Book One
The Beginning of Knowledge

These are the writings revealed in Consciousness to the Writer TAT by the Holy Spirit of God. Tat's true Spiritual Journey began on March Twentieth 1974 at 9:05 P.M. on the Island of Oahu, Hawaii. This is also Tat's Spiritual Birthday in this Life and the beginning of Tat's Direct Contact with God. The One God in whom we all live, move and have our Being.
The following Books are to teach you the Power of Life in God of Self Acceptance, Self Esteem, Discretion, Self Control, Determination, Discernment, Self Realization, Self Government and Self Mastery.

1. Before the World was, God is without Beginning or End and Beyond. In the Great Out Breath, One God created the Three Worlds of the Spirit, the Mind and the Physical. The Out Breath from the One was the Crystal Pure Clear Conscious without limits or end and beyond all Dimensions. From the Out Breath comes the Pureness of White Light that sustained all that came after it. From the Pure White Light came the Three Basic Rays of the Power of Life and the Beginning of illusion, delusion and elusion.

2. The Three Basic Rays of Light are Blue Light Rays of the Spirit, Yellow Light Rays of the Mind and Red Light Rays of the Physical. By falling from the White Light of Pure Consciousness Humanity came under the Power of the Three Basic Rays of Light rather than staying the Masters of the Light. Humanity lost Dominion in this Way over the Innocence, Purity and Perfection that God Created Humanity from, in the Beginning of Creation.

3. From these Basic Rays of the Power of Light came the Secondary Rays of the Power of Light and the Play of Consciousness between the Basic Rays of Light. The Orange Ray of Light is Emotions, the Play of Consciousness between the Physical and Mind. The Green Ray of Light is the Psyche, the Play of Consciousness between Mind and Spirit. The Violet Ray of Light is the Spiritual Individuality, the Play of Consciousness between Spirit and the Physical. By falling further under the Power of the Secondary Rays of Light, Humans lost the Mastery of Light and came under the Power of other Human Minds because they became bound in the Little Ego of the Personality. The Ego is only the reflection of Life Light in Flesh, Emotions and Lower Mind and is not the Presence of Life in the Pure White Light.

4. The Indigo Rays of Light is the Master of the Three Worlds. The Master of the Indigo Rays of Light uses the Ray Power of Unity. Unity - Indigo Rays of Light is the combination of an equal portion of the Blue Rays of Light, Yellow Rays of Light and Red Rays of Light. Unity is the balance being reached in the end of the Twentieth Century and at the beginning of the Twenty First Century. By Practice, using God's Laws of Selflessness, Dominion and Self Discipline, Humans have the Gold Rays of Light, of Mastership, from the White Light Rays of Light to return as God expressing, to regain their Innocence.

5. All this that you see is the Manifest Light and all the Creation beyond; that you do not see is the Unmanifested Light, except that which is beyond the Two. The Three Worlds are not being created by Human Spirituality, Mysticism, Ideology or Philosophy. They are being created by God alone. They are all together the true Existence, the World of the Great Original Spirit. God created all that is being created by the Breath of Light from the Profound, Boundless, Universal and Infinite God. The Worlds of Wisdom, Truth and Love are inter-related and are inter-locking with one another. Just as all Creatures breathe air to receive the Sphere of Life, all Creation experiences God to receive the Sphere of Life. The Worlds of Wisdom, Truth and Love are inter-related and are inter-locking with one another, the same as Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ethers and Light play within the Sphere of Life.

6. The Manifest Light of Creation we call Mother God. The Unmanifested Light of Creation we call Father God and Beyond is the Oneness of God. All the Great Masters, Saints and Holy Beings from all Spiritual Lineages, from the Beginning of Time to the Present, which started with the Pure White Light, have stated this Wisdom, Truth and Love in words and ideas. These statements of the Masters, Saints and Holy Beings may seem different to the "Unenlightened," but the Child of God is Enlightened by these statements. By setting the pattern of Mother Father God, God gave the Law of Free Will, for the Play of Consciousness, Motion and Expression to all Creation. Mother God is being seen by Humanity in the Body of Creation and Father God is unseen by Humanity in the Body of Creation. Where there is the Mother God you will always find the Father God in Divine Intercourse together.

7. Therefore, the Masters, Saints and Holy Beings are totally beyond the influence of the classifications of Religious Denominations, Sects and any other creation of the Human Race. These things created by the Human Race are being defined by the limits of Human Wisdom, Truth and Love, the trivial branch-like Wisdom, Truth and Love. The Masters, Saint and Holy Beings transcend the world of man-made Religions. In other words, the Masters, Saints and Holy beings belong to the World of the One Without a Second, which is the World of the Law of One God.

8. The Creator of the Universe of the Divine Arrangement and of Eternal Prosperity is overflowing with Eternal Everlasting Law, Life and Light. All Creation, seen and unseen is being determined by the One Supreme God. The One Almighty God created the Universe, which is beyond the knowing of Humans until they are Enlightened. The One God is the Creator of the Heavens, the Earth and is the Creator of all Existence.

9. The One Without a Second is the Great Power of the most Infinitesimal Spiritual Particle. The Great Power of the most Infinitesimal Mental Particle and the most Infinitesimal Physical Particle and the Great Original Power which is the font of all Power on all dimensions and existences. For the purpose of recreating, transforming, nurturing and eternally prospering the Universes of all existences, the One unifies and controls all of these.

