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What is a Retreat like with a

Spiritual Mystic Master like Tat ?

Just like other people in a Spiritual groups Master Tat has his group

Chanting in the morning, eating together and praying as One.

If you get a group of 9 or more people Mater Tat will do a retreat for you and your group.
The retreat cost is from $1500 to $2500 per week. The food, tranportation and lodging are extra at your own expence.
Each day starts with chanting at 6am. You can come to the chanting in your night clothes with your prayer shawl or blanket.There is time to bathe and get ready for the day after the morning chanting.
There is a noon day Chant for 15 minutes and a meditation for 15 minutes before lunch.
The classes are at 9am to noon. sometimes there is a class or practice from 2pm to 4pm and class at 7pm to 10pm. The afternoon break or special practice is from 2pm to 5pm.
The meal times are Break-fast at 7am, Lunch at 1pm and Dinner at 5pm. All meals are on a vegetarian diet.
What is a vegetarian diet? Some people follow a "vegetarian" diet, but there's no single vegetarian eating pattern. The vegan or total vegetarian diet includes only foods from plants: fruits, vegetables, legumes (dried beans and peas), grains, seeds and nuts. With Tat's vegetarian diet you can have Milk, ice cream, cheese, cottage cheese, yogort and other dariy produce and eggs.
Fresh, filling and heart-healthy, fruits and vegetables are an important part of your overall healthy eating plan. They are high in vitamins, minerals and fiber and low in fat and calories. Chop raw vegetables into bite-sized pieces. Try bell peppers, carrots, cucumbers, broccoli, cauliflower and celery, and dip your favorites into low-fat or fat-free dressings. Dip tip: Read the food label of sauces and dressings to make sure they are not overloaded with saturated fat and salt.
Eating a variety of fruits and vegetables may help you control your weight and your blood pressure. Add fruits and vegetables that’s fresh, cooked or baked, or mix vegetables in with pasta sauces, lasagnas, casseroles, soups and omelets. Smoothies are a great way to increase the amount of fruit you eat.
Along with ice cream with fresh fruits is a good dessert. Canned fruit in light syrup or natural fruit juice, gelatin containing fruit and dried fruit are good choices for a dessert. Fruit with cheese is also a good dessert.
Fruits and vegetables. Antioxidants are naturally occurring molecules believed to fight against the action of free radicals — originally thought to help prevent diseases like heart disease and cancer. Fruits and vegetables are a great source of antioxidants, with antioxidant vitamins A, C and E topping the list.


Testimonials from Students, Ministers, Teachers, Healers and others



Thank you master tat, your wisdom is divine and i am honored ypu choose to share it with me. Luna Sol

Thanks Tat. You are truly a teacher! Andrea Recalde

Yeah though I walk through the valley of death, I have no fear for I have the Rainbow Bridge! I love you too Tat and all the Astral Physics C. O. R. teachings that you channel and put together for the greatest benefit of directly perceived awareness. You are one of the greatest blessings in my life and I appreciate you greatly. Eric Kane
I honor you Master Tat and believe your wisdom is an accumulation of the Holy Spirit .  You are who you say you are---no doubt. My Love and Blessings Always, Reverend Alice Theriault UCM

The Astral Physics course allowed me to take control of my life in a way that is still unfolding more than 30 years later. It keeps getting better. There is so much more than what meets the mental eye. While the principals introduced by this training have allowed me to do amazing things in the outer world, it is the inner glimpses along the spiritual path that are the most fulfilling.
Thank you Tat and the Church of Revelation. D.T.


Tat, I have accumulated much information from past-lives, and 86 years out of this one. I am aware that there is a wealth of resources
now available to me. I added much from my many experiences with you since your early days in the Bay Area before you went silent in

This is a new time of unity. It is where many are pulling their many experiences together into One Consciousness as a step into ascension.

