Book Two
The Origin and The Path

20. It is the Divine Era to unify all the Spiritual Teachings, from the Beginning of Time to the Presence. We are to give these synthesized Spiritual Mystic Teachings to all Humanity, at this present time. It is time for all Humanity to perform the Power of these Teachings and win the Victory of Light. Humanity's Spiritual Heritage is from the One Without a Second, Almighty God. It is the time for the Children of Light to proclaim the Wisdom, Truth and Love of God and reclaim Humanity's Spiritual Heritage from the One God who is the One Parent of us all.

21. The Origin of the Crystal Out Breath, the pure White Light and all the Rays of Light and all Power is One. The Origin of all Creation that you see and do not see is One. The Origin of all the Dimensions is One. The Origin of the Planes of Consciousness is One. The Origin of the Universe is One. The Origin of the Milky Way is One. The Origin of the our Solar System is One. The Origin of the Planets is One. The Origin of the Moon and Earth is One. The Origin of the Human Race is One.

22. The Origin of all Creatures large and small on the Planet and in Creation is One. The Origin of the Elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ethers, Energy and Light is One. Almighty God is the Origin that created all of the before mentioned and is the only One Origin of all that is, was or ever will be. Be in the Vanguard of the Children of Light, to establish the World of the Divine Civilization of Light of the One God of the Holy Out Breath of the Pure Crystal Light for the next Millennium.

23. By practicing the Spiritual Mystic Path, disciplining the body and mind, increasing the experience of the Teachings of God and being in open and direct contact with God, One is in the Esoteric Art of polishing the Diamond of the Soul. Practice and discipline in the Teachings of God are for the vivifying of all the Teachings regardless of their spiritual denominations, sects or spiritual origin in Humanity. Train your Soul to be the Master of the Personality.

24. Train yourself to be the Master of your Body, Emotions and Lower Mind which constitute the Little Ego. Master the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path of the Light of God through your direct experience of God. This is the True Path of God no matter what Name it is being called in each of the Religions, Spiritual Teachings and Holy Practices of the World. Each must choose his or her way. By One's actions, deeds, thoughts, feeling, ideas and visions One gives to either Darkness or Light!

25. The One that divides. lowers, separates and imprisons any individual, human, group, race, nation, creed or separates any of God's Creation, performs the work and gives energy to the fallen forces of Darkness and the Masters of Darkness. The One that unites, uplifts and frees any individual, human, group, race, nation, creed or merges God's Creation, performs the work and gives energy to the liberated Ones, the God-like and Masters of Light. Choose well your Path and use it and known and be the Wisdom, Truth and Love of God. Be the Path!

26. With true sincere obedience you shall become the Leaders, as Counselors, Ministers, Teachers and the Healers of Humanity for the next Millennium, leaders of the Holy Millennium of Light to Humanity of the Divine Civilization of God in and with Humanity. You will become the instrument of Gods Arrangement of the Law of Prosperity and God's Divine Plan, the Disciple of God. The Decade of Unity and the new Millennium is the most rewarding time in the History of all Humanity from the Beginning of Time. War Consciousness will end soon, winding down after 1994 and we will have the Millennium of Peace on planet Earth for all Humanity as we make a quantum leap into the Forth Dimension.

27. The time of trifling with the Masters, Saints and Holy Beings of all Spiritual Lineages, the Great Angelic Host, the Holy Spirit and God is over. The time of ineffective Prayers, Decrees, Calls, Chants, Mantras, Songs and the trifling with the Divine Soul is over. This is the time for the open and direct answers to Humans from God. This is the time for an opportunity to gain Divine Understanding of Humanity's True Existence. Understand the Presence of God and how you as an Individual stands in God's Presence.

28. Understand all the Spiritual Masters of Light from before the World was and during the time of the World. For soon time will be no more. Instead there will be leisure and duration of distance and amount. Time is a Mental Concept not a Spiritual Law. In the Presence of God all things exist so there is no need for Time, only for your selection. All Humanity is being transformed by the Light of God's Wisdom, Truth and Love in the Holy Millennium of Light.

29. There is being only One Presence of God, for Time is of the Mind and the Presence is of the Spirit. The time of practicing the Presence and open and direct contact with God has come. The time of creation and destruction, growing and decaying is over. It is the time of the Manifestation of Light for you who read this Holy Book. In the next Millennium of Light, the Heavenly Civilization of Divine Humanity of Light is dawning on the Planet Earth.

