Book Three
The Glory of God

39. When the Great Masters of Light appear on Earth in the realm of the Human Religion, they have and are manifesting as God expressing. The Great and Holy Masters of Light, the Sons and Daughters of God, have manifested to every Race of Humans. The Great Masters of Light have manifested from the Beginning of Time to the Present. The Great Masters of Light are manifesting for the Glory of God and to keep the Plan of Gods Divine Plan of the Arrangement. The Great Masters of Light are manifesting for Eternal Prosperity and the World overflowing with Eternal Everlasting Law and Life.

40. The Great Masters of Light are manifesting through Wisdom, Truth and Love which are Omniscient, Omnipotent and Omnipresent. The Great Masters of Light each in turn lived as God expressing as an example for all Humanity. The Great and Holy Masters of Light manifested as World Ministers, Teachers and Healers to guide all of Humanity to God. Not just the Race of Humans to which they were born, but to reveal the Plan of Perfection through Wisdom, Truth and Love to all Human Beings, to you who are reading this Holy Book. May God's Great and Holy Spirit Enlighten you!

41. The Great and Holy Men and Women of God, as God expressing, practiced the Laws of Wisdom, Truth and Love to bring Salvation to the Human Race as a whole. The Great Ones Manifest Saving Grace, so not one Soul is ever being lost. The Great Ones of God manifest the Power of Saving Grace for the survival of all Humanity from the Past, Present and Future. The Great and Holy Men and Women of God redeem even the fallen, with the Everlasting Life and Light, to the end of all Created Things.

42. The Great and Holy Men and Women of God manifest so all Humans will ascend to God, the One Without A Second, in whom we all live, move and have our Being. Each Godman and Godwoman manifested in the flesh performing and expressing the Divine Art of Wisdom, Truth and Love. Each One manifests performing and expressing to rebuild and save the World that each and everyone might have the Realization that they can know God directly. God Loves you as you are.

43. By their Compassion and Mercy each Master appears as the Power of Light to overcome Darkness through Wisdom, Truth and Love as the Supreme Unity and Harmony in Gods Kingdom on Earth. Each One manifests to live in the Hearts and Inner World of each Human Being. Each Godman and Godwoman manifest to bring each Human Being into Eternal Blossoming, Fruition, Prosperity and Creative Power. The Great Ones manifest to bring Spiritual, Mental and Physical Growth in the Laws of God.

44. The Great Ones manifest and each one taught, giving these Powers of Light to each one of us. The Great Ones manifest giving these Powers of Light by Divine Grace to all that accept, believe and practice. This Great ceaseless Light of the Greatest Wisdom, Truth and Love of God expressing has turned all things to Transmutation, Transformation and Transfiguration. The Great Ones of Light Manifest by Divine Grace for the Beloved Blessings to Humanity of the One and Only Almighty God, that is, was and ever will be.

45. As the Three Outpourings of the Godhead, each Great One of Light manifested in any one or combinations of the Three Outpourings. First Outpouring of God is Great Firmness, Sternness and Strictness that we may have Wisdom and rely on God and God's Laws of Manifestation. Second Outpouring of God is Transmutation, Transfiguration and Transcendence so that we are not being bound and know the Truth of all Creation, as free will beings using the Laws of manifestation.

46. Third Outpouring as God is Great Joy, Bliss and Revelation that we may be forever free in Love in the Creation of God and God's Laws of Manifestation. Each Great Master uses both Positive and Negative expressing perfect balance of Wondrous Wisdom, Truth and Love. Each One was the Outpouring in Heaven and on Earth. In this way they showed forth the Absoluteness of Great Mercy and Compassion of God for the entire Creation made manifest.

47. All in Heaven and on Earth will unite as one without confrontation, thus forming the Perfect Cross of the Positive and the Negative Light. Formed will be the interlocking and interweaving Spiritual and Material condition of Manifestation with Divine Freedom. Each One is the expression of God in the Divine Civilization of Humanity. There will also appear the lofty Powers of Light such as Purity, Wisdom, Truth, Love, Order, Creation, Imperishability, Fearlessness and Unity. The Powers of Light are for the Child of God to use, open and direct. The Child of God will have power over the Physical, Etheric, Emotional, Mental, Psyche, Abstract Creative Mind and Individuality Planes of Consciousness, as well as the World, Time, Space, the Cosmos, Self and their interlocking and interweaving relationship with one another.

48. Through the expression of God each Great Master of Light, that came to the World, planted the seeds that now give Birth in the Next Age in the Holy Millennium. The Age of the final contact is the balancing of the Positive Powers of Light and the Negative Powers of Light crossing firmly without separation. Positive and Negation Light is not being considered good as Positive and bad as Negative or the other way around, but is being considered as Two opposite expressions of Pure Light itself.