Awhile back I had slowed down with everything. The body began malfunctioning, and then began the transition process. I was not
worried as I knew where I was going. But then I learned it was too soon. Guides and teachers had plans for me that called for me
becoming active again for new work. My exit was to be heart failure. I had four heart surgeries in three months.

There was a long delay during the forth that I found was caused by the Soul waiting to see if it would return to the body. Once it decided,
the operation concluded in another 30 minutes. I find I had huge support from the other side. Things have been getting consistently
better, and I am doing more 5th dimensional work at this time with close connection with the Arcturians. The metaphysical growth
continues. Yes, much of the wisdom I use has come from work withyou. And I do I appreciate that experience.
I thank you for sharing it with me, Tat.
Blessings and Peace,
Michael Ananda


Testimonials from a Retreat with Tat:


Have you ever thought that if you had two weeks to dedicate to yourself you could change the rest of your life? Well I've just completed two weeks at Tat's retreat in Hawaii in Astral Physics Teachings and it has changed and empowered me beyond expectations. The retreat in on the edge of a rain forest on 10 acres of land. You're fed healthy gourmet vegetarian food three times a day. The focus is your spiritual evaluation and is accomplished through chanting, mediation, initiations and atonements. When this is combined with like minded people and guided by a master with experiential knowledge, the sky is the limit. I feel I have progressed more in two weeks than I usually do in years. I highly and whole heartedly recommend this retreat to all people on the path regardless if you are a beginner or experienced pro, this is a must.
~ T.N.

Over the years, I have had the pleasure of seeing Tat in Astral Physics Teachings in front of many different groups in different areas. The response to Tat and the presence presented has varied enormously depending on the needs of the audience, degree of spiritual atonement, and dedication to the path. There have been times that the simplest, most basic message has been presented and times of great teachings and expansive meditations. All have been special joys in their own ways. This was the third time I have attended a retreat in Hawaii with Tat. While each has been quite special, this one far exceeded the others in power, grace and beauty. What made this retreat special was the degree of commitment to the path that everyone brought. While it started with two ministers along with three others joining Tat, by the fourth day, all had become ministers and the retreat transformed itself from an ordinary retreat into one where a level of teaching not experienced before could manifest. When the whole of the group became committed to serving God, new teaching and experiences opened. While I have been a minister for several years, the connection with God and the depth of the tools for being one with God had not been experienced. This retreat taught them in a way that grounded this God-beingness, which taught about the spirits within fragrances. The next day standing in the ocean the spirit of God came upon me and I for a moment got a glimpse of how waters are calmed. The mountain top experience, always a highlight, provided a glimpse of how expanded we all can become and the perception gained when in that state seeing and being these high fields at the top of Mauna Kea (13,000') ??? (impressed?) more deeply the higher field consciousness we all can have. This retreat demonstrated the physical grounding of spiritual energies and the importance of diet (Tat's alchemy of food is worth coming to the retreat), physical objects and physical work for God in bringing in and manifesting the oneness of God and success we desire. At this end of a millennium, the rituals and teaching given, provided that as we together strive for the highest teachings, our experiences will go farther and become deeply richer than anything we could imagine. While many have seen Tat over the years and been caught up in various opinions, this retreat showed the magnificence of being together with others who diligently practiced and studied. For us, we found that Tat embodies an infinity that can take us as far as we are ready to go.
~ J. M.

