Book Twenty Six
Wedlock and the Holy Place

535. The Love between a man and a woman is the practice of unity, procreation and the expression of enjoyment of Love for One another. The Sexual Act is being performed, not for sense gratification, domination and lustfulness, but for polarity balance and a productive outcome. The Sexual Act should be a performance with a productive outcome such as unity, to create an offspring as God expressing and the fulfillment of Love for One another. God is being in the Spirit, Mind and Body of a Lover. Humanity has lost the true Sexual Experience. The Life in the Sexual Act is being stolen by the Forces of Darkness. In the Next Age the Children of God will find True Sex again filled with Love, Light and Life. The Sex Act is being a performance in God's Presence and in the Light of God. The Sex Act should not be in the darkness of hiding and separation.

536. Nor should the Sex Act be a demonstration for others. The Sexual Act starts with the Spirit then the Mind before the Bodies is being joined. Once intercourse begins the merging of bodies, emotions, minds, souls, creative power and individuality take place. The Sexual merging is to be practiced by the Lovers. Once the Spirit and Minds of the Lover are one, then the practice of merging the bodies, emotions, lower minds, souls, creative powers and individualities is completed. The Lovers merge each level one by one. In the final step the Lovers become one with God. The full Sexual Act may take much time to complete, but each time the fulfillment is being greater. There are few Human Beings that reach this height of Sexual Fulfillment.

537. At the climax of the Sexual Act the two should be as one Flesh, one Mind, one Spirit in Oneness of God. The Two are being elated, radiant and energized when the Sexual Act is being done in Oneness. As step down transformers of Light, Spiritual Energy is being exchanged on each level of the Sexual Act when the Two are merging. The Spiritual Energy is for the development of developing Human Beings while still on Earth. The Sexual Act when done outside Wedlock is Unholy.

538. Wedlock is the conscious joining of a man and a woman, representing the balance of male and female polarities with a neutral person that brings the Power of God into the relationship. A neutral person is a Minister or Holy Being. Wedlock is a special kind of Spiritual, Social and Mutual relationship between a Husband and Wife. Wedlock creates a Holy and Legal documentation for the purpose of founding, nurturing and maintaining the family. The Family is the basic unit of Humanity where the Child of God is Protected and Grows.

539. The Wedding Ceremony, Attendant Festivities and Formalities are for the purpose of the merging of the families and friends of the couple entering into Wedlock. The period after the Wedlock activities, is being known as the Honeymoon, which is from the time of one Moon to the time of another Moon. This period of time is for the Husband and Wife to practice merging on every level of their Beings. The Honeymoon is for creating genuine unity, the success of an interdependent Family Structure and the success of the Wedlock.

540. To be in Wedlock as a Child of God is to pledge security of a marriage on all levels to One another. Marriage is the practice of Wedlock physically, emotionally, mentally, soulfully, creatively and spiritually. None of these levels of merging can be Created outside Wedlock. When the Child of God is in Wedlock with God it is being called At One With God in a Spiritual Mystical Marriage. Some may have carnal sex, but it is not fulfillment and will fade as night fades before the Morning Sun. Carnal sex is temporary while the True Sexual Act lasts forever in the Lovers!

541. By the practice of the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path, the Child of God becomes Holy. Now we would have you make a Holy Place where you can meet God in a sanctified and consecrated focus of the Clear Crystal Fire Light of the Holy Spirit. There is no proven method for any Human Being to produce the Clear Crystal Fire Light. The manifestation of Clear Crystal Fire Light in a focus is totally at the discretion of God. Do not let others try to convince you otherwise with their psychological or metaphysical tricks. Do not mistake the Light of the Aura of things as the Clear Crystal Fire Light of God. The Light of the Aura is being qualified and modified by the person, object or thing from which it shines.

542. The True Light of God gives to the Child of God the Gifts and Powers. The True Light of God gives Instruction, Illumination, Purification, Renewed Life and the Power of the Presence. The True Light of God gives Healing in the Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit of the Child of God. The True Light of God gives Healing in the family, relationship and with other Human Beings in the extended family of God. The True Light of God gives Miracles and anything else that God has to give to the Child of God without exception.

543. A Holy Place is the Best Place, but not the only place, for Communion with God and a place to receive the Clear Crystal Fire Light of the Holy Spirit from God. The Child of God should make every effort to cleanse the Body and keep a clear, open and silent Mind went they are in the Holy Place. When One is being cleansed the Holy Spirit of God can merge with the Spirit of the Child of God. This does not mean that God will not come to One, otherwise. Remember the Law of Alike Attracts Alike. Any offering is being made of One's own Free Will and not for the gaining of favors. Revere your Mother and Father and if they have fallen this will lift them up towards God.

544. Do not create any Images of God to focus your Mind upon for such Images will create a limitation of God. Look only to the One Almighty God and God will manifest to you in a way you can know and understand. Expand the Light from your focus to your family, relations, friends and neighbors. The True Light of God gives Healing in the World to have Wisdom, Truth and Love flowing in it. Expand the Light from your focus to the World and all Humanity to have Wisdom, Truth and Love Light flowing in and through them. Peace and Love without Wisdom lack in Power!

545. The Clear Crystal Fire Light can not come if One steals, lies, deals falsely with another, swears by God falsely, commits sex outside wedlock, commits perverted sex or defrauds another Child of God. The Clear Crystal Fire Light can not come if One commits murder, bears a grudge, takes vengeance, does not accept or does harm to the afflicted. The Clear Crystal Fire Light can not come if One commits injustices, defiles Creation, eats poison, does things to destroy the Body, Mind, Soul or Spirit of Oneself or another Child of God.

