Book Fourteen
Balanced Polarity Mystic Union

282. The Mystical Union is basically when two become as one. In the context of this writing the writer is referring to the merging of One's Individualized Spirit with God's Spirit. The degree of the Mystical Union will be in the degree of Expanded Consciousness in the Spirit of God. God has given you the basic substances of Creation. God created all things for God's pleasure. Your Spiritual Heritage is being the Smaller Creator localized. The Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ethers, Light and Life are all yours to create with. Mankind is acting as the Destroyer of the World rather than the Creator of Heaven on Earth. Be the Creator of your Life by taking Mastery of Dominion!

283. Just look what Mankind has done to the Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ethers, Light and Life that is being given by God. Notice the word Mankind is being written in the place of Humanity in this writing. When we say Mankind we are emphasizing the Masculinity of Humanity. Man has dominated the World and puts Woman in a lesser place. Without Wombed-man there would be no Children for Humanity. Without Mother God there would be no Divine Children of God and the visible Universe. The visible Universe is being held in the Womb of Creation by Mother God. Love Mother God!

284. There must be an understanding of the equality of the sexes for One to understand the Power of Mother Father God in One's Self and Humanity. In each man there is a Female Polarity and in each woman there is a Male Polarity. The Female and Male Polarities must be in harmony and have balance. In most people's consciousness, one of the two polarities is dominant. The Godman and Godwoman learn to Balance the Male and Female Polarities within their Body, Emotions, Mind, Soul and Creative Power. The ruling Male Polarity is the hidden Aggressor in Humanity which is always seeking control by domination, even to the extent of going to war.

285. The Female Polarity of Humanity is using diplomacy to control. Mankind sees diplomacy as a weakness and thinks Might makes Right, which is the Way of Darkness. The Wisdom, Truth and Love are Right makes Might which is the Way of Light. One's misfortune, which is not being solved by any method of Healing, is now being eliminated by the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path of being open and directs to God with Male and Female polarity balance. Man should love the woman within and woman should love the man within!

286. There must be a balance of Male and Female Polarities, genuine consideration and appreciation of Mother Father God. There must be genuine consideration and appreciation in all One's acts, deeds, thoughts, understanding, creativity and individuality as God expressing. Now is the time to reach the altitudes of Spiritual Freedom with the attitude of placing the priority on Service to God which brings genuine happiness to Humanity. By practicing the Teachings One can maintain this attitude so One can enjoy a Life of everlasting Wealth, Health and Happiness. You can dissolve your Body's, Mind's, Soul's and Spirit's impurities only in the Clear Crystal Fire Light of God's Holy Spirit. You no longer need to suffer from an imbalance on any level of your Being.

287. The first step in the Mystical Union is to purify the Soul so it can merge consciously with One's Individualized Spirit and realize God within. The second step is to merge consciously One's individualized Spirit with the Soul of Humanity, seeing God in each Human Being. The third step is to merge consciously the Individual Humanitarian Spirit with the Soul of Creation and find God in all Creation. The final step in Mystical Union is to become One with God Consciousness in the Power of God before the World was. This final state of God Consciousness is not being explained or described by human words. God Consciousness is the Realization of the God Self.

288. In the Mystic Death, the World is being swallowed up in the Vision of Darkness, the descent to Hell and the Ascension into Heaven. Then One comes to the Realization of the Conscious Presence of God. After an experience of the Presence, One's Consciousness returns to the Physical Body and One perceives from the Higher State of Awareness as God expressing. All of the steps of the Mystical Union and the Mystic Death this Writer has experienced directly. Tat is the first Spiritual Mystic. There are now and have been many Spiritual People and many Mystics from all the Religions and Teachings on the Planet, but Tat is the first Spiritual Mystic.

289. Tat has trained Spiritual Mystics since 1974 in the Astral Physic Nine Month Training. Tat is not separate from Humanity, but the Awakening of the Sleeping Power in Humanity of the Genuine Children of God. The Awakening that Loves and Respects God's Presence in all things as all things, seen and unseen, manifested and unmanifested as well as the Beyond. When One reaches God's Presence and merges with God in the complete Mystical Union, it is then referred to as the Mystical Marriage or being At One With God. You have nothing to fear for God is with you.

