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TATS VIDEOS Spiritual Mystic Master Tat now has 129 Videos on Youtube and we are growing with more Videos

The Video Descriptions You can read what each video has on it by clicking on this Link. There are individual links for each video on this web page.

May God's Holy Spirit Bless and Guide you as the Holy Spirit has guided mTat for 0ver 41 years in these Teachings. See my Light Body below at the bottom of this page. Blessings of Light. Master Tat links to over 3500 page
This is new information about Meditative Processes that Tat has Done for over 41 years. It is a must for all

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ARRIVALS C.O.R. PRAYER PAGE What are we about New Releases
Tat's Music and Meditations

Aestherae speaks
Aestherae's Church Home
Tat's Sons website.Smart Digital Television
Master Tat's & Aestherae's Daughter's website
. My Daughter's webpage and my daughter home 2
A book that Tat's daughter 'Andrea Angelica a gifted writer' wrote for children when she was twelve years old. Please read it for your Children. wilber1-8.html wilber9-16.html wilber17to24.html -wilber25to32.html

Tat's Music, Mantras, Chants, Decrees Meditative Processes and Meditations

There are over a hundred links that Tat presents with his voice and music. 99% of every selection is channeled. Channeling is that a person's body or mind has being taken over by a spirit or consciousness for the purpose of imparting special abilities, wisdom, truth, love, spiritual teachings, talents, education and music. This is Tat's experience in what he does. Tat believes that all is controlled by his Self and the Holy Spirit in his channeling. The spirit communicator like Tat exerts various degrees of control, or overshadows the consciousness of the channeler to a greater or lesser degree; depending upon the intent and conditions of communication, as well as the ability of Tat to lend himself to be controlled. Tat says the music and words come through. Trance is considered the strongest degree of control. There are various degrees of trance control: from light trance to very deep trance and Tat has learned and uses them all. Tat is never out of control.
This is the Radio Interview and Aura Reading over the air Page
where there is many more radio stations Tat was interviewed on.
Click here for Radio Interviews by Tat webpage

First KNDI Radio Show Crystal Fire Light Hour - The First Rainbow Bridge Mediation on the Radio in the world 1975 given by Rev. Harrison Roy Hesketh aka Master Tat

2. KNDI Radio the Crystal Fire Light Hour
The Crystal Fire Light Hour radio program. Tat share how to get on the spiritual path and discloses many of the Astral Physics teachings in these radio program in 1975 1nd 1976.He talk about God every program. He told how the teachings and meditation changed the physical body, mind and spirit. In this program Tat shared his being abd experiences of the Spiritual path.He talked about the religions on this program also. Tat ask people to call in and share about God with his listeners.Tat tells about the full moon ceremony and how people got healed. He ends the program with a rbb med.for 12 minutes.
This is a Radio Show on KNDI radio in Honolulu in 1976. We did the Rainbow Bridge over the air and talked about God.


CJOR VANCOUVER BC with Peter Weinbach
KEST in SanFrancisco with Jessica
KISW SEATTLE Michael Luciano
KEST Radio with Trish Morgan with Tat