This retreat, being my third, was different than the others. As usual the beginning was very powerful and assertive. Even though some of the material I had already seen before, it was very refreshing, as it was the first time. I will even add, that it went deeper into consciousness the second time around than the first time in Astral Physics Teachings. As if the pieces fit together. The first week was also cleansing and detoxifying the body through the exuberant and fancy meals that Tat cooked for us. I was looking forward to those soups that he makes. We had the opportunity to enjoy a full moon ceremony during the retreat, but what made it even more suspicious is that we ordained 3 more ministers that same night. So we celebrated with cake and ice cream at the end. That meant that all the attendees to the retreat were going to be ministers now, since John and I were already ordained. This opened the door to a more deep teaching and experience than a normal retreat or regular retreat I should say. The exercises given to us were designed to expect results, while we unfolded not just during the retreat but for the rest of our life. We have been given a seed that we need to nurture and feed daily to see it's fruit. Though we have already seen results in the first ten days of the retreat. More than before, I have been able to appreciate the power of silence, of being still, of having a quiet mind, and of having the time to just go within and stay there. Once again I'm waking up every two hours feeling rested. I had to literally look at the watch to know that it wasn't time to get up yet. I would just get up between 3:30 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. in the morning to do the exercises by the alter because my body did not need more sleep. We were able to stay focused, in concentrated attention doing the exercises for hours at a time, thus increasing our attention span. We all had a special initiation during our visit to the peak of Maune Kea at 13,700 feet altitude or about 4200 meters above sea level. We were initiated in the mystic order of the church, and been given some special teaching related to that. We're now spiritual mystics, something that I have considered myself being for a long time now. I would like to thank Tat for all the sight seeing that he took us to. Especially the visit to the Buddhist temple. I always wanted to meet a llama in real life, and now I can say I did. We keep his blessings and vibrations for more time to come. I always wanted to meditate in a Buddhist temple. Well we even got to chant in it, and all to ourselves. This retreat for ministers was full of blessings and it is all up to us to keep the rhythm going to get to see the fruit of our goals and desires. I learned that to get results in the spiritual practice, we need to get intense. To the degree of our intensity is the degree of our progress. I know now what it is to focus energy, to be able to expand in consciousness. I am now closer to God than I ever was, because I now know who I really "am". I now know where I come from, and now I know where I am going. It is not theory anymore. It is experiential knowledge. Because, I have felt it, I have seen it, and I have lived it. Therefore I am, my I AM presence. I am that I am. And I am that! You need to come to a retreat if you want to realize the words I am saying, rather than just believing in my words. Thanks Tat again for all of your cooking and driving. You are a master in all you do. We have much to learn from you. We love you, now and forever.
~ L. R.

I have been on the path for over 20 years and have learned some powerfully advanced techniques in Astral Physics Teachings that I have previously never learned. I am humbled at Tat's depth of spirituality. I know I have a long way to go to equal Tat's power. I known Tat since 1986 and I'm always impressed by his presence and power. He's a great teacher who exudes the power and presence of God. During his retreat in Hawaii, 2000, he did things which caused us to question him. Only to find out a few days later the wisdom he was teaching us: it doesn't come in one day. Sometimes it takes time to "get it". He teaches in a way you would imagine a ascended master would teach. I am definitely planning a return retreat for 2001, December, and may even attend the one in June (2001). Not only is Tat a wise teacher with a sense of humor, he's an excellent chef! I have to admit, I wasn't expecting the food to be as good as it was.l I travel to five cities a week, 4 weeks on, one week off, on average. I eat out often. Tat's cooking stands up to the best! AND we get the added advantage of his awesome blessings over the food. This is a spiritual retreat. This is NOT a vacation. Come here to evolve spiritually, to go to the next level, to expand your possibilities. It's a dorm setting in Hawaii where team work is encouraged. Don't expect a maid or your own king size bed. DO expect to be expanded in your awareness of God within. Do expect to be stretched spiritually. Do expect to be blessed and learn a great deal from a intense living master of light, Tat.
~ D. H.

