Book Nineteen
The Manifestation of God

393. Tat comes from Age to Age for the protection of the Children of God, for the destruction of evil and for the establishing of the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path. We are here with you now in the Body so you will know we face the same things that you face in Life. Together, with one another in God, We can overcome the ills of Human Life and the ills of the World. We will be with you forever in God! You are Forever! I AM Forever! We are Forever One in God! I will not let you fall before the illusion, but hold you up before God in the Power of the Presence!

394. Just as the Vapors of the Clouds form Drops of Rain and fall to the Earth to nourish and refresh Life, so does the Spirit of God in the Clear Crystal Fire Light rain upon Humanity to nourish and refresh the Soul of Humanity. From the Rays of the Clear Crystal Fire Light is formed the Pure White Light which is the anointed Light of God in the First utterance. Pure White Light is emanating as Purity and Perfection from the Center Figures of every Great Religion to all Humanity. The Pure White Light forms Rays that pour into the Masters, Saints and Holy Beings who pour forth their Rays of Wisdom, Truth and Love of God to the whole of the Human Race.

395. The Master. Saint or Holy Being is the incarnations God in a Physical Form that Humans can understand, but some often do not accept. The Formless Absolute Almighty God Individualizes assuming Forms in Physical Manifestation so Humanity may be Blessed, Healed, Taught and Sustained. These Great Beings manifest to uplift and save the Human Race from its follies. Each Master, Saint or Holy Being has many people that follow that particular Ray of Light. There is a Master, Saint or Holy Being that can lead you to God by the similarities of Light Rays within you!

396. God awakens the Child of God from its sleep to the Spiritual side of its true Nature through a Master, Saint or Holy Being. God takes the Ego, which is full of selfishness, greed and pride, and puts it to profit by making it a flowing Channel for the betterment of Humanity. What a pity that some Human Beings go unaware of the Great Good they do for Humanity by being blinded by their own ego personality, selfishness, greed and pride. They stand in judgment and say, 'I like this about them, but I do not like that about them,' when they relate to others. They fail to recognize that their Gifts and Talents from God help more than they know; what a robbery of the Soul! Give without prejudgment, partiality or bias!

397. Sometimes some Human Beings are being unaware that such statements and practices perform the Work of Darkness and Evil Spirits by creating greater separation. The illusion of separation is the basis of all Sin that leads to disobedience, thievery, hiding, lies and murder. Repeat the Word and Name of God to be shielded from these things in your Spirit, Mind and Body. God's Word and Name are like nectar the dense person does not respond to, but the Child of God drinks freely of the nectar of God and awakens! There is actually a sweet liquid that drips in the back of the throat and tastes sweet to the tongue during chanting or the reciting of the Word or Name of God. Drink deeply of the nectar of God!

398. Wherever grief, anxiety, unrest, the confusion and travails of the World, caused by ignorance, exist or overwhelm Humanity, God appears in Form. God appears as a Human Master, Saint, Holy Being, Son or Daughter of God, to establish the observance to earn Inner Peace that is undisturbed. Such Beings bring the Peace that is unruffled, infinite, and deep rooted in the Mind of Humanity. Such a Peace is being designed by God to bring freedom from desire, anger, greed and hatred. A Peace that is higher than duality, based in At One With God. Humanity gains the Joy of calm balance unruffled by ups and downs, pleasure and pain. You are the One of sound Mind with the power over grief, anxiety, unrest, the confusion, travails and ignorance! God has and is sending you the Way back Home!

399. All the Godmen and Godwomen come to re-educate the Human Community in the Paths of Knowledge, Utopia and Affection. At this time in Human History, discord and strife have robbed Peace and Unity from the Family, Religion, School, the Community, Business, Society, Countries and the World as a whole. The arrival of openness and directness with God is being anxiously awaited by Good People, Masters, Saints and Holy Beings all over the World. God's Glory is being spread daily through those who call themselves, 'the Ones that are full of Holy Wisdom, Infinite Peace, Divine Love and Devotion to God.' Masters, Saints and Holy Beings are steadfast, faithful, and constant in God's Wisdom, Reality and Affection. Masters, Saints and Holy Beings are radiant Lights of virtue unto the World. Give Wisdom probability! Give Peace prospect! Give Love expectation! Give your Self a chance! Go open and direct to God!

400. Your virtues, your self control, your faith, your steadfastnesses and your belief in the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path are the signs by which Humanity can see the Glory of God. You can only claim the Word and Name of God when you have put yourself in God's Hands; fully and completely with no trace of control by the Little Ego. The Great Masters, Saints and Holy Beings are in Human Form so mankind can identify with them, but they rise into Super Human heights so that Humans can aspire to reach the ultimate reality.

401. It is through aspiration that Humans can actually reach At One With God open and direct. Each One will realize within Oneself that God is the Motivator, the Path and the Goal. God to not just the Goal at the end of the Path. From the beginning of the Path to the end of the Path God is with you all the way! The Truth is you are never alone! Alone belongs to the illusion of separation. Be in the Wholeness of the One Almighty God, this is the true state of your Being! Return to Reality!