Inner Aura Readings Inner Aura Reading

An Inner Aura reading is the experiences of all the levels of the person's mind and consciousness not the changing of the outer Aura; Tat first reads the colors, their meanings, any messages and then answers questions of the personal, spiritual, business, money, mates or what ever the person he is reading wants to know. There are very few people in this world less than 1% of the 10% of the enlightened people on the planet earth that can do what Spiritual Mystic MasterTat does.
What makes Tat's Inner Aura Readings different? There is no one else in the world that reads both the inner and outer Aura and teaches other how to do it. Tat can read anyone anywhere in this world and other planes.
Spiritual Mystic Master Tat is the most unknown 'Guru', Spiritual Teacher on the Planet.
Others Reader or Physics do not read the inner aura they just read the outer aura that is changing do to reaction from the outer world..
An Inner Aura reading is the experiences of all the levelsof conscousness of the person's experiences and consciousness awareness and it is not changing like the Outer Aura; This area of spirit mind is the insouling experiences of the Individuals life.
An Inner Aura reading is the experiences of all the levels of the person's consciousness not the changing like the outer Aura;
Tat first reads the colors, their meanings, any messages about the colors and meanings.
Then Tat answers questions about the personal, spiritual, business, money, or mates or what ever the person he is reading wants to know.
There are very few people in this world that can do what Tat does. Everyone else reads the outer aura but Tat reads the inner Aura.
The Inner Aura is everything that the Individual has gained, everything since they have had life for the beginning of life. It shows all possibilities for the future and relationships with others.
Some say that this is the soul of experience of the individual spirit that has ever lasting life.
We will record the reading and send a copy to you who got the Inner Aura Reading.
Tat has done over twenty one thousand Readings and Touch of Light Healing First since 1974.
Tat reads the colors on the Inner Aura and then gives you what they mean,
You can then ask any question of the Physical, of mind, social, business, about others in your life or personal.
At the end of the reading Tat gives a blessing of light for what you need. You can also ask for whatever kind of a blessing you want.
Tat can do the reading over the phone or in person.
Tat has done these reading over the radio and television since 1975.
You can get a reading every three months or so because the inner fields do not change quickly. The outer aura can change very quick.
We set the day and time for the reading by email. Then Tat confirms the day and time and gives the phone number to call for your Inner Aura Reading.. email:
The people that have had an Inner Aura Reading say it is a life changer.
Blessings of Light. Tat Inner Aura Reading

Mystical Sādhu Mudra Take your Blessing

Spiritual Mystic Master Tat, Mystic Order of the St. John and Masters of Light unfolding of the stral Physics School Mudra. We send this Mudra that gives a Blessings of Light
The Mutra means thumb and index figure together means soul and spirit holds the power of God. Middle and ring figure together means mind and emotions are one and little figure apart from the rest of the figures means physical/etheric material plane held separate. The thumb and index figures like Buddha and Quan Yin hold darkness at bay with the Light of Spirit and the bowing of ones Soul to God.
The hand and fingers are held in this position, the whole body's energy is part of the Mudra Power. The most well-known mudras are probably the ones performed while meditating. This Hand Mudra is also a sign to others as a transfer of Spiritual Power to them. Along with the Mudra is said 'Blessings of Light'.

This Transfiguration Light Body ( also known as Tat's I AM Presence Body of Light ) No one else on Planet is showing a Light Body the Gain through practice of Astral Physics Teachings. Picture taken at Wood Valley Temple on Big Island, Hawaii
This chystalline,radiant,white Light Bodies of Tatteniananda and the Nun Marya
Physical photo take in 1992 of two people. Camera-Konica A4, autofocus , 35mm f 3.5 lens
RGB color print film 5297 ASA 200 taken by Rev, Cho Cho Imamoto
Rev. Bishop Harrison Roy Hesketh DD ( Spiritual Mystic Master Tat) was demonstrated in 1992 at the Wood valley Temple on the Big Island of Hawaii. The picture was taken by a minister from the Church of the Master Rev. C Imamoto. There was 17 people; 11 Church of Revelation Ministers, 1 Spiritualist Minister, a Lama and a Nun and 3 other APS students. Up to this point, from 1975 to 1992, (Tat) Rev. Harrison Roy Hesketh DD showed a Light Body of Gold. After 18 years of Light Alchemy, he showed the above Transfiguration for His Students so they could see what the Spiritual Mystic Path Practices could do so they could have conscious ascension at the end of their days on Earth and for Light Body Travel while still on the Planet. Blessings of Light and Love Rev. Bishop Harrison Roy Hesketh D.D. Practice Astral Physics and Get Shaktipat for Tat.

