Book Five
Tat Speaks

78. The Church of Revelation believes that all hearts are being motivated by the One and Only God. God is all Names and no Name from all Times and Teachings, in all the languages and all forms that Humanity has conceived. This means that God is, was and always will be the One and Only One which has no limits of size, shape or dimensions. God in Essences in Formless and appears in Form. The Truth is that all Faiths glorify the One and Only God. Worshiping God is being best accomplished by the practice of Wisdom, Truth and Love towards being At One With God. One should practice with all Ones Heart, Mind and Spirit. Then One is to demonstrate that practice to all of God's Creation without exception. You in essence and form are God expressing. In this way each Individual has an opportunity to be in the Presence of God.

79. The Church of Revelation cultivates the attitude of Oneness without any kind of separation. The Church of Revelation cultivates the Oneness that is being hidden in the Hearts of all Humanity, from all Religions, Creeds and Faiths from all Countries of the World. We believe in the Oneness of all Worlds in the Galaxy, all Galaxies in the Universe and all Universes in Creation. The Church of Revelation already exists as the One Body of God in Clear Crystal, White and Golden Light. All the Rays of Light emanate from God's Body of Light, the Body of Light that all Religions from before Time, Space and Circumstances exists in. All that exists in the One Body of God beyond the existence of Darkness and Light is also the Church of Revelation.

80. There can never be anything Greater, Larger, Outside, Beyond or can replace God, that is beyond numbers, of the Church of Revelation. We believe the teachings of the Church of Revelation are the one and the same Word of God that all Religions, Faiths, Creeds, Practices, People of the World and Creation have gleamed in part from the Beginning of Creation. The Church of Revelation is the One Word from each Religion, Faith, Creed, Practice, People of the World and Creation. The Sacred Word is being gleamed from the first Breath of Life from God in the Great Out Breath of Creation. This is our Holy Message and Way of Life of the Next Age of open and direct contact with God for all to take to heart. This is the Holy Message to put in your Heart, Head and Practice.

81. We of the Church of Revelation have come to Light the Lamps of Wisdom in the Spirit, Truth in the Mind and Love in the Heart of every Human Being from now on. We have come to see that Light shine day by day with a new luster and brilliance of God. We have not come on the behalf of any one particular Religion, Faith, Creed, Practice, People or Belief, but in the Power of them all. We have come for the Glory of the One and Only God for all Humanity. We have not come on any mission of publicity for any Faith, Sect, Creed or Cause. We have come and we are here now! We have come to all Creation until Creation is no more.

82. We have not come to collect followers for any Doctrine. We have no plans to attract disciples or devotees into our fold or any fold. We have come for the purpose of God, to tell you of the Universal Oneness of God, Humanity and Life. We have come for the uniting of Principle, Faith and Power of God within you. We bring the Path of Wisdom, Truth and Love through open and direct contact. We have the duty of sharing Gods Love, the obligation of God's Love for all Humanity and Creation. We have come for the right understanding of our open and direct connection to God Almighty in you.

83. People, Children of God, if you are truly seeking perfect Health, that is complete freedom from disease, believe it is so for it is Gods Will. If you seek perfect Wealth, elimination of poverty, believe it is so it is Gods Will. If you seek perfect Happiness, Love and Harmony and Eternal Life, Believe and Pray for it to the One and Only God, for it is Gods Will. You do not have to change your Religion or that Practice of God which you have Faith in or the Master who has led you thus far on the Spiritual Path. You must expand your consciousness to the One and Only God of All Power. When God created all things in the Universes and the Three Worlds of the Physical, Mental and Spiritual, they were and are Perfect. When God created Humanity it was Perfect in the Light! Therefore you are Perfect, Whole and All!

84. Humanity has fallen into dilution, illusion and delusion and out of Dominion over Creation. Human Beings have a Bright Nature of radiant Light in them and around them from before they lost their dominion. They lost their dominion through the illusion of separation from God by their own misuses of their Free Will Choice. Remember that you are the Highest Art and Divine Treasure created by the Omnibeing, Omniscient, Omnipotent and Omnipresent God, the One Parent of us all. You have always been in Gods embrace within the very Heart of God. You are, in your true nature, Gods perfect Arrangement of Health, Wealth and Happiness. Rest in God and you are being renewed and perfected again. Return to the Bright Nature of the Clear Crystal Light of God's Holy Spirit!

