Book Seventeen
You Have No Boundaries

357. No one has seen God in God's entirety because One would have to be outside and beyond God to see God. This statement is not being fathomed by the Finite Mind which is under the Law of Limitation. The Infinite Mind has no boundaries and is God's Mind. You are in God's Mind when you reach the State of Godhood. Godhood is seeing as God sees from oneness in God. One must realize God is even beyond all Creation. The Divine Qualities and Form of God are not being pictured or imagined and can not be pictured or imagined, only experienced. That is God's Mystery that can only be solved by God to you when you are being At One With God. Do not try to create the things of Heaven they are already created. They are the Gifts of God to the Children of God beyond anything we can picture or imagine.

358. In your Light Body which is unseen is the Real Self, the Godman, the Godwoman or the God Self. It is One's Divinity, the true Soul which is Reality within the bodies of expression. The bodies of expression exist whether or not you are aware of them. The bodies of expression are the Physical, Etheric, Emotional, Lower Mental, Psyche, Higher Mental, Individual, Universal Body, Master Body, Transcendent Body of Light, Spirit Body and the Causal Body of Light known as the Holy God Self. The God Self is the Spark of God within One's own innermost Reality. The Light of God is in you right at this very Presence!

359. The God Self is the substance of all the Objective World, the Reality behind the appearances, universal and immanent in every Being. The God Self is inherently devoid of attachment. The God Self has no awareness of agency or of its own needs, nature or of its possessions. The God Self has no I, me, my or mine, but is the Great I AM. In your Spirit Body there is no death only Eternal Life of the Clear Crystal Fire Light. Memory is a function of the intellect, not of the Spirit. For the Spirit has Realization of All in God Consciousness. God is Presence!

360. The Spirit Body of Light is unaffected by all the changes of Time, Space and Circumstance. The Immanent Spirit is beyond the Body-complex abode. The Spirit is the mystery that is out of the reach of the Body-complex. The Body-complex which is the motivating force of the impulses and intentions of the Body-complex. The Spirit Body is the essential Reality of the Individual that is the Witness to Creation. The Spirit is the Witness, the Mind is the Creator and the Body is the Doer.

361. In Wisdom, Truth and Love you are the Master of the three and the Master of the Three Worlds that the bodies of expression exist in. You are the Child of God individualized as God expressing. Go within to God until you have the full Realization of what we have written in this Holy Book of the Church of Revelation. You will overcome the fears of lack of Love, Old Age and Death, of loss, of the unknown and the fear of non acceptance. All these fears are the weapons of the Evil Deities. Be fearless in the Presence of God!

362. All of what the Writer Tat is sharing with you is not for you to escape from the World or retreat to some remote place. It is to give you the Power in Life to live Life to the fullest of your God given abilities expressing in the World of Form and Appearances. The Truth is you have a definite part in the Divine Arrangement of God that no one or nothing else can replace or fulfill. You are a necessary part of Creation. You have great value. You are the Diamond of Great Price!

363. Only those who live in darkness are being separated from this Reality. Step into the Light! Only the Evil D

364. To succeed on The Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path follow and practice the Principles of the Teachings written in this Holy Book. Discipline the Physical Body and the sense perception to control action, vitality and agility. Restrain the Emotions and the Subconscious Mind to control desires, needs and wants. Concentration in the Lower Mind controls thoughts, goals and values. Self Control in the Soul controls experiential knowledge, understanding and the environment.

365. Devotional Practices of the Higher Mind give control of creativity, ideas and talents. Mind control of the Conscious, Subconscious and Super Consciousness as they merge together gives the ability to control Light, Imagination and Individualization. Practicing and acting out what we have just been given in the previous sentences is the actual conscious way to control your total Being and Destiny! God has given you dominion over the Earth and you are part of the Earth! Take your Dominion!

