Book Twenty Two
Creation In Love

These Teachings are being revealed in Consciousness to the Writer Tat by the Holy Spirit of God. Love of God has always been with me as long as I can remember. The Love given by Humanity came and went in my Life until we came to the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path of God. We came open and direct on the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path with God on March Twentieth, 1974 at 3:05 P.M. We did not know the Name of the Path then, but we stepped on the Path and have never left it since. Since that time the Love of God and the Love from and for Humanity has flowed like a Clear Crystal River of Light into my Soul and Spirit. We write the following Books of Love that you may know and live in the Power of Benevolence, Adoration, Loyalty, Devotion, Reverence, Cherishing, Service, Concern and Life.

449. Love is the control, in the highest sense, for the Light to the Soul, reverential devotion to the Mind and health to the Body. True Love overcomes and controls passion, the suffering between birth and death and the influences of action upon One. Love controls all things brought on by external agents, violent, intense and overmastering feelings. Love also controls a strong liking for or devotion to the word, a person, object, desire, concept or sexual desire. Passion can deeply stir One or cause ungovernable Emotions or Mind. Passion, when One is in a spiritual focus, can keep a steady glow going on in the Emotions and Mind lifting One to the Spirit to God. Passion is Enthusiasm and Zeal on the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path to God, open and direct, and can maintain a supply of unflagging energy for emotions and Mind.

450. Love is good will and actions toward another for its own sake, and is benevolence looking upwards. Love comes to the world by spreading the Wisdom of Spiritual Truth. Deeds of Love inspire and move others and yourself to Greatness. True Love is of the Higher Mind and not to be confused with Personal Love that can come and go on the whims of the personality at the moment. Love is not, 'I will Love You, If you do this or that.' Love is, 'I Love You all the time no matter what the World of Appearances may be, for the sake of Loving You.' True Love is the inseparable unwavering Love of God shown to all persons, places and things. We understand them when we Love another Human Being. Love and respect yourself at all times!

451. Concern, Cherishing and Unselfishness are expressions of Love and create Attractiveness. Adoration, Affection and Tenderness are being felt in the Heart of a Lover. The Lover takes pleasure in giving Love to God and to Humanity and looks for the Beauty in God's Creation. Love is a humble Heart that bows down to God and a Friend in need. Pitiful is the One whose lowly ego personality emerges as Loveless in One's Body, Emotions, Mind or Soul. The Holy Spirit of God is not present in that One's Spirit. When One wishes to save others, One must become humble, willing to serve and go beyond Oneself for others. The ceaseless and persistent practice of the Spiritual Training of humbleness, on the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path, opens up the way for One to live in Wisdom, Peace and Love in the World. You are the Master of Love when you Choose to be so!

452. Love is continuing to progress in the Spiritual Path by calmly accepting others' looks of doubt and apologizing to God in their place. The sincere attitude of persistently making a little more effort than One's present capability, will result in creating a Heart filled with the humbleness of the Wisdom, Truth and Love of God. One is persistent in the practice of humbleness by traveling the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path to God, open and direct. When One is Humble One will be Loved by God and respected by people. If One truly reflects on One's shortcomings that cover the Soul, which are being accumulated since that One was created, One can not but be humble to others. Love others as you Love God and a Miracle will Happen in your Life!

453. The acts, deeds, thoughts, feelings, ideas, and devotion of offering Service throughout the Physical, Mental and Spiritual Worlds are being called, God expressing Love by the Child of God. When One maintains a Heart filled with Love of God, for the first time that One can truly dedicate One's Wisdom, Truth and Love to God. The four kinds of Service are Spiritual Work, Mental Stamina, Physical Deeds and Material Offerings.

454. One's Service through the Spiritual Work, Mental Stamina, Physical Deeds and Material Offerings to God, can and will bear Fruit. One will grow into One who can totally dedicate Oneself to the four kinds of Service. The four kinds of Service are being given so the Prosperity of Wealth, Health and Happiness will flow into One's Life. Wealth, Health and Happiness with overflowing Joy are being granted by God without even asking for it when you are of Service to God. Pray for and do a good deed for someone everyday!