402. Some of you are being here on Earth for a definite limited purpose and influence and are not to be full fledged, long lasting and expansive as the Great Center Figure of a Great Religion. You may not be a recognized Master, Saint or Holy Being, but you are no less important. Each One has its Part to fulfill in God's Divine Arrangement that no One else can fulfill. Now there is no One perfect or fully good except those in the conscious Presence of God. So who deserves the protection, but the awakened Child of God, the Godman or Godwoman that does their Part in God's Great Organization and Plan of Life. God will Protect and Direct the Wise, Faithful and Loving Child of God, Godman or Godwoman!

403. The Writer Tat has come to Sing out the Word of God. The Writer Tat has come to Minister, Teach, Heal, Counsel, Help, take Authority, condemn Evil and stand as a Friend to those who walk the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path. Tat is a Friend to those who practice the Spiritual and Religious Teachings and their Religion. The Writer Tat has come to embrace all God's People and Religions from the Past, in the Present and onto the Future forevermore. Tat Wishes all Humanity Well, so that Humanity may overcome Evil and reach open and direct contact with God. Tat is with you Personally, Mentally and Spiritually! Tat is in the outer World! Tat is in the inner World! Tat is beyond all Worlds! Tat is! People have seen Tat in the outer World. People have seen Tat in the inner World! People have seen Tat beyond all Worlds! Tat is!

404. The Writer Tat is here to reveal to Humanity the worth of the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path. Tat is here to reveal the worth of the Spiritual Teachings, Holy Scriptures, Teachings of all the Great Religions and their founders, from the Beginning of Time until the Present. If you accept and say yes, Tat also will say yes, but if you reject and say no, Tat will also say no but Tat will still accept you. Do not listen to others that say they have personal knowledge about the Writer Tat. Rather, come to Tat and examine what Tat teaches and writes. Experience, practice, have faith and put the Teachings of the Righteous Spiritual Path to the test in your Life. That is the Way to utilize what is being written in the Holy Book of the Church of Revelation. Adapt it to yourself and judge not where others are being placed on the open and direct Path to the Godhead. Tat is here for God's Law, Purpose and Benefit! Tat is here for You!

405. Now, the Writer would like to clarify one thing. Tat does not appreciate in the least the distinction between Religions and the various Appearances of God. Tat does not proclaim that this Mission is more important or others are less important. Rather we suggest that you continue worshiping God as you are already doing. If you do not have a way that has brought you into open and direct contact with God, we encourage you to take the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path. Either way the Goal should be the same, to reach God open and direct, to have God's Presence in your Life and in all you do. Do not stop in the middle of this Holy Book, but read it to the end to get the fullness of the Message. We still have the Books of Love and the Clear Crystal Fire Light ahead for you to consider. Persist until you succeed!

406. The Writer Tat did not come to replace Krishna, Moses, Confucius, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, Su No Kami, Mahdi, or any other Central Figure of any Religion, Practice, or any Teaching or future appearance of God. The Writer Tat did not come to replace any Master, Saint or Holy Being. Nor did the Writer come to replace Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Protestantism and Catholicism or any part of Christianity, Jainism, Taoism, Islam, Rosicrucianism, Sufism, Spiritualism, Mysticism, Sikhism, Shitoism, Spiritual Sciences, Mormonism or any other or combination of Religions.

407. Nor did Tat come to promote that which this Writer has studied in the Past and continues to study, but only to do as is stated in this Holy Book of the Church of Revelation. Tat is within himself and in the World, as Tat, as God expressing! Tat has come to Present the Next Age of the Divine Civilization to the Children of God. Tat has come so that all Humanity can have an open and direct contact and relationship to the One God that is the Parent of us all. The One God that is all Names and no Name, that was, is and ever will be. The One and only God that is All in All, as seen and unseen, manifested and unmanifested, beyond duality, One Without a Second, Almighty God! Tat has come for Victory, Peace and Love! Tat has come for you!

408. Tat may also add, Tat has come to awaken and call forth the Child of God that is ready to be At One With God. Tat comes for those that want to be of Service to God and awaken their God given Divine Talents, Gifts and Powers. All Creation, Sustaining and Dissolution are only being accomplished by Almighty God and not anyone else. The Writer's main objective is to establish an open and direct contact with God through the writing of this Holy Book. This Task and Mission shall succeed, for there is no One on Earth that can stop it and no One in Heaven that wants to stop it. Tat presents the Open Doorway into Light! The Church of Revelation and Astral Physics School are means to this End!

409. We have spoken and written the Wisdom, Truth and Love of God. God's Word as it is being revealed to the Writer Tat by the Holy Spirit and no thing else. Our Mission is to spread the Word and Joy of God so you may experience Wealth, Health and Happiness. We will come among you as often as we are being invited to do so. We are here not by force, but by the Grace, Will and Desire of God to do this Work for God. The Work of God we are doing is our Part of the Divine Arrangement, the Great Organization and the Divine Plan of God. God is the Word and Name! God is the Light. Life and Love to you right now!

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