Book Fifteen
Gifts, Powers and Creativity

311. Creative Power is the Power in Wealth, Health and Happiness. In God's Divine Arrangement, God is giving to each Individual Creation the Gift of Creative Power. From the infinitesimal parts of the atom to the collection of atoms in different molecular structures of Creation there exist Creative Power. From the smallest to the largest Creation this Creative Principle functions. There is a basic route of Manifestation. The Power comes from God to Spirit then Spirit into Mind and Mind animates Matter. If One lets out any one of these four aspects, One only has partial Power.

312. God gives to each Human Being a Talent or application of Creative Power. The Talent and Creative Power given by God are for Human Being to have Wealth, Health, Happiness and the Abundance of all Good Things on Earth. Whose Creative Power are you trying to fulfill, the Creative Power from God or the Creative Power of some other Human? It is better for you to seek your own Talents and Creative Power. Once you find you Talent and Creative Power, see how you can share it in the world to serve others and you will prosper.

313. Regard Oneself as a Child of God with a Divine Soul. One should know that One is worthy of being a Divine Soul only when One becomes able thoroughly to fulfill One's Divine God-given Mission. With the understanding of devotion to service to others in Creation, Humanity and God, One's Creative Talent is the Power to fulfill One's Mission. Selfishness says I am doing this for I, me, mine and my. The Enlightened Child of God can see and know, that it is serving others with Gifts, Powers and Creativity. The Child of God gives Service to all Humanity. That is the way to Wealth, Health, Happiness and the Abundance of all Good things to all Humanity. Those that are self serving find themselves alone, having taken from them what they have. Give of your Talent to all Humanity and all will be given unto you. You are the Creator Localized!

314. So many people are trying to fulfill someone else's Ideas, Creative Power and Systems from the Lower Mind without really being part of them. How pathetic! If you are just there as the means of survival, just to live and not fulfilling your Creative Talent, you are being robbed and the thief is yourself. Do not compromise your God-given Gifts, Powers or Talents for someone else, because you are trying to please them or just survive. You will not be happy until you are fulfilling your God-given Mission.

315. Go open and direct to God because God Loves you and God will reveal your Talents and Creative Power within. Do you think God is so weak that God needs someone else to speak to you? God is Being the Cosmic Vibration, the Word, the Sound and the Vibrations of All Creation. God as the Word is Singing through all atoms in Creation. God is Singing your Song in your Mind, Consciousness and Life. Listen to the Song of Creation and the Word of God will come to your Mind and Spirit much clearer. Hear the inner sound within and you will be Enlightened!

316. There is a Music coming out from within all Creation. When One goes Within, One is hearing One's Inner Sound, as a ringing inside that is not being heard by others from outside. When One knows the Inner Sound of Self, One can then differentiate all other Sounds of Creation, both inwardly and outwardly. One can hear the Song of God loud and clear when One reaches the Center of One's Inner Sound. As you listen to the Inner Sound, God can talk to you. It takes One being centered in the Inner Sound with complete attention on God alone. In the Center of the Sound is the Silence that swallows up all Sound. Be still and know God. It is not something you do. It is something you do not do. You do nothing but pay attention open and direct to God within.

317. In Meditation, being quiet, going within, it is at that moment One hears God's Voice talking, understanding will follow. The Inner Sound forms itself into a language that is being understood and can give One precise instruction from God. God also talks through One's intuition. Intuition is the first movement of Wisdom, Truth or Love for the Soul. Intuition comes before the Lower Mind goes into action with all its movements. Listen to the Inner Sound!

318. If you learn to listen to the Vibrations of Creation, after you reach the center of your Inner Sound, you will find it easier to hear God's Voice. By being persistent and not giving up until you get that response you will never be separate from God again. The Divine Inner experience will hold you in the Presence of God. It is sometimes hard to convince the Mind and Soul to persist until you succeed, because doubt creeps into One's Beliefs, but persistence will bring results. I will persist until I succeed!

319. The Prayers spoken aloud with Candles, Incenses and the Bell are the means of focusing One's attention, concentration, observation, meditation, contemplation, imagination and focusing Oneself, centered in the Universe. Esoterically such Prayers are vibrations carried on the particles of the Light from the Candle, which are kin to the Light of the Mind. They expand from the Candle's Light to God's Light, which is the finest most subtle Light. Prayers are vibrations carried on the smoke of the Incenses, that pick up the vibration of One's words and thoughts.

320. These particles are being carried then into the ethers, which holds the Forms of the Physical, then on to God holding the Forms of all Creation. Prayers are vibrations carried on the Bell's expanding vibrations, carrying the Prayers by expanding the Sound to the finest more subtle vibration of God Sound within the ethers. All are vibrations which will reflect from God back to the One Praying. Your Prayers take form as images on the field of Creation. The more of yourself you put in to the Prayer the more Powerful the Prayer is being answered!

