Book Thirty Three
Power of Creation

689. If One would simply relax Oneself in God, One would move by Grace of God in One's Lifestream and revert to God Consciousness. The Writer calls One's Life Movement a Lifestream because Life is flowing through Space and Time like a stream of Light. God is the source of the Holy Spirit directly. God is the Source of all Creation thiat is, was or ever will be. God is the Source of all Sources and the Cause of all Causes. God is the Point of Origin and the Goal of the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path of returning open and direct to God. You did not come from God nor are you going to God. You are with God always!

690. The Power of Cause and Effect. God is the Cause of all Causes in the Universes of Creation. One is the Determinant that occasions an action. Those Effects result in One's Creations, Events, Circumstances or Conditions in One's Life. The Power of Cause brings results. The Power of Cause is the origin and motive of an action. One can produce, induce or be the occasion of events in One's own Life or another Life using the Power of Cause. The Power of Effects brings accomplishments, consequences, issues and outcomes in One's Life. One's Effect upon Life will determine how that Life is operating in Creation.

691. The Causes and Effects of One's Life is Self determined by One's reactions, responses, impulses and compulsions to events, persons, circumstances, conditions and other Causes in One's Life. Whether things in Life are the last of an Event, partly determined, is not being foreseen or brings a solution to it, One has the Power over them. One has the Power when One practices the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path. With the Power of Cause and Effect One become the Cause and Effect of One's Life. You are the Cause and Effect in your Life!

692. The Power of Degree. God's Creation is expanding by Degree. One's accomplishments are by Degree on the Path of Life and on the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path to God open and direct. One practices step by measured step, to the extent of One's progress and success. One's Practice unfolds in One's Life by Degree. One's Life is being Innocent and Clean like a clean sheet of paper that One writes on when One is Converted on the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path. One returns to Innocence and it is One's Free Will Choice that determines what is being written in the Book of Life.

693. One's Book of Life is being written by Degree. One's Physical, Mental and Spiritual Positions in Life are by the Degree of the combination of One's experience. The Child of God is in God according to the Degree of Consciousness of God. The Power of Degree is the sequential unfoldment and the extent of movement in a person, place or thing upward, downward, forward, backward or in any direction. You are growing by the Power of Degree as a Human and Spiritual Being!

694. The Power of Manifestation. God is Omnibeing manifesting in actions, processes and every instant in Creation. The Power of Manifestation demonstrates the Power and the Purpose of Creation. The Child of God is the Manifestation of God, materializing on the Spiritual, Mental and Physical Planes. One is being given the Power of Manifestation when One becomes a Godman or Godwoman. This Wisdom and Truth is being demonstrated in all the World Scriptures. What any Great Master, Saint or Holy Being has done you can too do by the Grace of God with the Power of Manifestation.

695. The Power of Manifestation is a way for the Godman and Godwoman to demonstrate the Power and Purpose of God. The Power of Manifestation is at hand and will be the ordinary means of production for the Children of God in the Divine Civilization of Humanity. The Children of God are being evident, obvious, apparent, plain, unmistakable, open and direct with and in God Consciousness using the Power of Manifestation. In the Power of Manifestation display, disclose, declare and exhibit yourself before God!

696. The Power of Limitation. Limitation is God's act of enclosing Form. The Power of Limitation is the First Law of Materialization. The Power of Limitation is the ability of being one-pointed and focused. To limit is to set a Point or Line in Space and Time that circumscribes or confines Manifestation. The Power of Limitation sets the speed, design or the degree to which a Creation is being bound and clearly implies the limit of the Scope of Action. The Child of God, Godman and Godwoman is only being limited by the degree of At One With God which they are. They are being limited or limitless by the Limitations they identify with in that Oneness in God. The more One lives the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path the more expansive One is in One's Power of Limitation. You can be bound to the limitless or limited; it is your choice! Do not restrict yourself any longer!

697. The Power of Impaction. Impaction is God's Power to fix firmly the forms of Creation. The Power of Impaction is the degree of compactness of Objects, Mind and Spiritual Manifestations. The ability of the Power of Impaction gives One more in a smaller space or shorter time to work with and to get more into it. What would take years with Impaction takes months. What would take months with Impaction takes days. What would take days with Impaction takes minutes and what would take minutes, with the Power of Impaction is spontaneous.

698. One can compress into a short time these teachings and studies, when One impacts them. The One that uses Impaction is not deluding consciousness with reaction, feelings, thoughts, erroneous knowledge, ideas, beliefs, and images. All these things just mentioned take space and time. The more impacted something is the more powerful it is in the Presence. The Child of God, Godman and Godwoman uses the Spirit to impact the Teachings of God in order to expand the mind and increase physical mobility. The Lesser Power of Concentration in what you do in Life will lead you to the Power of Impaction!

699. The Power of Sound. Sound is God's Power to send sensation free from error. The Power of Sound can heal a discordant vibration in the Spiritual, Mental and Physical manifestation of Creation. Sound is being used to create a harmonious effective radiant energy. People and other creatures use Sound, vibration through the air, in speaking a language to communicate with others of their own kind. The Child of God, Godman and Godwoman uses Sound to commune a Joyful Noise, Prayers, Chants, Decrees, Calls, Invocations, Mantras and Songs to God. God can answer them with an auditory impression Spiritually, Mentally and Physically to anyone or anything.