I open my heart's three fold flame to your heart

There are over 4000 pages on this four website. Start by clicking on the moving sites above. APS Has a lot of Astral Physics Teachings for Yoga, Religion, Arcane, Esoteric, Spiritual and Mystic teachings. There is a lot of self help and guided information from the Ancient Wisdoms. If you are look for Self-Master, God Consciousness, puifiying you emotions and mind you will find a lot of information on this website. There are Books to read, Spiritual Practices, Daily Attunements, Chants, Mantras, Prayer, Meditations, Meditative Processes you can not find ant where else on the web. plus much on God consciousness. Just click on Astral Physics Home or anything that interest you above and you are on your way.
Certificate Information and Requirements

Masters Certificate Requirements: This includs all levels of the Ministry, a Teacher and a Healer Certificates Completion of the classes, in the full and complete ASTRAL PHYSICS SCHOOL NINE MONTH CURRICULUM Approval of the Board of Directors and or the President COR HQ USA. $4500.00 Fee
If you have an Ordained Ministers Certificate on the all levels, a Teachers Certificate and a Healers Certificate the fee will be reduced by the fees already paid.

Ordination Certificate Requirements: Diplomas: 9 mo. A.P. "Doorway into Light"and the Master Classes. ROSE BAY MINISTER Approval of the Board of Directors and/or the President COR HQ USA $1000. 00 Fee $100. for each level of Ministry Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet. $ 500.00 each Gold or White.

Teachers Certificate Requirements: Diplomas: 9 mo. A.P. "Doorway into Light"and the Master Classes, Spiritual Dynamics, Gifts and Powers, A Mastership Certificate after presenting the Astral Physics Training for one year and approval by the Board of Directors and/or the President COR HQ.USA. $1000.00 Fee
Healers Certificate Requirements: Diplomas from the 9 month "Doorway into Light"; the Mastership Classes; Gifts and Powers; Astral Physics Spiritual Dynamics; Channeling Classes; Auras and Learning to See Auras; Touch of Light week long classes and Healing T.O.L. weekend. Plus a proven healing by the applicant. Approval of the Board of Directors and/or the President COR HQ. USA $1000.00 Fee

about Tat and Astral Physics Teachings


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Making a donation will allow us to develop new features and add more content to this website, cover our overhead, travel and provide Tat with food, lodging and his needs.. Thank you and Blessings of Light. Love Master Tat
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We welcome your Love Offering Donations. This is how we get our income for the Church of Revelation and Astral Physics School to do the Work of God and serve you with Daily Prayer. As well as along with your using the Church Of Revelation's Spiritual and Religious Services and using Astral Physics Teachings on this website, videos online and using our Products.
If you feel this material is a Spiritual Blessing to you, please respond appropriately with supportive prayers and finances for God's work through God's channel Master Tat and its Astral Physics Teachings, the message to humanity for all times. And, if possible, provide ongoing financial support for the proclamation of this message to all of God's people and all the world.
Expect a Miracle Today with Tat's Hair. By holding Tat's hair in your hand as a reminder that God has heard and has promised to answer your prayer and as a witness to others that you believe that God answers prayer in response to your request and the sacrifice of the Seed of Faith. NOTE: Tat's hair has the power of Tat's Crown and Center of Crown Chakras. Tat's Hair holds the Energy and Light of the Power of God and the Ascended Masters of Light who anointed Tat's head. The Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood did this with Transcendent Love, Life and Light of God, Christ and the Holy Spirit giving Tat the trice blessing of the Godhead. The Seven Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood did this in a circle of Light in Hawaii, in front of an alter in 1974. The anointing continues to this day and present time until Tat transcends to God in Light. The Blessing of Light will continue after Tat transcends to God in Light from the Light of the Holy Spirit of God to Tat's Hair until the end of time.
Send for Tat's hair it brings Blessings and answers the Prayere Send Love offering to P.O. Box 808 Oxford, NY 13830 or request Tat's hair at
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