Book Eighteen
The Name and Word of God

375. Speech is so powerful that it indicates One's character, reveals One's personality, educates others and communicates experience and information. Words have tremendous power, to heal or harm. Words can arouse emotions or calm them, to direct or infuriate, to reveal or confuse, to bring peace or unrest. Words have power to Enlighten or to hide the Wisdom, Truth and Love. So be vigilant about words. If One slips when One is walking, the injury can be repaired, but slip when One is speaking or talking and the injury is irreparable.

376. A Blessing is sweet to the lips, Mind, Soul and Spirit, but a curse is bitter to the tongue, Mind, Soul and Spirit. Talk, Speak, Sing, Chant and Pray the Word of God to all the World and the sweet nectar of God will course through your veins and be sweet in your mouth. Remember the Glory of Light that is being associated with the Word, that purifies your words, Mind, Soul and Spirit. Let your speech to filled with the nectar of God!

377. The Name of God, when recited with Wisdom, Truth, Love and Faith, has the Power to bring upon the eager One that is saying it, the Enlightenment, Peace and Grace of God. The Name has the over Mastering Power and it can award unimaginable Vision, Strength and Courage. Repeating the Name of God gives the Tongue and Mind something to do while the Spirit is being freed within the Presence of God. God's Attributes, Gifts, Power and Instructions are being easily identified within the Presence of God.

378. Remember the One God in whom we move, the One God who moves us, the One God that is the vast Universe, in every atom and every Star. Be aware of the One God in all the different names that Humanity recognizes as representing God. Be consciously aware that no name can contain the fullness of God that is beyond all names and limitations of form!

379. Select the Name and Form of God that you recognize as the All-pervading Almighty God in the Clear Crystal Fire Light and keep it on your tongue and before your Mental Eye. In this way you will focus the Power of God in your Life, but keep in Mind that no one can limit God. Reciting the Name of God in repetitions is being done with the unfailing regularity of the Sun and Moon by great Humans. The Masters, Saints and Holy Beings use the Power of Repetition whether they are Enlightened Beings, Leaders, Teachers, Preceptors, or fully Realized Masters of Light. Such repetition increases inner radiance, mental vigor and agility. Set a time aside each day to speak the Name of God using the Power of Repetition that leads you to God Realization! While the mind is being bound in the Name of God the Spirit is being freed in God!

380. God is all Names and no Name, so which one do you pick? The Name you pick should represent all of God, for a Name that is not all of God is part mighty and not Almighty. Is the Name you use to connote God Almighty or part mighty? Which name will you follow? There is only One God, but each Religion, Belief, Faith or Teaching has what is in actuality revealed to them as the Name and Form of God. The Name is being revealed in the languages of its people and interpreted by Holy Men and Holy Women, but sometimes by the ignorant and unenlightened. How can Humanity continue to attack One Name of God with another and create Unity?

381. The divisions made by creating separate Groups of Religious People are creating more separation among the people which is doing the Work of Darkness and Evil Deities instead of the work of Light for God. Not any one person or group has the exclusive Name of God. The name is the nature of that which is being named. The name gives dominion of attention. The Divine Name of God is the pure nectar of Bliss! The Power of Repetition of the Name of God brings the Mind automatically to one-pointedness. Dreariness is being overcome and your goals will stay in focus as you become one-pointed. Failure will leave your Soul and Joy within will fulfill you. Anxiety will vanish from your Body and your Mind when you are in One God.

382. Worship of God, Devotion to God and Meditating on God is a trinity of Spiritual Discipline that is the first step towards the acquisition of Wisdom, Detachment and Instruction. This kind of Spiritual Discipline is being carried out by remembrance of God in all you do; Spiritually, Mentally and Physically. One can carry out the Spiritual Discipline by reciting God's Word to cultivate a fertile field in the Mind for thoughts that gives God's Wisdom, Truth and Love. One can carry out the Spiritual Discipline by repeating of God's Name to purify the Spirit, the Mind, and to promote health in the Body. One must control an iconoclastic Mind!

383. Constant repetition and reflection in One's Meditations will keep the Power of God as a Shield from all Temptations, Evil Spirits and Impurities. Chanting, Praying and Singing will create a Shield to protect One from impurities sent by others in the way of actions, feelings, words, thoughts, erroneous knowledge, ideas, beliefs and images. Pick a clean place to do your Spiritual Disciplines. Be still neither moving nor looking around. Direct your Mind to be free from care. Position your body to be setting in a relaxed posture or perfect posture in this kind of Worship to God. You will become posed and balanced after a while with improved concentration. Your Spirit will be freed, the Mind will be cleared and the Body will be filled with Light. You make the difference in your Life!