700. Different Sounds have different wave lengths and frequencies that separate them from one another. Each thing in Creation responds to its own Sound even when made by others. If One becomes very quiet within and without, One will hear One's Sound within. The Inner Sound is a continuous sound that some people try to escape. The Inner Sound can stabilize the mind and spirit. Concentration upon One's Inner Sound brings to consciousness a greater power of creativity for the individualization of God expressing. Just do not think about it, sound it out!

701. The Power of Vibration. Vibration is the periodic motion of the particles in Creation. The Power of Vibration gives the manifestation of a Form in Creation. Vibration is the ability to move from a point or position of equilibrium in an alternating direction. The oscillations and vacillations distinguish the motion and actions of a Physical Object and the opinions of the Mind. Those that have a clear Mind and open Spirit can sense the vibration of people, places, things and circumstances.

702. The Child of God, when awake to God's Wisdom, Truth and Love, can give interpretations and explanations to the world of vibrations. The Godman and Godwoman can control the vibrations they send into the Three Worlds of the Physical, Mental and Spiritual vibrations controlling actions, events and manifestations of Spirit. Use the Power of Vibration by making a thrilling, throbbing, powerful vibration and oscillation in your manifestations of Life!

703. The Power of Rhythm. Rhythm is God's Power of sound flow and silence. Without the Power of Rhythm there would be no speech. The Power of Rhythm is the ordered recurrent alternation of strong and weak forces that flow in Creation. The Power of Rhythm gives accent to the life flow and the Lifestream of Humans and a Child of God. The Power of Rhythm gives characteristics to a movement or fluctuation marked by the regular recurrence of natural flow of relative elements.

704. The One who finds the Rhythms of Creation sees the development of action, thoughts, knowledge, creative powers and images in the unified field of Creation. The Power of Rhythm is Practicing daily the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path causing Spiritual pulsations in the Light. The Power of Rhythm is a regular measure of action. By practicing the Power of Rhythm you will learn to see your periodic failure and success patterns and gain control over them!

705. The Power of the Greater Controls the Lesser. The Greater Controls the Lesser is the Lesser Laws of the Monopoly of Consciousness. The Greater Controls the Lesser is the majority rules and the larger object controlling the lesser object. This is not to say that Might makes Right for the Truth is Right makes Might. Rather it is to say the Earth rotates around the Sun and the Moon rotates around the Earth. One's Self will rotate around the Center of Response that is Greater in One. If the Physical Body consciousness is Greater and that takes most of One's consciousness, then every other level that is Lesser in One's perceptions would have to rotate around the Physical Body consciousness.

706. Every other level in One's consciousness would be the same as the Body Consciousness if it had the greater amount of perceptional Consciousness. It could be the Emotions, Mind, Knowledge, Belief, Creative Power, Images, Spirit or God that was being the Greater Power. The first State of Consciousness that comes into your awareness upon awakening after sleep is your Center of Response. It is the Greater and will control all other States of Consciousness which are Lesser. All else in One's Life is subservient to the greater Center of Response whether it is within or from an outside influence. The Godman and Godwoman practice being centered in God, letting God be the Greater in their Life. Let God be the Greatest in your Life!

707. The Power of Smaller Creator. The Smaller Creator is God's expression in a Human Being. God created all things for God's Good Pleasure and Humanity is recreating with the basic elements of Creation. Each Child of God has an Individual Creative Power that adds to the whole of Humanity as the Creative Power of God expressing. Each Child of God is to bring into existence a new form. The new form is being created by the combination of those things God has already created. The Smaller Creator is to invest Creation with individualized expression that gives to the whole of Humanity Pleasure, Joy and Upliftment.

708. The Smaller Creator is being invested with the same Powers as God limited by all Creation. Each Smaller Creator brings Creation about by invention, making or producing a new form. Each Smaller Creator brings Creation about by a course of action with imaginative skills. True Creative Power is not an imitation, but original to the Creator and Smaller Creator. Creative Power is a whole new way of doing something as a Child of God by an original production of the Mind and Spirit. You are the Creator of the things in your Life! Learn how you created them and recreate what is not of your choosing now!

709. The Power of Polarity. Polarity is God's Power of Contrast. The Power of Polarity is being attracted to one thing and repelled by another thing. The Power of Polarity is inherent in the bodies of Creation and exhibits opposite properties and powers in Creation's contrasting parts and directions. The Power of Polarity gives rise to the attraction towards one particular direction, object, person or thing. The Power of Polarity is being either positive or negative or the balance of the two.

710. Polarity determines the movement in the Lesser Law of Opposites. The Power of Polarity is for God's purpose of creating a definite form. It takes concentration on opposite extremes in the continuum of Space and Time to reach polarity balance. When the Child of God reaches polarity balance it reaches its true nature as God expressing. The Child of God is being aware of its true form in the balancing polarities of the male and female aspect and the individual and universal aspects.

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