Book Twenty One
The Power of Seeing Mind

430. As One increases One's conscious perception there will be knowledge of other Minds. Do not control others through the consciousness of your perception of other minds or you will be subject to being controlled by others. One is able to perceive moderately what is going on in the mind of someone else and as the concentration in Perceptional Awareness deepens, One will become more aware of what is going on to the extent of open and direct perception of the Mind.

431. Do not fall to temptation in this area of consciousness or you can block your Path of Life. God knows all things, there are no secrets in the Universe, but the darkness of separation has created the illusion of secrets. In the Next Age the Light will clear away such darkness. Each Mind will be open and direct, One to the other, and will have access to the Infinite Intelligence of God. This is part of the Fourth Dimensional shift that will soon take place. The Wisdom, Truth and Love are that there is only One Mind and it is God's Mind. One uses it by association, but makes the mistake of holding the individual experiences as separate. Individual experience is being held by the personality, the little ego, that is being filled with selfishness. Be free! Obtain and keep an Open Mind!

432. Another phenomenon is the activation of mnemonic persistence, where One seeks to assist or is attempting to assist the memory. Memory is reflective upon the Past and is incomplete based upon the Present. Experience is a continuum of sequential unfoldment of Life and is never ending. Memory sees things as having ended or completed their cycles. Memory steals from the future the Law and Power of All Possibility. In the complex of Mind One may carry modification of experiences which happen during Life.

433. If the Soul factor unites with another Word, Object, Idea, Image, Person or Groups of these things, One may enter into an intimate relationship where the experience is being perceived as personally subjective rather than an objective witness relationship. Such a relationship can be and is being in the Next Age enhanced by Wisdom, Truth and Love for God in all things. The Eternal Principle exists only in the Clear Crystal Fire Light of God's Holy Spirit and not in the ego's personality. If such a merger takes place as subjective it could contaminate One's personal history and the Soul's experience.

434. As a Spirit of God expressing, One will continue after the death of the Body. One will also continue after the return the Mind Stuff to God's Mind. In this way One will experience all things as an Eternal Child of God, made in God's Image. Some of these Universal Spiritual Experiences are likely at the higher State of Consciousness when being merged with the Universal Intelligence of God. The more open the Mind is the more access to Infinite Intelligence One will have! Let your Mind be like an empty cup that is turned upright, ready to be fulfilled!

435. The things that disrupt One are laziness of not practicing the Teachings, One's Religion and the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path. Another disruption is forgetfulness that let slip the object of One's concern from the Mind. Disruption is also being caused by depression or elation that takes One from balance. One is being disrupted by not doing anything about the things that come in One's Life, Body, Mind and Spirit. Another disruption on the Path is overdoing things to the point of "burning out on them."

436. The things that will eliminate such disruptions are serious interest that focuses the Mind, inner conviction that strengthens the Spirit, and sustained effort that gives power to the emotions. Never forget you are the Master of Light unfolding in the World of name and form. You will someday ascend into the Parent God through all-Expanding Creation of Worlds without end and Life without end. God is Forever! You are forever!

437. Furthermore, One should cultivate the Inner Potential to increase Creativity, Inspection that cultivates Clear Seeing and Dominion of One's Heritage from God of all Creation. One should stay in alert awareness that increases the Life experiences and expands consciousness, intent and focus for the Soul's prosperity and equanimity for the Power of Spirit. All these things just mentioned eliminate disruptions on the Path so One can stay focused on God. Keep a focused, clear and open mind!

438. With preparation and practice of At One With God, the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path and the Teachings, One is being given the answer to One's Lifelong quest for the meaning of Life. Each one of these subjects has a specific set of operations as set forth thus far in this Holy Book of the Church of Revelation. Questions like, 'Where did I come from, What am I Doing Here and Where I am I going' are being answered by Self Realization. One will realize these answers openly and directly from God.

439. No one else on Earth is being qualified to relate such answers to you, that is why they are not being fully explained by anyone in the Past or Present. God has the Master Plan of the Divine Arrangement and can show you openly and directly, in a way of Self Realization, when you are At One With God. The time of needing an intermediary is over. This is the dawning of the Next Age of the Divine Civilization of Humanity as the Children of God and Heaven on Earth. Go boldly to the Throne of God! Go open and direct to God, as a Child of God to its Loving Parent. Do not let anything stand in your way! Even if you have to turn in another direction you will always be facing God for God is Omnipresent and is not limited to any direction!