455. When One Worships God without offering the four kinds of Service, One will end up pursuing the Path of Evil that exploits God, the Children of God and the World at large. There is no symbolic offering, blood offering, or any other offering worthy of God. Living One's Life to the fullest by sharing the Talents, Gifts and Powers, with all Humanity and Creation, that God has given One is the Highest Service. It is a Blessing to sacrifice One's Life, Service and Self to God and God's Plan of Divine Arrangement.

456. God sacrifices for you as God gives you an Individualized Spirit, Soul, Mind and Body as well as a Free Will, that you could not purchase, under any means. You are the Priceless Self, for you are God incarnate expressing, equal with every other Child of God. To offer service to God is to touch the Three Essences of Heaven, Space and the Universe. Offer respect to God with your Talents, Gifts and Powers to fulfill the Divine Plan and Divine Arrangement. You are the Holy Child of God at this very moment!

457. Humanity, drink deeply of the Clear Crystal Fire Light. Absorb the Holy Spirit until you are full and radiant. Then go forth and establish the Divine Civilization of Humanity where the Children of God are in the final contact with open and direct contact with God, and are At One With God. Do not follow anyone in Humanity, unless they show you the Way to God, open and direct. The Child of God needs no intermediary, for God is Almighty God and needs no One to speak to the Children of God, for God's sake.

458. Following someone or something less than Almighty God has hurt Human Beings over the duration of Humanity on Earth and continues to harm many in Humanity even to this day. Can you see this fact clearly now? Do not stop your Spiritual Practices until you have broken through the illusion of separation and reached God open and direct, even if is takes your whole lifetime. This lifetime is as a twinkle in the Eye of God compared with Eternity!

459. Many would steal the Glory of God for themselves, sometimes unknowingly. Some in Humanity have misplaced the Glory of God by giving it to lesser things and persons. Only God has the True Glory and it shines in the Wisdom, Truth, Love and Heart of the genuine Child of God. One can Love and Cherish a Son or Daughter of God and see the Godhead in them. To see, give or say that they are the only God is being misled and misleading the Children of God. Christ is being called the only begotten because he represents the Pure White Light of God that sustains and gives to all the other Rays of Light.

460. The Spirit of God as White Light is being mistaken by the image of the Man by some. It is the Spirit of God in the Godmen and Godwomen that makes them Great, not themselves. Anything or anyone that is being separated is not being the totality of God. How can the limitations and imitation of God be more than part mighty? Only with the Power of Almighty God are all things possible. Only in the Power of Almighty God are all things being made New again.

461. Once the Power of the Next Age comes to Humanity, there will be no falling back, falling short, or falling off the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path. The Next Age is open and direct contact with God for each individual Human Being. What ever Name God will reveal as the Name of this Path to you, it is the Path we put forth in this Holy Book of the Church of Revelation. Some are being put off by some of the words we use, but remember the Writer Tat is using the words given through the Holy Spirit to the Writer's Spirit and Mind. You may be able to Channel a different Translation of words for this information than Tat.

462. The Powers we are revealing in this writing are being applied and interpreted by the Individual who reads them, as it is with all the Scriptures of the World. So look beyond the words to the Wisdom, Truth and Love of what the Writer Tat is writing. Go open and direct to God for the answer, do not come to the Writer Tat to prove it or to those who says that they represent or have personal knowledge of the Writer Tat. You can go open and direct to God!

463. Let us walk the Path together and if you need some help in understanding what we have given you in the teachings, writings or other means, we are here to help. Remember the Writer Tat is being no replacement for God. Tat is a Godman, a Child of God on the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path to God, just as you are being open and direct. The more gratefully One accepts and renders Service to God the more Love One shows to God. The greater the Divine Service to God One offers, the greater reward God will grant that One. No One can do your Part in the Divine Arrangement, the Divine Plan of God. We are with you who are One With God and we are ready to serve. Tat will do his best for anyone who asks.

