Book Twenty
Escape and Vision

410. If you had Instant Manifestation Power, the Power to actualize spontaneously every thought, desire and word spoken, what would you have created for yourself, others and the World at Large? If you had Instant Manifestation Power, what would have manifested in the last 24 hours? Are your feelings, thoughts, desires and words being filled with Wisdom, Truth and Love, seeing the Purity and Perfection of God in all things as all things? Are you in control of your actions, emotions, thoughts, feelings. ideas, beliefs and images? Answer truthfully and you will see the reason for Time, Space and Circumstance and their inherent limitations. Answer truthfully and you will see and know how far you are from Instant Manifestation. Your lag in Time is in the degree of your avoidance of your responsibilities to the Presence and your bondage to the Past! Look forward with a clear Eye!

411. As you answer these questions truthfully you will also see what will happen when you come closer to God. You will experience how all things will become more spontaneously manifested in your Life. God's Time is Presence, God's Space is Atonement and God's Circumstance is Unity of the Whole. The last decade of this millennium ending in the Twentieth Century is the establishment of these three; Presence, Atonement and Unity. In the fullness of the Presence are the things that you desire. In the fullness of the Presence is the Love that you require. Be Present! In the fullness of Atonement are the Powers of Duration. In the fullness of Atonement is the Power of Meditation. Be at One! In the fullness of Unity are the qualities of Wisdom, Love and Victory. In the fullness of Unity is the Presence of Divinity. We are One!

412. People of all Ages have been under stress of Life, the World and Human growth and have devised and tried various means to escape from it. Humans try to escape through entertainment, retreating, war, drugs, different ideologies and philosophies. Humans try to escape by setting borders so no One else can come in and affect them or get away from them. Only to find to their dismay that such conditions did not and will not disappear, but only reasserted themselves in other forms as threatening as before, if not even worse.

413. Humans must make the Free Will Choice to overcome and be the Masters of the things that face them and that they face, rather than become the victim of them. The kinds of escapes mentioned never solved the problems encountered in the Eternal Life One lives. This shows that escape, even to the point of the destruction of the Soul, Mind or Body, is never the answer to the basic question of how to overcome problems, how to be a better Human Being or Child of God. Escape causes a drag in Time, Space and/or Circumstance!

414. There are different kinds of escapes. Escape in the Body, escape in Emotion, escape in the Mind and escape of the Spirit. Escape One is of the Body into the mechanical uniformity, not varying but always having the same form, manner or degree. One has automated symmetry in the body, but this can not last without constant effort. Escape Two is in Emotions into the monotony of social conformity. The Emotions become dreary and modified being rigid in their movements and lacking depth. Escape Three is in the Mind into a fictitious world of some transcendental make-believe. The Mind becomes simulated in some altered fantasy. These Three Escapes are but an admission of having failed in the ever-present task of growing up as a Human. They are an admission of having failed to grow as a Child of God.

415. You may come into Humanity and back to God in Spirit as a baby, but you must grow in both Humanity and Spirit to be whole and reach your true potential as God expressing. The Fourth Escape of the Spirit is really not an escape but a darkness that is put upon the Spirit by the Mind. The darkness is brought about by the influence of Evil Spirit that convinces the Mind it has no Divinity and no Power from God to Protect it. Spirit does not seem real: only the Body and the Mind are real to the One whose Spirit is bound in darkness. The Light of God surrounds me and I AM endowed with the Love and Truth of God that gives me the Victory of Spirit Realization! See and Identify with the Truth of this statement!

416. The First form of escape causes One to be mechanical in actions, emotions and mind. Just going through the motions, so to speak. The Second escape of monotony of social conformity means One gets trapped into the some kind of people all the time, the same kind of dress, the same kind of foods, the same type of social affairs, etcetera. It is the same old thing over and over again. The Third form of these Three Escapes is particularly dangerous. It leads One to believe that One has enlarged One's scope of awareness while actually One has run away from it. Instead of having gained insight One has blurred One's vision and diminished One's capacity or intelligence. Be a whole Human Being with all other Human Beings! You will enjoy Spiritual Freedom in the degree you are One With God!

417. The attempted escape from different kinds of stresses has not brought the Spiritual Vision which alone would have provided a basis for dealing with the problems at hand. True Spiritual Vision brings a new appreciation of what is the Wisdom, Truth and Love of the situation. True Spiritual Vision makes One see things differently, rather than seeing different things. True Spiritual Vision is an open and direct perception of Reality viewed through an open and clean Mind free from impurities! After all Nobody can ever escape from the State of Being. Especially, One can never escape from One's own Being. It is Spiritual Vision that gives meaning to our experiences and our actions by making us face the problem with the full Power of God Consciousness to support the Individualization of God expressing!

418. When One faces the problems that Life presents, One gains inner strength and resolve. When we face the problem, we gain insight into ourselves and others. Therefore, Spiritual Vision gives a Human a sense of direction and enables each Human Being to detail a way in which that One will guide Oneself in the task of finding Oneself and God. Problems become stepping stones under One's Feet instead of grave stones over One's Head. In the Next Age Humanity will have True Spiritual Vision for finding themselves and God rather than seeking escape from themselves or God. Be here now!

419. Vision does not come on demand until it is Mastered. It requires for its Power the sustained voluntary concentrated attention of an Intellectual and Spiritual effort. Vision has within it appreciation, discrimination, detachment and demands unflagging diligence. Vision needs a firm foundation on which the unification processes lead to an integrated personality merged with the spirituality aspects of the Body, Mind and Spirit.