30. In the Presence of Instant Manifestation, you, Child of God will have Free Will Choice to manifest your every need. Each one of you, the Children of God, will use in the Presence those things that are necessary then and when finished with them, they are then being returned to the Unmanifested Presence of Light. It is God's Good Pleasure to give the Children of God all things. You deserve the best the Planet has to offer. You deserve the best that God is offering you now; claim it as your own and for your uses.

31. Prayer is the universal foundation for all the Great Teachings of the World. Prayers with the Power of Light have Instant Manifestation Powers. The time of Heaven on Earth has come when all Humanity shall participate in the Divine Plan of God. They will Participate by Praying, practicing the Presence and by practicing the Wisdom, Truth and Love of God, towards all Creation. All Creatures and Humanity will live as a whole.

32. It is a wondrous method to practice the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path and revive the Great Religions and all other Teachings given by God to Humanity. There will be no prejudgment of any Race, Teaching or Practice. All the Wisdom, Truth and Love of God will be available to Humanity. All the Wisdom, Truth and Love of God are available to you right now who read and practice what is in this Holy Book of God. Without practice there is no success in whatever you do. Righteous Practice is the key to your Wealth, Health and Happiness.

33. Stating now and in the Next Millennium the whole Human Race Past, Present and Future are being lifted into the Presence of God by Gods Holy Spirit. All Humanity without exception, not leaving a single person behind, all Humans are being completely lifted into the Presence of God. Lifted into their Eternal Existence and Incorruptible Bodies filled with Light. They will be profoundly moved and Tears of Joy will fill their Eyes. Blissful Hearts will experience God as they have never experienced God before. Unceasing miracles will fill their lives, freed from death, disease, suffering, poverty and conflicts in the Millennium of Light.

34. You are be given the Wisdom of Truth based in Infinite Love to manifest your every need in the Presence of God. The Free Will Choice of Humanity will fill the World with happy Joyful Beings, as mankind faces its responsibility to one another. Humanity will live harmoniously in God's Plan of Divine Arrangement and Prosperity. The Power of Light is giving all the Energy Humanity is needing and those who awaken to it are being fulfilled right now in the expanding God Consciousness. God is Wisdom, Truth and Love and as a Child of God you are also!

35. By kneeling before God in all humility with Wisdom, Truth and Love, by closing One's Eyes to the Outer World, by tuning inward to the Inner World of the Divine Clear Crystal Fire Light of the Holy Spirit's Breath of Life, with Palm touching Palm, the Holy Presence of God will come. God is coming to the faithful and obedient, to those who continuously practice the Teachings written within this Holy Book. When One merges the Body, Mind and Spirit in At One With God, One invokes the Law of All Possibility in their Life.

36. The Law of All Possibility functions as long as One does not Pray to break the Will and Desire of God or other Human Beings. Do not Pray to change the Divine Arrangement and the Will of another Human Being. Pray for God's Will and Desire to Manifest in your Life. You can experience and use all things of Creation for your every need. It is Mother Father God's Good Pleasure to give the Child of God all things. This is the Wisdom Truth of Prosperity and the Love of God for God's Creations.

37. Each day the source of the Clear Crystal Fire Light sheds through the diamond of God-Self, yourself, the universal Rays of Light to quicken the Spirit within. The Light Rays come to you each day to fill your Causal Body with Light, to surround and uplift you in Meditation. If One is to succeed on the Righteous Mystic Spiritual Path, One must discipline the Individual Conscious Manifestation of the Divine Essence within to raise the vibrations of the personality with the Self and merge into the God-Self, which is the Teacher within.

38. The inspiration gained through Divine Vision lifts the Soul to God Consciousness of the Child of God. Through the Clear Crystal Rays of the Holy Spirit the Soul ascends to the Mighty I Am Presence of the God-Self. Through the criticism of the outer personality, insight is gained to release stuck attention and energy from the Sub Conscious Mind that prevents the open and direct contact with God. The stuck attention and energy can increase sensitivity of consciousness to awaken the sleeping Powers within to create an open and direct consciousness with God. Awaken Child of God to your true Nature!

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