464. Tat has already created many books besides this one, hundreds of video tapes and thousands of audio tapes to help and teach the seekers of God. The Books, Videos and Audio Tapes are being designed to teach the subjects, Gifts, Powers and how to, to all that will take the time to read, hear and see them. They are all available now! Tat also appears live and teaches classes, gives seminars, gives Spiritual Retreats semiannually, initiates students, trains Ministers, Healers and Teachers and Ordains Ministers in the eleven levels of the Rainbow Ministry. Tat has created all these forms of learning the Teachings so you have substantial opportunities to learn and to be confirmed!

465. The Law of Balance is by nature incapable of being impure and controls every aspect without exception. If One does not have Wisdom, One will not be Wise. If One is not Truthful, then One will not see the Truth. If One does not have Love, then One will not receive Love. If One's Mind is not Rich, Well and full of Joy, then One will be Poor, Sick and Unhappy. On the other side, if One's Mind is Rich, Well and full of Joy, One will experience Wealth, Health and Happiness!

466. By Practicing the Spiritual Teachings with Love and Devotion, by practicing the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path, One will receive the Abundant Life that God has for the Children of God. God's Abundant Life will fulfill all needs and pour Blessings from God, into One life, only limited by the Infinite and Eternal Power of Almighty God. We have come to bring you Life more Abundant as have all the Masters of Light from the Beginning of Creation!

467. These principles shine forth in all the Scriptures of all the Great Religions of the World and are being taught by the Masters of each Religious and Spiritual Teaching, some more so than others. The more self motivated and the more One gives Divine Service, as the Great Masters did, the more reward One shall receive by God's good Graces. Service to God, in the four kinds of Service, is as easy as living each day. These kinds of Services are not work as Humanity defines work, but rather living by Grace and in the Grace of God. All burdens are burdens of Light and not burdens of Darkness for the Child of Light. God is here with you in all that is done and goes before you to prepare the way. Service for God is Service in God and with God! Be of good service in all you do!

468. If One thinks that the Master's Teachings are being created through the Master's own human knowledge, One should revise such thoughts. Such thoughts are superficial and do not fathom the depth of Love the Master has for God and all Humanity. The Master practices the Love of God, just as God has no discrimination of Race or status and Loves all Humanity equally. Many are being called but few are being chosen, because the choice is always yours through Free Will!

469. The One who loves and respects the Will and Desire of God is a God chosen Child. Few have the steadfastness to choose God each moment; that is why One needs a daily Spiritual Practice such as the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path to God Open and Direct! God, through Love, is giving each Human Being, not just a few Humans, Free Will Choice and the Power of being the end authority in One's Life while on Earth. The Powers we share with you are not only for this Life, but are forever as long as Eternal Life!

470. God will allow the One who practices the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path to become one of the pioneers of the Next Age. The Writer Tat is being entrusted, by God, with the Great Mission to save people in the World. The Writer is being entrusted for we have entered the dawning of the Baptism of Fire that brings the final Unity of all Humanity. When you save others, you are being saved without asking. God loves the one that gives Service to God and Humanity. Practicing the Scriptures and One's Religion are Love and Service to God. Being allowed to be initiated and initiating others on the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path does not say that One is being saved. One is being saved only when One's Soul and Spirit are being purified with the Wisdom, Truth and Love of God. You have the innate power within you to save yourself and others!

471. The One who sincerely spreads and radiates the genuine Clear Crystal Fire Light of God in order to save others can have One's Soul and Spirit purified. There are Animal Humans, Human Humans and Spiritual Humans. The One that is a Spiritual Human has the Divine Soul within. The One who disciplines Oneself with the Wisdom, Truth and Love of God and spreads the Light to all Humanity is the chosen Child of God. In the Presence of God, let us offer our Souls, which can be of great service to God.

