Book Twenty Four
Now is the Time for the Child of God

499. Now is the time for Families to encourage the Wisdom, Truth and Love in the Children and the older members of the family. Now is the time for the family to encourage open and direct contact with God, creative powers and talents in its members that bring the Divine Civilization into being. Now is the time for Mothers and Fathers to be as Mother God and Father God. Now is the time for parents to give unconditioned endless Eternal Love to the Child of God, that comes through them and is not their personal possession. The family units are the care takers of the Children of God. Now is the time of the Family of God to be whole again.

500. Now is the time in God's Divine Arrangement for the complete accomplishment of purification of the Souls of Humanity. Now is the time of the Baptism of the Clear Crystal Fire Light of the Holy Spirit. Now is the time when the Baptism of Fire is taking place for the Positive Ascension of the Spirit of the Child of God. This purification, which is a deep Spiritual cleansing of the Soul, is in order for all existences to go through Creation, Birth, Growth and Prosperity in God consciousness.

501. Impure Spiritual Essence is separation and darkness that descends to create the Material Plane and is being submerged in heaviness. The pure Spiritual Essence ascends and is clear and forms Heaven on Earth and is Light. When One is being bound in the heaviness of the Material Plane, there will result a forceful compensation. When One is being freed in the Spiritual Plane there is the Grace of God for that One. Now is the time to live in the Grace of God, live in Light and hide nothing. Now is your time!

502. The Time is ended for Humanity's inhumanity to Humanity. How pathetic it is that the Human Race thoughtlessly and sometimes knowingly accumulates impurities that result in forceful compensation. War, disease, misfortune and disasters in the lives of Human Beings are all being burnt up in Baptism of Fire with forceful compensation. Such forceful compensation brings Humanity to the purification of the Soul of each Human Being, but many times it sacrifices the young. The collective consciousness of evil thoughts, feelings, ideas and ignorance in Humanity is expressing its dominion over the Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ethers.

503. Now is the time that Humanity must come to the consciousness of Evil's dominion over the Earth and its effect on the Children of God and the World at Large. Now is the time for Humanity to take righteous control of disease, poverty, war, suffering and misfortune and overcome Evil's dominion. Humanity can take control by realizing its True God-given Dominion over the World by taking control of its thoughts, feelings, ideas and images, to overcome Death, Disease and Disaster. Now is the time for you to begin and continue your true new reason for being as revealed by God. You are an important part of Humanity!

504. The Child of God that is being awakened must do its best to demonstrate the Wisdom, Truth and Love of Dominion. The demonstration of Dominion is best being demonstrated by being At One With God. One should demonstrate sincerely, be obedient and be practicing the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path that is open and direct to God. The Deep Spiritual Cleansing of the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path is a process of Positive Spiritual Power, that creates a Positive Spirit in the Practitioner.

505. A Positive Spirit leads One to Wealth, Health, Happiness, Gifts, Talents and Powers that are being promised to the Children of God. This promise by God is through the Great Scriptures of the World. This promise comes from all the Great Religions and is being stated by the Great Religious Masters and Leaders from the Beginning of Time to the Present. This is the Wisdom, Truth and Love of God made manifest to the Child of God. Any promise God is making to any Human Being from the Beginning of Creation is a promise to you also!

506. The time is ended for the Human Being that lives its Life only for the satisfaction of flesh-centered actions, desires, thoughts, ideas, beliefs and images. Such things make a Human Being nothing more than animal human pieces of flesh. How pathetic some Human Beings have become, treating themselves and others as no more than a piece of meat. Such Human Beings are inferior, no better than the meat of a dead animal. Humans have sacrificed Humans since the ancient time and still do so in wars and business and even sacrifice unborn Humans, in the womb, to darkness and the Ways of Evil Spirits and Evil Deities.

507. Now is the time to cherish each Human Being as a Child of God. Now is the time to give each Child of God equality, freedom, compensation and prosperity. In the Spirit of God, Human Beings are all the same. In the Divine Arrangement of God, each Child of God has a Part to Play. That Part of the Divine Arrangement that can only be Played out by that particular Child of God made for it. This Truth is only being revealed to that Child of God, by God. Cherish yourself as a God expression!

