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Description: Healing of the Physical, Emotional, Mental, Psyche, Creative, Spiritual and Universal Bodies. To bring the teachings of all Avatars, Masters, Saints and Holy Beings, since the Beginning of Time to the End of Creation, for the purpose of Mastery through the Holy Spirit and God Consciousness. Human, World and God Relationships; Enlightenment through Spiritual, Mystic, Psychic, Esoteric, New-Age, Yoga, Spiritual Science and Mystical Science. To aid in the development of Self Expression, Self Esteem, Self Talk, Self Awareness, Self Help, Self Discovery, Self Motivation, Self Actualization, Self Mastery, Self Consciousness, Self Management and Self Realization. Belief and Dominion over the Earth, Sea, Sky and all that is in them. To learn Human and Spiritual Development, New Thought, Empowerment, Recovery, Paranormal, Cognitive Science and Human potential. Astral Physics School presents our Daily Practice.

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Astral Physics School presents our Daily Practice. This is the practice that Tat used to attune to his Light Body.Tat's Books are also here in their entirety. Tat believes knowledge is more important than money. The True Knowledge does not cost anything, it is Self Realized through daily Discipline. It is a Gift from God.

TAT'S BOOKS for Public Release:

Astral Physics Handbook

Next Age

Open the Rainbow Eye

Ultimate Posture

Visualized Prayer

The AP Handbook is the daily practice that Tat used to attune to his Light Body.

Astral Physics School presents our Astral Physics Daily Practice. This is the practice that Tat used to attune to his Light Body and have Open and Direct contact with God. Tat's Books are also here on this website in their entirety. Tat believes knowledge is more important than money so Tat has released all his Books for all Humanity to have this most precious knowledge of Wisdom, Truth and Love of God, Spiritual contact and you as God expressing. The True Knowledge does not cost anything, it is Self Realized through Discipline and Practice and it is your Gift from God.

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Tat Talks Special on going talks. Success Laws addition on 5/15/99

When your Faith is strong no person, place or thing can sway you from it .
Weak Faith is filled with doughts and fears.
Be self controled. poised and balanced.
A focused mind has power and a scattered mind is weak. Meditate!!
Self Mastery is better than misery.
Do you know that you are God expressing; physically, mentally and spiritually ?
When your down the only way is up.

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HOW DO WE MAKE MONEY ? Astral Physics School makes money through Astral Physics 9 Month 'Doorway into Light' course, sales of Books and Tapes,Tat Touring, donations and affiliate sales programs.

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This link will take you to the Church of Revelation's web pages.

With information on the church history, how to join, dedication of children to God, the Minister's Handbook and more.

Tat's Manifestation of his Light Body of his Holy God Self.

This picture taken in 1993, the Eighteen year of an I AM Light Ritual.

I AM LIGHT Learn about the Golden Robe

The Power is in the Daily Practice of any Ritual.

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