Book Thirty Four

711. The Power of Suggestion. Suggestion is God's means and process of influencing the forms, attitudes and behavior of Creation and its manifestation. Suggestion is the Second Law of the Power of Manifestation. There are physical suggestions, emotional suggestions, mental suggestions creative suggestions, self suggestions and spiritual suggestions. The Power of Suggestion is the influence exercised over the subconscious mind, resulting in a passive acceptance of and from actions, impulses, thoughts, ideas, beliefs, images and Spiritual Teachings like the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path.

712. Everything in Creation suggests something to the awakened Child of God. The Godman and Godwoman choose the positive suggestions of God and live them, such as the suggestions of Wisdom, Truth, Love, Purity, Perfection and Oneness. They make these suggestions to the Soul by demonstrating them in themselves and to others. The Child of God that takes the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path uses the Teachings and Scriptures with Self suggestion to change its Life and to return to being God expressing. Make positive suggestions to yourself!

713. The Power of Attraction. Attraction is God's Power of Charm that acts mutually between the elements, particles and Beings of Creation. The Power of Attraction is the qualities, objects and features of a person, place or thing that tends to draw them together and resist their separation. The Power of Attraction creates an affinity between persons and things that are being naturally and involuntarily drawn together. God is all Attractive and when One reaches Godhood they are all attractive. Attractiveness draws people and things together and gives them a relationship to one another.

714. The Child of God that takes the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path captivates, charms and enchants Creation and its manifestations. The Power of Attraction in the Child of God is a trait that fascinates, allures and delights others. The Child of God attracts Goodness to itself by being good or doing good things. The Power of Attraction draws things together or causes them to approach one another. The Power of Attraction is alluring and provokes notice. Be attractive in your actions, emotions, mind and spirit and you will notice a difference in your Life!

715. The Power of Attraction. Repulsion is God's Power of rejection and denial. The Child of God, Godman and Godwoman has an aversion to anything that is of darkness and rebuffs it at the moment of conscious awareness of it. With the Power of Repulsion we are being armed with the means to set ourselves free of anything that takes us from the conscious Presence Of God. One does not have to put Oneself in mud, to know that one will get muddy. In the same way One should not entertain darkness, lest One becomes that darkness.

716. The Child of God rejects immediately any temptation that may present itself, using the Power of Repulsion, to the extent that the Power becomes spontaneous. The Child of God repels, rejects, rebuffs and backs away from any unloving or forbidding thing or people that refuses to listen or act in a God Conscious way. The Power of Attraction means to repel decisively, reject, repulse and to drive off the things that do not move you towards God or maintain you in the Presence. You do not have to accept everything that comes to your Life. You can use the Power of repulsion as a safe way to repel those things you do not want to accept!

717. The Power of Motion. Motion is God's proposal of action in Creation. The Power of Motion gives the ability of movement in action, process and change to a person, place or thing in Creation. The Power of Motion gives an impulse and inclination to the movement of the Body, Mind and Spirit. In the Power of Motion is the ability to take action in a continuous movement in One's life. With the Power of Motion One can go from one point, place or phase to another with sustained drive.

718. With the Power of Motion One can activate or rouse the passions, emotions, mind, soul, creative power or images of the individual self to a productive state of consciousness. With the Power of Motion the Child of God can maneuver its life into the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path to God Consciousness for the success of the Soul. The Power of Motion gives the power to live One's Life in a specified environment. With the Power of Motion you do not have to stay in any position you are being bound in!

719. The Power of Cycles. Cycle is God's Power of Predictability. Everything in Creation has a cycle that it runs through. The Power of Cycles shows a regularly recurring succession of events, phenomena or the period of time occupied by such a succession. The Power of Cycle gives to the Lesser Laws of Change. The Child of God, when advancing on the Path, becomes aware of the cycling patterns of Creation. The Power of Cycles gives the ability of repetition so the Child of God can repeat success cycles and avert failure cycles.

720. The Power of Cycles shows the interval of time that elapses during which a sequence of a recurring succession of events and phenomena appears in an operation of One's Life. The Power of Cycles shows the regularity of Creation, like one complete performance of a vibration from its beginning to its end. The Child of God can predict the Future when the Child of God sees clearly the Past and Present. One can predict the Future by weighing the Past and Present actions, emotions, thoughts, knowledge, beliefs or images of themselves, others and nature. Manage the Cycles of your Life for better Wealth, Health and Happiness!

