Book Thirty Five
The Diamond of Clarity

736. When One is falling asleep to each level of awareness and still maintaining Consciousness, this sleep is called Temple Sleep. One sees the Bodies One Host as they really are, only transitory manifestations in Creation, for the uses of the True Self, which is God expressing. At the final In Breath of Creation the Bodies of Consciousness will no longer exist. You who are the God Self, that has Eternal Life and Infinite Existence, will continue in God. This is the Wisdom, Truth and Love of God promised, in all the Great Religions of the World and on the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path, of Eternal Life. God is Beyond Creation as well as being in all Creation. God is Existence beyond all that is in Creation. This is the way to the Final State that is being called At One With God!

737. Now we write the knowledge of the Consummation of Incomparable Enlightenment. All living Creatures of whatever walk of Life they identify with, some are being hatched from an egg, some come from their Mother's womb, some take birth from moisture, or by transformation of their Being, with a Form or without a Form, whether they have a thinking Mind or do not have thoughts or are beyond all the realms of thought, are all One in God and were Created by God. The Child of God, Godman or Godwoman is in Detachment and controls and disciplines the Mind. In this way each is Liberated; verily no Being is Liberated. The Child of God does not cherish the ego, personality or being a separated Human Individual.

738. The Child of God cherishes the Body, Mind and Spirit for their uses in reaching At One With God in all things as all things. They practice benevolence toward all the Bodies and enjoy their uses of them, but never become unaware that they are God expressing. In the practice of charity they are detached. They are not being fooled by the World of Appearances where things come and go, but stand in the Constant Presence of God. The Godman and Godwoman persevere one pointed in this practice! In this way they are not being recognized by some material characteristic! In fact material characteristics are not material characteristics. Wherever material characteristics exist there is illusion.

739. Can not One see if One points in any direction be it North, East, South or West, be it to the Nadir or Zenith, that it is Infinite and Eternal and has no border or boundary? One should Practice the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path, giving Wisdom, Truth and Love at that degree of direction. The Child of God, Godman and Godwoman should be one-pointed in that task and instruction. All material characteristics are delusion, elusion and illusion that are being cased over the Soul and are not Spiritual characteristics.

740. The characteristics of the Spirit are being embodied in the Soul of the Child of God, Godman or Godwoman which in the end will return to God. The characteristics of the Spirit are the Purity, Perfection, Freedom, Wisdom, Truth and Love from God expressing through the Soul to the Personality, which is the Soul's expression and not the expression of the Persona itself. Wherever the Persona is exists an illusion created by a reflection, just as a face appears in still waters.

741. The Godman and Godwoman do not react to the things that originate or are being stimulated from inside or outside the Body, Emotions or Mind. They react out of the Soul impressed by the Holy Spirit of God, the Clear Crystal Fire Light of Life unconditioned with all possibilities. The Child of God, Godman and Godwoman expresses as God expressing. The Teachings, which the Writer Tat gives here in this Holy Book of the Church of Revelation, will still stir the hearts of Humans and inspire them for not One Millennium, but beyond Ten Millenniums, even until there are no Human Beings left on Earth. When Tat is gone from the Physical Body there will be Godmen and Godwomen in this practice beyond the End of Time.

742. Such Godmen and Godwomen will be self controlled, based in genuine worth, deserving praise, who will inspire others with the practice of the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path and its Teachings. Such Godmen and Godwomen will have come from many Great Masters, Religions and Spiritual Teachings and their worth will be of every kind. God will give to all who come to this Path and hear the Teachings, now and until then, Pure Faith, Pure Wisdom, Pure Truth, Pure Love and Pure Freedom by open and direct contact with them. When their Life is over on the Earth and they ascend to God, we will recognize them as they are, Great Light before Almighty God, Ascended, At One and Free.

743. The Godman and Godwoman come to the Illumined Realization that they are only Born once and that was in the Beginning, before the World was, in the Great Out Breath of Creation. They are not being caught in the delusion, elusion or the illusion of coming and going of the Transitory World, but rather they realize they are living an Eternal Life in the Presence of God. They have broken free of the Life and Death Cycle and are in the Constancy of the Eternity of the Presence of God. They do not claim an I, me or mine consciousness, for this would be an identification with separation, and there is no separation in At One With God.

744. Any Name they would call themselves would be a separation without the consciousness that only God is expressing in all things as all things. The name the World calls them is only a point of contact with the we, our and us in God. If the Godmen and Godwomen would allow their minds to grasp and hold on to anything save God, they would be cherishing the ideas of a separate ego entity and such a notion of a thing having intrinsic qualities would cause them to fall back. So One should not be attached to a thing that is being possessed or devoid of intrinsic qualities because it is of the illusion and is not.

745. The Ones that take the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path should develop a Pure Mind, luminous and translucent, the Mind of Clear Crystal Fire Light of the Holy Spirit. The Mind that perceives clearly and is not dependent on color, sound or motion, not dependent on touch, taste, smell, sight or hearing, but dependent solely on God. One gives Names to things so that they may retain and contain them, but One is not being retained or contained by them or their names, but has dominion over them and can use them. This is the Law of Limitation in Manifestation of Creation. One can use the Body of God's Infinite Intelligence, God's boundless Truth and God's Eternal Love, but One is not being bound in them, but uses them as God expressing. The Godman and Godwoman has entered the Wisdom, Truth and Love of the righteous uses of Life!

746. The Godman or Godwoman does not seek to go to the Heaven of any Religion, for each Religion has created a separate Heaven, but rather One seeks to go to God. By going to God One has access to any Heaven that God Wills, for all Bodies, Physical, Mental or Spiritual are in the Body of the One God, that all live, move and have their Being in. To share God's Wisdom, Truth and Love, that is being related in these pages, brings more reward than all the Stars in Creation, in the Sight of God. There is more Freedom and God Consciousness for One to share than ever before in Human History. Share it all, by being God expressing from Beyond the limitation of Life and Death.

