Book Twelve
Using Wisdom

This writing is being revealed in Consciousness to the Writer Tat by the Holy Spirit of God. Tat's Creative Power started when he was Five Years Old with Art, Crafts and Music. At age Eight Tat spent Eight Months drawing a Map of the World on a cloth Bed Sheet with pencil and crayon. Tat's Creative Journey began in Johnstown, Pennsylvania for the search for Truth, Creativity, Prosperity and Reality. The following Books are for you to know the Powers of Truth and are the Books of Genuineness, Belief, Honesty, Trust, Creativity, Sincerity, Reality, Gifts and Truth.

234. God is Truth, God is the Creator and God is Reality. You are the Creative Child of God. You are the Smaller Creator that recreates and you are Real. The Truth is that all is constant and has fidelity. Truth is the State of Being, the Fact and the Body of Real Things. The Truth is transcendent, fundamental and is the Spiritual Reality. The Truth is not of a transitory nature or part of the Transitory World. The Truth is the same for everyone. Truth is the same yesterday, today and always. The Truth has in it the idea and acceptance of what is true. The Truth has fidelity to the original as there are not separate Truths. There is not your Truth, my Truth and our Truth. Such a statement would imply separation. There is only One Truth and that is God's Truth. You can know the Truth!

235. Truth may apply to an ideal abstraction conforming to the Universe and Reality or it may represent a quality of acts, feelings or statements adhering to Reality and void of falsehood or error. To succeed on the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path, One must be rigid and unfailing in One's observance of Truth and the living out of the Truth. One is to follow God's suggestion that the quality of a thing is exactly what it purports to be or is in complete accordance with the Truth. Truth implies the quality of an artistic or literary representation that causes One to accept it as true to Life or to Human experience. Do not live in separate Realities by falling into separation caused by the illusion of separate Truths!

236. In the ultimate sense Humanity has all Powers for in Truth Humans are Almighty God expressing. You can change anything you want to when your consciousness is being united with God's Consciousness. To effect a change in the Physical Body is far more complicated than on a mechanical device or electronic device, because you must use your Mind which controls all the Cells and Parts of the Physical Body. The Mind is the basic factor in the control of the Physical Body. The Spirit is the basic factor in the control of the Mental Body. When One gains complete control of the Mind, Ones' Bodily Cells and Parts are being replaced or changed as often as desired and at will, for you are the Smaller Creator localized. There is a complete control of Matter when One is sufficiently advanced Spiritually with an open Mind.

237. God is Spirit. The Impersonal aspect of God is invisible manifested unmanifested Color, Light, Sound and Motion. God is Physical. God became God the Parent when God created the Physical World. As soon as God assumed the role as Creator, the pattern of the Creator is being formed and God became personal. God became visible. This whole Universe and everything in it are the Body of God. In the forming of the Material Plane, God has created a positive side and a negative side for the Play of Consciousness. In the view of Oneness all is perfect, whole and all. With the Law of Duality we can create by Free Will expression. We are the Smaller Creators on Earth and soon we will move among the Stars.

238. All the Sounds of Creation are God's Voice. The Voice of God is the Cosmic Heartbeat of Energy that creates movement, which is Life in every atom and infinitesimal particle. God is the Colored Light of the One Divine Consciousness that is manifesting through all brains with every synapsis. The Colored Lights of Creation are the Arching Messengers of God's Clear Crystal Fire Light, carrying particular vibrations of Light. It is the Colored Flowing Light that maintains the Forms of the Physical, through Mind. The Rainbow is a Bridge of Colored Light in the World of reflection within the Higher Mind.