721. The Power of Concentration. Concentration is the Power to control attention toward a person, place or thing in Creation, whether it be in the Physical, Mental or Spiritual Worlds. There is no success in Life without the Power of Concentration. The Power of Concentration reveals the strength of a component of Creation, from the small to the large, from the simple to the complex and from the darkness to the Light. The Power of Concentration gives the ability to bring or direct toward a common center or objective and to gather attention into a focus of power.

722. One must use the power of effort to master the Power of Concentration. With the Power of Concentration One can eliminate the irrelevant. When the Child of God wins the Power of Concentration there are not any secrets to the concentrated Power of the Spiritual Eye. The Godman or Godwoman then becomes all seeing with the Power of Concentration. Concentrate and you will succeed in the goals and aims of your Life! Without Concentration there is no sustained duration!

723. The Power of Prosperity. Prosperity is the Power of God's abundant supply and wealth. When One is in the Power of Prosperity it is the evidence of success in One's Life. Everything in Creation is flowing from Spirit into Matter and from Matter into Spirit; this is the Power of Prosperity. The Power of Prosperity is a flow. The Power of Prosperity is the flow of Wealth, Health and Happiness in One's Life. The Power of Prosperity is the condition of Creation that is flourishing, fortunate, successful and thriving. The Power of Prosperity is the sense of well-being on the Economic, Physical, Mental, Soulful, Creative and Spiritual Planes of conscious awareness.

724. Prosperity is being At One With God and flowing in God's Presence. The Child of God achieves success by the realization of their Spiritual Heritage. The Power of Prosperity is your Spiritual Heritage. The Power of Prosperity is God's good pleasure to give the awakened Child of God, Godman and Godwoman, the abundance of all good things in Creation, Physically, Mentally and Spiritually. Practice of the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path will bring you the Power of Prosperity in Wisdom, Truth and Love from God!

725. The Power of Illusion. There is a positive and negative side to all Power. The Child of God in the Divine Civilization of Humanity, in the Next Age, the millennium of open and direct contact with God, will know as a fact the duality of Illusion. Illusion, elusion and delusion will have to be overcome to reach the higher States of Consciousness. The positive side is to see clearly that the Physical World of Appearances is all illusion that comes and goes and is constantly changing Form. The oscillations of Mind are also illusions that come and go and constantly change. Spirit is the one true Reality that is the same yesterday, today and always. The negative side is the mocking of God with deceptive actions, the States of Intellectual deception and Intellectual misleading.

726. Deception is the misleading images of Evil Spirits and Deities in the Imagination of Humanity which present a false Vision. Illusion as deception is the perception of something objectively existing in such a way as to cause misinterpretation of its actual nature. Illusion as deception is the pattern capable of reversibility of prospective. Illusion is always transparent to the awaked Child of God because it is being balanced by seeing the two sides of Illusion. To live in the World but to live as Spirit is the victory over Illusion. To Believe you are your body, emotions, mind, soul, creativity, imagination or individuality is an illusion. All these are being yours and you are the Master of them, not their servant!

727. The Power of Identity. Identity is God's Law of I AM THAT I AM. The Power of Identity is the sameness of essential characteristics, the quality of At One With God. The Power of Identity is the unifying field of conscious awareness to recognize and conceive as one. This Law is, and the other Laws, Principles and Powers are, to establish and return the Child of God, Godman and Godwoman in and to the Presence Of God. It is being a choice of will that One identifies with God or any individual manifestation in Creation. The Child of God uses Free Will Choice to Identify with the Wisdom, Truth and Love of God.

728. The genuine Spirit of Humanity has such a close resemblance to the Spirit of God it needs only to associate closely with the Spirit of God to awaken to it. That is the unity and persistence of the genuine Spirit of God. The Godman and Godwoman realize they are identical with God and no longer suffer separation. Contemplate the I AM THAT I AM Presence in your heart where you have a contact with God. Realize all of God's Perfection radiating in your Heart pouring into the World by the Power of God within you! You will release the latent Power to do and accomplish whatsoever you desire through the Power of Identity from within!