384. One of the most used excuses that is being put forth by those who do not like Spiritual Discipline is, that they lack the time. We tell you that Spiritual Discipline is being done at all times, whether One is bathing, eating, waking, waiting, sitting or has a special time set aside to be wholeheartedly with God. How much time do you give to God? How many hours do you spend in gossip, entertainment, reading non truth literature, watching sporting events, watching T.V.? How many hours do you spend in shallow conversation that you do not remember even an hour later? There is no excuse for a lack of Spiritual Discipline. When One does not feed the Spirit Light, One becomes dim and dull! Do not be Spiritually lazy!

385. How many hours do you spend in watching films or doing nothing? If you did this Spiritual Discipline you would be better equipped to handle your Relationships, Work, Career, Goals, Desires, your Spirit, Mind, Body and your World of Affairs. You would learn how not to waste Time, Money, Power or your Life. Give Two point Four (2.4) Hours a Day to God exclusively and you will see miracles in your Life. Make that time, one hour in the morning upon wakening, fifteen minutes at noon and one hour at night before retiring. You will see Blessing of Light, Life and Love flowing to you. The Divine Name of God is being repeated by all kinds of people, of all ages, in all places, at all times and in all circumstances! Do Spiritual Disciplines or be Silent during your time with God!

386. Lead your Body, Mind and Spirit from Darkness into Light. Lead yourself from the Unreal into the Real, from the Untruth into the Truth, from the Lowest into the Highest and from the Transitory World into the Everlasting Life. Lead yourself from where you are now into the Great Beyond of God's Presence and At One With God. Take the responsibility of mastery in your Life. Spend some silent hours in Meditation to be still and know God.

387. Put your feelings and yearnings into your Spiritual Discipline. Do not let your Meditation be lifeless, mechanical or sound like a recording. Just as hours of shouting do not count, neither does unfeeling nor non yearning count. They have a lack of sincerity and depth that is being needed to reach God above the ordinary. Being with God is not ordinary for most people in the World. Be extraordinary because you are extraordinary!

388. It is noble to cry to God like a Child that cries for its Mother or Father. One that can not cry or be moved by the Word, Presence or Joy of God is a shallow or hollow Human Being in the illusion of not being a Child of God. Tears are not merely for washing the eyes or for sorrows and trouble, but for expressing the Joy, Bliss and Exaltation in God. A cry of Joy, Bliss or Exaltation can carry One across the Sea of Time, the Flood of Change and the Flexes of Life. The cry to God our Parent that is sincere can overcome the Objective World, worldly existence, worldly activities, and sensual desire. With God's Presence One can withstand the process of living which changes and turns with the Time and Space of Family, Name and Form. When you cry you are impressing your Emotional Body and Subconscious Mind. Make a Joyful Cry to God!

389. Once you make the breakthrough, God will appear in a Form and in a way you can understand personally. One can not count on the number of Holy Places visited or the quantity and cost of the offerings One has made to God. One ought to depend upon the depth of sincerity and feeling that One has for God. God will only respond when you have sincerity and feeling in your communications with God. If you are silent and do not communicate your free will to God, God will be silent and not answer.

390. God is deaf to those who call automatically, superficially or artificially. Do not count the hours spent in the Spiritual Discipline of being with God, but rather count the time you have wasted away from that open and direct contact and apologize. Keep the Name of God on your Tongue. Keep the Word of God in your Thoughts. Keep the Holy Spirit of God in your Soul and you can brave any calamity. God is your shield! God is your Light! God is the Word! God protects and guides those who depend on God as a child depends on its parents!

391. One has resilience in the Body, stamina in the Mind and steadfastness in the Spirit when One is in the Word of God and At One With God. What good is the Word of God or Name of God if the heart and Soul are impure? Injustice and discord are being spread because of this fault in Humanity: saying one thing and meaning or doing the opposite. That means that the tongue, head, heart and hands go in different directions. The Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path of Openness and Directness with God can heal Humanity of these and many other shortcomings and bring At One With God. The Teachings purify the Mind and lead One to God and create a Wisdom, Truth and Love for God in the Soul. Fill your Soul with the Presence of God's Victory, Maxim and Attraction!

392. Through the Practice of the Word and Name of God, God will bring constant remembrance of God within your Being and Mind to promote Wisdom, Truth and Love for all of God's Creation. One will see the Benefit in others. One will see the similarities more than the differences in others and throughout Creation. In the Next Age people will not laugh at these things we share with you as they do in this Age. Our Words are Power and have Power and are not just an assortment of sounds. Such Words enter the Heart and Soul to bring Peace, Contentment and encourage you. Is it not so ?

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