290. We can only proclaim that the Divine Era of the Divine Civilization is here and now when the genuine essence of dedicating One's Wisdom, Truthfulness and Loving Nature to God is True. When the Spiritual Training of practicing the Wisdom, Truth and Love has ended and becomes natural, it then changes the Individual. Be of Service to God. God talks to you when you are doing God's work and you should talk to God constantly. Tell God every thought and express every feeling that comes to your Mind and Emotions. Say to God, 'reveal Your Self to me in a way I can know and understand.' Do not take God's Silence for an answer. Live in expectation of fulfillment and you will be fulfilled.

291. In the Power of the One God in whom we live, move and have our being we send you a Blessing and a Curse. It is up to you as an Individual to choose either the Blessing or the Curse. The Blessing. "God Bless the Children of Light, may they have Wealth, Health, Happiness and Prosper long upon the Earth, doing the Goodly Works of God. May they continuously live in God's Light of Wisdom, Truth and Love. May they be Enlightened and Ascend to God consciously when their time on Earth is completed." The Curse. "God Damn the Children of Darkness. May they have all that they have ill gotten be taken from them.

292. May they suffer and be filled with unrest and not let to enjoy their fallen Life. Show them graphically the errors of their ways until they decide to stop what they are doing with their actions, feelings, words and thoughts and return to the Path of Light and God's Presence. May they then enjoy their Spiritual Heritage and be Blessed. Never curse a condition is the best Spiritual advice, but if you are moved by God to do so always include a Blessing of Light. Do not leave anyone or anything in Darkness or it will incur forceful retribution. It is always better to Bless and Love it Free!

293. Some of you may wonder why the Head of a Holy Church and a Spiritual Mystic School would write such a Blessing and Curse. When you read them, how did it make you feel? There are some people in Spiritual work whom One would count as their friends and will have supported for Years with Prayers, Intercessions and One's God given Gifts and Powers. Some of these so called friends will have taken the lies and distortions of themselves and others to stop the Work of God with good intentions. It seems strange that in all the Spiritual and Religious Organizations of the World there is such a problem with those that do the Work of God.

294. We make this point to show you that this is something that has gone on in all the Spiritual and Religious Organizations of the World working for God from the Beginning of Time. We make this point because One must always be aware that the Evil Deities seek the Destruction of Humanity and God's work through Humanity. This Truth is being shown in all the Scripture and Teachings of Religion and Spirituality. Those that raise you High, will throw you down to the Lowest when they fall away from the Path. This is a sign that they need help because they are being influenced by Evil Spirits. There is Good and Evil Blessings and Curses. Nothing can gravitate to you unless you have that in you. Be Pure and be Blessed!

295. It may seem stranger still that we are still to Love them and Pray, Intercede and use our Gifts and Powers for them as well as all Humanity. We have never left them; they have only denied God's and our Presence with them. The Fallen Ones are perverting the Wisdom, Truth, Love and Power that is being given them through apathy, misleading, greed, pride, ignorance and out of their own misfortune of the Past. We are to continue to hold them and all Humanity up to God and Pray for the Light to penetrate their Darkness until they are Ascended and Free. In this way no Human Soul is Lost. This message of saving every Human Soul is our reason for coming to the Planet at this time. Tat and the Church of Revelation is an Important Part of the Divine Plan of God for Humanity as a Whole. In God's Plan and Divine Arrangement, You are an important part!

296. The Forces of Darkness have come against the Children of God in the Past, especially the weak Ones and the Workers for God. This attack will continue until the Dark Forces are being returned to the Presence of God Almighty. Both Darkness and Light will exist until we overcome duality and we reach the Clear Crystal Light of God's Holy Divine Being. Do you not know that is the Final Mission and Victory for the Children of God, to overcome the illusion of separation from God? The closer we come to the completion of this Final Mission and Victory, the harder the Dark Forces will fight. They will fight until they surrender to the Clear Crystal Fire Light of God's Holy Breath of Eternal Life for all of God's Creations. All things perfect as they where when God first created them. Do you think God can create less than Perfection? God's Will and Desire are for our Eternal Life in God.

