Book Eleven
Making Contact

203. Being able to talk to God is a Definite fact. The Masters, Saints and Holy Beings from the Beginning of Time have done so. The Writer of this Holy Book has talked to God all his Life and has done so on a daily basis since 1974. All of you, also, may communicate with God. Not just a one-sided conversation, but a real talk wherein you speak to God and God responds to you. Everyone can go to the Lord, of course. God is Lord of all People, Places and Things. God is Lord of Lords, Master of Masters and the Ultimate Reality.

204. The point we are making is, how may we persuade God to answer and how can you know, without a shadow of a doubt, that it is God who is answering. The Child of God learns to know One's true Self by practicing the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path. Practicing the Spiritual Path daily distinguishes the difference between the Spirit, Mind, Body, Ego Personality, the Individual and the Self. In this way you are being acquainted with God and the Way of God's responses. God will respond in an open and direct manner, not in the reflections of your Mind or Emotions! You can have a personal relationship with God and God will respond to you open and direct!

205. Why should anyone doubt that One can have an open and direct contact with God? The Scriptures of the World abound with conversations and descriptions of communication between God and Humans. God can appear in many ways to you, for God is Almighty God and not part mighty God. God has appeared in dreams, visions, light, nature and in the waking state to Humans of all Races and all Times. God can communicate in words, experiences and situations and give One understanding even of mundane matters. God is not limited to any one expression, but can appear in a way you can understand!

206. God can give you the answers to all things. God is not being limited by any one Dimension or Person. The Child of God is still learning, but the Godman and Godwoman know the Wisdom, Truth and Love of God and have not one doubt about God's Answering them, sooner or later. The Godman and Godwoman acquire open and direct perception as they advance on the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path. As you read this Holy Book you are advancing on the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path to God with open and direct contact. God will make it perfectly clear to you when you make the choice to see and hear what God has for you!

207. God is being moved by those who express Love. Most persons speak to God with their minds only. Such prayers are too weak to bring results or any response. One should be open and direct with confidence, love and closeness as if they are speaking to a Mother, a Father or a Friend. The relationship between you and God should be of Unconditioned Love. More than any other relationship because this relationship is, was and ever will be for all Eternity to Infinity.

208. Communing with God is as a child talking to their Mother, for the Divine Mother aspect of God is Love and Forgiveness for Her child. Mother's forgiveness is such that, no matter how great the separation or what kind of Sin that child has created, Mother Forgives. In some of the Religions of the World, they forget the Mother aspect and concentrate on the Father aspect alone. This presents a lop sided consciousness of God to the World. Some even forget the Spirit of God. Do not forget Mother God within whose Womb all Creation rests.

209. The Love between a Mother and her child is one of the most beautiful forms of Human Love that God has given us. One must go as a child goes to their Parent, open and direct, with love and respect. A definite conception of God is what is consciously needed to be able to receive an open, direct and clear reply from God. Even though you may not have had an answer for years from God, if you have sincerity, trust and love for God, God will one day respond to you. When you are not firm in Faith and you have doubt, are halfhearted, have non-belief or weakness in your demands you will not be answered by God.

210. When you stop short of your Prayers, God stops short with the Answers to those Prayers. One's answer may take years to come from God. You may not be at the right time, place or circumstance for the answer. God is looking with a wide eye and you may be looking with a narrow eye. You may have not prepared the way in your Three Worlds for the answers to your Prayers. You must take action in all Three Worlds, the Physical, Mental and Spiritual Worlds for your Prayer to have Full Power. Look into your self and find out what is stopping your answers from God, because the block is within you, not in the outer World. You have the Power to change your Mind, Emotions and Actions to make a way for the answers to come into your Life now!

211. Be absolutely grateful to Almighty God in every way for all things that come to your Life, morning to night. Be a Master of the Art of Purification and the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path, with sincere obedience to do what is necessary to follow God's answer to you. Do not make the mistake that it can be done another way. The further you go along the Spiritual Mystic Path and the more fruits you bear on the Path. The further along the Path you are the more humble you should become. Learn when to be bold and when to be meek!

