Book Six
Seeing the Unseen

95. Those who do not believe in the unseen are truly hypocrites, for they ignore the Emotions, Mind, Soul and Spirit, which are unseen by the Physical Eyes. Those that believe in the unseen side of Life are surely finding the Path to Enlightenment. The unseen Worlds are the true entities of the Spiritual Eye. The Infinite Light of Gods Spirit is the true Light of Eternal Life. The Infinite Light of God's Spirit is also the Absolute and Limitless Power of God. Just ask yourself if you can see the World of Unseen Power. You shall have an immediate answer as to whether or not people are being saved by the True Light of God. The Holy Humans of God have Prayed and opened the Path to your Salvation. Some have given their lives for you that you may be free. All you need to do is except the Gift of Light to be Enlightened to the Wisdom, Truth and Love of God for you.

96. You, the Child of God is not venereal (sexually indulgent and filled with sexual desire) as Gods treasure since the Beginning before the World was and in the Ancient Times of Humanity. You are far greater than that; you are the Light God expressing. The Great Masters as Krishna, Moses, Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed have all said, in essence, that we are God expressing. Each Great Being lived out the Message of the Light of Wholeness to all Humanity. The Evil Ones will tell you of separations and not Wholeness. The Evil Ones are misleading many by creating separate Wisdom, Truth, Love and Realities. The whole of Creation is God and I am God expressing is your real Identity. I am God expressing as part of the One God on the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path of God, with open and direct contact and being At One With God.

97. Your True Self contains, since the Beginning of Creation, the Divided Soul of God. We are the Spiritual Form of the Children of God, which created us, by God, for God and of God. There is nothing outside or beyond God. You realize this Truth because you are God's Child. God is the One Parent of us all in whom all Creation moves, lives and has Being. Although the Spiritual Form is unseen by the Physical Eyes, is not God's Form your True Self, can it come from another place? Is One not now, vividly alive? Get in tune with God. Be At One With God. This will save you now and forever. You are a vital part of the Divine Arrangement and Plan of God for Creation.

98. Now is the time of God when you should understand that the At One With God based upon the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path, is the fastest and safest Spiritual Path to God. This Way is different from the obsolete Ways of the Past Religions for God. As given by Masters, it is indeed the shortest Path. This Path gives the Spiritual Heritage of Wealth, Health and Happiness, both in Heaven and on Earth. Close your Physical and Mental Eyes and open your Spiritual Eye now.

99. Be a Witness to the Wisdom, Truth and Love of God, to all Humanity. Do not let another day go by, without being in the Living Presence of God. Make this day your Spiritual Birthday as being reborn in the Presence and Power of God. Mark this day as the first day of the rest of your Life. Celebrate this day every Year of your Life as your Spiritual Birthday and you are reborn in the One Parent of us all, God. As you accept you are being filled with the Light of God. Feel it? Feel it!

100. The Old Times and Ways have passed. The New Era of the Divine Civilization and the opening of the Spiritual Eye, that sees all Worlds, has come. Proclaim it to all the World of Humanity. The time of logical comprehension has passed. It is the time of open and direct perception. It is the time of No Time for Humanity to close the gap between God and Humanity. It is the time of No Time for Humanity to close the gap between Nature and Humanity in order to become one with them now. In the Expanding Consciousness of your Spirit there is no need for separation. God is Presence and you have arrived in the Presence. Sing it out loud and clear to all the World! Live it, be it and demonstrate it to all the World. Be in the vanguard of the Next Age of the Divine Civilization of Humanity with open and direct contact with God. In the Presence you have the Power to be what you want to be.

101. The time of Transitory Science is at an end because it has taken the one step into the realm of Mystical Spiritual Science. It shall progress into the Divine Omniscience. This is the time when Humanity will advance from the Primary Stage of Evolution into an Age of Mystical Spiritual Science where the secrets of Light are being reviewed and revealed. This is the Mystical Science of the most Infinitesimal Mental particle and the most Infinitesimal Spiritual particle. The Science that breaks the bondage of Time and Space to leap beyond the physical limited laws. It is the dawn of the Next Age of open and direct contact for the Spiritual Civilization of Humanity. Do not be left behind with the Mass of Non Believers still bound in the Third Dimension. We can now go to Dimensions beyond the Stars.

102. Come and kneel before the One God of all that is, was or ever will be. Then and only then will the clouds of delusion and illusion vanish from you. Clouds will vanish from your Mind, Soul and Spirit. The Mind, Soul and Spirit were originally Crystal Clear Light, bright, pure and obedient to God. Your Light will shine forth as it did in the Beginning of Creation. As revealed by the Great Masters of Light, the Era of Darkness is at an end. The ejection and return from and to the Presence of God is being told in other words by all the Great Masters from all the Religious and Spiritual organizations from the Beginning.

103. The Age of Night, when salvation is being given only by the dim Lights of the Rainbow Light, Gold Light and White Light, is about to end. The Next Age of God is open and direct contact. The Light that guides is the Clear Crystal Fire Light of the Positive Presence of the Spiritual Power of God. The Clear Crystal Light has started to appear in this World. It is the Holy Millennium with the true Spiritual Path and the Spiritual Civilization of Humanity in which perfect and correct Order is being maintained. Come to the Clear Crystal Light of the Holy Spirit!

