Book Twenty Nine
Mind, Soul and Spirit

In the Final Books of this Holy Book of the Church of Revelation, as revealed to the Writer Tat in Consciousness by the Holy Spirit, Tat brings to those who are ready the Consciousness that is being reached to have open and direct contact with God. If One has not read the other Books in this Holy Book, then One will not be at the level of Consciousness that is necessary to reach open and direct contact with God. There is no short cut in this Practice and without practice there is no success in making contact. There is much darkness between God and most of Humanity and it will take effort to break through to the Light. One must reach At One With God to be in the Consciousness, Presence and Power of the Holy Spirit of God.

It took this Writer, Musician, Minister, Teacher, Counselor and Healer Nine Months in 1974 of intense practice, sacrifice and purification to reach this State of Consciousness. It then took another Seven Years until 1981 to go into this State of Consciousness at will. Yours truly is still working on keeping this State of Consciousness as the Monopoly of Consciousness and knows by the Grace of God, that he will obtain it as his Being in this Lifetime. Rev. Harrison Roy Hesketh DD is being consciously ascended to God in this State of Consciousness at the end of his Life on Earth. Tattenaiananda which is the name of Tat's Oversoul which is already Ascended and Free. All Thanks, Praise and Love are being given to God! God Is Great!

601. Some Masters, Saints, Holy Beings and on some rare occasions other Human Beings have experienced the Higher Parts of God's Mind by God's Will and God's Desire. In the Next Age, and even now, the Child of God has access to these more Expanded States of God's Mind. Do not forget even though we look at and from different points and expansions of the One Mind that there is only God's Pure Mind operating in Creation. The door is your brain and the Doorway to Light is your Mind!

602. The Brain is the receptacle of Mind! The Mind steps down and stores in the cellular structure of the Brain the patterns impressed that are received from the Mental Waves, Frequencies and Vibrations of Creation within the Mind. The individual mind is being limited only by its openness to Creation. Open and expand your Mind and you will see a big difference in your perception of Life. When One has an experience or the Brain receives stimuli from the sense organs it interprets and correlates them to formulate motor impulses. Motor impulses are being made up of neurons which make supporting and nutritive structures. This sequential process is also being known as a mental reaction to the stimuli.

603. The synapsis process is a branch like structure of Light over the brain, causes an engram in the Neural Tissue. An engram is a protoplasmic change in the Brain in the Neural Tissue as a result of an excitation from a stimulus, which accounts for retention of that experience. The synapse is the point at which a nervous impulse passes from one neuron to another. Plainly speaking, the synapsis process impresses the brain cells with a pattern so One can recall an experience. When One remembers anything, the Light of the Mind goes over the Brain, causing a similar synapse the same as the original synapse.

604. At the moment of the synapse there is a Light Pattern on the Brain and an accompanying flash of Light in the Mind around the Head of the Person experiencing or remembering an experience. With Clear Seeing One can perceive that flash which makes a pattern and with practice can interpret what it means. The Light flash around the Brain and radiating to the Mind is being called a Thought Form. In the Next Age all Children of God have this Power of sight restored and they are not being fooled by Darkness for they will see the Light. Let your brain be an open cup to the Light of God's Mind!

605. The Child of God, by practicing the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path, brings Spirit into matter Esoterically unlike the Mass of Humanity that is being swayed by the Physical Universe and World of the Exoteric. The Child of God is being given the control of Destiny of its Life by God in the Divine Arrangement for the Divine Civilization of Humanity so there is Heaven on Earth. When the Brain and Nervous System are Converted to a subtler level of Light to bring Spirit into Matter the Child of God is radiant with Light from the inside out. The Godman or Godwoman meets the World of Appearances and other Manifestations Exoterically when the Conversion of Light is complete. The Godman or Godwoman reacts from the Self Conscious Life of its True Self as God Expressing. Concentrate on the Conversion of Light in your Mind as you read this Holy Book! Awaken the Master within you!

606. The Conversion of Light is a Divine Transformation of Spirit. The Conversion of Light comes from the Spirit to the Soul, Soul to the Mind and Mind to the Body. The Godman or Godwoman has then reached Self Mastery, Dominion, Divine Purpose, Divine Intuition, Discernment, Self Conscious Life, Self Government, Self Realization, Liberation, and Illumination. The Conversion to a higher, more subtle Light is of One's own Free Will choice. Therefore, One must be sincere and voluntarily change and accept being At One With God.

607. One is being aided by the Holy Spirit of God, by Masters, Saints and Holy Beings and by the Writer Tat in this Holy Book. One should bear in Mind that God has given One the final say in One's Life on Earth. The Godman or Godwoman has the control of Destiny as long as he or she walks the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path of open and direct contact with God. The God-Conscious Being walks in the Presence of God in all they do on Earth and in Heaven. What they bind on Earth is being bound in Heaven. You are being bound by the scope of your mental perception!

608. The Godman and Godwoman have Miracle Working Power in their Life, Spirit, Mind, and Body because of the Conversion of Light. The Godman and Godwoman have regained Dominion over the Earth and all that is on it and in it. The Godman and Godwoman have regained Dominion over the Sea and all that is on it and in it. The Godman and Godwoman have regained Dominion over the Sky and all that is in it and on it. The Godman and Godwoman have regained Dominion over all the Elements of Creation within the scope of the Divine Arrangement and God's Divine Plan. The Godman and Godwoman are being given the Wisdom of the Omniscience, the Truth of the Omnipotence and the Love of the Omnipresence.