10. The One Without a Second, the One God, is the common Lord of all Human Beings, all Spirits and all Existences. The One Without a Second is the true Source of Spiritual Wisdom, Truth and Love. The One Without a Second is the Source, since the Genesis of Heaven and Earth and all Time, Space and Circumstances. The One Without a Second gives of Itself to manifest by division. The One Without a Second is the single Parent of all Human Beings as well as all Creation. You are a One without a second in your Spirit!

11. The One Without a Second is the Lord, Manifesting as the Will for the Universe, the Will for the Light and the Will of Absolute Power, brilliantly illuminating all that exists in the Universe. Krishna, Moses, Buddha, Jesus, Confucius, Mohammed and all the Holy messengers to the People of the World were and are the perfect examples of God expressing. These perfect examples are expressing At One With God and are eternally in tune with God as God. There originally existed no religious denominations, sects or any other such creation in God's World and the World of Divine Souls. In Gods World only the Lovers of God reside. All Holy Places of the World are for the One God. There is nothing beyond God.

12. The One Without a Second is God after the First Out Breath of Creation. The One Without a Second is beyond Color, Light, Sound or Motion, beyond all duality and separation. God is beyond the Clear Crystal Fire Light of the Holy Spirit which is being beyond the Pure White Light anointed by God and Seven Rays of Light that give Dimensions of Light. The One Without a Second is the final victory over Creation, the final victory of return to the Godhead from where we came before the world was, in God as God, in full God Consciousness. Within the One without a Second are Wholeness, Singleness, Integration, Union, Harmony, Identity, Unity, Sameness and Oneness that is full, undiminished, undivided, perfect, complete, faultless, unimpaired, and intact.

13. Unless the Children of God, who are all the people in the whole World, unite themselves with the Great Wisdom, Truth and Love of One God, the One Without a Second, they cannot welcome the coming Holy Millennium of Great Happiness and Perfect Government. In the Holy Millennium is the establishment of the Heavenly Civilization. It is the unchangeable Destiny of Humanity. It is God's Supreme Order in Creation. Regardless of religious denominations all Humanity in the World should master and practice what is being written in this Holy Book. This Teaching is being practiced from the awakening state of consciousness to the sleeping state, every day of Life as soon as it is being read and understood. This is the true Origin of the Spiritual Training from God. This is the practice of God's Wisdom, Truth and Love for all Humanity.

14. All Politics, Disciplines, Ceremonies, Practices and Teachings of all religious denominations and sects are tributary aspects which stemmed from One Source, God. The Laws of Oneness, Wisdom, Truth and Love and the other Laws stated on the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path of At One with God is not being intended for the Church of Revelation members only. But rather for all Humanity, now and forever until they are completely Ascended into the Presence of God. The Teachings are being practiced until Humanity has an undeniable contact with God open and direct, until Humanity has an undeniable contact with God which is the same for all and not different to each person. This fact of Truth is transcendent of the realm of Human Religions.

15. The Age of Pseudo-Wisdom, Truth and Love, the Path of Separations, the Path of Adversity, the Path of Transitory Teaching, salvation by dim and separate Lights, weak Light and White Light, is over. We are now entering the Crystal Pure Light of the Holy Spirit of God. Quietly, openly and directly perceive and receive the Law of God's Wisdom, Truth and Love, the true Crystal Pure Light of the Holy Out Breath, the true Light of the God that is Perfect Light. Master the Teachings by and through direct experience. Now is the time of the appearance of an unprecedented Divine Law of Light. A Light with which Human Beings, you, are being completely harmonized, as was prophesied by the Great Masters like Krishna, Moses, Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed.

16. This is the dawning of the true Spiritual History of Humanity. This is not being meant to say that Humanity has been without Spirituality. It is being meant to imply that this dawning is the great moment of the Renaissance of Ancient Wisdom and Religions of the World. A Renaissance that is taking all of Gods Instructions to all Humanity from all Ancient Wisdom and all Religions of the World to the Oneness of Humanity. All that is of now, remains hidden behind a mask of Creation.

17. That which seems to be hidden behind the mask of Creation is obsolete, corrupt, false or transitory including the so called New Age Movement. The Dawning of the Spiritual Civilization has now come. It is the Era to start the new true Civilization for the direct contact with God and Oneness in the Human Race. There will be restoration of the true Theocracy and the achieving of the Goal of the Divine Plan of God, as foretold by all the Religious Masters of the World.

18. The Message has and is being given to all People of the planet Earth. This is the final opportunity for Humanity to open the Doorway to Light before the Great Shift in Conscious awareness takes place. The Quantum Leap of consciousness that is taking Humanity into the Fourth Dimension and beyond. Just as Humanity thought that the World was flat and Two Dimensional and realized differently; just as Humanity thought that the Sun rotated around the Earth then realized the Third Dimension and realized differently;

19. In the same way Humanity is being realized in the transcendence of time in the Fourth Dimension where there is no separation from God's Presence. Time is a third dimensional concept. There will be the direct perception of the dimensions beyond the Third Dimension and time will be no more in the Next Age. Humanity will perceive Duration in its true reality in the next Millennium and overcome the illusion of past, present and future as realized in third dimensional thoughts.

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