321. The three; Candles, Incenses and the Bell are aids to the One Praying. A Holy Book of the Teachings or Scriptures is God's Word. The Teachings and Scriptures are being given to Humanity by a Human Being whose Life is being dedicated to God and lives for God. Reading before the Prayers is being made, is a way of putting the Mind into the vibrations of the Word of God. Reading puts the Mind into the right frame of Mind, so to speak. The Alter is a place to keep them and is a focus in the World, a point of contact, with God. God is everywhere Present, so a focus is a way to impact the Prayer in Time and Space.

322. An Alter can be in a Church, a Home or in the outdoors, in Nature. The Candle, Incense, Bell and Holy Book have no Power of their own. The Power is in the One that is focusing on God in the Prayer. These Prayers have more Power than casual Prayers that are being scattered and mixed with thoughts and distraction. Such Prayers give One a focus to be clear in making or taking the Prayer to God. Mother Father God, the One Parent of us all, will answer such Prayers! God will answer your Prayers!

323. Most people Pray only when they are sick, in trouble or for something to bring the satisfaction of their greed, pride or selfishness. Then when such Prayers do not get answered, they criticize God. Some people call God like a Dog. Fetch me this and that. They also say to God, 'Get on that person God for not doing things the way I want.' God, make them come here or go there or do this or that. God is Worthy of our Love and Respect! Love and Respect yourself and bow to God Within!

324. It also happens that many people do not get answers to their Prayers because they share them with non-believers which is taking them out of the Power of One. When we do God's Will and God's Desire, in the Divine Arrangement, God will answer the Prayer. One should see to it that the Prayer is Righteous in the Sight of God before they let go of the Prayer. Be in the Presence of God and never share your Prayers with those who do not agree with them. When we Pray it is not to order God around, rather to fulfill our genuine needs.

325. We keep apologizing to God for Humanity in this World, who are thieves in God's Eyes, exploiting God secretly over and over again. Such people do not Love and Respect God. As soon as they get what they want, they leave God's Presence consciously. The Truth is God is Ever Present and is always with us, even in the times of Darkness. Such people are hiding nothing, for all things will come to Light sooner or later. One should realize that Prayer is a Creative Power. Prayer is a way to create the things in Life for our every need. You use the Creative Power of Prayer consciously and in the Presence of God for all Good Things in your Life. Prayer is a way of selecting from all possibilities. In God all things are possible! Make the Call and the Call compiles the answer!

326. Faith is receiving before there is tangible evidence of it. Faith is believing in what One can not see before One's Spiritual Eye is open, then all things open to the Seer. Faith is belief without proof. Faith is trust, confidence and the awakening of the Spiritual Organ in the Heart and Soul. Faith is the personal realization of the Wisdom, Truth and Love of Divine Revelation. Faith is the Power of the Soul to see Spiritually the Light of God from the Inner Light of the Human Soul. Faith is allegiance to Duty, a Person, to Belief and Trust in God. Faith is something that is being believed in with strong conviction. Faith in Oneself and God is a vital part of Creative Power. Faith is the way to bind the Creative Process to that which is being Prayed for and Created. Have Faith and all things are possible with God for your Life. You can gain an unshakable Faith on the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path to God.

327. When One has Faith One is loyal, constant, steadfast, staunch, and resolute in all One does. Be Faithful in the practice of the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path to God and you are building a Power for an Eternity in your Life. Practice unwavering adherence to God with a firm resistance to any temptation to desert or betray yourself, others or God. Faith stresses continuing firmness of emotions and mind. Faith is being steady and unwavering in Love and allegiance with fortitude and conviction to Prayer, the Creative Process and to God. By having Faith One is a Loyal Member in the House of God and a genuine Child of God. When One creates with Spiritual Faith all things are possible. Have Faith, for Faith is an Eternal Power from God to God's Children. You do not create Faith you accept it!

328. One's Talent is individualized Creative Power that is productive and can bring into existence a New Form, Design or a different more efficient way of doing things. One's Talent takes Creative Imagination skill to be powerful. God has given to each One a Talent that fits in the Divine Arrangement, also known as God's Plan for Creation. A Talent is the natural endowment of a Child of God and special offering of creativity and artistic aptitude with intelligence and mental power in Spiritual Freedom. Your Gifts and Powers from God are being given to you. You do not have to pay for them and your Talent is also a Gift.

329. If you make a Free Will Choice to dedicate your Talent to God, God will increase your Talent. Faith is not only for your Wealth, Health, Happiness and Abundance of all Good Things, but will expand your Talent to serve the whole Human Race and Creation. Your Talent becomes a Gift to Humanity that will carry you on in the Mind of Humanity long after you have left the Body. Your basic Talent is being given for you as an individual, but your Gift is being given for the welfare of the Human Race and Creation. Your Gifts are being given to you so you can bring Happiness and Joy to Human Beings and so Creation can expand. There are Talents and Gifts from God for the Three Worlds of the Physical, Mental and Spiritual. There are special Talents and Gifts for each one of God's Children. You are a Child of God.