212. Be at peace with your family, at home and with your friends. As you cleanse your Spirit, as above so below, the Mind and Body will have Cleansing Power flowing in them. You are being cleansed even as a River that is being purified upstream so that the waters will be the pure waters that is flowing downstream. If there is pollution along the way the pure waters flow, it will pollute the flow of the waters. It is the same for the Spiritual flow from God. If the Mind is being polluted, the Spiritual flow is being polluted before it reaches the Physical World.

213. Eliminate your selfish ego and be reborn as a Child of God. Practice until you are a Godman or Godwoman. Most people think that there is only darkness behind closed eyes. As you develop spiritually and gain concentration, the Inner Eye, which is single in the middle of your Brow, seeing with Perception from the middle of your Forehead, will open. When the Spiritual Eye opens, your whole Body, Mind and Spirit are consciously filled with Light.

214. You will become consciously aware of another World. You will be able to see a World within of many Lights filled with Peace and Beauty. The Vision of Masters, Saints, Holy Beings and the Mystic Eye will appear before your inner vision. As you concentrate deeper within, you will hear your Sound, the Music of the Spheres and the Voice of God. Go within your inner sight and inner hearing and be at Peace. The Light will appear within you to Enlighten you to the Wisdom, Truth and Love of God.

215. The Scriptures of the World tell us again and again that God will communicate with us. In the beginning it is very difficult. It is not easy to become acquainted with God, because you have listened to so many other voices. Your mind, your emotions, your body and other people, some wise and some not so wise, have made suggestions to you. God really wants to know if you have a true desire to listen and follow the Word of God. God will never answer just to prove that God is there. You will face tests to see if you really want God or desire something else or are just asking for what God can do for you. God will not talk to you until God and you know that there is nothing else hiding in your heart or behind your words. You must be Honest to God. You must be Honest to yourself!

216. Firmly establish the core and order of your communication with a firm unity based on Love and Harmony with God. Be of service to God by proclaiming the coming of the Next Age of the Divine Civilization and the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path, for the Children of Light. It is the dawning of the Light of God in Humanity, the Holy Millennium of open and direct contact with God. The whole Creation is a test for Humanity to see if they want God or just the Gifts, Powers and Things that God can give them. God will not say, 'desire Me above all other things,' because God wants you to make Free Will Choice in all Creation. The Godman and Godwoman have made that choice and stand by their resolve.

217. God wants you to learn to love freely and unconditioned as it is with God. This is one of the greatest secrets in the Universe. To be spontaneous and without prompting, to give the only thing back to God that God does not possess, your Free Will Love if you decide to give it. We shall never be happy unless we give Love. We shall never be whole until we give our Love to God. We are like parasites on the little ball of the Earth, crying for the Gifts of God while we ignore God. We fell into the pits of death, disease and suffering instead of receiving the Spiritual Heritage of God. Our true Heritage is all of God as a Member of the Family of God. Our true Heritage is to live consciously as God's Child expressing God on Earth and in Creation.

218. God is the very Essence of our Being and we cannot truly express ourselves until we return to the Presence of God within us. This is the Wisdom, Truth and Living Reality, that we are a Divine Part of God. As an Eternal Being, we will not be happy with transitory material things. Until we find contentment in God, we will not be content with anything, anyplace or anyone. Let us restore the Divine Essence of God to all Humanity. Let us restore the true Nature of the Children of God and return to our Spiritual Heritage. Our Heritage is the abundance of all Good Things, the abundance of Life and the abundance of God for the awakened Children of God.

219. Let us carry out the Divine Plan in three ways. First, let us carry out the Divine Plan as a living sacrifice of our Life to God as a living servant, to purify our Spirits. Second, let us carry out the Divine Plan as a blood transfusion of Clear Crystal Fire Light to the Mind. Let us carry out the Divine Plan as a flow of the Divine Essence of Light to all Humanity through an open Mind. Third, let us carry out the Divine Plan to take action to reverse the torrential flow of limited and false wisdom, truth and love of the Adverse Way of Mankind. When One gives up Darkness, that frees One's Life and puts that Life in Service to God.