420. There is a graduation in this primary build up, one step leading to the other in a sequential movement in consciousness and action. To skip any of the primary steps for expediency is like trying to create a succulent meal without all the ingredients. By practicing the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path One is preparing the Field for Vision and much more. When you have perfect Vision, nothing is being hidden from your view! There are no secrets in the Universe only the things that are yet to be discovered!

421. For Vision to be clear vision, One must have a relaxed Body and tension-free open Mind. The Word, Object, Idea or Image is being held in Perceptional Inspection, without the Mind engaged in assumption, conclusion, opinion, judgment, comparison, analysis, reason, logic, thought, alternatives, variations, etcetera. Simply put, the Mind must be still, open and receptive, so the Spirit Self is seeing through the open and direct Doorway of the Mind and Body. It is much like a Witness looking through the portholes of the Eyes, while being still, conscious and aware. It is like perceiving from the middle of the Brain looking through the Eyes or at the back of the forehead between the eyes for inner vision.

422. In this objective consistency One becomes aware of the Color Form, which takes practice to hold steady before the Spiritual Eye of the Witness Self. One in Clear Vision will become aware, after a time, of the Play of Consciousness in the Body, Mind and Spirit. One becomes aware of the Light Form in the External, Internal and Intermediate Fields of the Word, Object, Idea or Image. Clear Vision is a Power of the Clear Crystal Fire Light of the Holy Spirit! The Self has Conscious Awareness of that which is perceived through the Mind, reflected by the Brain from electromagnetic impulses over the Nervous System, from the reflections of Light captured by the Eyes or other sensory organs from the outer and inner Worlds.

423. Once obtaining the information from this objective consistent Perceptional Inspection, One can then see the complex that becomes an objective mental situation in a subjective capacity. One can ascertain an awareness of what is taking place, what took place and the meaning of the Word, Object, Idea or Image. With practice, Clear Seeing and the results will seem spontaneous in the objective mental situation. Interpretation will depend on how well you practice the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path and how close it has brought you to At One With God. God can reveal all things to One that has prepared the Way. Creation is being made of Color, Light, Sound and Motion. The meanings are being defined by the State of Consciousness of the Perceiver from what they are doing or planning to do with the information ascertained.

424. The description of the objective mental situation of the Clear Vision of the Word, Object, Idea or Image and its meaning will then be available for reflection in the descriptive mind for communication. It is One thing to know how to pinpoint the objective consistent Perceptional Inspection situation. It is another thing to know what to learn from it and yet another to interpret it correctly. A Bright Mind perceives Brightly, a Dark Mind perceives Darkly and the Clear Crystal Fire Light of Spirit sees as God sees. Impurity of the Mind can present a problem by causing disassociation of the personality, over-evaluation or under-evaluation or casting aspersions on that being perceived. Furthermore, in Vision, exaggerations and distortions coming from impure emotions and mind causes overreaction and fantasies. The visual perception of what you are seeing is clear when you are being clear in Body and Mind!

425. Contemplation on Healing, Enlightenment, Service, Wisdom, Truth and Love in God's Presence will raise One to the State of Being a Blessing to all Life, Creation and Humanity. One should also contemplate the Art of Being and giving heartening, comforting and energizing qualities to the rest of Humanity. Each Human Being's existential Reality is the quality and meaning Life has for them. One who is on the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path is a Power for Good, a Power for God in the World. Let your Spirit, as a Child of God, take a firm grip on the Mind and lead it to that which brings Wealth, Health and Happiness to all Humanity. This is not just Idealism, but will be the norm for the Divine Civilization of Humanity in the Next Age. The One who walks the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path and practices the Teachings, can do it now! Be a Power for God in the World! You can see if you want to!

426. Take a firm grip on your Mind so it will not slip into the gloom of depression. Similarly, it is important to keep the Mind in touch with Reality, so it does not fly off in elusion, delusion or illusion. Be Enlightened that everything does not always work out splendidly. With the help of God, our Mother Father Heavenly Parent, open and direct, One can overcome anything and do anything. God has for the Child of God, the Gift and Power of all possibility. If One is being bound in the Past, the Past will condition the Present and Future, but when One is in the Presence of God One has all possibilities for now and forever. Take heart in the Presence of God for God gives One Wisdom, Truth and Love.

427. When One is being balanced there opens a wider, broader field of perception that leads One to the Supernormal, Supernatural and Wholeness. This is the Mystical Union of the At One With God experience. Such Supernormal and Supernatural experiences can lead to I AM in you and you are in me, we are one and the one and one make one, a Mystical Union. This experience is much more then merely identifying with someone or something. It is the becoming as One Flesh, One Mind and One Spirit by the degree and process of merging. This is the Gift of Unity and At-oneness.

428. One can have perception of the multidimensional experience. Remember you are an individual manifestation of God expressing and will return always to that Reality. So there should be no fear that keeps you from this Divine Mystical Experience. One can perceive many dimensions at the same time, just as One perceives the first, second and third dimensions at the same time. One sees them as one because One is perceiving them from the present. It is not the elimination of one for the other, but the expanding of Perceptional awareness.

429. There is safety on the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path because One is being instructed to find At One With God first and practice balance of the Spirit, Mind and Body. On the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path you are in the Power and Protection of God. Without that Power and Protection you may fall into dark places in the World, Emotions, Mind, Imagination or Spirit as your Vision opens. You are being instructed to practice Wisdom, Truth and Love always because it would be foolish to do otherwise.

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