Book Thirty
God is, I AM

619. The Godman and Godwoman cherish the Human Body, Human Emotions and Human Mind as Spiritual Instruments, in every meaning of these words, to carry out the Divine Plan of God in the Divine Arrangement of Creation. The Godman and Godwoman use the Body, Emotions and Mind as means to achieve, perform and further their Part in Creation. The Godman and Godwoman use the Body, Emotions and Mind as a Musical Instrument for Singing, Chanting, Reciting Mantras and Scriptures and Praying to God.

620. The Godman and Godwoman use the Body, Emotions and Mind as a Legal Bond and Agreement with Life. The Godman and Godwoman use the Body, Emotions and Mind as a Measuring Device for determining Value. The Godman and Godwoman use the Body, Emotions and Mind as Electrical and Mechanical Devices for their fight or Flight and Navigation of Spirit through Creation. The Godman and God woman use the Body, Emotions and Mind to instrument Color, Light, Sound and Motion to give depth, consciousness, vibration and action to Life as God expressing. Cherish your Body, Mind and Spirit that you may be well!

621. Wisdom, Truth and Love and their manifestations are one. The consciousnesses of Wisdom, Truth and Love and the Presence of God are necessary for the development of Spiritual Consciousness. One is in Spiritual Consciousness on the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path or otherwise when One is seeking open and direct contact with God. The Spiritual Consciousness of Wisdom, Truth, Love and the Presence of God is the Contact Point.

622. At this Point of Contact the Mind, Emotions and Body are in the Power of the Presence of God's Wisdom, Truth and Love. God is Wisdom, Truth, Love and the Presence. The Power of the Presence can flow through the Mind, Emotions and Body to the Outer World. This is the Esoteric Power of Contact Healing. Whether the Contact Healing is being a performance of the Spirit, Creative Power, Soul, Mind, Emotions or Body. The awakened Child of God has such Power at Hand to use in their Life.

623. Human Goodness is not Spiritual Goodness and Human Love is not Spiritual Love. The Spirit of God and the Power of the Presence is being realized in the Silence, not in a busy Mind, uncontrolled Emotion or a restless Body. The Mind, Emotions and Body must be still and One must be still for One to know God. One is not doing something, but rather letting something happen through One. First, realize God with an open and direct consciousness. Then merge with the Holy Spirit.

624. Recognize that God is the Source of All Power, All Good, Wisdom, Truth, Love and All Creation. There is no need for Transference of Thought, Feelings or Body Vitality. God is the One through the Holy Spirit, the Child of God, the Godman and Godwoman that is the very Life within them. One is letting God flow through the Mind, Emotions and Body. Let the flowing river of Life course through your Body, Emotions, Mind, Soul, Creative Power and your Individuality!

625. God is Infinite Individuality, Fulfillment, Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omnificent and appears as a Minister, Teacher, Healer, Creator and Savior in Human Form. The Child of God requires a Dedicated Life and Spiritual Maturity to be a Channel for God in their Spirit, Soul, Mind, Emotions and Body. The Child of God is not binding anyone or anything, they are setting them and it free. The Godman and Godwoman find the Power of God Within and at Hand. They know the Power of God is Instantaneous because God is Omnibeing. God has no limits to Time, Space and Circumstance, and when One is At One With God they do not have these limitations either. See the unlimited Power flowing through you!

626. The Child of God, the Godman and Godwoman should continuously Identify with God. They should be sincere and use Integrity as a prerequisite in their Oneness and Wholeness with God. Integrity should be in their Spirit, Soul, Mind, Emotions and Body. The primary purpose of this writing is to reveal God as Individualized, to reveal the mysteries, to reveal that there is not God and Human, only God Expressing.

627. God appears as you and me to reveal that we and the Mother Father God are One. The object is to bring forth our True Identity as Spirit and God expressing. God has made manifest as Life individually expressed in all harmony and perfection. The Writer is not trying to make poor people rich, sick people well or sad people happy, or improving Blessed Humanity. This is only being done by the Individuals themselves as they apply the Teaching in their Life. The Fruitfulness of our Work is to improve access and supply from God to Humanity.

628. Humanity is not a reflection, but is God expressing. The Human Spirit, Soul, Mind, Emotions and Body are Avenues of Awareness. Some would rather Pray to a Master than go to God. The Master is an Expression of God as the Master demonstrates. The Child of God, the Godman and Godwoman, and those who in the Reality live their Religion are God Expressing in a more conscious way. Those that live the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path are God Expressing. The Presence of God is real and we are real to each other.

629. We are At One With God. God through this study, through meditation and through inspiration must come to us as All that is, was or ever will be. God is not a Word that we can Talk about. God is not a Being we Pray to, but an actual companion on our Path through Life, Light and Creation. God is the absolute Reality. God is to every Great Master, Saint and Holy Being, a Presence, a Power, a Companion, a Healer, a Teacher and a Supplier of every need in Life. God can fulfill your every need!