366. Furthermore, practice Spiritual Teachings and the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path with Spiritual Discipline that purifies the intelligence. Practice disciplined restraint of the waves natural to the Mind. Prevent the impulses that agitate the inner consciousness of Humanity and take control of agitations of your inner consciousness. Practice the conjunction of your faculties for a common purpose, such as being At One With God. Win and maintain a clear Mind!

367. Practice the process of eliminating the Mind and transforming it into an instrument for open and direct God Realization. Practice until you realize that you are the Child of God. Practice the regulation and reform of the impulses of Mind which run after goals that lead you down by the senses. Merge your Mind into the Music within that brings Harmony, Peace and Bliss until it fills your Consciousness. Do all these Things one at a time until they become Natural to your Daily Life, as Natural as Breathing. Practice makes you Perfect!

368. Even though many have come and gone saying that they would be faithful until the end, then doing otherwise, the Holy Mission of One God, One Humanity and One Life is not being stopped. Even though many have worked against it, our Faith, Love and Respect for God and this Holy Mission have never stopped. God has revealed this Mission to us open and direct through the Holy Spirit. The Wisdom, Truth and Love in the Presence are Greater than anything of this Transitory World of Appearances.

369. We are with God and God is with us. I am, says Tat, a God Man, I AM THE MIGHTY I AM PRESENCE of the Holy God Self. Tat is here for the Unity of One God for all Humanity and Eternal Life for all Humans past, present and future in the Clear Crystal Fire Light of the Holy Spirit of God! If you have not joined with us yet, please do so by practicing what be written in this Holy Book.

370. Some Masters, Saints and Holy Beings have come through the Human Race. Some Masters, Saints and Holy Beings have come directly from God to give Humanity Wisdom, Truth and Love. Is there any One of them that the whole Human Race has accepted? Many followers of the Great Ones have done the work of darkness by creating greater separations in Humanity by saying 'we have the only Way,' 'we have the only Name of God,' 'we have the only Wisdom,' 'we have the only Truth,' 'we have the only Love,' 'we are the chosen Ones' and 'we have the only God that is truly God.' Blessed Humanity will only be satisfied when each and every one of us has open and direct contact with God. That is why it is necessary to have the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path to God, open and direct as put forth in these Holy Teachings. That is why it is necessary for each one of us to seek for and reach open and direct contact with God!

371. The Writer Tat has wondered in the beginning of the founding of Astral Physics School and Church of Revelation, ÔWhat is the need for another Spiritual, Mystic or Religious School or Church when there are so many here on Earth already?Õ Through obedience to God and never wavering on the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path from its beginning in 1974, this Founder is being shown over and over again the reason for his Being. This Writer has been taken to many Masters, Saint and Holy Beings
and has been shown time again for the need of Oneness for all of GodÕs Children in the World!

372. This Work of God in the Church of Revelation and Astral Physics School is the answer to the Training we have received and are receiving. Many Spiritual, Mystic and Religious Organizations say there is One God, but they do not practice the Wisdom, Truth and Love of One God. These organizations practice separation by condemning others, fighting among themselves, denying the Masters, Saints and Holy Beings of other Spiritual, Mystic and Religious Organizations and they also commit racial and sexual discriminations!

373. The heights that you will reach through these practices will bring you rewards of the Spirit, Mind and Body. The Powers of your God Self will come to you as you reach the higher levels of Life that they operate on. Do not seek after Power, Sex or Money or the Gifts and Powers of God. Find the God given Talent of your God Self, your At One With God and what ever you need to fulfill your part in the Divine Arrangement. Seek first God and the way of being at service to others!

374. What you need is being revealed and being given to you when you are your Holy God Self. What you need is being revealed and being given to you through the words of this Holy Book. You will have Wealth, Health and Happiness. The Abundance of all Good Things will pour into your Life to such a degree that you will not have room to hold it all. Can anyone count the grains of Earth in the World, count the drops of Water in the Ocean, count the Stars in the Sky or the span to the distances of the expanses of God?

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