440. The Vision put forth in this Holy Book is not hallucinatory visionary or a make-believe experience. The characteristic of hallucinatory, visionary and make-believe perception is that One is completely being given up to One's perception of Word, Object, Idea or Image. Such Vision contains no Reality. Hallucinatory, visionary or a make-believe experience sometimes rises from disorder of the nervous system. In such perception One is in a delusion, dependent upon them and therefore unable to maintain One's full independence. In True Vision One always has complete control of One's self. One can be subjective or objective at will. God will not make you do anything because God gave you Free Will, so do not give it up unless you give it back to God!

441. On the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path, when the higher knowledge, imagination, inspiration and intuition are present, One is actually fully conscious, fully present and fully here. One is an ordinary Human Being with One's feet on the Earth and One's head in Heaven. One's Form and Sound Judgment are not being hampered. One is entirely capable of functioning with the Presence of Mind of an ordinary healthy Human Being at the Present Stage. The Vision put forth in this Holy Book is not a product of Creative Imagination. The Vision put forth here is a Gift from the Holy Spirit of God to you, the Child of God, Godman or Godwoman!

442. The Vision of Clear Seeing can appear in a Dream, but is not a Dream. Clear Seeing is a Supernormal and Supernatural appearance that conveys a Revelation, a manifestation of the sense perception beyond the Material Plane. Within Clear Seeing is the Power of Imagination with unusual discernment, foresight, an open and direct Mystical awareness of the Supernatural in visible form. Things are being perceived in color, luminosity, shape and size, constituting the appearance of that which is being mediated by the Eye or directly by the Mind. When the faculty of Clear Seeing is being well developed One can see the Past, Present and Future, individually or as a whole. In the Next Age of the Divine Civilization, this is actually being accepted as Normal Sight for the Human Beings.

443. When Vision from God happens it is not being made up or being created in the Imagination. There is no time element to distort open and direct perception. Supernormal, Supernatural or Paranormal Perceptions of Physical, Mental or Spiritual Words, Objects, Ideas or Images are being perceived in the area of the Mind called Imagination. This is the area of Mind where Images appear in the Power of Clear Seeing. When One reads the Word, words may seem to reach out, jump out or glow to One's perception. When One is perceiving an object it may appear to glow or One may have pictures come into One's Imagination or hear Sound from it. All of this and much more comes in Clear Vision. One can be consciously aware of the pure Essence of the Word, Object, Idea or Image of a person, place of thing.

444. When One is perceiving an idea One may hear a discourse, see pictures or hear or have a conversation that relates to the idea. When One perceives an image any of these things can also happen. They are simply modes of communication and God can use all these and many more ways to talk to you. This form of communication is being used in the Next Age more naturally. It is nothing new and some Human Beings have used it before, in the Beginning of Creation and all through Time to the Present. Let the sweet Voice of God sing in your heart and Mind and let the melody be sweet!

445. God has warned God's Children about using these methods in the Past, Present and continues in the Future. When One is in danger and needs to escape, avoid, evade or elude Evil, God is coming to One in this manner or in another manner such as Light. Some call this the Manifestation of Light. This is the Light of God's Angel, a Light carrying a message of Power or Protection from God. God is giving the Ministry of Angels to Humans from the Beginning of Creating Humanity.

446. The Wisdom, Truth and Love are that God is Light and Energy emanating in Eternity as well as beyond. There is nothing that is not God! God has Form at different degrees of solidity, from the smallest to the largest, from the densest to the finest, from the Void to the Clear Crystal Fire Light of God's Spirit Breath. God's Holy Breath of Life sustains all Physical, Mental and Spiritual Creations. You are in the Holy Breath of Life! Breathe deeply!

447. The Writer Tat writes the Truth of what is being given to him by an open and direct experience with God. Tat passes it on, with all respect that you may have the Wisdom, Truth and Love of God. This Writer has and is living this Reality at the Present and will forever be At One With God. The Writer is subject to all the things of Life that all others Human Beings are facing. This Writer has made the Free Will Choice to walk the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path with dignity as an awakened Child of God, as the Holy God Self.

448. The Writer Tat has vowed to be a living sacrifice for God by giving his Life to God who is giving him Eternal Life through the Clear Crystal Fire Light of the Holy Spirit. The Writer Tat sees God in all things, as all things and acts, feels, thinks, knows, believes, surrenders and lives in the Almighty Presence of God. Thank You God! Praise You God! We Love You God! God Bless all with the Blessings of Light that bring Wisdom, Truth and Love to every Human Heart!

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