104. The Clear Crystal Fire Light of the Holy Spirit of God is shining from the Heavens. It is the Infinite Light of the Creator, open and direct, with instant manifestation from Mother Father God. Mother Father God is the Master of Creation, Cultivation and Growth of all Spiritual Existence and Manifestation. Mother Father God is the Master of the eternal Golden Spiritual Light and the Pure White Light. When you believe and practice, you will feel and see the evidence of such Lights flowing through all the whole Worlds of Spirit, Mind and Flesh. As you Love Mother Father God the Clear Crystal Light of pure Perception is filling you with Everlasting Life. You are forever!

105. Be ready to receive God's Grace and Light. With devotional practice of the Righteous Mystical Spiritual Path, day by day, your Spiritual Form will revive its Self as God the Creator. Your Mind, Soul and Spirit will shine brilliantly and you are being liberated from Death, Disease, Suffering and Poverty. You will be able to eliminate all conflict and live in Wisdom, Truth and Love with Harmony. Isn't it easy for God to restore the Children of Light in their home, place of work and their world of affairs, to their original state in God, as God expressing? Never forget the New World Order is being established in the Next Age of Open and Direct Contact.

106. We say to the young people of the World. God awaits your Minds, Souls and Spirits to grow in purity and perfection. The time is now for you to come openly and directly to God. We are also saying this to the matured people and those who are becoming Ageless in Eternal Life. God is yearning for you to increase your abilities to guide others with tact and diplomacy as your Minds, Souls and Spirits become increasingly pure and perfect. Stop and be silent and hear the Voice of God calling you now. With your very eyes you will witness miracles and salvation for you and others through successive miracles manifesting daily.

107. Offer a Prayer so that you may be allowed to guide one more person to Gods Holy Light and that Spiritual Wisdom, Divine Truth and Everlasting Love. Pray that the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path may shine in you and to the World. Dedicate yourself to serving God as a radiant beacon of Light. Be open and direct with this Prayer kept firmly in your Mind. Precious is the actualization of new and true Love for all Humanity. This is a wonderful way to purify your Spirit and elevate yourself on the Spiritual Level of Consciousness and Life. Discard your selfish ego-centered love and then you are being elevated to Happiness, Joy and Bliss that will never collapse again.

108. Come quickly, for God is calling and asking for Billions of Gods Children to serve, in order to accomplish God's Divine Plan. God is calling to return all Humanity to that Original State of God Power before the First Out Breath of Creation. You are Gods Child. There are no Mothers, Fathers, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins or Grand this or that. We are all of the First Family of God. God who is the One Parent of us all, Mother Father. However, you will only realize and be worthy of being the true Child of God when you resolutely start working for your God given Mission. The God-given Mission can only be revealed to you by God when you are being open and direct with God.

109. There is nothing to regret in offering Service to God. Look about you into the World and see the separation of Civilization and how it has come to the turning point in every aspect. It is time to turn completely around, towards God and to the innermost spiritual thoughts of Light. You will receive Blessings of Light. You have come through Spirit, Mind and Matter. Only by persistent determination can you reach that Glorious Light that awaits you to purify and uplift your Mind, Soul and Spirit. You will increase in experienced knowledge in your heart when you are being based in Love and Truth sincerely. One is the destiny of all!

110. Practice the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path Day by Day, Month by Month, Year by Year until you are truly Ascended and Free. Master the Oneness of mind, word and deed under the Wisdom, Truth, Love and maintain a firm unity among the Children of God. Let the Church of Revelation lift you in the Three Essences of the Body, Mind and Spirit, centered in God, who is in the Holy founder of the Church of Revelation. Establish this Church as your C.O.R., because you are the precious pioneers for the Divine Era of the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path of the Great God of Oneness. God is all that is, was and ever will be. You are the living Child of God in the Presence. You are, were and ever will be God expressing.

111. Proclaim the true Civilization of all Humanity, the Spiritual Civilization with an open and direct contact with God. Even though the fruits of this Age look good on the outside, they are decaying on the inside and will soon fall away, sooner or later. These seeds we plant in you now will mature by using the nutrients of the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path to God, open and direct. You will finally become the true fruit of God. You shall be the seed people for the Coming Holy Next Age for a Millennium. You shall become the true and Eternal Life of God expressing forever.

112. Although the Greatness of God is unseen by the Physical Eyes, God is the Eternal and Solemn Existence of Powerful Light, I AM THAT I AM. Humbly offer gratitude for Gods protection and guidance from morning to noon and at night. Receive the Clear Crystal Fire Light and radiate the Light of God in all you do. The time of Heaven on Earth has come. Immediately participate in the Holy Work of changing Humanity into the Divine and Spiritually oriented Human Beings. Be resolute in the drastic reforming of all Human Beings. Sing out the proclamation of the coming into openness and directness with God far and wide. Be as a Sounding Bell Ringing out the Wisdom, Truth and Love for God. We shall be forever One in Everlasting Life!