Book Sixteen
God Man, God Woman, God Self

339. When One reaches the level of the Existence Principle, At One with God merged into the Presence, One experiences and realizes that which is truth, reality, existence and that which suffers no change. The basic Wisdom, Truth and Love of the Universe is the Existence Principle. The Existence Principle is known within the depth of your Being. The Immortal Existence Principle, that persists in the Past, Present and Future, is unaffected by Time. The Immortal Existence Principle is an intricate part of your Being. You are pure Existence now and beyond the grave. The Existence Principle gives you the Power of Duration.

340. In the State of At One with God the Personality and Higher Self merge into the Over Soul, also known as the Universal Soul or the Sovereign Spirit. This is the Power of the Creator localized, Reality, the Universal Absolute from which everything emanated, in which all exists, into which all will merge. This State is subtle, conscious, Eternally Liberated, Eternally Illumined, Eternally Content and Eternally Conscious. This is Wisdom, Truth and Love itself and the embodiment of the Spiritual Teacher and the Spiritual Teachings of God. You are Forever!

341. Time is a third dimensional Mental Concept and in Reality there is no Time, only Presence. One is constantly moving in the Presence. You have never been in the Past and you are not going to be in the Future. You are being here and now in the Presence! The God Self Presence is the Teacher within. The God Self Presence is the Divine connection with God Almighty who is the Creator, Sustainer and Transcender of all that exists and beyond all Existence. The Eternal Self, the Supreme Light, Effulgence, Immanent, Transcendent Splendor, Boundless and Benign are shining into Infinity. This is the Super Effulgence of the Highest Revelation of God, all of which the Church of Revelation is being named.

342. The Revelation, that the Church of Revelation is named for is, the One God that is the Super Splendor of Illumination is the Highest Revelation. It is from this God Power and Light that your true Talents, Gifts and Powers shine. The Powers of Light shine into the Universe, the Creatures of Creation, all the Individual manifestations, Higher Mind, all Souls, into the Lower Minds, the Emotions, the Bodies and then into the World of Form. Your Powers and Gifts are being bound in Time, Space and Circumstance of the World of Form, after the line of expression just stated. All Creation is being supplied by the Bio-cosmic Plasma of Light efflorescence. You are the radiant Light of God with the Powers and Gifts God gave you!

343. The Power of God is simply the manifestation of the Divine Light which is the Creator of the Universe, on whom all of this Name Form has emanated. The Power of God shines in the Self, which is the Indweller of the Spirit, who has taken on the Mind and the Physical Body and manifested the Soul, yet all are One. God's Power is Clear, Clean, Indestructible, Effulgent, Shining without Attributes and God's Power is Superior and does not change at all. This Eternal Witness, the ever-inactive, the modification-less, the principle behind the Seer, is the embodiment of the Self that knows the Body, Mind and Spirit. God is expressing as Individuality, in you as you. From this State of Consciousness there is no opposition to the Law of All Possibilities in the One in whom we live, move and have our Being. You are the Self!

344. We are being created in the Image of God with the Divine Qualities of God innate within us. One can, through practice of the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path, bring these qualities to the surface of One's Being, Mind and Body. The Basic Rays of Gold, Blue and Red Light hold these qualities in the Manifest Unmanifested Light. The qualities for God in you are Gold, Blue and Red respectively. They manifest in trinities as Omniscience, Omnipotence, Omnipresence; Righteousness, Equality, Justice; Glory, Splendor, Fame; Majesty, Prosperity, Grace; Wisdom, Absolute Truth, Enlightenment and Tranquillity, Detachment, Composure. You are the Master of you threefold nature!

345. The One who transcends Duality and develops these qualities becomes the God Self. A man that develops such qualities is a Godman. A Woman that develops such qualities is a Godwoman. The One who develops Balanced Polarity in such qualities, the male and female polarity, and is in God, is a conscious God Self. Your God Self is an existing part of all God Selves. Bow to the Holy God Self within the heart of Your Being! Love and Respect the Mother Father God within your Being to reach the highest polarity balance!

346. Humans are first in Infancy, second in Adolescence, third in Adulthood and fourth Humans reaches the Godhead and God Consciousness, which is Spirithood. In the Final State of Being, Humans merge with God and reach Godhood. At first we are completely dependent on others for our survival. Second, Humans are independent, but still need supervision. Third, Humans are interdependent Individuals and learn to rely on one another. Fourth, Humans are being no longer individualized and become Universal Composite Consciousness. As the merging of a wave in the ocean from which each wave seems to differ. The fourth stage of Being is At One With all things when your Spirit touches God's Spirit.

347. The Human whose Spirit touches God's Spirit is then at the Stage of Liberation, devoid of all elusions, delusions and illusions. Humans then merge into the Throne and Source of God, from which there is no return to the limits of the World of Name and Form. The World of Name and Form is the realm of Embodied Beings. A Human becomes a Freed Spirit when the Human Spirit touches God's Spirit. Humans are then being Liberated from both the Darkness and the Light at the State of Liberation. Humans are then actually firm within the Clear Crystal Fire Light of God's Holy Spirit of Eternal Life. All these stages of Spiritual Evolution are being experienced while still being focused in a body on the Physical Plane of the Third Dimension by some Humans. You are a Wave on the Ocean of God Consciousness expanding into Infinite!