630. Churches, Holy Places, Holy Books, Scripture, Masters, Saints and Holy Beings only open the Avenues of our Awareness to the inflow of God Consciousness. In the Next Age God will be revealed within and without, in all things as all things without exception. God is our very Being and Consciousness. The words Humanity and Human Being include the image, idea, likeness, reflection and expression of God. One must come to the Wisdom, Truth and Love that God is not separate or apart from us. Within is not a place in the Body, Emotions, Mind, Soul or Spirit. Within is a Place in the Infinite and Eternal God. Within are the very cord and heart of your Being!

631. The True Child of God, Godman or Godwoman establishes and maintains the consciousness of At One With God. They understand the need for daily realization, through the practice daily of meditation, the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path and the Teachings of God. All the things stated, the Gifts and the Powers that the writer has given in this Holy Book of the Church of Revelation are the Wisdom, Truth and Love for God as Light. They are the Wisdom, Truth and Love of and for God that bring Oneness Within God. The Church of Revelation is not an Organized Movement alone by its self.

632. The Church of Revelation is part of a Worldwide Movement in the Spirit and Soul of Humanity. The Church of Revelation is not being bound by Walls, Committees, its Membership or Officers. The Church of Revelation is being bound to the Wholeness of the One God. We are individuals just like you working for God. We are Individuals Meditating, Praying, Ministering, Teaching, Healing as Channels for God. One of us does not have dominion over the another. We have made the Free Will Choice to walk and work together in God's Divine Arrangement and God's Divine Plan. Make your Free will Choice in God!

633. Never doubt that we are at the Beginning of a Spiritual Age, it has already encompasses the whole World. Humanity has Materiality and Mentality failed to produce equality for every Human Being. The upsurge of Spirit is happening all over the World. Humans are calling for Freedom in every Nation. We are all becoming conscious of being equal in Spirit and the Holy Spirit of God. Some have attracted Small Groups and in some cases Large Groups to themselves. This Writer, Musician, Minister, Teacher and Healer is also drawing a Group of Lovers of God to Himself. All these Groups will eventually merge into the Oneness of God and God will Guide each Individual, open and direct.

634. Let us all be willing to admit that there is One God and God is All that is. Talking about it, reading about it and meeting in Groups are only steps along the Path. Each Child of God must do their part in demonstrating, by showing forth God, that is the way to prove your Belief. Each must show that One God is available here and now. There is one way that this is being done. Recognition of God in the Words of this Writing and reliance on the Wisdom, Truth and Love shared in these pages. Then sharing yourself with others, sharing what God moves you to do and being a living sacrifice to God by doing the best you can!

635. By the simple method of practicing the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path, every experience of your Religious Life, Family Life, Business Life, Creative Life becomes easier, more peaceful and successful. By this simple method of practicing, One's affairs in the World, from the simple things to the most complex things, become easier, more peaceful and successful. You now know that God is, was and ever will be. Declare it, Live it and prove the Path in your Life. God is I AM, is the Identification to be. Never make a move without first Atoning to At One With God.

636. In God's Presence the crooked is being made straight. In God's Presence all things are possible. Just watch how it happens. Just watch how things that did not come, come. Now doors that are being closed come open before you. Watch how your new identification changes your experiences, change peoples attitude of you, changing their relationship with you and your consciousness of them. The things that are Humanly impossible God can do for the True Believer. You can reach fulfillment in this Life!

637. God is available only to the proportion that One has open and direct contact with God. There has to be contact and One must be in and of God Consciousness in order to experience and express God. The Past is Past. There is nothing you can do about the Past. You can only do something about things in the Present. Now is the First Day of the Rest of Eternity. What you do now is your Future. The Future is being controlled by the Present and if you let the Past go on in the Present, the Past is becoming your Future. This is the Wisdom, Truth and Love of your control of Destiny.

638. Your Fate is control by personality, but your Destiny is in the hands of your true Self, God Individualized! Our work is to contact God and let God's Spirit and God's Mind flow through us. One must reach inward to God and outward to a Godman or Godwoman to get help. You must reach out to an Enlightened Being by Letter, Telephone, Telegram or coming to a Godman or Godwoman and state your case. We are always ready to Serve, to Help, to Teach, to Heal, to Counsel, but you must make contact. We are open to you!

639. To know our True Identity is to know the reason for the Human Experience. Read this Holy Book daily to come to the understanding of its depth of Wisdom, Truth, Love and God Consciousness. One's experience is more than Human. In Reality One is Spiritual and Divine. When One is in God Consciousness One is in One's Infinite and Eternal Being, the Allness of God made manifest. Knowing that how can the belief, thought or feelings of lack, limitation, discord, hate, envy, malice, jealousy, lust or the enharmonic intrude into your Consciousness. Someday all the Children of God will realize that they are Self Created, Self Sustained, Self maintained by the Free Will Choice as God expressing. The Free Will Choice Power is being given by the Grace of God to each Human Being. This Power is being given to you!