Coming to the Astral Physics Teachings I had asked to be freed from all limitations that had bound me from the full expression of success in the world, and for this power to be released for all organizations that God had me involved in and particularly the Church of Revelation and Tat's ability to again find success in the world, wherever God sends him. I had asked for a full abundance flow to be released and to know what God had planned for this to look like now. Monday brought the beginning of answers for emotional and mental clarity. Through the first three days in particular, the light coming through discourses caused kriyas up and down the spine. The magnitude of these kriyas had not been felt in four years. The vertabrae where the heart chakra connects also hurt during discourses for the first five days, lessening as the week went on. The first two days also brought up lower mental reactions to mystical power and particularly was crystalized when Tat said that the brow was beyond belief. I realized that I could watch these thoughts and not be bound by them. The evening meditations were powerful, for discussing them afterward showed the power of knowing what seemed like failure, actually had produced results. Hearing others experiences and getting feedback from Tat gave an insight and perspective on a meditation that, if I had don by myself at home with no teacher input, would have been challenging to see the value in. It was easier and more comfortable to spin the chakras within and keep them neutral than to spin them outward. Spinning outwards caught mental stuff that had to do with stepping out into the world. In order, the first night meditation caused dirty colors to come up and pain in the arms and thighs. The second to cause an intense struggle that led to seeing light, the third into a night of heavy sweating. During this, I experienced getting a sore throat, which produced disappointment as completely slosing my voice to the point of not being able to chant for weeks had been a pattern that had been occuring more regularly this year. In the morning, there was no sore throat and a joy that this pattern had not been disrupted. The first three meditations had been willing the experience, the last three surrendering. While not as intense experiences, there was a feeling of not having to combat the personality. Friday night's meditation felt as if I had hit fields I had not gone to either before or for awhile and the rarity knocked me out. The rest was, however, deep. Saturday's was different in that it continued the Saturday afternoon meditation of experiences of the breath, nadum and the light all at once. Getting the lower thinking mind still and out of the way has been a challenge. Getting it a completely empty cup was one of the realizations that came at this retreat. Practicing the focus on the breath, light and sound on Saturday afternoon led to the first time I was able to watch my breath for more than five breaaths and not have it wander. The ability to do this, along with a focus on the nadum and inner screen, was realized Saturday afternoon continuously for the first time. This led to Saturday night's meditation which the first two times attempted led to sleep. The third time, I did not fall to sleep, nor did I leave bodily experience. Instead, the impression of being in the inner chamber and pressuring the pineal gland was realized. Scott's joy of showing his man-made diamond was realized, as I experienced how being centered in the middle of the head and focusing intently can pressurize the pineal gland to excrete light. During this, I could experience the ability of being in my body or being completely contained in the inner chamber. At the end of the night, a radio announcer came on and said something about going into another room and then music began to play. When I focused on the music, it stopped and at that moment Tat turned on the light for morning ritual. When I had left the San Francisco Bay Area three years ago, I left a group of people who were focused on brow and crown light focused work. Arriving in San Diego, there was no group to work with and few peers to affirm light based focuses. Instead, there was a great deal of psychicism which I had never been around or dealt with. This retreat through recognition of astral fields in meditation, to discovering about how psychics use "Source" and "Goddess" instead of God, to how psychics read by putting hooks into a person's aura, all helped cap a growth process of how to deal with psychics and be able to assist those at this level into the light. While at the black sand beach, there was a subtle feeling of reaction with the sand, and something leaving. This, along with other uses of earth forces in food and fire gave a perspective of how a master is in command of material plane forces instead of worshipping them, and how they are to be included in the process of becoming a fuller expression of God instead of being just something to avoid. This was part of growing into a relationship with the sustaining material based in the sacred threefold flame. The Wood Valley Temple was special, as it had beckoned to come and when we were facing it at the top of the stairs and looking in, gave a charge into the body from the top of the head to the base of the spine. What the blessing was, was not revealed. The mountain, too, had beckoned prior to us going up. Being up there felt like home and was a place that would have been wonderful to be at all day. The meditation revealed a golden buddha entering my body with pointed head. After that, there was a ring of clouds in the distant that could be seen 270 degrees. When centering the presence of god was felt, the sky was golden yellow with specks of flashing light. Looking directly up, the sky turned to deep indigo with even more flashes of light. When we moved in the car, staying focused and awake was challenging because of the intense amount of light energy felt during the meditation. It wasn't because of lack of oxygen for the first part had been almost breathless. The sensation was of being overwhelmed by light fields that had not been experienced before. When we opened our eyes, it was surprising to be so far down the road as there had not been any sensation of the car moving. Going down the hill, the experience of the impact of the various fields we moved through was very real. I learned that when you are expanded in a finer field, the perception of the density of the lower fields dramatically increases. I learned also, from this experience and the subsequent meditation how to go again into this field and be anchored in it. This whole week experience taught many ways to be here now. Dialogue in the mind became louder and more solid, and the ability to ask it to go away increased. This also again reaffirmed the power of the group whose members have committed to the disciplines. I showed how clarity brings speed and a more profound and impactful experience. It also showed how group clarity brings about special experiences. Finally, I learned how faith, trust and perserverence leads to wonderful experiences in God's time. While three years of moving seemingly backwards was instead preparing a stronger base to move forward. While what may have been perceived as slower years actually has been a sitting and letting go process for dominion encompassing reality and power. And how the singular focus of presence is all that is needed many times to bring good things about. I also learned that what yo asked in June was not for then but for now. That the base purification has ended and that group affirmations can be made. I accept and give thanks to God that the six of us and the COR could go through this raising process into God's Light.
~ J.N.