546. If One commits any other act of separation, We tell you the Wisdom, Truth and Love, the Clear Crystal Fire Light can not come to that One. It will take forced retribution to clear One if One does evil acts over and over again. It will be harder for the Child of God to recover from such evil things. Repeated separations will erode the Soul of the Child of God and it will lose confidence in itself. None of these things are of Light and Love! Be you a repenting Spirit and be saved from such things!

547. One must purify Oneself, change One's ways of expression and seek never to return to the limitations of the Past. Such acts, feelings, thoughts, beliefs or images of the Past can Bind One in Non Reality. Do abstain from such things for the purpose of keeping the Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit pure, healthy and open so they can be the receptacles of the Holy Spirit. Be as an empty cup waiting to be fulfilled. Be open to the Clear Crystal Fire Light of God that gives Wealth, Health, Happiness and the Abundance of all Good Things to every Child of God. One is not the Body, Mind, Soul or Spirit. Rather One is the overseer of these bodies and uses them to express the True Self, which is the individualization of God expressing. Sooner or later you will have to give up the Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit. They will return to their kind and you will return to your kind, God. You are God expressing in Creation!

548. Only the Holy can create a Holy Place. Be Holy as a Child of God expressing when you make a Holy Place to meet God. When you pay attention to God, you are Holy at that moment, in the Presence of God. One can not pay attentions to God without God being present in One's Spirit, Mind and Body that are the Wisdom, Truth and Love of the experience. If One makes an Altar in a Holy Place, remember it is for the focus of the Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit.

549. In the focus of a Holy Place and on the Altar, One should not put, say or do things that are not Holy before God. Do not put anything unholy on the Altar unless it is for the purpose of being purified by the Holy Light of God that is being manifested when One creates the Holy Place. Do not expose the Holy Place to the unholy non believer. Enter the Holy Place with Reverence and a Joyful Sound unto God our Lord. Keep the Holy Place clear and ready for contact with God all the time!

550. Singing, Chanting, doing Mantras and Prayers and alike are good to clear the atmosphere of the Holy Place and One's mind and emotions. Incense, Holy Blessed Candles and a Sacred Bell, are being used only to summon One to the Consciousness of the Presence of God and maintain One in that Presence. One is not summoning God, God is already here, where ever you are at. Read the Scriptures, Holy Teachings and practice the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path when in a Holy Place.

551. All these things strengthen the Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit. Always enter the Holy Place with Love and Respect for God and the Holy Place. Do not expose the Holy Place to the unholy or a non believer, unless they have come for the Conversion of Life, Light and Consciousness to God. One can not try God. One can only accept the Truth of the Reality of God Presence. God will always be in the Holy Place for you, without exception.

552. On the first day that a Holy Place is being established there should be two or more Holy Children of God to proclaim the Convocation. An offering of Prayers to God is being made at that time. That day is being set aside for the time to be with God exclusively. The Convocation should be special for the purpose of the Holy Place only. There can be a meal given for the Children of God to enjoy and mark the day or they can fast if they so desire.

553. Fasting heightens awareness by freeing consciousness from the body. The longer the fast the higher in consciousness One goes. On each of the six other days for a week following the Convocation, One should make special offerings of Prayers to God in the Holy Place. One can burn Incense, light Blessed Candles, ring Sacred Bells, recite Scriptures, practice Meditation and practice the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path in the Holy Place on these six days. Practice after the six days to keep the Holy Place filled with Light.

554. An Altar is being set up for these purposes, as a focus and a place to set the Incense, Candles, the Bell and Holy Books. Two candles are being used to represent Mother Father God. The Mother God Candle on the Right side as you face the Altar and the Father Candle on the Left side. Keep the Altar simple so it does not distract from the true purpose of being At One With God. Incense is a pleasing scent for pleasing attention to drive away evil smells, evil spirits and is a flattering fragrance for God. Incenses are being burnt to inflame passion and emotions for God and to arouse indignation towards the unholy.

555. Incense brings Darkness to Light. Candles turn Darkness into Light. The Candle represents luminous intensity expressing examination of Form. The sacred Bells send harmonious vibrations through the air and ethers. A Holy Book helps to turn the Mind towards God. All these things aid in making contact with God. None of them is being needed, but they can be of service to you in your quest to contact God. Do not be bound by Spiritual Regalia! Use Spiritual Regalia the some as you use the Body, Emotions and the Mind!

556. The Holy Place is a safe place to expose the subtle fields of the Body, Emotions, Mind, Soul, Creative Power and Spirit. The Holy Place is a safe place to expose the subtle fields of the nervous system to the increase of Light. In the Holy Place One can correct and change the Body, Emotions and Mind if they are negative or uplift and enhance them if they are positive. The Child of God needs a Holy Place in the World of illusion, delusion and elusion to find the Wisdom, Truth and Love of God. The Child of God needs a Holy Place to meet with other awakened Children of God. The Child of God needs a Holy Place to be made strong in a Holy Life.

557. The Child of God needs a Holy Place to help other people come to the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path that is open and direct to God. The Child of God needs a Holy Place to be instructed by God undisturbed. The Child of God needs a Holy Life and Holy Place to live its Part in the Divine Arrangement of the Divine Civilization of Humanity. The Holy Place is a focus of Heaven on Earth and being At One With God. The Holy Place is a Point of Contact with God! Make your Home a Holy Place by living a Holy Life within its walls! For the Greatest Spiritual expression, live Life without walls of any Kind!

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