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This is new information about Meditative Processes the Tat has Done over the years. It is a must for all People on the Spiritual Path Click here NOW!



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There are over 2500 pages on this website. Start by clicking on the moving sites above. APS Has a lot of Astral Physics Teachings for Yoga, Religion, Arcane, Esoteric, Spiritual and Mystic teachings. There is a lot of self help and guided information from the Ancient Wisdoms. If you are look for Self-Master, God Consciousness, puifiying you emotions and mind you will find a lot of information on this website. There are Books to read, Spiritual Practices, Daily Attunements, Chants, Mantras, Prayer, Meditations, Meditative Processes you can not find ant where else on the web. plus much on God consciousness. Just click on Astral Physics Home or anything that insterest you above and you are on your way.

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