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Blessings of Light

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JULY 2014

Astral Physics Teachings part 1 - Astral Physics Teachings part 2 - Astral Physics Teachings part 3

Astral Physics Teachings part 4 - Astral Physics Teachings part 5 - Astral Physics Teachings part 6

Astral Physics Teachings part 7 - Astral Physics Teachings part 8 - Astral Physics Teachings part 9 pt1

Astral Physics Teachings part 9 pt 2



One for each Day of the week.

Attunements are Medicine Movement by using Astral Physics

Attunements for Sunday - Attunements for Monday - Attunements for Tuesday

Attunements for Wednesday - Attunements for Thursday - Attunements for Friday -

Attunements for Saturday

Attunements to the Gold Crystal Fire Light - Attunements to the White Crystal Fire Light

Attunements to the Crystal Fire Light

Attunements to the Gold White and Crystal Light of God


Chanting your way to God Consciousness Pt 1 - Chanting your way to God Consciousness PT 2

Chanting your way o God Consciousness Part 3 - Picture for part 3

The Power of the Spoken Word part 1 - The Power of the Spoken Word part 2

The Power of the Spoken Word part 3

Meaning of Numbers Part 1 - Meaning of Numbers Part 2 - Meaning of Numbers Part 3


I have been praying for you since 1974. In 1974

I prayed to God and ask God who do I prayer for and the answer that come was "pray for all those you have met, all those you are meeting and all those you will meet". So here is my Daily Prayer.

May God's Great and Holy Spirit Guide you, protect you and answer your Prayers. May God Bless you with Wisdom, Truth and Love, may you receive Blessings of Light. God Bless your world and affairs. May you have Health, Happiness and Wealth.

God Bless your family and Friends, May you be blessed with the experiences, understanding and knowledge that will display your abilities, talents and Gifts so you will have a great career that brings you money for the abundance of all good things. We Thank you God and Praise you God for this instant answer to our prayer for we know in your Presence there is no limit to time, space or circumstances. We accept this done now and forever in Thee. Amen and Amen, Om Tat Sat Om, I AM T I AM.

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