God. Never forget that God has a plan that is being revealed to each one individually, because that part of the Plan of God, given only by God, is only being fulfilled by each individual. Everyone, everything and every creature have a special part to play, role to fill and place to be in Creation. You have a special part to play in Creation that no one else can fulfill.

196. God dwells within you, and you can only go forward by going within to God and listening to God and not listening to your own mind. What is 1 and 1? The Inner Voice that just responded was your own Mind and not God's Voice. God's Voice is the Voice of the Silence that gives conscious awareness. God's Voice has no words in any language, but is consciously heard in every Human Heart and Spirit. Learn to know the difference of these Voices through Spiritual Discernment and Spiritual Discretion. It is true that a Clear Mind can interpret into words, the Voice of God. It is more likely that God will put you through an experience physically, mentally and spiritually, so you get the complete answer by direct experiential knowledge. In that way there is no room for doubt because it becomes part of the Soul's experiences. Oh, how wonderful it is that you can control your direction of experience!

197. Make a Covenant with God that you will look and listen within. Tell God that when you see a certain Light within or hear a certain Sound within, you will believe it is God and then put your Life on the Covenant. Look into the Light and listen for the communication to come. Be diligent! It will take time to have Faith in the Covenant, because you have been misled by your Mind and the words of others. Do not follow impulsiveness or compulsion, but keep firmly in the Covenant and take action only after you are At One With God.

198. In the Law of Oneness, there is no opposition to the Power of One. Never betray the Covenant you have made with God because you will lose Love and Respect for yourself. Do not tell others what your Covenant with God is, keep within you. The Covenant is between you and God, keep it Sacred. The Covenant is the Holy Line of Light open and direct between you and God. The Covenant is an open and direct communication with God that never fails!

199. The Next Age of God with Humanity shall appear upon the Earth, only when the Monopoly of Humanity's Consciousness is being established in God Consciousness. See the Holy World for all Humanity where God and Humanity are at peace with one another. Then, and only then, will all be content. Our only desire should be to live in Wealth, Health and Happiness with Prosperity for all Humanity. This is God's Plan for all Humanity not just for a few Human Beings. Fulfilling Wealth, Health and Happiness for all Humanity would be the highest Service to God. Everything in your Life should be done for the Good of all the World and the Good of God. Learn the Law of the Greater Controls the Lesser, which is one of the immutable Laws, Principles and Powers of Creation. You can let all Good Things come to your Life in God!

200. The increasing turmoil that the people of the World are suffering in, is caused by self centered people full of pride and greed. We have the suffering of many people because a few people must have more things, more power and superiority over their brothers and sisters in Humanity. A few Human Beings are being diluted by taking the place of God. These conditions of Life let Human Beings open to temptations from Evil Deities. Make no other Human a God! Only God is God!

201. To overcome these evil conditions of Humanity and the World, let us Pray for the establishment of Right Distribution of the World's Abundance. Let us Pray and work for Abundance's ceaseless preservation for Humanity and the World. Let us spread, without delay, the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path, that teaches Salvation of this World and all Humanity. A Path that teaches Salvation not for just a few, but every Soul of Humanity from the Past, Present and in the Future. Your Salvation is at hand and the control is within you now!

202. It will be the people of the end of this Age and those of the Next Age, who become the helpers of God for the purification of the Three Worlds: the Material World, the Mental World and the Spiritual World of Humanity. This is the purpose of the great outpouring of Wealth, Unity, Truth, Healing, Love and Wisdom at this time. Make the Righteous Free Will Choice to be Good, do Good and spread Good to all Humanity without prejudgment. Do as God would do to all Created things, Creatures and Humans and be in the vanguard of the Next Age. We are the Good Children of God. Awaken the Master within, now! God's World of Spirit is already Perfect and full of Purity. Learn to live in God's Perfect Creation, as God expressing consciously every day. You are the Light to the World with your Gifts of Good!

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