Book Thirty One
The Supernatural Becomes Natural

652. Those that walk the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path turn Darkness into Light, the Unreal into the Real, the Untruth into Truth, Death, Disease and Suffering into the Immortality of the Soul. It was through that one and only Master of Tat's that he, through the Master's help, set his foot upon this Path. The Writer Tat has sat in front of, received and practiced Teachings from, many Ascending Masters on the Earth and many Ascended Masters in the Light of God beyond the Physical Dimension. Tat has had, still has and always will have the same Master, the Holy Spirit of God. The Writer Tat will have the same Master until the Final Victory of returning to the Godhead, the Source from where he came. Let the Holy Spirit of God Teach and Guide you in the Presence of God!

653. Because there are those who desire to step upon the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path to God, these words are for them. The words that are being written in this Holy Book of the Church of Revelation and contained in the Teachings of Astral Physics School will guide you to open and direct contact with God. The Astral Physics School is a Spiritual Mystic School that the Writer founded in January 1975. These words are being related by the Holy Spirit of God through many voices of Godmen, Godwomen and Angels and by merging with the Ascended Master's Light. These words are yours who claim, obey and live these words.

654. That is how One makes open and direct contact with them and God. An Ascended Master, any Great Center Figure of the Great Religions, any Master, Saint or Holy Being that now dwells in the Presence of God is the Light Essence of God. The Master, Saint or Holy Being appears in Light as the Pure Translucent Gold Light, Clear White Light and the Clear Crystal Light of God's Unmanifested Manifest. All the Masters, Saints or Holy Beings enjoy God and the Mysteries of God-Conscious Life, Infinite and Eternal. Join with the Masters, Saints and Holy Beings in the Light so you are being enlightened!

655. The One who takes this Path must learn to have the Spiritual Discrimination that perceives the Darkness from the Light, the Real from the Unreal and the Law of Opposites. This is important to learn at the beginning of the Path and all the way on the Path to its End in God. Those that take this Path find that it contains those things that are worth gaining and that last for Eternity. The things of the World are for the Worldly Life that one day will end. The things of this Path help One in this World and the World of Eternity to come for that One. There are two kinds of Humans. Those that know and those that do not know. It does not matter what Sex, Race, Religion or Worldly Position that One is holding. What is really important is to know God Consciousness. Then all this and much much more will come to New Life when One has this Knowledge of God.

656. In God Consciousness there is being revealed the Divine Plan and Divine Arrangement of God. God's Plan is revolving, unfolding and expanding in Creation. Those of you who are being awakened to God's Plan will desire to work in it and become the true part of that Plan that no One else can fulfill except you. Know that God is with you in the same proportion as you are At One With God. The One who takes the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path is a Power for Good in the World, working in Allness, not in Self Centeredness. When One is At One With God One is with us who walk this Path no matter what Religion or Spiritual Teaching is being practiced. We accept them all! When One is being realized on the Path to God, One knows why One is here and they are doing it. Meditate and Pray to God for the reason for your Being! God will give you the answer!

657. Some of the People of the World invents positions in Life that they think or feel will make them Happy. When they do not know or ignore the Oneness of God and the interlocking Plan of God for all Creation, in the end they fail. Such people are following an unreal Life. When anyone is being caught in such a Life One believes, thinks or feels that the Spiritual Life is unreal. When One gives up such delusion, elusions and illusions One finds the Wisdom, Truth and Love of God on the Path that God has set for that One.

658. Until One learns the difference between the Two Paths, One has not become At One With God. Even though One may make a choice, One will still have to continue One's discrimination for opposites. Opposites like good and evil, wisdom and ignorance, true and false, love and hate, real and unreal, unselfish and selfish, right and wrong and what is important and unimportant. You have the choice for Power! Stop now and consider the choices for good in your Life!

659. The Ones that walk the Path daily must watch out for the impostors of the body, emotions, mind and other things that pretend to be your True Self. You are the Master of all these things and not their servant. You are the One who is aware, perceives and is conscious of them. You are God expressing. One who takes the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path is not being stopped by One's Body, Emotions, Mind, Creative Power or Individuality. The One that takes the Righteous Spiritual Path is the Master of Body, Emotions, Mind, Creative Power or Individuality. You are the True Self that is doing the work of Good in the World. You are the True Self that is doing Good for others as God expressing the Divine Plan of God, in the Divine Arrangement of God, for all Creation. You are the True Self as God expressing!