85. There exists only a Crystal Clear cleansing phenomenon, produced by the Holy Spirit of God, that we may develop the Positive Spiritual Power for the uplifting of the Three Bodies of the Physical, Mental and Spiritual. This cleansing phenomenon of Light is being caused by the Great Wisdom, Great Truth and Great Love of God. Negative phenomena will cause you to believe that disease is nonexistent or you have no power over it. You are more Powerful than any Evil Spirit! You can overcome all things when you are One With God!

86. We will have you know this Divine Wisdom Truth, that without duality there would be no Free Will. It is the Free Will that gives Freedom given by God to you, that you may have a choice to change and create improvements to free you towards Life its self. Originally, God created all things Perfect, but the illusion of separateness has deluded the Mind of Humanity to forget the innocence of your Crystal Pure Spirit in God. You are being freed from illusion and separation in the pages of this Holy Book of your Church of Revelation.

87. Death, disease, suffering, and misfortunes are the tempting words of Evil Deities who are taking advantage of the spiritual impurities of your Mind. Such Evil Deities, can not get Life from the Godhead, so they feed upon the Children of Light by causing confusion and delusion. Although Evil Spirits are unseen by the Physical Eyes, they still are being perceived by the Mental and Spiritual Eyes when these Eyes are being in an opened state of consciousness. A way to higher seeing is, be still and non reacting, as a Witness to Conscious Awareness. Be still and know God, be still and know.

88. In the Silence of the Presence, in Clear seeing, all things come to Light. There are no secrets in the Universe. Everything comes to Light sooner are later. By confessing our spiritual impurities to God and those of God we take Mastery in our own lives over Evil. You are the Master of your Life because it is your Spiritual Heritage to have Self Mastery given by the Grace of God. You can act out the Grace of God just as Masters, Saints and Holy Beings acted out the Grace of God. You are freed by Grace in the Presence of God!

89. Also unseen by the Physical Eyes is the true Existence of the Crystal Clear River of the Powerful flowing Light of Gods Holy Spirit. The only true Healing is restoring you to Eternal Life. Healing received by the flowing of this Clear Crystal Fire Light, that flows as a Crystal Clear River from the Holy Spirit of God cleanses the Spirit, Mind and Body of each one that lets it flow. One is stopping the flow when One is in the illusion of separation for God. The River of Life dissolves and purifies the spiritual impurities of your Soul, Mind and Spirit.

90. The Crystal Clear River from the Holy Spirit of God becomes the continuous accumulation of Positive Power to overcome the Negative Conditions of your Soul, Mind and Body as well as all aspects of your Life. You are being the continuous accumulation of Positive Power when you are being restored by the Holy Breath of Light. You are standing in the Presence of God, reborn as a conscious Child of God. Let go and let God. Step into the flow that is all surrounding you right now!

91. The Crystal Clear Fire Light of the Holy Spirit of God, the Great Out Breath of Creation, can also purify your Family, your World and your Affairs. It is for this purpose of purification of your Body, Mind and Soul that you may turn your Spirit, Flesh and Fortune to those things of Pure Spirit as the Child of God. Let this Power of Light guide you and protect you until you are the Master once again as you were in the Beginning before the World was. It is for the purification of your Spiritual Aspect and the elevation of your Spiritual Level, that you are being given the Cleansing Breath of Life.

92. Once One realizes One's Eternal Existence and At One With God there is no more fear of separation. You have the Victory of Courage and can defeat all Darkness in the Strength of God in you as you. All Evil that is being perceived is being based in the illusion of separation. With God consciousness One realizes Wholeness. When you realize Wholeness you realize Freedom in your Life. When you realize Freedom you are fearless and full of Courage. Be fearless as a Child of God!

93. Otherwise, One's impurities blind and bind One to the illusion of being separate from God. One can not purify without going through a tremendous amount of compensation by means of materials and flesh in order for you to attain a pure Spirit. Confused and controlled, are we, by this delusion, elusion and illusion for Tens of Thousands of Years. The blind has led the blind. We have suffered the separations caused by the Fathers, Mothers and other Humans in the Past. Now, at the dawning of the Divine Civilization of Humanity, we have an opportunity to become clean again, by Power from God, open and direct.

94. Leave the Old Way and take the New Path of Openness and Directness to and with God. You can overcome the Tens of Thousands of Years in an instant by walking through the Doorway into Light. The Doorway into Light is easy to find for it is being hidden from view in the depths of your Soul, Mind and Spirit. Go within to the Home of God within your Heart. You will find the Doorway into Light there. Step into the Light! The more you do it the purer you are. The Purer you are the closer to God Consciousness you are!

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