297. Some entertain the Forces of Darkness as they do in the Dark Arts, Black Magic and voodoo. This will not give anyone the Wisdom, Truth and Love of God. Continue to give what you are being given by God to do; no matter how many, even into the millions, denies you and your Mission of Light. They may lie, deceive and mislead others, but you are Spiritually Righteous in the Sight of God. Put our Eternal Life to the task that God is giving you. We ask you to look to God for the Truth and Answers. Look in your own heart for the Truth of what we have said, are saying and writing in this Holy Book of the Church of Revelation. The Writer Tat has only convey, what the Holy Spirit of God has dictated. Let there be Light!

298. The Human Race will not only have to answer for the Children of Darkness, but also will have to answer for the attitude of silence and apathy of the Children of Light. When One refuses to see or ignores the Wisdom, Truth and Love, One puts blocks in One's Spiritual Path that are very difficult to overcome. Such a block in One's path can last for years and cost One Progress, Wisdom, Truth, Love and Friendships. That is not the worst of it blocks can cause One to drift further from God. Such persons also affect the progress of others with their poisoned Acts, Feelings, Words, imperfect Knowledge, erroneous Ideas, misused Creative Power and Spiritual misleading. On the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path you are the Master of Darkness and Light because you are beyond duality and stand in the Diamond of the Clear Crystal Fire Light of God's Pure Oneness.

299. Genuine Knowledge, gained through Wisdom, Truth and Love, is of and in Spirit alone. Such Powers are not being acquired in any other way except through the levels of the Higher Mind and Higher Consciousness. These are the only fields of Consciousness in which One can penetrate the depths of the Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresence of the Omnibeing God in the Absolute and Ultimate Reality. One who carries out only the Laws established by Human Mind, who lives that Life which is being prescribed by the code of morals and their fallible legislation, chooses as a Guide a lesser Light.

300. That is the Light that shines in an Ocean of Mind's entanglement with Matter and Glamour. The Lower Mind of passing emotions and thoughts only lasts as long as One's Life while on Earth in the Physical Body. Infinite Intelligence is for Eternity. When you give up the limits of your Intellectual Mind, you are reaching Universal Mind. When you give up the limits of Universal Mind, you reach into the Infinite Intelligence. As you expand in Infinite Intelligence you reach towards the Mind of Pure White Light. When the oscillations of Mind are being overcome you are in Open and Direct Perception of God Consciousness.

301. The Laws established by Human Mind, without God, are temporary delusions that last only while One is on Earth in the Physical body. Such Laws are necessary for the Life and welfare of the outer Physical Little Ego alone. Such a Master as that, that leads in this way however, will part on the threshold of Death of the Body. How much more Joyous is the Life of One that practices the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path and Reaches God Consciousness. The Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path is open and goes direct to God, while living on the temporary objective level of consciousness. The temporary objective Life is performing the duties of daily Life, carrying out every law of One's Country, and rendering, in short, to Caesar what is Caesar's. As a Master, One dedicates all One is to God and lives in the God Consciousness.

302. One that leads a Spiritual Mystic Life of permanent existence of Everlasting God Consciousness, a Life which has Conscious Ascension in the Presence of God, has no breaks, no gaps, no interludes in Consciousness. Not even those periods which stop along the way on the long Spiritual Journey to the purity of Spiritual Life and the return to the Godhead. The elusion, delusion and illusion of the World and the Lower Transitory Mind of Humanity disappear like a Veil that is being lifted on the Spiritual Mystic Path. One is being allowed to live in the Goodly Company of God's Presence of Masters, Saints and Holy Beings when the Veil is lifted. One, as Master, lives in the Powers of the Wisdom, Truth and Love of the Ultimate Reality of God Consciousness. To stay in your limited Mind of Ego is like being trapped in a drop in the Ocean. Let go and let God!

303. When One suppresses One's selfishness and little ego then there will be a great success in knowing Oneself behind the Veil of Mind and Emotions that are being entangled with the Transitory World. Change is the chief originator of pain, suffering and death. One who has shed the Lower Self and becomes the Higher Self stands beyond all pain, misery and change by being in the constant Presence of God. In the Presence of God all things are the same, today, yesterday and forever. One begins to flow with Life instead of making and meeting abrupt changes. One's Body will be subject to change, but One will live beyond and outside the Body as its Master. What we are saying is not to experience the Body, but to enjoy it as long as you have it. One will then experience Everlasting Life even now while in the Transitory Plane of Life as One moves, through practice, to God Consciousness.

