Book Twenty Eight
Macrocosm and Micro Creation

582. The Skeleton System is the Foundational Structure of the Body of the Human Being. The solid objects of Creation are the Foundational Structure of the Body of God. The grand and total aggregates of created things are all created things viewed as constituting one system called the Universe. All the Stars and their satellites move around a common center being known as the Heart of God. The Creation of the Universe is so widely extensive, entirely endless in space, the mind of most of Humanity is incapable of conceiving any limits or fixing boundaries beyond which its influence does not extend.

583. The Universe of God's Creation embraces every particle of Creation making up the Physical Body of God. The Muscle System is for the movement and holding the Body together for the Human Being. Gravity is the force exerted on all terrestrial matter and is God's muscle that holds the Body of Creation intact in its movements of Life. It is the Muscle of the Human Being that gives the Body its weight and density. It is the Gravity of God that gives the Body of God its weight and density.

584. If the Earth would spin faster by seventeen times the Bodies upon it would loss their weight. The Circulatory System carries food and nourishment to cells of the Human Body. The Circulatory System carries impurities from the cells of the Human Body that the Human Body may be refreshed and grow. God's Light is God's Blood that carries Life to the Body of Creation. The Light purifies and dispels the impurities from the Body of Creation so that it is being renewed and expands. Light is the circulation in the Universe, radiating out from the center and back again. Without Light nothing could continue to exist. The Wisdom, Truth and Love are that All is being made and maintained by Light in various forms. Light carries the food and nourishment to feed all Creation. Look for the Light in all Created things. Beyond the Speed of Light is God Beyond Creation.

585. The Respiratory System carries gases and air-breathing vibrations to the nervous and circulatory supply. The nervous and circulatory supply is continuous with the outer air to the Human Body, that the Human Body may receive Health. The Holy Spirit and Spirits of Creation which are continuously with God, carry the messages and vibrations to the Body of Creation to keep the Body of Creation At One With God. It is the out breathing and in breathing of Creation that recreates and destroys. The Clear Crystal Fire Light of the Holy Spirit Breath of Life is God's Respiratory System. All the Spirits of Creation flow in the Clear Crystal Fire Light of the Holy Spirit of God. You are in the Holy Breath of Life!

586. The Endocrine System secretes hormones internally that are being carried by the blood of the Human Body to the Human Body that it may have action, energy and healing. Each endocrine gland has a specific hormone to set in motion and excite different parts of the Human Body. The hormones have a specific chemical product that is transported by the blood and other fluids in the Human Body in a specific regulatory effect upon the cells of the Body. Each Master of Light shares a specific Light with Human Beings, that are being influenced by that Master of Light, to move and be excited by Them in the Body of God.

587. Each Master of Light radiates the Light for a specific regular effect upon the Rays in the auras of their followers, leading them back to God's Holy Light. The Masters of Light speak Wisdom, Truth and Love that carry Light to the Body of Humanity and Creation that there may be Dominion, Freedom and Unity in the Body of God's Creation. This writer is radiating the Rainbow spectrum and the Gold, White and Crystal Light to all Humanity so they are being in Unity, Freedom, open and direct contact in and with God. In the same way you are the Light unto the World!

588. The Nervous System carries Light Messages and Energy to the Muscles, Glands, Organs and Urogenital Tracks of the Human Body for the Human Body's movement, health, cleansing and creative reproduction. The Great Angelic Host of God carries Light, Energy, Uplifting Vibrations and the Gifts and Powers of God for the Children of God and all the Body of Creation. The Organs of the Human Body carry out specific functions for the Human Body. The Organs purifying the earth, water, fire, air, ethers, perception and consciousness. The Organs of the body are for producing and purifying blood, cells, chemicals and fluids and are for the moving of fluids. The Organs are of and for the Inner and Outer World of the Human Body.

589. The Masters. Saints and Holy Beings and various Organizations of the Children of God carry out specific functions for the Divine Arrangement and Plan of God. Each Holy Master, Saint, Holy Being and Organization have its Specific Role to play that there is being revealed the pattern and sequential unfoldment of God in Humanity and the Body of Creation. Each of the four levels of the Nervous System carries a subtler Light to the Body. Each of the four levels of service carries a subtler Light in the Body of God, from the gross to the subtle, subtler and subtlest level of Light. The deeper you practice the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path, the closer you come to open and direct contact with God!

590. Now is the time for each Child of God as a cell in the Body of Creation, as a cell in the One Body of God, to awaken to the patterns, sequential unfoldment and expansion of Wholeness, Harmony and Life. Now is the time for each Child of God to take its place in the Divine Civilization of open and direct contact with God for the complete conscious Body of Humanity. The Death, Disease and Suffering are being limited to the Body and Atmosphere of the Planet Earth, but now Humanity is reaching Physically outside that confinement.