239. The Rainbow Bridge of Light takes us across the Worlds of experiences within the Mind as well as the experiences of the outer World. Each Color has its own Vibration and Rainbow spectrum within it. These separate Vibrations make it appear as if there is Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet in the Earth Atmosphere. There are more colors than the eye can see. The Mind can perceive more colors than the eye can see. The Vibrations of God vibrate at a different Vibrations for all the Colors of Manifestation. The truth about Color is; Color starts at the lowest vibrations of Light and goes to the highest vibrations of Light. The Colors also appear in the Atmosphere of the Mind and the Atmosphere of the Spirit. You can use the Power of the Rainbow Bridge of Light to go across the Planes of Consciousness! To move in Light you can use the Law of Attraction and Repulsion!

240. God's Law of Attraction and Repulsion keep the cells of the Body harmoniously held together in the same way the Stars and Planets are being kept in balance in their proper orbits. The Omniscience, Omnipotence and Omnipresence of God our Lord is ever active and there is not a place anywhere in Creation without some form of Life. The Divine Spirit of God in the Clear Crystal Out Breath of Creation sets in motion God specific Idea or Pattern of the Divine Arrangement.

241. In the Divine Arrangement God first externalized the whole of the expanding Universe, then God created Humanity with the Trinity of Cosmic Light and Energy: Cosmic Consciousness-Spirit, Cosmic Energy-Mind and Cosmic Matter-Physical. The Physical Bodies that Humans inhabit are being made of the elements of the World in which it lives. Each Creature has a body made of the elements it lives in. You are both Macrocosmic and Microcosmic in Nature and in Body!

242. The Cosmic Consciousness corresponds to your Causal Body which is also being known as the Over Soul, Seed Atom, God Self, Great I AM, I AM Presence, Monadic Archetype and Transcendent Spirit in different Teachings. The Cosmic Energy corresponds to your Mental Body which is also being known as Manas and Astral, Mind and Emotion, Higher and Lower Mind, Superconscious, Conscious and Sub Conscious, and the Intellectual and Desire Bodies in different Teachings. The Cosmic Matter corresponds to your Physical Body which is also being known as the Physical-Etheric, Material Body, Carnal Body, Organic Structure, Human Being, Corporeal and Animal Body in different Teachings. You in Truth and Reality are the Master of all these Bodies and are Beyond them!

243. Humanity is being made in the Divine Image of God. The Clear Crystal Fire Light of Gods' Spirit manifests macrocosmically as Cosmic Consciousness, Cosmic Energy and the Body of the Universe. Spirits manifest microcosmically as the Human Consciousness, Human Energy and the Human Body. God does appear to us in the Physical. God is responding to us and is as real as you are and more personal then you can imagine. God speaks to us in and with the Vibrations of Thought, esoterically and exoterically. God is constantly being sent forth in Rays of Energy and movement which manifest as Sound. When you are very still you can hear your sound within.

244. The One Parent of us all is Spirit movement that is unseen and is being known as the Father. The One Parent also materializes as the seen Creation of solids, liquids, gases, air, fire, ethers, Light and Life known as the Mother. The seemingly invisible Mother is continuously expressing in visible forms. Matter is a particular rate of vibration of God's Cosmic Energy. God's Cosmic Mother is a gross Compaction of God's Energy manifested from the Clear Crystal Fire Light. God is speaking to us through the Father Mother. How to communicate directly and overcome the difficulty is the accomplishment to talk to God. You must use your Intuitive Telephonic System that is consciously reached through your Inner Sound.

245. God is answering before you ask. You must have a receiver open within your Mind. You must ask and be ready to receive. You ask through your Hymns, Prayers, Chants, Degrees, Mantras, Calls, and Songs. God can speak to you by any means. God does not need a throat. The language that God speaks is the Universal Language of Vibration. God's answer is spontaneous, immediate and manifests through Mind in whatever language your Mind is being accustomed to hearing. If you are an active person you are being given Symbols. If you are a passive person you are being given the actual Images and Sounds. The vibration of languages originates in the Cosmic Vibration. God is everything and God knows all things as all things. Languages are nothing but Vibrational Sounds formed by Humanity. God hears you and you can hear God!

