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My Daily Prayer
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Then at age 35 May 1975 ***************** Now in August 2015


Blessings of Light

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Astral Physics Teachings part 1 - Astral Physics Teachings part 2 - Astral Physics Teachings part 3

Astral Physics Teachings part 4 - Astral Physics Teachings part 5 - Astral Physics Teachings part 6

Astral Physics Teachings part 7 - Astral Physics Teachings part 8 - Astral Physics Teachings part 9 pt1

Astral Physics Teachings part 9 pt 2



One for each Day of the week.

Attunements for Sunday - Attunements for Monday - Attunements for Tuesday

Attunements for Wednesday - Attunements for Thursday - Attunements for Friday -

Attunements for Saturday


Attunements are Medicine Movement by using Astral Physics

Attunements to the Gold Crystal Fire Light - Attunements to the White Crystal Fire Light

Attunements to the Crystal Fire Light

Attunements to the Gold White and Crystal Light of God


Chanting your way to God Consciousness Pt 1 - Chanting your way to God Consciousness PT 2

Chanting your way o God Consciousness Part 3 - Picture for part 3

The Power of the Spoken Word part 1 - The Power of the Spoken Word part 2

The Power of the Spoken Word part 3

Meaning of Numbers Part 1 - Meaning of Numbers Part 2 - Meaning of Numbers Part 3



Number of Classes: 36 once per week starting in September ending in
May. Adjusted for holidays. ( 4 Lessons for 9 months )

On newreleases.html there are 20 Master Classes
that were on audeo tapes. These 24 Master Classes are on videos. Number of Classes: 24 to be released later. (Note, only open to 9 mo. students) Were taught Sundays only 3pm to 5 pm.

Number of Classes: 10 - 3 hour lessons, once per week

Number of Classes: 13 - 3 hour lessons, once per week

On video to be released later. Number of Classes: 2 - 6 hour lessons

There is a Diploma given for each Class / Course Completion

To find out where these classes are taught, click here.
Certificate Information

APS By Laws

For Teachers, Healers and Ministers Teachings

Class 1 56 minutes Class 2 29 minutes Class 3 56 minutes Class 4 33 minutes

Class 5 27 minutes Class 6 27 minutes Class 7 26 minutes Class 8 28 minutes

Class 9 28 minutes Class 10 28 minutes Class 11 28 minutes


First is given a discription of what is taught in the class and then the MINISTER, TEACHER AND HEALER Class title.

Given are the Different Rainbow Rays of Light and the eletromagnetic spectrum. Tat tell how the Light of the outer changes on the inner realms.

MASTER CLASS Different Ray Levels of Rainbow Healing

In this class Master Tat teaches how to invoke Asistance for different levels of Consciousnees, Masters and Light

MASTER CLASS Proceiving the Asistance from above

This class starts with chanting to Create the vortex and then Master Tat gives the information of creating Vortexes of Consciousness and Light

MASTER CLASS Channeling Light and Creating Vortexes

Taught the important of control the vortexes you create. Shared are the experiences of the students that created Vortexes. Attuning the Darshan in the Vortex.

MASTER CLASS Channeling Light and Vortex Control

A class on color, Light, Sound and Breath.Starts with some Bahai Prayers. you are taught of the Out Breath that contains the Color, Light, Sound and Motion

MASTER CLASS Color, Light, Sound and Breath

How color affect location and Tempeture effect the aura and how color and tempeture effects body or a location, like a home or city. Reaching the level of Love

MASTER CLASS Different Energy with different tempetures.

When you feel color it is an attunement. Overcoming power, sex and money and how you are control or are controleed by them. Helping other,

MASTER CLASS Feeling Color for 5hrs.

MASTER CLASS Getting Suport

MASTER CLASS high conscious Atomic and electronic structures

MASTER CLASS Merging with objectivity

MASTER CLASS one light you are light

MASTER CLASS overcoming pain don't do it again

MASTER CLASS Te bridge of consciousness Forgiving

MASTER CLASS the different kinds of magic

MASTER CLASS The mind back and forth

MASTER CLASS the mind never sleeps

MASTER CLASS time consciousness

MASTER CLASS Time cycle singing and talking at the same time

MASTER CLASS Time Timeless

MASTER CLASS walking in peace

MASTER CLASS you can do it

The Beginning of Astral Physics Spiritual Dynamics Classes

Spiritual Dynamic Red Ray 1-1 55 minutes Spiritual Dynamic Red Ray 1-2 45 minutes

I have been praying for you since 1974.

In 1974

I prayed to God and ask God who do I prayer for and the answer that come was "pray for all those you have met, all those you are meeting and all those you will meet". So here is my Daily Prayer.

May God's Great and Holy Spirit Guide you, protect you and answer your Prayers. May God Bless you with Wisdom, Truth and Love, may you receive Blessings of Light. God Bless your world and affairs. May you have Health, Happiness and Wealth.

God Bless your family and Friends, May you be blessed with the experiences, understanding and knowledge that will display your abilities, talents and Gifts so you will have a great career that brings you money for the abundance of all good things. We Thank you God and Praise you God for this instant answer to our prayer for we know in your Presence there is no limit to time, space or circumstances. We accept this done now and forever in Thee. Amen and Amen, Om Tat Sat Om, I AM T I AM.

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P.O. Box 808
Oxford, NY 13830

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If you feel this material is a Spiritual Blessing to you, please respond appropriately with supportive prayers and finances for God's work through God's channel Master Tat and its Astral Physics Teachings, the message to humanity for all times. And, if possible, provide ongoing financial support for the proclamation of this message to all of God's people and all the world.

Expect a Miracle Today with Tat's Hair. By holding Tat's hair in your hand as a reminder that God has heard and has promised to answer your prayer and as a witness to others that you believe that God answers prayer in response to your request and the sacrifice of the Seed of Faith. NOTE: Tat's hair has the power of Tat's Crown and Center of Crown Chakras. Tat's Hair holds the Energy and Light of the Power of God and the Ascended Masters of Light who anointed Tat's head. The Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood did this with Transcendent Love, Life and Light of God, Christ and the Holy Spirit giving Tat the trice blessing of the Godhead. The Seven Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood did this in a circle of Light in Hawaii, in front of an alter in 1974. The anointing continues to this day and present time until Tat transcends to God in Light. The Blessing of Light will continue after Tat transcends to God in Light from the Light of the Holy Spirit of God to Tat's Hair until the end of time.
Send for Tat's hair with a love offering to P.O. Box 808 Oxford, NY 13830 or request Tat's hair at

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You are the a valued visitor, God Bless You and give you what you need in Life.


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