The first day I arrived, I was feeling kind of sick and tired from the trip. Just to be in Tat's presence and in front of the altar I was able to rejuvenate to the point that I wasn't feeling tired any more. I went to bed at about 2am knowing that I had to sleep, rather than I needed it. I woke up feeling rested and ready to start on the retreat. I felt good doing service around the center, helping Tat with the last details and picking up the rest of students since I was the first to arrive. That night we started the retreat officially with a short class and short meditation. I thought I was going to have difficulty adjusting to the daily attunement schedule, but it wasn't so. It felt invigorating and this immensely increased in Astral Physics Teachings as the days passed. The first class was about the anatomy of the heart and brain, which was refreshing and a new breathing exercise was given to us to practice at night. That exercise awoke a part of me I had never seen before. Seeing the light while I was doing the exercise, I felt energy flowing through me, but without any apparent result. Without being discouraged, waking up I went to do it again. After a few hours I woke up and the room seemed bright like somebody had turned the light on. To my surprise I had my eyes closed. So the exercise worked after all, after being persistent and determined to get it. That was only the second day at the retreat, and we were already getting results and getting excited about the idea of a major leap at the end of the retreat. I can't wait. Since we are now constantly in the presence, in the breath of life. The afternoons were free and full of joy even if it was raining, we felt the joy of God in our hearts and the touch of nature healed our emotions and mind. Always giving back to God all our faults and misperceptions that lurked deeply into our being. In the first 72 hours, we were given special foods that not only cleansed our body, but also was bringing up past emotions and ideas of failure for us to deal with and let go. I was and I am giving my heart to God and in the process, I was feeling weak at times. It is okay to be in discomfort for awhile when you can get eternity in exchange. Are these pains of birth? The purification process was taking place in all levels of my being. We are encouraged to keep focused on our final goal "God". So every thought and every moment was dedicated to God. With the visit to the warm spiring, I was able to release a lot more emotions through the water contact and letting flow the energy between. I am able now to realize the desire body within me. Since the breath exercises and the ability to spin the chakras left and right and then still them, I was able for the first time to anesthetize the body and realize who is riding this vehicle called body and then be able to see the purpose of life itself. The purpose of being alive. The purpose of being. The experience of purification augmented when we visited the black sand beach and did the ritual of purification and giving all our faults to mother God in the beach, with the thought of healing and purification "make me anew God so I can serve You". A new body, new personality for the world to see and be an example of the power of astral physics, so others may come and be able to help them and guide them at the beginning of their Path. Through our focus of concentration, we are creating a vortex of energy, not only in the seats we use, but inside ourselves also. The wanting to be in the light in every free moment was filling our soul with an experience of a lifetime. To be able to be at the top of a mountain at 13,600feet to meditate was a desire I personally had for quite sometime. And God answered my prayer through Tat's tour to the mountain. I felt the sunshine on my face while in meditation and saw it turn from deep yellow to gold and then into white. Translucent with light, light that was bathing me with joy and ecstacy. Letting me know in each ray that I am light inside and out. My breath was so slow I couldn't notice it breathing. Tat started a guided meditation. All of a sudden, my physical body started to feel dizzy and terrible pains and discomfort rushed through my body forcing me to focus and concentrate in the colors and the jewels, I cannot put into words the experience of something I call pain, for lack of a better word, I felt I was dying and asked God for mercy to cut the meditation short. I don't know how long this was but it surly felt like a long time. I was like a zombie for the rest of the trip, not realizing then that my prayers had been answered all at once. A new self was being born and I could hardly walk, I could hardly see, I could hardly hear, I could hardly eat___even feeling hunger within. I now know that I was born again. The gold light within has turned into white. I believe God has given me a new opportunity in life, a new sense of being that completes a whole human. With the help of the masters we have been given the jewel path for world service, with lapis lazuli in the crown. I was so energized from this experience in the mountain that I was without a doubt conscious 99% of the night after__just doing the breath exercise, meditations or chanting in the mind. I would stop at 11:30pm then at 1:43 am then it was 3:40am then 5:15am when I said, "Well, I made it without actually trying. " This morning during the attunment, I could hear myself chanting more vigorously than before and it was easier to see the light than at night, because the light would only come after giving up trying to see the light. During the prayer that Tat did__I felt and saw the white light once again bathing me and pouring over me, inside and out. Tears of joy and adoration for God rolled over my face as we were chanting to Mother Father God, and the light would flow over and over, til I realized I was really "light". I would like to give thanks to God for giving us the opportunity for this retreat and we all give thanks that Tat is alive with us today doing the service he loves to do and for giving us the joy and priviledge to be his friend and student. I love you God, I love you Tat, Luis Recalde