747. Practice Charity and Patience and awaken the thought of the Consummation of Inexhaustible and Incomparable Enlightenment of God. Do not let the Mind be bound in the Sense Perception. Use the Wisdom of the Truth of your experiences when you are in the Presence of God. Take the God-given Light that God gives into the World and express it there. Be radiant as a beacon of God Light of Wisdom, Truth and Love from a luminous and translucent Mind of Clear Crystal Fire Light. These words that are being written in this chapter are for your initiation into the Light of the Holy Spirit. Initiation into the Light of the Holy Spirit is the Light of open and direct contact with God from Beyond the limitation of Creation. The Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path is not in fact the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path, but only a name we give it.

748. The Diamond of Pure Mind is beyond all Duality, beyond all separation from God. It is beyond the One, which is a number. It is beyond number and no number. There is no system to reach it, for you are it, yet you are not it, as God expressing, yet still beyond God expressing, but not beyond God. There is no passing away nor coming into existence and there is no returning. There is only God Expressing. The Name is not the thing that is being named the thing it is. The Name is only a Name being given to identify it, and to point it out as a manifestation. If One points at the Ocean and identifies a wave, is the Ocean any less than it is being before you pointed out the wave? Does not the wave go back into the Ocean? In the same way you are a Being in God, as the wave is being in the Ocean.

749. There is no Body, no Mind, no Spirit, they are merely being called that. There is no Holy Spirit of God, we merely call that expression of God the Holy Spirit. Beyond is God and that is merely another Name. God is Beyond Name. There is no Mind, we merely call it that. So it is impossible to grasp the Past Mind, the Mind of the Present and impossible to grasp the Mind of the Future for there is no Mind, we just call it that. The image, idea, understanding, description, feeling and act of a person, place or thing is not the person, place and thing. The person, place or thing is complete within itself. It is what we call it, by the agreement to call it that.

750. Is God being perceived by the manifestation of God? No, because we have just identified the manifestation of God and that creates a separation. That is why no one has seen God, because One would have to be separated from God to see God, which is only the Name we have agreed upon. Different Religions and Teachings give God different Names that only create separation, that is why That is Beyond. There is nothing Beyond That. Nothing might imply that nothing is something.

751. The Truth is that nothing is nothing is an illusion, because nothing is something. Something is always something and is never nothing and that is Reality. God is no Name and all Names and beyond Names. One can only be Enlightened by what is being written here in the Holy Book of the Church of Revelation when One has attained freedom from a separate personal ego and is being Realized in Wholeness of That which we call God. As a Godman or Godwoman is in God Consciousness, the Godman or Godwoman are the same as God.

752. Anything that is being said, felt, written, talked about, seen, or in the State of Being is not God and is God. All those things are the Names that we point at. Just as we point at the waves in the Ocean, which appear separate, but are the same as the Ocean. To understand the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path, One must live it. To understand the Spiritual Teachings, One must study them. To understand God, One must be God expressing.

753. To understand a thing, One must merge in some way with it. The Wisdom, Truth and Love of it, is to be it, is not being it. The Body and the Mind are imperfect tools, mediums and ways to discern Spirit. Only the Self can discern the Body, Mind and Spirit. The Spirit is free of form. The Self is Beyond Spirit. It is the Mind that holds all things in Form and Physical Form is Immutable, but can be manipulated both positively and negatively by the Self. The Self you are is Beyond the Great Beyond which is Beyond Creation.

754. All the words to identify the Self in the Physiological, Psychological and Spiritual Worlds of expression are not the True Self of which we speak or write. The True Self is the One that is seeing through Pure Perception of Conscious Awareness, through the Mind as an Eye, which is God expressing God. One that is being Ascended will understand this writing. One must be free from the Oneness, two or any number to perceive the depth of the Righteous Spiritual Path of God.

755. To understand God is being Ascended and Free from any other person, place or thing in Creation, but not separate. This Writer humbly presents the words of this Holy Book of the Church of Revelation as the complete Revelation of the Writer Tat, to all Humanity from the Holy Spirit of God. It is the complete Revelation that is being experienced by Tat. The Revelation that caused Tat to be the founder of the Astral Physics School in 1975, the Church of Revelation in 1976 and the channeling of this Holy Book in 1990.

756. Now it is up to you to do your Special Part in the Divine Arrangement, Divine Plan and Divine Civilization of Heaven on Earth. Let there be Heaven on Earth for all Humanity. The Earth's surface is changing. The atmosphere of the Earth is changing. The temperature of the Earth is changing. The food supply and Environment for the Creatures of the Earth are Changing. The Food Supply and Environment of Humanity are changing.

757. The Energy Supply Humanity is using is changing. The Economy of Nations is changing. The Relationships of Nations are changing. The Value of Life is changing. Religion and Spiritual Teaching are awakening from their sleep of Separation. Humanity is going beyond the Great Beyond. Humanity is not being confined to the Earth and will experience all Creation on the return to the Godhead. Humanity's Mind must change to be in open and direct Final Contact in At One With God, in God! God is never Changing.


By The Power of Mother Father God, the One Parent of us all and by the Power of every Master, Saint, Holy Being and all Spiritual Lineages from the Beginning of Time unto the Presence and by the Power of the Great Angelic Host and all Comic Beings, We Pray to the One Almighty God in Whom all Live, Move and have their Being; May God's Great and Holy Spirit Guide You and May You Live, Move and have your Being in the Light.

Blessings of Light! Love Tat

This is your Beginning of the New Millennium!

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