49. The Positive and Negative Light bring forth the Power of Harmony to fill the Universe and bring the Time of Paradise, enjoying Life, to all Humanity, as it was in the Beginning of Creation. All Creation is but a twinkle in the Eye of God. Someday Creation will past, but you will not pass away with Creation because you are in God and have Eternal Life by Grace of God. At the dawning of the New Creation you again will experience God expressing as a Child of God in a New Form.

50. Oh, how pitiful and unfortunate that the Children of God brought upon themselves the Darkness of Materialism, claiming God's Creation as their own and creating the illusion of separation. The separation of being bound in stuck attention and stuck energy of the negative side of Life. The separation of being diluted in the power God gave them, which covered the Divine Wisdom Omniscience, the Divine Truth Omnipotence and the Divine Love Omnipresence. This also made the Children of God forgetful and blind to the Divine Laws of Creation. Now is the time of the Righteous Awakening as God expressing, the dawning of the Next Age for the restored Dominion for each Child of God. Now is the time to awaken to all the Laws of Creation in the Dimensions beyond the Material Plane of the Third Dimension. You are Light and Energy emanating in Eternity.

51. Therefore, regretfully, the Children of God went astray. The Children of God erroneously followed the Path of Separation and Adversity. The Child of God was to follow the Path of Spirituality, as God expressing as Divine Wisdom, Divine Truth and Divine Love. The Children of God were to keep open and direct contact with God. The Children of God are being misled by false Masters and have become divested and deprived of their Spiritual Heritage as Children of God. The Children of God began to feel their way in the darkness and dim light of separation.

52. The Children of God are being weakened in their power to unite all matter with the perfect balance of the Positive Light and the Negative Light through misunderstanding of Duality. Unknowingly the Children of God became alienated, confronting each other, changing the World of Reality into the World of Illusion that brought the Ages of separation, decadence and atrocities. By this fall into the illusion of separation from God we of Humanity have created death, disease and sufferings for ourselves through the misuses of Creative Power and Free Will.

53. Great Masters of Light have been sent and are being sent to lead Blessed Humanity from the Darkness into Light. Most of God's Children have kept the One God, by their practices, locked behind the Doorway into Light. The Church of Revelation swings open wide the Doorway into Light that all Humanity may enter the Presence of God. The Church of Revelation is keeping the Doorway into Light completely open to God by showing the way to open and direct contact with God. The Church of Revelation is breaking forever the bonds of separation and scoffings at the Revelation of God to all of Humanity.

54. Humanity is the Past, Present and Future Children of God. You are a Child of God already without having to do anything but realize the Wisdom, Truth and Love of what we write in this Holy Book. Children of God, go boldly through the Doorway into Light; there is nothing to fear. Do not fall short of the Goal of At One With God, the Goal that is open and direct contact with God. God is waiting for you now, in the Presence. Step into the Presence, I invite you! Step into the Presence, it will Enlighten you! Step into the Presence of God!

55. Warnings and Teachings of the Great Masters of Light are being given to dispel the Physical, Mental and Spiritual Impurities that Humanity is accumulating to themselves since the beginning of Mankind on Earth. All the Great Spiritual Teachings, to every Race of Humanity, are a great cleansing, warning and judgment that will finally bring the Baptism of Fire. The Baptism of Fire is by the Crystal Fire Light of the Holy Spirit of God in the Great Out Breath of Creation.

56. The Holy Breath of Life is an exercising of God's Wisdom, Truth and Love to all Humanity as a whole. It is dreadful to think that Mankind has almost brought about its own self-destruction in the way of separation and ignorance. Mankind has never gained by Wars, threats or intimidations to each other. Mankind must come to the responsibility of caring for one another. Caring starts with each individual and their ability to Love themselves and others as God Loves each one of us totally. Love and respect yourself and Love God in you as you.

57. Within the manifestation of Creation is the Divine Plan of God's Great Arrangement that is only being realized within. Within the Universes is the seen and unseen, being and non-being, manifest and the unmanifest, gathering and spreading, flourishing and decaying, prospering and fading, reincarnating and ascending, and darkness and light. These things are eternally continuing the Plan of Evolution back to the Godhead. This is the return to consciousness of the Presence of God, in All Things as All Things!

58. These things are being continually evolved for the purpose of allowing the Children of God, manifesting as Flesh, Mind and Spirit, the ability to establish Heaven on Earth. Paradise will be on the Earth and in the Universe as the reflection of the Domain of God in Spirit from within by each person. Know that this Splendid and Divine Masterpiece of God is being arranged by the Enlightenment of God and God's Will. Everything is Created for the Good Pleasure of God. It is the good pleasure of the Children of God to establish the Domain of God on Earth!

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