Book Four
Overcoming Human History

59. Know furthermore that the blooming flowers of unrighteousness, self centeredness and self seeking are blooming in the hearts and civilizations of Humanity. Flowers of ignorance, untruth and lack of love for one another, which seems beautiful on the outside, but decaying within, are destined to perish sooner or later in the reality of the Presence of God. When the Light appears the Darkness flees before it. Unrighteous, self centered and self seeking Nations may think they have God on their side, but God is on the side of every Child of God individually. God is with the Righteous, the Holy and the God Conscious Child of God!

60. It is the majority of One's or the group's beliefs that Rules. God is on the side of every Child of God individually as that individual Child of God stands in the Light of God. The Light of God that extends beyond the borders of the Body, Mind, Spirit, Family, Religion, Country, the World, the Universe and Creation. Unrighteousness, self centeredness and self-seeking can not stand in the Light of God's Wisdom, Truth, and Love for the Child of God. All the Secrets of Darkness are being revealed in the Light of God. Let there be Light in all that One does.

61. The seeds that the Great Masters of Light are and have been planting, which bring forth continuously the successful unfolding and expansion. Unfolding and expansion are bring New Growth as we come into the Next Age. The seeds will eventually grow into the true fruits of the Glory of God, in spite of being fostered by decaying fruits of Humanity. The fruits of the Church of Revelation given by the Mother Father in Heaven have already descended upon this Planet Earth. The Plan is to return the World of Humanity to the Righteous Path of Light of the Creator.

62. Light that is radiant by the Power of God. The seeds that are being planted for the open and direct Positive Path of God's Light. The swing of the pendulum has started towards God. The swing towards One God for all Humanity with such momentum that no thing on Earth can stop it and nothing in Heaven wants to stop it. The swing of the pendulum is for all in the Divine Arrangement of God. You can be Blessed and Redeemed in the Light this very day. You are the Light of God!

63. Day by day and in every way, the Power of the Positive Path of Light is being reinforced by the appearance of God in all Humanity and in the Church of Revelation. All Humanity must make a choice and no choice is a choice made, between facing the Baptism of the Fire or living as the Divine Civilization of God. God's Light is in Humanity now and always is, was and ever will be! Seek and you will find the Light within you! This is the time of the Baptism of Fire for the rebirth of all Humanity.

64. The Rebirth of Light, Life and Spirit is World wide and no Human Being is escaping the Baptism of Fire. The Baptism of Fire is being overcome by each one of us Spiritually, Mentally and Physically by the practice of the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path of Light. Humanity has within their grasp all the means stated in this Holy Book. You can win the Victory of Light, Love and Life. Pray to God that it is not Matter into Spirit, but Spirit into Matter so we can reverse the currents of Darkness in the Human Soul and Spirit.

65. The world of decadence, self-seeking, the lack of sharing and caring for our brothers and sisters is confronting all Humanity in God with the Baptism of Fire. As we change our Minds we change our World. How mystifying that all the Great Masters of Light left the same predictions: the end of self-righteousness, the end of the World as we know it, the destruction of the materialist orientation of Humanity and the coming of God's judgment. God has always guided Humanity!

66. The judgment is the Great Baptism by Fire the will end with the Twentieth Century. Could the Baptism of Fire be the heating up of the Earth's Atmosphere? Could the Baptism of Fire be the heating up of the Mind and Emotions of Humanity? The Church of Revelation stands for the Holy Spirit of God's Clear Crystal Fire Light and its Power to transform the Lives of the Children of God. Awaken every Human Heart, Spirit, Mind and Body to Almighty God! Awaken to God's Grace and Gifts! You can be free with dignity.

67. Can you not see the choice is yours to be free from death of the Body, disease of the Emotions and the sufferings of the Mind? The choice is yours to live in Wealth, Health, Happiness and the Abundance of all Gods things in the Holy Spirit of God. If you would but clear away the clouds of delusion, elusion and illusion you would find the heights of Divine Wisdom, Divine Truth and Divine Love shining in the brilliance of God's Holy Light within you.

68. The Light that shined forth from the center of every Great Spiritual Master, Mental Master, Physical Master, Creative Master and every Child of God are the Light of God expressing. Such a Light has carried them beyond the Grave, the Body and Death in the Minds, Soul and Spirit of Humanity and into the Grace of God. They live on in Heaven and reflect in the Hearts of Humans everywhere, no longer suffering boundaries or limitations of Worlds or Dimensions. You also have the Greatness of God within you.

69. Everything in the world of non-wisdom, untruth and lack of love is at the end. This is the dawn of the Holy Divine Spiritual Civilization and the Righteous Mystical Spiritual Path. This is the time when all Humanity, who is the Children of Light, clearly opens its Spiritual eye and redeems its Spiritual Heritage, Gifts and Powers given to Innocence by God. The Children of God will hear the hoof beats of the White Horse of Purity descending upon the Earth from the Heavenly Fields of God Consciousness. The Pure White Light is being given back to each Human Being as it opens the Spiritual Eye.