330. You become an Impostor when you try to fulfill someone else's Talent or Gift. Your Talent and Gift are subconsciously submerged in your Soul and Spirit when you are an Impostor. Your Talent and Gift are then being hidden from your Conscious Mind when you are an Impostor. Meditate! Go within and find your Talents and Gifts from God and live them. There may be one or many Talents or Gifts waiting for you at this moment. Within you, at this very moment, you have possession of a Talent or a Gift that is of vital importance to Humanity.

331. Your Talent or Gift may be the answer to solve some of Life's most serious problems, sickness or a Creative Power. Your Talent may be to expose a Power that can give to the Human Race the Power to make a Quantum Leap into the Presence of God. Spiritual Heritage restored may be your Talent or Gift to the Children of God. You may be the one who opens a new dimension of Life to Humanity, free from war, some disease or suffering.

332. When you reach your Spiritual Power through practice, you will have in your possession control, authority and influence of your Talents and Gifts. You will be able to perform your Talents and Gifts at Will under any circumstance. Spiritual Power gives One the ability to act or produces an effect at Will. When you gain Spiritual Power through practice, you will be strong, full of Energy and Light. You will have authority, sway, control and command in your Life. You will return to the God-given Power of Self Government and the Power of Dominion over the Earth, Sea and Sky and all that are in them. One can enjoy prosperity, when One acquires the true Spiritual Light of God in One's Talents and Gifts. Such a Spiritual Awakening of the Child of God brings an interlocking relationship in all the Three Worlds of the Spirit, Mind and Physical with God. Awaken Master Within!

333. When One offers a Prayer of gratitude for all that comes to One, One is being embraced with more Blessings of Good Things from God. Give gratitude, be it for good, bad or indifferent, from the bottom of your Heart. When One receives Blessings, One should offer another and yet another Prayer of gratitude to God. The pitfall is for the One who remains silent and indifferent to the things that come to One. The pitfall is, that One will not see the sign of foolishness which will results in the closure of the Spiritual Path. One will be blind to the thing that stops the receiving of Wealth, Health and Happiness. One will fall from the Presence of Light and wander in the Darkness at the mercy of Evil Spirits. Give gratitude for all things and be free in the Presence of God. In the Presence of God, One is receiving the Clear Crystal Fire Light of the Law of All Possibility. You are a Diamond in the Light of God!

334. Be honest to God, honest to yourself and honest to the World around you, from here to Eternity. Live up to the best that is in you and do not stop short of your full God-given expression of Creative Power. By doing your best then nobody, including yourself, can play guilt or shame games on you. You will have honor and be worthy of being honored by others. Be real, be genuine, be humble with integrity and in the uprightness of your Power you can succeed on Earth and in Heaven. Return to innocence as a Child of God as it was in the Beginning of Creation. Refuse to lie, steal or deceive in any way. You will trust yourself, you will trust others and you will trust God, because your Spiritual Powers will awaken in your Spirit, Soul, Mind and Body. Step into the Light and awaken from the Darkness of Separation from God!

335. As you reach this Extraordinary State of Consciousness, of the Spiritual Mystic, you will cross the line from the Natural to the Supernatural, from the Normal to the Supernormal, from the Darkness into Light. Your Super Conscious Powers are being revealed to you and you will enter the Diamond State of Consciousness of Clear Seeing, Clear Hearing, Clear Sensing and Clear Knowing. That which was being hidden from you is then being revealed to you. This is a Blessing and a Curse. A Blessing if you remain in the Presence of God. A Curse if you fall back into your little ego.

336. It is a Blessing because nothing is being hidden from you. A Curse because you will see what others really Think, Feel and Know about you. You must control your reactions, feelings, thoughts and Powers, because if you exercise things in the negative, you will fall back on the Spiritual Path. In the personality of the little ego you will perceive all things from a personal point of view, which is being limited. In the Presence you will see clearly how all things work for Good in God. You are Good or you could not read this Holy Book from God!

337. As an Initiate on the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path you will have Physical, Emotional, Mental, Psychic, Creative and Spiritual Initiations until you reach the Presence of God. This is the Spiritual Path that is being walked by every Human Being sooner or later. This is not an empty dream or simple scientific teaching. This is the Spiritual Teaching of the Child of God, by God open and direct. Your Soul will create itself, aided by God, on a Higher Plane of Light.

338. The Old will become the New again. You are being Reborn in Body, Mind and Spirit! God will impart instructions to you which will open the Doors of Heaven, which will enable you to penetrate the Realm of the Spiritual Being you truly are. You will rule your Spirit, Intellect and Moral Self while being in the Presence of God. You will realize yourself in all things as all things through Faith, Belief, Trust and Creative Power. You are the Smaller Creator on the Earth for Re-creation!

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