729. The Power of Unification. Unification is God's Power of the Unified Field Of Creation. When the Godman or Godwoman reaches the Unified Field of God Consciousness and they are in the state of unification there is no difference between the Inner and Outer Consciousness. There is no difference in the seeing of the Spiritual, Mental and Physical Worlds of experience and existence. The Godman or Godwoman has become One in the coherent Whole of Creation. The Godman or Godwoman is at the final act of open and direct consciousness by process and result of being unified in God. After this final step to the Mystical Union with God and God's Creation the Godman or Godwoman is truly conscious of being God Expressing.

730. The Godman or Godwoman displays cohesion which is reached by spiritually, systematically, holding together firmly the parts of the One God and becoming unified in the Laws, Principles and Powers of God. The Godman or Godwoman is as particle of molecular attraction in the Body of God that unites all throughout Creation. As above, so shall it be below. The Lifestream of the Godman or Godwoman who attains this Spiritual maturity shall be more beautiful and exquisite in its Body, Mind and Spirit as the years go by! Start by practicing the Power of Unification in your Body, Emotions and Mind with God! Take each level of your Being, one by one, and practice this Power of Unification until you have the lesser Law of Harmony in your Life. Practice the Powers you learn with all you meet on your Path of Life!

731. The Power of Transmutation. Transmutation is to alter the Form, the Appearance and the Nature of the Physical World, particularly the Human Body for the Godman or Godwoman. This is being done so that the Body is being converted to the point of receiving the Light of God open and direct in the Omnipresence. The Power of Transmutation is a state which results from sustained co-operative effort over several years of development, in collaboration with the Spirit of God. In the First Stage subliminal control is maintained. In the Second Stage the incarnate spirit controls the body. In the Third Stage the consciousness of the Being makes excursion into the Spirit World and holds intercourse with the Spirit of God. The Power of Transformation is a formula in Mind that transforms the Mental Body of the Godman or Godwoman.

732. This is being done so as to change the Mind in its configuration so it can be an expression of God's Mind of Enlightenment in accordance with the Infinite Intelligence of God's Omniscience Power. The Power of Transfiguration is the change of the Spirit that transfigures the Spirit Body of Individualization. The Spirit Body is Exalting, Glorifying and Spiritually being changed in the Godman or Godwoman. This is being done so as to bring One's Spirit into the Light of God's Omnipotence, Omnificence and Omnibeingness. The Final Change of the Individualized Spirit is Transcending to the Transcendental Plane of Composite Omnibeingness in God and expanding into the God Consciousness of Being Beyond.

733. The Power of Ascension. Ascension is the act and process being used by the Child of God to Ascend back into the Spirit of God Before the World Was. Ascension has, as its purpose, the change into a Light Body in the Everlasting Life of God. The Power of Ascension is a Constant upward movement for the Godman and Godwoman on the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path. The Power of Ascension is the Conscious Ascension at the end of the Life on Earth which is the last Life in the limitation of the Physical World. The Power of Ascension is an hourly and daily process. The Pure Energy comes from being in the Presence of God. When the flow of Pure Energy flows downwards in this practice, One will ascend on the currents of Perfection and the talents within will come to Light and will multiply. One will then have the Power of Ascension to be free.

734. The Power of Reincarnation is the other Path put forth by some of the Religions of the World. Reincarnation is God's Power for God's Creation to advance to another Form of Life. Some Religions use it to return to the Physical World in a new Body, but the true Spiritual purpose is to change into a Light Body in the Everlasting Life of God. The Spirits of vegetables, fruits and plants use this circle of embodiment. The Power of Reincarnation gives to the Lesser Law of the Circle. As you send your actions, thoughts, words, deeds and feeling into the World they will circle outward to the World, person, place or thing. They come back to you on that circle after gathering that particular quality or vibration with which it is being originally charged. You are in control of what you send and hence receive by being constructive or destructive. It is up to you which one you use!

735. The Power of the Seven Deaths. The Seven Deaths is being used by the followers of the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path. It is the conscious dying to the Physical, Emotional, Lower Mental, Psychic, Higher Mental, Individualized Spirit and Cosmic Consciousnesses to experience God Consciousness open and direct. The Seven Deaths is being used over and over in the Rainbow Meditation as a practice for Conscious Ascension at the end of this Lifetime. This Power does not kill the Bodies as death suggests. All Power is in the head, heart and hands of the One that is One With God and God-conscious!

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