348. In the Divine Revelation of God, One is being liberated from bondage, independence or dependence on any thing or person. One is now being At One With God in all that is God. One is being liberated from the bondage of Birth and Death and enjoys the acquisition of permanent Joy and the attainment of At One With God. One is consciously liberated from the bondage of impulses and vibrations. One is free from the pulls of touch, taste, smell, sound, form and all that binds. One is actually conscious in the attachment of the ever-existing, ever-stable, ever-pure, ever-lasting Presence of God. One is getting rid of and free from the ever-changing, ever-unreal, ever-impure, Transitory World of the Physical, Emotional and Mental. One has freedom from the ever turning Wheel of the Life and Death Cycle that sweeps the non-liberated Human Being along. Be At One With God!

349. All the Great Masters, Saints and Holy Beings have demonstrated this State of Consciousness to Humanity; some more and some less. Just to touch the Clear Crystal Fire Light of God is to be a shining Beacon of Light into the World and for Humanity from God's Presence. You may think or feel that you can not reach this Stage of Evolution, but we tell you it is a matter of Evolution for the Children of God not a Revolution. For Hundreds of Thousands of Years Human Beings have been groping in the dark with the blind leading the blind because mankind keeps putting something between themselves and God. Some of Humanity has been blinding themselves to the Presence of God. Now is the time of the Divine Era of the Divine Civilization of the Children of God, open and direct contact with and in God as God expressing. You are God Expressing!

350. Most of Humanity has no description in its dictionaries for a God Self, Godman or Godwoman. That is why, at this time, God has sent Humanity the answer and description through the Writer Tat. God Self, Godman or Godwoman is a Being that is the unseen basic real Self. The Godman swings to the Masculine side of the God Self. A Godwoman swings to the Feminine Side of the God Self. The God Self is the Divided Soul of God within One's innermost reality behind the appearance and is universal and immanent in every Being.

351. The God Self has no awareness of vehicle or of its own needs, nature or possessions. It is imperishable and has no I, me, my or mine consciousness. It does not die like the body or mind. It is the essential reality of the originality of God and the witness, unaffected by change in time and space. The God Self is the motivating power of Life; the Transcendent Spirit in the complex of the Bodies of the Three Worlds of Creation. Be Selfless!

352. Tat has brought the description of the God Self to Light that you may know who you really are; a Child of God expressing with the Spiritual Heritage of God. You are a Child of God, Godman, Godwoman or God Self expressing with the Power over Darkness, Light, Real, Unreal, Wisdom, Ignorance, Truth, Lies, Love, Hate, Seen, Unseen, Life, Death, Being, Non Being, Creation and Destruction. You are a Child of God, Godman, Godwoman or God Self expressing with the Power of putting together and taking apart all that is on and in the Earth, Sea and Sky.

353. Now realize that the Sky does not end at the edge of the Earth's Atmosphere. We are truly Masters of the Stars and Beyond. We are all Children of God. The Godman and Godwoman are those that take the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path and give, live and dedicate their Life to God. The God Self is a Balanced Conscious Being that is the highest expression as God expressing. The God Self has the Male and Female within consciousness in the embrace of Love!

354. Do not idolize the Writer Tat or put the Writer Tat in some place above you, for the Writer Tat is equal with all the Children of God, God men, Godwomen and God Selves. Tat is equal with the Sons and Daughters of Mother Father God, the One Parent of us all. Tat is equal with God. We love you and all of God's Creation and have dedicated our Life to God by walking the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path. These words are to uplift you, to enlighten you, to reveal to you your genuine Nature as the Children of God and are not to glorify the Writer Tat. This would be the same mistake that Humans have made in the past. Instead of living as the Masters, Saints and Holy Beings have demonstrated Humans have put the Masters, Saints and Holy Beings in a higher place, somewhere out of reach. To God be the Glory. You are the Glory of God! You are the Master of the Universe!

355. There is enough food, shelter and substance for the basic needs of Humanity to go around for every one of us in Humanity to have Wealth, Health, Happiness and the Abundance of all Good Things. All we need is Right Distribution. The contamination of the present generation and the sins of the Fathers will have to pass away before all that Tat has shared with you can come to pass. Some of Humanity that is alive today will see the new World Order in God for the Divine Arrangement and Civilization of Humanity. Humanity can make a Quantum Leap in Consciousness into the Presence of God, when the Monopoly of the Consciousness of Humanity agrees. The Law is that the Majority Rules if they do not relinquish that Power to another. The Greater controls the Lesser is the Law of the Universe.

356. We can do it one by one, day by day through the practice of the Spiritual Teachings as individuals traveling the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path. Let there be War no more! From the beginning War has sacrificed the young and innocent and cannot bring Humanity into the Presence of God. War has never solved the problems of Life for Humanity. Fear makes One vulnerable. One by One we must overcome fear. The Trillions spent on War could have educated, healed and fulfilled the basic needs of every Human Being on the Planet Earth and assured the future of Humanity. Let it be God guiding, open and direct with Self Government for each Individual. Lead by example by doing the best that is in you, as you are guided by God!

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