70. When Humans open their Mental Eye they will see and hear the hoof beats of the Golden Horse of Experienced Knowledge, that is Wisdom coming into this World of Form on Earth. When Humans open their Physical Eyes outward towards others, instead of looking only at the false image of themselves, they will see the Clear Crystal Horse of unconditioned Love. These Powers are now running through the World stomping out unrighteousness in the Hearts of Humanity. The Powers are truly being in the flesh and in the Body of Light at present. The Powers being put forth in this Holy Book are the exercising of the Divine Power of Salvation for the Children of God to bring them to the State of God Consciousness in the World.

71. When you realize that the summit of Wisdom, Truth and Love is one, I AM THAT I AM, the Law and Power of Identity, God's Light suddenly begins to shine upon you and within you. The Power of Identity is being shone upon all Humanity in the Holy Millennium when Paradise with Unity on Earth is being established as the Divine Civilization of God. God, the One Without a Second, is overflowing Wealth, Health and Happiness for all Humanity that is yours in the Power of Identity. There is enough of every Necessity of Life for every Human Being on the Planet Earth in Gods Plan of Economy. We must overcome greed now!

72. Use the Power of Identification for your fulfillment. I AM, is the positive expression of the Presence. THAT, is what ever One's Free Will Choice is. I AM, is Manifestation Now as One stands in God Presence. I AM THAT I AM is the Power of Identity for the Child of God to use to invoke the Power of All Possibility. The Enlightened Child of God can use the Law of Identity for instant manifestation when they step into the Presence. You are here right now and have never been anyplace but in the Presence. Realize this fact of Life overcoming time and you are in the Power of the Presence.

73. In the Hundreds of Billions of Years of God's Creation and Divine Arrangement, now is the time of the beginning of no Time. No Time is the Presence of God. You can become one of the Great Souls in the Presence who can be of true service to God in the Holy Millennium. Rejoice and be glad and ring out like Bells, to proclaim the dawning of the Next Age. An Age of experience for the Children of God when we have final contact, open and direct.

74. The Next Age is the Age when God's Light is in you as you. Light for all the Civilizations of Humanity upon the Earth Past, Present and Future. Spread the seeds and bear the fruit to prepare for the appearance of God in every Human Being. All the Gods of names and no names gather together, worship and pray to the One God in whom all things created and before creation and beyond, move, live and have their Being in. God Blesses you in No Time, step into the Presence and you are the Blessing of Light.

75. Receive God's Glory now and forever sustained as a One with the One, an I AM THAT I AM. Let your Prayers be lifted to the Heaven of God's Holiness. May God allow us to be one of the seeds for the fulfillment of the Mystical Spiritual Civilization, for the Divine Manifestation of Perfect Balance, which penetrates and combines the Three Great Spiritual Worlds. The Three Great Spiritual Worlds of the Divine, Mental and Physical. 'May God so purify and cleanse us and give us the White and Crystal Light in our Flesh, Souls and Spirits which are polluted for Tens of Thousands of Years, so we are cleansed'. 'May God allow us to become At One With God and may we all be allowed to become Divine instruments of God now and forever sustained by Gods Holy Light.' This Prayers is for us who read this Holy Book of Light.

76. As we practice the Teachings throughout the conscious awakening, day by day we are gaining Powers. Let us practice until the Powers we gain give us Wisdom, Truth, Love, the Power of eliminating conflicts, the Power to live in Harmony and Prosperity. The wondrous Miracles of God shall pour out from within by the increasing Light, everlasting Mercy and Compassion of God for Gods Creation. You can purify the Soul and Spiritual Bodies to allow you to become a Master of Light unfolding. Yes, One can become a Master of Light by Practicing the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path. You can have Conscious Ascension at the end of your Earthly Life into the Presence and Light of God. You can because it is the Truth.

77. Oh, how Joyous that we are no longer Dwellers on the Threshold, but the Ones who walk upright through the Doorway into Light. All Humanity will be upright and whole in the Next Age of God's Light to all Humanity, which has yearned for Tens of Thousands of Years to come into Being. Sacred are God's wondrous Arrangement and Divine Plan of Unfoldment. God guide us, protect us and allow us to offer sincere service to show our gratitude. May God allow us to awaken to our true Nature as God expressing as Light. Do these Prayers for every Human Being in the Past, in the Present and in the Future. Do not let any Human Being that is, was or ever will be, be left behind. Raise every Human Being into the Everlasting Life, free from Darkness, Death and Non Being. Glory to God who loves the Children of God. You are a Child of God.

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