SECOND WEEK OF A RETREAT IN HAWAII in the Astral Physics Teachings with Tat.

The beginning of this week's retreat was very relaxed on the first day. Since we had really accomplished a lot the week before in Astral Physics Teachings , and we were initiated on the jewel path, now our aspirations were even higher. What could top our mountain experience! Well as always, we surrender to Tat and the Masters and let them decide what is best for us, what we needed the most. Again I'm still amazed of the power of God working in every thing that is happening in the retreat and in Astral Physics Teachings. It wasn't until the third day that I realized that we could all graduate from the university of light with Tat or a university in the world rather than just high school in a short amount of time. That idea wouldn't have crossed my mind before. I would never have thought it possible. The mind would try to rationalize this by asking, am I worthy of receiving this gift of God? Then again, why zigzag the mountain when you can go straight up! but how? Well, it is better to apply the Astral Physics Teachings and not be bound by the lower triad and be in "experience" and, "realization " instead, and to not try to judge myself , nor to compare things, conclusions, etc. The exercises we were given in Astral Physics Teachings to do at night were rather simple and long at times but actually I could only know a lot of time had passsed by when I looked at the watch. Because, again we were dwelling in the no time, no space, consciousness that Tat taught us and took us to, so I really didn't feel time pass by. I didn't even think of time passing by. We were just "being" and experiencing more and more what is called "temple sleep" I'd wake up at 2:30 am and started doing the exercises again because I didn't recall finishing the exercises that I had started four hours before. So my desire to be consciously aware was stranger than anything else, but what's happening is that I felt so rested then, that I'm always eager to start again. Whether I'd fallen unconscious the previous time was irrelevant then, because I'm now at the present and I can only use the past to change the outcome of my future. During this week, we have been able to have a little more time to ourselves. So I witness how I managed that extra time. I realized then, that I could be God focused on everything we do. To be in a state of consciousness that I am God expressing regardless of what I'm doing. Whether it is reading a book or taking a nap, realizing that light in me as me even when I'm supposed to be sleeping, I find now that it is easier to know when I've been unscious than when I'm conscious in the whole 24 hours a day. I find this even in the tour excursions that we have in the afternoons. I see myself in the middle of mother nature and my body feels different and my thoughts are different. Witnessing the state of consciousness is something that I had to deal with in the last 3 to 4 days of the retreat. We have been doing meditations on the sun and a lot of mental stuff that I wasn't aware of was there before, started to come up. I would watch the mind generate a "thought" that I didn't consciously generate. And before I started to think about it or analyze, I was prompt to disassemble thoughts that I may have generated a long long time before. It is a lot easier to deal with this situation during a retreat environment, rather than in the world of busy bees. We have been able to study part of the Gita scriptures and I have to say it was very, very enlightening to understand it through the eyes of Tat and now it's ours. Especially the first book of Moses, reading