304. These things are actually consciously achieved by development reached through the practice of the Teachings of unselfish Wisdom, Truth, Love for God's Humanity and God's Creation. One succeeds by suppressing the personality of selfishness which is the cause of separation and consequently of human suffering and sorrow. Being in the Higher State of Consciousness means the preventing of illnesses and disasters caused by the disturbances of Evil Spirits.

305. The Evil Spirits that disturb remain hidden in order someday to cause revenge on the Soul and Spirit of Humanity through the weakness of the Body, Emotions and Mind. You become the Master of the Body, Emotions and Mind instead of their victim. Eventually you will be in Oneness and have Power over Darkness and Light when you reach the Transcendent Diamond Mind within your own God Self. You are the Master for the Mind, not the Mind's servant!

306. Tears of Joy never cease running from my eyes because of the limitless gratitude to God for being allowed to open the Spiritual Eye of Individuality. Although there are many Religions and Teachings, until the Synthesis of Teachings of the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path, we have never found a Spiritual Path like this one that stands Transcendent of Duality. A Spiritual Path that can solve Spiritual Disturbances and problems of One's Transitory Life so completely with the help of God. Without the Spiritual Mystic Path, we could not have Mastered the way to save our Family, Friends, Students, Loved Ones and give the Path to Humanity being saved in this Lifetime.

307. We have become acutely aware of the Transitory World and expanded our Scope of God Consciousness. The World of Wisdom, Truth and Love made by Mankind is the Adverse Way. We have at present finally grown into the Child of God free of the illusion of separation. We are a Godman who can radiate God's Golden White Crystal Light of the Wisdom, Truth and Love of the Holy Spirit of God to all Humanity. We say we as we speak from Collective Consciousness. This may seem odd to say we to the Ego Personality because it is being bound in separation! We are all that are awakened, ascended and free in the Presence of God!

308. Thank You God, Praise You God, We Love You God for graciously granting us the Spiritual Awakening before many others. How horrible it is that there are so many people who have been living on and in adversities. Some live in their ignorance of the influence of Humans and themselves, that are being influenced or being possessed by Evil Spirit. Such Evil Spirits whose purpose it is to disturb Humanity on the Spiritual Path of Eternal Life. Such Evil Spirits in Human Form use Death, Disease, Suffering, Disaster, etcetera, which are the illusions of separation, to control others. After a long period of absence from open and direct contact with God in Human History, the Masters who will lead this and the next Generation of Humanity have and are now appearing on Earth. Bow down to God in you as you and Love, Respect and live out the Best in you!

309. How joyous it is to be able to experience Wisdom, Truth and Love from the bottom of our heart. Joyous is it to give gratitude to God for the learning of these Teachings from God to all Humanity. Let every one of us that read and practice these words written in this Holy Book and dedicate our Life to save and awaken others as long as we are on the Earth in the Body. Be the Seer that leads the blind from Darkness into Light. Be the Seer that leads others from the Untruth to the Truth. Be the Seer that leads others from Death, Disease and Suffering to Wealth, Health and Happiness. Be the Seer that leads others to the abundance of all good things in the Eternal Everlasting Life in God Consciousness, now and forever. Awaken Master within! Awaken to your Spiritual Heritage!

310. How could God desert One or leave One without Salvation when One fully dedicates One's Life as a living sacrifice for compensation to God? God does not want a dead sacrifice. There is no way to recompense enough to God Who allows One to experience all the Good of Life and the Joy of Being. Awaken, Child of Light, for the first time to the significance of Life through attainment brought about by the practice of the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path. Awaken Child of Light, for the first time, to the significance of Life that brings One openness and directness with, in and to God. Be At One With God now! Make your Mind up to have Wealth, Health, Happiness and the Abundance of all Good things. Make your Mind up at this very moment to be with God! Make your Mind up at this very moment to experience the Mystical Union with God!

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