220. Serve God in the simple things you do. Freedom in Life to serve Humanity, the Creation that God has given us, until it is our Nature to do the Righteous thing. The One that takes the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path learns to be of Service. One learns how to use the Laws, Principles and Powers of Creation and use them to overcome the limitation of the Worlds of Matter and Mind. Your Talents, Gifts and Powers can be given in Service to the World in all you do.

221. Oh, precious are the Hymns, Prayers, Chants, Decrees, Calls, Mantras and Songs to God! They are precious for all they can teach us by revealing the Divine Arrangement of our Parent, God. God who originated the Heavens, Earth and all that is, was or ever will be. The depth of the Teachings is being revealed as you repeat their precious Sounds with sincerity, obedience and enthusiasm from morning to night. This is the way to perceive the Holy Heart of God. When your Soul has lost its Center, when your Soul is being parched and you feel vacuous, the Divine Hymns, Prayers, Chants, Decrees, Calls, Mantras and Songs will give Light to your Soul. Light from God comes to the Soul on the vibrations of the Sound and will shine within to bring nourishment to your Heart, Mind Soul and Spirit. Sing out your Song to God!

222. God helps us grow by exercising the Powers of Life, Light, Law and Creation. I know deeply in my heart that I am never consciously filled with enough humility and humbleness when I Pray to God. In Prayer I prostrate myself before God. With absolute Reverence I am Praying for others. "Oh, my God, may You expand in my Soul and the Souls of others and in all Creation be God Glorified; I do not care that I am stepped upon, for I know there is no Greater Service than to serve You in all I do, in all Three Worlds of Your Creation and beyond; With all my Heart and Soul I Love and Adore You God; There is nothing in existence Greater or at Lesser Levels in the Spiritual Mission You have given to me; Sustain Humanity by Your Grace of all Eternity with the Abundance of all Good Things; Free Humanity now from Death, Disease and Suffering; Bring Humanity into Your Powers of Wealth, Health and Bliss; Let all Weapons of War be Supernaturally disarmed; Oh God, dissolve the consciousness of War from every Humans Mind and Heart from the Past, in the Present and into the Future; Return Humanity to Innocence; I Thank You God, I Praise You God, I Love You God; I AM forever sustained in Your Holy Presence by the Holy Spirit; All Glory be to God in the Highest; For all Humanity I Pray."

223. Now is the time of Light when the order is being clearly revealed. The Order is to Pray. We must Pray with absolute Reverence to God. God, Who forgives and saves us from separation and Sins by the Divine Grace of Salvation. It is a wondrous and precious Salvation that lifts our hearts to Oneness with God by showing us ceaseless miracles in our lives. We may feel sad at the bottom of the pit of death, disease and suffering, but we are being filled with Joy and Delight when God lifts us through Salvation of our Fallen Light.

224. The Light that is being trapped in our ego personality is Fallen Light and is being Freed even as you read this Holy Book. We are being salvaged from the Darkness of our Fallen State and returned to the Presence of God's Holy Light. How many more Godmen and Godwomen have to die to prove to the Human Race the Power of Salvation? How many more Great Beings will the Human Race ignore and kill before they are At One With God?

225. To know and understand that God is personal or impersonal will help when you communicate with God. The Mass of Humanity does not recognize a personal God because they think an Anthropomorphic conception as being limited. They consider God impersonal, All Powerful, the Intelligent Force that is responsible for the Universe. God created Humanity. Humanity is personal and individual. We think, feel, will and appreciate the thoughts of others and respond to them. God is surely not devoid of the attributes and the Spirit of God's Creation that animates God's creatures. When we allow it God will establish a personal relationship with each one of us. You can have a personal relationship with God.

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