640. God expressing is being created before you ever entered the Womb of your Mother. The sperm and the egg of your Father and Mother provided a Human Body for the true Self as God expressing to come into this Physical World. Your Father and Mother did not create, nor can Science create, the Sperm or the Egg. God created all things and you are an important part of all things. We only recreate with the basic substances of Creation. Your Father and your Mother did not give you the Mind or Spirit.

641. The Mind and Spirit are the Gifts of God to every Child of God. Love and Respect your Father and Mother for they are God expressing, the same as you. Do not be bound in the Sins of your Father or Mother. The Sins of your Parents are between them and God. You are not to judge them. Your Spirit, Individuality, Creativeness, Soul, Mind, Emotions and Body are an expression of your Identity. What are you conscious of? The things you are conscious of are why you are the way you are. Be God Conscious and change your life forever!

642. The Godman and Godwoman control what God has given them. Be it the Things of the World, Wealth, Health, constructive Joy, Personality, Mind, Body or Spirit. Control! Be concerned with the Talents, Gifts and Powers that you now possess. Be concerned with the things God has given you. Even before you are being fully matured you have some power. When you are fully being matured in the Presence of God you will have full Power for your whole Life!

643. Be concerned with the Wisdom, Truth and Love that God gives to you as an individual and respect all other individuals and their Gifts. Be concerned with the things that will make you of Greater Service to God and Humanity as a whole. It is these things that will bring you Wealth, Health and Happiness. Not what others have unless you can see to whole Plan of God for the Divine Arrangement and only God can reveal that to you. Make yourself an open and direct channel to God!

644. When the Consciousness changes the Body will change. When the Consciousness changes the Emotions will change. When the Consciousness changes the Mind will change. When the Consciousness changes the Creative Powers will change. When the Consciousness changes the World will change. When the Consciousness changes to God Consciousness all things change for the better. The Consciousness of your Home, Family, Friends, Foes, Wealth, Health, Happiness is within your control. When you change the Consciousness of a Thing, Person or Place, your Perception of that will change.

645. It is not the seeing of different things, but the seeing of things differently that brings progress and success. When you begin to practice the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path you will become aware of it everywhere changing for the better. That is when you will make Great Leaps of Joy on the Path and a Quantum Leap in Consciousness. The Godman and Godwoman know that their Consciousness is their Supply. Change your consciousness to Wealth, Health and Happiness for yourself, loved ones and others!

646. Anger, malpractice, hatred, lust and mischief give your Light to the Evil Spirits that embody them and waste your Life. Just see how you feel and think after you have entertained anger, malpractice, hatred, lust and mischief. They poison you first before going to others or other thing. It is this poison that feeds the Evil Spirits and makes you week. Just see how you feel and think after they have had a meal of your Life and Light. Turn such Darkness into Light by returning to the Presence of God by practicing the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path.

647. The only One that is in danger is the One who does not pick themselves up, dust themselves off and go again. When people or a person is being made to fear something, they can be control and destroyed by it. Voodoo, Black Magic and the Dark Arts know this fact and use it. The Consciousness of God is in the Presence of God. Be God Conscious and none of these things can affect you. That is why the Writer has gone to such great lengths to bring you to Wisdom, Truth and Love of God for your Power and Protection against such things.

648. Nothing or anyone has Power over or against you unless you give it that Power. From the time of conception One comes under false beliefs that are being universally accepted. The Evil thoughts of relations, individuals and groups have no Power unless you give them that Power. The seeds of harm are in the individual that believes in those things. Everyone is being exposed to Righteous Beliefs as well as Evil Beliefs. The Godman and Godwoman who have taken control of their consciousness do not let such things affect them.

649. They do something about it within themselves from the first moment of their appearance. There are Beliefs of how long a Human can live, what Race, Cast, Sect or other things that limit them. We have come to free the Child of God with the Wisdom, Truth and Love of God. Practice, practice, practice is what is being taught in these pages. You can be free of such disturbances! Make contact with God and return to the Law All Possibilities and your True Identity as God expressing.

650. Take each Book in this Holy Book, learn its Power and put that Power to use in your Life by living it. Do not stop until it is the Living Word in your Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit. Share your Life with others that they may be Blessed in the same way. Do not fight with your Brothers and Sisters in the Family of Humanity or the Family of God. Be a living example of God expressing and God will do the rest. When you take one step, God will take one hundred steps on your behalf. Be a Happy and Joyful Being in the Presence of the Lord God.

651. For God is the Lord of all Lords, the King of all Kings, the Master of all Masters. God is whole, complete, all Creation and Beyond. You could not have a Greater Companion than God. There is nothing outside or beyond the One God we relate to you in all Wisdom, Truth and Love in our Heart, Soul and Spirit. We are humble before God's Presence in this Spirit Writing we share with you. We bow to God and accept God's Will and Desire for our Life forever! All Power is being with God. As it was in the Beginning so shall it be forever!

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