609. The Godman and Godwoman are in contact with Omnibeingness of God. The Godman, Godwoman and Child of God have reached Spirithood in the final Conversion of Light. When One has made the Conversion of Light of Spirit into Matter, the Esoteric Sight, Hearing, Feelings, Extrasensory Perception and Super Consciousness appear within the Firmament of the Mind. Awaken to your Super Conscious Power from within you! Let your Powers flow into the World. Do not keep them bound within you any longer!

610. The Divine Sight sees at First, Light that comes and goes. The Divine Sight sees in the Second Stage, Light that is like remembering. The Divine Sight sees at the Third Stage Light that appears as One sees it in outer World full of Energy. The Divine Sight sees at the Fourth Stage with the perception that Life is within the Light. When the Clear Seeing manifests fully One will perceive the Spirits in the Light and direct perception of God. The Divine Hearing opens then within the Firmament of the Mind. One will hear First a Sound like Birds chirping. Second, a Sound is being heard like Silver Bells ringing.

611. Third, One hears a Sound like the Wind blowing. Forth, One hears a Sound as Strings being bowed. Fifth, One hears a Sound like a Flute playing. Sixth, One hears a Sound like a Horn blasting. Seventh, One hears a Sound like Thunder rolling. Eighth, all Sound is being absorbed by the Silence in Heaven. Ninth, One hears the Voice of God speaking to the Godman or Godwoman. Each Sound is a Chakra Opening from the Bottom Chakra to the Top Chakra. Each level of seeing and hearing is more subtle in perception.

612. The Divine Feelings manifest as Great Joy, Bliss, Revelry, Inner Peace, Inner Strength, Excitement, Enthusiasm and a feeling of Well Being. If One hears Music, One feels as if One is the vibrations of the Music or Inner Sound heard. When the Divine feelings are being manifested deeply One can feel the Power of the Presence of God, the Presence of the Holy Spirit, the Presence of Great Masters, Saints, Holy Beings and other Children of God. The Divine Esoteric Feelings can give One the perception of the vibrations of persons, places or things. Divine Extrasensory Perception increases both inwardly and outwardly as One reaches the subtler levels of perception. The perception of Light and Energy gives One the ability to see and read Light, Telepathic Powers and much more. All these Powers will be manifest in the Children of God in the Next Age. Some Human Beings are experiencing these Powers now.

613. The Mind that is open and direct can perceive the Mental Waves of the Mind of a person, an object or an event in the Physical, Emotional, Mental or Spiritual Worlds. No more hidden Minds in the Next Age because when you are At One With God there is nothing hidden. The Child of God will be at one with the Omnificence, Omnidirectional and Omnifarious God where there are no secrets in the Universe. Total commitment gives total access and integrity is total commitment. In the Divine Civilization of Humanity One will be able to experience the Soul more directly.

614. The Soul is the accumulation of all the experiences of the Body, Mind and Spirit. The Soul is the accumulation of all the experiences of all that going on around it. The Soul can also have experiences of the Spiritual World and recall them. The Spirit has no body to contain it. The Spirit can travel in a Body of Light and Energy. So the Soul contains the Essences of things experienced for the Spirit of God Individualized. When the Soul reaches this higher level of experiences it becomes a Universal Soul no longer bound by the personality.

615. The Oversoul Soul is Immaterial Essence and has an Animating Principle and is the Actuating Cause of the Individual's Life. The Soul is the Spiritual Principle embodied in all Human Beings, Rational Beings, Spiritual Beings and Creation as a whole. The Soul can have Personification or Spiritualization as its predominate Principle. The Soul is superior to the Body, Emotions and Mind. In Wisdom, Truth and Love the Soul has the qualities and functions of responsibilities and aspects of the Individual in God.

616. The Universal Soul controls Destiny, Higher Quality for Expression, Expressing Life, Movement and Activity of the Individualized Self. All of which can be requalified by the Mind bound in Personality or the Self At One With God. The Soul contains the Conscience which is in relation to motives and values of the Individual's thoughts, feelings and actions. The Soul's Conscience, when awakened, knows Right from Wrong and Good from Bad. The Universal Soul when awakened knows Good and Evil. The Oversoul when awakened knows the Darkness and the Light. How far are you awakened in your Soul?

617. The Child of God Loves the Soul and maintains a high quality of experiences, controlling Life movements from the Spiritual side rather than the Material side of Life from within, not from without. The Spirit is the Breath of Life issued forth at the Beginning of Creation by the Great Out-Breeding of the Holy Spirit of God. The Spirit of God is the Animating and Vital Principle of God that gives Life to the Soul of Creation, the Human Beings and all creatures therein Creation. The Individualized Spirit is a Supernatural Being, a Supernatural Incorporeal Rational Being that can become invisible at will and producing a Light Body at will.

618. The Spirit can produce a Mental Vapor or animate a Person, Place or Thing. The Spirit contains the Activating and Essential Principle influencing a Person. When the Child of God is being merged with the Holy Spirit it is the Divine Nature of God expressing. In the merging with the Holy Spirit the Child of God has access to the Soul and Spirit of God. The Child of God can then encourage, energize, animate, vitalize and relate the Qualities and Powers of God to others. Be you made whole in the One God now and forever!

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