We have been praying for you everyday since 1974. We ask God who should we pray for. The answer was and is 'everyone you meet, everyone you met and everyone you will meet'. So that is what I have been doing since 1974 and what we have done for you. We pray for God to answer your prayers and give you a long life with health, wealth, eternal bliss and the abudance of all good things so you have a good life and can help others. Claim your Blessings of Light.

Please pray for us. For support and finances to continue our work for God and Humanity.

Blessings of Light is so you can use it for whatever you are praying for and for whatever you need in life.

We are a 501 c 3 non profit Organization.
Financial donations for the purpose of operation and maintenance of the apscor.com website, production and distribution of our Astral Physics Teachings and books, for promotion of our 9 month Astral Physics 'Doorway into Light' Course, for the production of our video-DVD and audio tape transferred to mp3s and our overhead of food, lodging and travel to give classes and talks around the world.

We have 156 video tape and 4000 hour of audio tapes to be put on the new media like mp3's and such. We are adding mp3's every week now as of April 2014.We would like to publish our books and sale them on Amazon and in other ways. We were so intent on doing the work since1975 we did not do what we are now doing until now. A lot of teachers and groups are just now teaching what we have been teaching since 1974 to 1980; We taught nine 9 month AP courses, were doing our radio show and hosting others, speaking to groups and doing readings and healings, then we continued to do all that as we went on the road to spread the word of the Astral Physics Teachings that we are teaching on this website now. Please help us if you can with your talents, advise, prayers and financial support. I am 76 years old and want to get as much done before I ascend to your God and my God.
Pay by Paypal Paypal information sheet or contact Paypal. You can use your credit card or transfer cash by using Paypal.
You can send or See your bank for proper form and route to:
Account #85202,
Church of Revelation, Bishop Harrison Roy Hesketh D.D.
Hawaii Federal and State EFCU
632 Channel Street,
Hilo, HI, 96749, U.S.A.

Contact our bank
(808) 930-1400
Toll Free
(800) 216-2666
Call Center Hours
Monday thru Friday
8:30 am to 6:00 pm
8:30 am to 1:30 pm
Wire Funds:
Pacific Corp. Federal Credit Union. Account number: aba #321380632
Further Credit HFS Federal Credit Union routing number: 321378660
Account name:Church of Revelation
Account number 85202

Checks must be made out to when sending to the Bank:
Church of Revelation or Bishop Harrison Roy Hesketh D. D.
You can also send your donations to:
Church Of Revelation/APS or Rev. Bishop Harrison Roy Hesketh, D.D -
P.O. Box 808 Oxford, New York 13830

Checks must be made out to:

Church of Revelation or Bishop Harrison Roy Hesketh D. D. -- Account #85200

Note: Donations to this Account are tax deductible and a confirmation of receipt will be given upon request by mail or proof of deposit.

Making a donation will allow us to develop new features and add more content to this website. Thank you and Blessings of Light. Love Master Tat



If you feel this material is a spiritual blessing to you, please respond appropriately with supportive prayer for God's work through God's channel Master Tat and its Astral Physics Teachings, the message to humanity for all times. And, if possible, provide ongoing financial support for the proclamation of this message to all of God's people and all the world.

Donation Information
You are the a valued visitor, God Bless You and give you what you need in Life.
EMAIL MasterTat@hotmail.com
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