660. The Godman and Godwoman always choose to do the right thing, no matter what the cost may seem at the time. They always do not do what is the wrong thing to appease the ignorant. God is with those who do the right thing and the Grace of God will prevail. As One begins to live in the manner of the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path, no matter what Religion or Teachings One practices, One will cross through the Veil that separates the Natural and the Supernatural. Miraculous, Extraordinary and Superhuman events, things and happenings begin to fill One's Life when One breaks thought the Veil.

661. Where it could not happen, it happens. Where it could not be done, it is being done. Doors that are being closed before are opening now before you. God is with you and you are At One With God's all possible. Diseased Bodies are Healed even to the extent of Body Parts being replaced. The Emotions are Healed and filled with Joy. The Mind is Healed and filled with Light and cleared of Darkness. All separations disappear and One can work Miracles in One's Life and the Lives of others. You have Miracle working Powers!

662. The Superficial Life is being overcome by the Supernatural Life of the Godman and Godwoman. With Clear Seeing, the Invisible World of the Body, Emotions, Mind, Soul and Spirit open to the Godman and Godwoman. The Godman and Godwoman experience a God Conscious Life with Supernatural Powers. Supernatural Powers that go beyond the limits of Human expressions of the Body, Emotions, Mind, Environmental and Creative Powers.

663. In the Next Age of the Divine Civilization of Humanity of Heaven on Earth, every Child of God will live and have Supernatural Powers. These Powers are not something that One can develop. They are already in existence and come to Consciousness in those who are being more matured on the Spiritual Path. As One raises One's Spiritual levels a whole new World will open before One and One's Old Life will seem as a dream that One awakens from. Awaken to your true Life!

664. Spiritual Phenomena of Light Perception brings Consciousness beyond the senses, thoughts and intuition of the Body, Emotions, Mind, Soul and Spirit. Spiritual Phenomena of Light Perception brings Exceptional Perception of a Person, Place, Circumstance or Thing. Spiritual Phenomena of Light Perception brings rare Events and significant Events into One's Life. One becomes extraordinary in One's performances of Life. These are some of the things just mentioned that One enjoys when One crosses the Line between the Natural and Supernatural.

665. The so called Line or Veil is just unconsciousness that is being cleared away when the Clear Crystal Fire Light of God shines in One. Unconsciousness clears from One's Perception so One can be Conscious of the Continuum of God's Creation. This State of Consciousness is the Expanding Consciousness of the Godman, Godwoman and Child of God that is being awakened to their Spiritual Life. Let it be your Spirit that controls your Life, not your body, emotions or mind!

666. Every Child of God is a prodigy that can perform the sacred Spiritual Rites. Every Child of God is a prodigy that can perform as a meditative agent for God to Humanity when it is being awakened to its True Nature as God expressing in Human Form. The Child of God is a prodigy that causes wonder, causes others to marvel and is a gifted person. The Systematic and Sequential Unfoldment of the Child of God that takes the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path to and with God brings it to the Supernatural State of Consciousness. The Child of God is a prodigy awakened. Superstition is a product of Evil Deities and Evil Spirits that cast a Veil of Darkness over Humanity. The Veil of Darkness is being overcome by those who take the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path or any Spiritual Path to God. Being a prodigy is your Spiritual Heritage!

667. Other people are not always thinking of you or sending thoughts, feelings and messages to you to harm or help you. It is up to you to keep a Clear White Light of the Sustaining and Purifying Power around, through and in your Life. It does not matter how Great another Being may be in the Light of God. You will not receive or experience the Light they send if you are not open to it. It is the same for Darkness. By the Free Will which God has given to each Human Being it is up to each One to make a Free Will Choice in One's Life between Darkness and Light.

668. Only when One is in the Personality is One bound to Fate. When the Child of God is being awakened it is Conscious of its Control of Destiny in its Life. Some of Humanity is not aware of this Wisdom, Truth and Love. Some Human Beings do not know the difference between Fate and Destiny in the Divine Arrangement of God. Do not be a victim of Fate any longer! Take control of your Destiny and Life by practicing walking in the Presence of God on the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path. Be open and direct with God and yourself!

669. When those that take the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path are being confronted with the World that seems one way, they stop and look for the other side. They reverse the polarity of the situation. The Universe of Creation is under the Law of Duality. The Presence of God is in the Law of Oneness. It is the Law of the Trinity that all True Religions and Spiritual Teachings are expressing as Father God, Mother God and the Child of God. It is also true that there is only One Child of God that expresses in the Duality of Creation. The Children of God are part of the One Body of Pure White Light. You are the Holy Child of God expanding in the Light!

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