246. You should not settle for less than the Listening Presence of God and refuse anything that is not an open and direct answer to the point of instant manifestation. Instant manifestation makes Everything Possible with God. Humanity is rampantly conceited and must return to God, the Creator, Who created Humanity as a Spiritual, Mental and Material Form. Therefore, God can only be placed above Humanity. Some of Humanity, which is being created by God, is now self seeking and tries to stand above God. We are one with God and equal as God expressing!

247. Some of Humanity is ordering God to make arrangements in various ways in Humanity's favor. Some order God around like they would a dog; 'fetch this for me, get on that One for this or that and bark at them for doing this or that.' Due to this outrageous condition some of Humanity is being considered as parasites. One is to kneel before God to show One's Love and Respect for God the Greater. Kneeling before God show Surrender through humility and humbleness that opens us to the receiving of Light from the Holy Spirit of God. Try it! You will see the difference of the Energy of Light in your Body, Mind and Spirit.

248. Some people may try hard to praise God fanatically, while they betray God at every turn. Some people have different forms of Faith in God. Some abuse Faith in God, such as different Forms of Expression using God to threaten others, believing in God for outside appearances, making use of God for One's own profit and exploiting God. These are Negative Faiths that may be called Faith in God, but realize that all of these conditions put God in a position below Humanity. This is not the way of the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path to open and direct contact. The Great Masters, Saints and Holy Being do not think it was robbery to be equal with God. One expands the equality with God, by the degree of God Consciousness One has in the Mind of Pure White Light.

249. Due to the poor conditions mentioned, God turns with indifference to Humanity. Some people can not comprehend this and end up being critical of God, which is very damaging to their Soul and Spirit. The One true God Without a Second, God of all that is, was and ever will be is different from some of the ways and images that God is being seen as. God is being seen differently by some of Humanity in the Past and Present. Some of Humanity found Religions that do not see God and God's Creations as One, but as separate. God as One is different from past gods for if they were really God they would not be past gods. Therefore, this Path is Righteous, precisely Atoned and Attuned with God as is illustrated by the degrees of differences. How could anyone know Wholeness and Oneness in a part mighty God?

250. The One who does not know the existence of God's Laws of Wisdom, Truth and Love, does not know how to change serious problems. These serious problems are problems such as loss, failure in business or enterprise, curable or incurable disease, separation from a loved one, disastrous death, etc. All these conditions of Life are being transmuted into a minimal loss. Such a person is being called a person of petty desire, that can not transmute such problems. When a person has more materialistic desire, they end up having less righteous desire, which results in causing a more serious loss for them.

251. In such cases, One needs to know the desire of God. The desire of God in such cases is knowledge and understanding, to know and see the whole Picture of Life, and not one or just a few episodes. Without Resistances in Life, One would not be gaining Inner Strength. You can overcome problems by expanding your consciousness in the Truth and Reality of Eternal Existence. You have never lost anything it is still within you! Your Past is a foundation that you build upon, not a block to hold you back unless you are looking backwards!

252. Giving a regular Tuition or Tithe weekly, monthly and yearly to God's Work will open the Source of great gain for One. A Source that is open to have God teach the Esoteric Way of producing Prosperity and changes bad fortune into good fortune. The ego is selfish and either does not want to give a Tuition or Tithe or demands something in return. This is not a Free Will Gift to God, it has all sorts of strings of conditions attracted to it, and most likely will not bear fruit. God gives freely to the One who gives freely.

253. Alike attracts Alike. The Blind leads the Blind by chasing after only the Material World. This is the way of some People, which is being seen by the Physical Eyes which do not see the Invisible World of Power. Many people squander their money by buying the imitations of Life while begrudging money to purchase the things of true value. Support God's Work and God will support you. Have you given God as much as you have given to entertainment, sports, self indulgence and lost to foolishness?