508. Now is the time for the Child of God that is being awakened to live Life as a Spiritual Soul. Now is the time to live with One's first thought, feeling or action dedicated to the purpose of elevating their real Self. Be God Expressing! The Child of God that is being awakened, while in the flesh, knows and sees this World as Heaven on Earth where the Soul is being perfectly liberated. The Liberated Soul enjoys the Abundance of the World that God has provided for each Human Being, without exception.

509. The Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path is the esoteric and exoteric means for the people of the Earth being restored as Pure Souls. Human Beings are to be as they were in the Beginning of Creation without encountering serious compensation or retribution for the misdeeds of the past. Return now to Innocence, free from the misuses of God Expressing Life in Humanity. Now is the time for you who are reading this Holy Book to return to consciousness as a living Child of God and claim your Spiritual Heritage.

510. The time is ended for an Evil World of ignorance, untruth and lack of love, one for the other. The time is ended for the self-centered, egotistical, materially oriented World that must go through the Baptism of Fire for Spiritual Ascension. How much misery is being experienced by a person? Miseries like being arrogant, greedy, proud, accumulating sin and accumulating impurities, which is separation. How long must they endure until they realize that the time of Spiritual Baptism by the Clear Crystal Fire Light of the Holy Spirit of God has come?

511. Now is the time for the Child of God, being purified by the Clear Crystal Fire Light of the Holy Spirit, to keep proceeding forward on the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path. When will One learn not to slacken One's efforts day by day? Persistence on the Path brings Spiritual Wisdom, Spiritual Truth, Spiritual Love, Abundant Means, Perfect Health, Harmony and Prosperity. All the Powers are your Spiritual Heritage! Do not let another day go by without your God given Powers. Claim them now!

512. The time is ended for the Modern World of Humanity to go on forgetful of where Humanity came from, where Humanity is going and what Humanity has been given the Gift of Life for. Now is the time for all Humanity as a whole to realize that they were in the First Breath of Life in Creation. Humanity has become physically incarnated on the Earth as Humanity's part in the Divine Arrangement of God. We have incarnated on the Earth to learn to experience and express God and expand outwards in Creation.

513. We have incarnated to experience all Creation, even onto the very edge of Creation and Beyond. We are Ascending onwards beyond Time, beyond Space and the Stars into the Presence of God. Now is the time to receive the true and Spiritual Cleansing for all Humanity, for the first time in Human History. Oh, how thankful, blessed and happy we all will be when we change in a twinkling of an eye. We will change in a Conscious Quantum Leap and trade the corruptible Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit for the incorruptible Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit of Light.

514. In the Year 2000, let us be at the Moment One, Hour One, Day One and Year One of God and All Humanity firmly on the Path of Unity and At One With God. Let us began to Pray now that Humanity will be living in Wisdom, Truth and Love. Let every Calender and Clock in the World mark the Day and Time of that auspicious occasion and restart as Year One of God with Humanity in a new hour of Oneness. Let us Pray now until then for the rebirth of Humanity with God. Let the Millennium of the Divine Civilization of Humanity begin with shouts of Joy!

515. Let there be Enlightenment, Peace and Love. Let all the Borders of the World, Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit be opened. Let Humanity take its Righteous Place in the Divine Arrangement and the Plan of God. Let Right Distribution of the Worlds Abundance be. Let each Human Heart rejoice in the Power of Success on the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path of openness and directness with, in and to God. Let Humanity enter the timeless realm of Eternal Life while still on Earth. Let us all begin anew.

516. Time, Space and Circumstance as Humanity knows it are at their end and no Power on Earth can stop the momentum of that accuracy. All of Heaven is backing it. The Laws of Duration, Expansion, Contraction and Identification will take their place. The next dimension, beyond the Three Dimensional Perception, is awakening in the Perception of Humanity. Reverence, Devotion and Adoration to God are the normal Way of Life for the Child of God that takes the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path of openness and directness. Concern, Cherishing and Benevolence from God, to the Child of God, are some of the rewards. Be of Service and be Loyal to God, the Path, others and yourself. The Love of God will fill your Life, beyond measure. You are success unfolding as a Master of the Light!

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