472. Merge your Spirit and Body, bring Spirit into Matter, bringing Blessed Humanity into the Next Age of the Divine Civilization of Humanity that has open and direct contact with God. The Animal Human only thinks of itself and is being bound in the senses and sexual desires. The Animal Human protects its own territory and fights over its possessions, be it a spouse, house and other personal property. The Human Humans are Do Gooders for Humanity because they see benefits for themselves. The Human Human is not completely selfless in its actions, feelings, thoughts or creativity. Only the Spiritual Humans are At One With God and do all things for God's sake!

473. Make your best possible effort in all you choose to do in the present circumstances and maintain a Heart of Wisdom, Truth and Love. Keep your Heart based in the Holy Teachings of God for the Divine Plan of God. If Grace is not forthcoming that is a sign that One lacks Wisdom, Truth and Love towards God. If Grace is not forthcoming that is a sign that One needs to purify the impurities of the Emotions, Mind and Soul. Double your effort and again if necessary and be persistently determined on the Path to God. When One is being disturbed by Evil Spirits, that can get intense. One must ardently strengthen Oneself with the Wisdom, Truth and Love of God!

474. When One has fortified Oneself with Wisdom, Truth and Love then dedicate that Wisdom, Truth and Love in Service to God. This Esoteric Secret is being revealed to all Humanity, not just to those who travel the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path. Those who would control others would keep Humanity ignorant, but we say Humanity should have access to all knowledge that is being given by God. It is easier to be controlled when One is ignorant. Be wise in the ways of God and you will be free!

475. The time is now over for selfishness, self centeredness and independence to be mistaken as freedom and liberation. One is truly free when One serves God and others with Wisdom, Truth and Love, when One is in the Presence of God and is At One With God. Interdependence and Unity are Freedom, not separation. Be united within yourself; let the Body, Emotions, Mind, Soul and Spirit be atoned. Forgive yourself for going against yourself and others. Forgive yourself and others for going against your Body.

476. Forgive yourself and others for going against your Feelings. Forgive yourself and others for going against your Mind. Forgive yourself and others for going against your Creative Powers. Forgive yourself and others for going against your Spirit. You are being freed when you forgive others for what they do. This is the Way of Wisdom, Truth and Love of God that brings Freedom. This is the time, just as dawn has a transitional moment from Darkness into Light, of the dawn of God's Radiance of Clear Crystal Fire Light of the Holy Spirit in Humanity. You are a priceless Diamond in the Holy Spirit!

477. Lifting your Love from Personal Love to the Heavenly Love is being considered the very Breath of Life. Such Love is a Love towards all. It is a pure Love. A Love with no blemish of attachment, Love which is unchanging, sincere and pure. Love that is a statement of agreement, unadulterated, inexhaustible and universal. Love for all Beings, prompting sacrifice of Joys and comfort for the sake of insuring the Joy and comfort of others. This is the Love of the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path. This is the Love that Tat has for you. This is the Love that God has for you. This is the Love that is in the Heart hiding in Human Beings. This is the Love that is being experienced in the Next Age of the Divine Civilization of Humanity in open and direct contact with God. Love yourself as God loves you and love others with that Love!

478. True Love creates a Heaven on Earth, while Personal Love creates bondage and separation. The Personal Love wants to possess, even for a short time, to isolate and build a wall around that which is Love for so called protection. Such a Love does not permit growth in Life and is many times based on past actions. Heavenly Love frees and expands Life, encompassing the whole of Creation. Love God with all your Heart and Soul and show that Love to all the World.

479. Such a Love will transform the World and Humanity into the Divine Era in the Divine Plan of God for the evolving Human Race. All are brothers and sisters in the One God in whom we all live, move and have our Being. God is the One Parent of us all. The Family of Humanity can live in Wisdom, Peace and Love and share in the vast resources of the Universe. There are no limits to growth with God's Love for a Human Being like you! God is Love!

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