254. Some people never hesitate in spending power, sex or money for glamour and outward appearance that are being washed away in the morning Light. People spend money for deception and bribing others to do their biding, while begrudging money spent for God. God Who gives them Life Everlasting and the Heritage of the Children of God. By tithing to God One can solve poverty and eliminate the prolonged accumulation of negative financial conditions of a Person, Family, Company, Organization or Country. The Spiritual Training of Divine Service can eliminate poverty, disease and suffering and change them into Wealth, Health and Happiness. Service begins in your Family and expands to the World and God. Only those that give of Service are worthy of service!

255. Some people do not realize that they have become exploiters of God by placing themselves above God, by saying that God should save them gratuitously, if God really and truly exists. When everything seems to be going all right, Mankind ignores God, but when they are facing death, disease, suffering or loss, they take advantage of God and exploit God. After being saved by God they turn their backs on God and look to themselves and others again; what hypocrites they are. If they do not change their ways, they are existing impoverished on some Dimension of their Being, be it in their Physical, Emotional, Mental, Creative or Spiritual Worlds. Some people sacrifice one level of Life for another. The awakened Child of God is active on all levels of Life from a God Conscious Point of View. Equality in expression on all level of expression is Balance. Give and you will receive!

256. Some people are so outrageously selfish and say they are not being saved yet in spite of their Prayers. They do not realize that they have offered these Prayers with such a selfish self centered attitude. How much Service does One give God with their Body, Mind and Spirit? They kick and knock God and steal God's Power for themselves. They then criticize God as a money maker, placing God second or below them. This ruins their Prosperity and brings unexpected losses. If they rob God, they themselves are being robbed, because they have mistakenly used the Law of Attraction and the Law of Everything Returns to the Source. An unselfish act, deed, thought or service done in Love overcomes many selfish acts, deeds, thoughts and services done in ignorance. Praise God!

257. Some people are Back Biters, they say one thing to God's face and another thing after they mistakenly think they are out of the Presence of God. They do this in ignorance and overexert themselves and take a fall. They try to repent by attacking their own Body, Emotions, Mind or feelings, sometimes consciously and sometimes unconsciously, with pain and suffering after such Back Biting, but they find it very difficult to change. Only by the practice of the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path in the Next Age now coming upon us, having open and direct contact with God, can all these things be overcome. With right distribution, all of Humanity can enjoy the Abundance of the World for all their basic needs.

258. The Emotion's and Mind's entanglements with Matter have bound the Mass of Humanity to poverty. Most Humans do not own the things they possess, they are being controlled by the selfish few that hold that debt upon them. Pay off your debts, make no new debts and you will find Prosperity. As long as you are under someone else, you are having stress. Much of the stress of Life is being lifted when you are free. Be Free in your finances, relationships, business and religion and you can live a stress free Life!

259. Some people, without seeing the depths of Wisdom, Truth and Love, continue to criticize God and simply end up revealing their own ignorance and selfish nature. Some are of lowly desire who abandon God because they do not get their way, they become shallow minded and lack the depth of feeling towards themselves and others. Whenever one thinks that the disturbance by Evil Spirits is the problem of others, they need to purify their own Body, Mind and Spirit. Purify because they have been unknowingly in darkness, under the control of Evil Spirits, Demons and Evil Deities, that eat away at their Life and at their Souls.

260. It is God's Light of Wisdom, Truth and Love that can solve all these spiritual disturbances. The Prosperity that One attains after they are actually purified will never collapse, it then has the Strength and Power of God to support it. One can maintain this Prosperity by practicing the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path. Just as One must eat good food to maintain a healthy Body, One most consume the food of righteousness in the Mind and food of Light in the Spirit to maintain a healthy Mind and Spirit. You can create an open and direct channel to all the good things of God through your practice when it becomes Daily Spiritual Food for your Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit. We have spoken the Truth, as we stand in the Presence of God, forever sustained. You can rely on the Wisdom, Truth and Love written in this Holy Book!

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