591. Now is the time for a whole World effort for Wealth, Health and Happiness for the whole Human Race. If the Body of Humanity is to survive on the Earth it must come to a new relationship with God and one another. All that the Human Race has done so far is to continue Death, Disease and Suffering among its People. The Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path embraces, as God does, the whole of Humanity, the whole of Religion, the whole of the World and the whole of God's Creation. We are embracing you right now with our Wisdom, Truth, Love and Prayers to God for you!

592. The Body Mind unity is of no avail unless the Spirit is being consciously considered. It is the Spirit of God that holds the irrevocable pattern and sequential unfoldment for the Divine Arrangement and Plan of God for Humanity. It is the Holy Spirit of God, the Clear Crystal Fire Light, that surrounds, gives Life and is within all Creation. It is the Anointed Light, the Pure White Light of God, that sustains the One Body of Creation. It is the Translucent Golden Rays of Light that are giving Humanity an opportunity to have all Wisdom from the Infinite Intelligence of God.

593. It is the Rainbow Rays of the Light of God that gives the Power of Movement and Depth to the Body of Creation. The Great Masters of Light and the Central Figures of all the Great Religions of the World are being identified as one or more of these Great Lights of God. The Angelic Host, which are Light Messenger Spirits, carry an irrevocable Power, Energy and Light from God to all Creation, and that includes the Children of God. God is sending you the Power of Light!

594. The Body of Humanity is a Manifest Light that is one and whole within itself. The Mind of Humanity is an Unmanifested Light that is one and whole within itself. The Spirit of Humanity is Clear Light that is one and whole within itself. Human Beings incarnate are as cells in the One Body of Humanity that are cells in the Body, Mind and Spirit of God. All the Human Beings that were, are or ever will be, come from the Collective Body and Consciousness of Humanity, even though they have individualized Spirits, Souls, Minds, Emotions and Bodies. Each Child of God (and there are only God's Children) is still One in the Sight of God.

595. Whatever one Human Being does it contributes to the sum total of the whole of Humanity. The Body of Humanity is part of the Body of Unmanifested Light. The Incarnate Bodies of Individual Humans are part of the Manifested Creation. When One does something or anything to another, One is also doing it to Oneself, Humanity and the whole of God's Creation. Human Personality tries to create Separate Realities as One identifies with I, me, my and Mine consciousness. The Wisdom, Truth and Love for the awakened Child of God is we, us and ours consciousness, not I, me, my and mine consciousness. Expand your point of view to include others!

596. Mankind has created Borders, Boundaries and Barricades around Persons, Places and Things. The Law of Limitation is the first Law of Manifestation. The Law of Limitation is not the Law of Separation of the Darkside. The Borders, Boundaries and Barricades have been unable to keep back, retain or circumscribe all those that persist in penetrating or breaking out from them. The openness and directness with God drops all Borders, Boundaries and Barricades for the Child of God that is At One With God Physically, Emotionally, Mentally, Soulfully, Creatively and Spiritually.

597. The Law of all Possibilities opens to the Child of God that is in Oneness with God. Miracles for the Body, Mind and Spirit can happen for the Child of God and for the Ones that ask the Child of God to be an Intercessor for them. God grants some intercession to open and awaken the sleeping Child of God to their True Nature as God. Go beyond the borders, boundaries and barricades that you have set and face in your Body, Emotions, Mind, Soul, Creative Power and/or Individuality! You are in Spirit free of such things!

598. The Collective Mind of Humanity contains the organized and disorganized consciousness of each Human Being. The Collective Mind of Humanity has a person's and a group's collective consciousness which is the memory, depositions, moods, unconscious adaptive activities, intellectual abilities, opinions, reason, mental qualities, events, capabilities, and the complexities of experiences of the Human Race. The Human Collective Consciousness is being formed from Physical, Emotional, Mental, Soulful, Environmental, Abstract, Creative and Spiritual Events and Qualities of Humanity.

599. These Events and Qualities are being formed from the past uses and of those presently using the Human Mind and Consciousness of Humanity. Each Personality claims the attachments to what it has formed. The Events or Qualities are being called 'my Mind' and 'my Experiences' by the Personality. Even though the Mind of each Human is being attached to the Brain it is still part of the Collective Consciousness of Humanity. The Collective Consciousness of Humanity is being known as the Human Mind and Human Body Collectively. Your Mind is a cell in God's Omniscient Infinite Intelligence!

600. There is only The One Mind and it is God's Mind filled with God's Infinite Intelligence and Omniscient Power. All lesser minds, so called, use God's Mind of Light by association with it. The smaller Mind of the Personality uses the Mind of Humanity. The Mind of Humanity uses the Infinite Intelligence and Omniscient Power of God's Mind of Light. The Mind of God is the Pure Crystal Light, the Infinite Intelligence is the Pure White Light and the Omniscient Power appears as Clear Translucent Golden Light.

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