through the mystical code was really something to ponder upon. We were able to see the PRINCE OF EGYPT movie and compare the teaching with what Hollywood is bringing out. (no comments). We also learned the attributes of the color rays and the meaning and prupose of 33 fragrances, oil or incense. We should be able to use this knowledge to conscioulsy alter and affect our body-mind and spirit through our conscious environment. We have been given deep spiritual teachings that surpass understanding, that surpass faith, that surpass belief. Because we have been taken to a realm of beingness of cosmic proportions. The universiality of the crown chakra we have been initiated in the spiritual mystic path and through our experiences of the exercises given, we were able to realize the teachings rather than through the intelect. What ever we wanted to become, that we shall become, whatever we wanted to visualize inside us, we can manifest outside in the physical world. So our ability to use the earth, the sea and sky , to our benefit and that of mankind is our mastery. And we only had to claim it. So I did. Therefore, I am that, I am. I am the master living here now. Once I see myself mastering situations, then I realized that I am unfolding as a Master. Not to master others, but to master myself. Today we finished the retreat with a tour to the Kona Hilton where we were able to admire a lot of Asian art. I had never seen so many Buddhas in the same place, from Quan Yen to Ho Tai the Buddha of contentment. This hotel was very luxurious and grand. So we took that inspiration to take with us to the mainland. And we also had a feast of Thai food. I have been treated royally by Tat with the food that he cooked for us on a daily basis, 3 times a day, was really a variety of international dishes. I learned to eat fruits in the morning and green salads and vegetables for lunch, exquisit soups and whole grain breads. I never experiences a vegetarian meal so rich and delicious. Thanks Tat, I never missed home cooking during the retreat. I also would like to thank Tat again for taking the time to tour us around to so many beautiful places, that helped us. So much in our goal to be cleansed physically, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. Yes Tat, you have proven once again that when you are a master, you can master everything--not only as chef, but yes as a tour guide also. You are the best, and I'm looking forward for our next retreat together in the very near future. From the bottom of my heart, I tell you that I Am physically, mentally and spiritually in gratitude for your service to humanity. May God give it back to you tenfold.
~ L.R.

On the way here, we were up all night and I was feeling a little zombie like in preparation for the less sleep, temple nights and different reactions and moving thoughts. It was ice and slippery, so driving had to be slow and careful, getting ready for consciousness shifting which could be slippery and move out of my mind if we weren't careful. While planes were delayed and little time, we caught anything as we were under grace setting the tone for being under grace for a whole week. Tat picked us up and on arrival, got to sleep and let the bodies get to somehat normal before starting. Starting with the first prayer at the first night, I felt the energy through the levels and spirit moving through all of us and the food. I knew my prayers before meals would never be the same and each meal strengthened how I will give grace and prayers in the future. I liked having the security of going to the same place each time for meals, so there was less new energy exchanges. I liked that in the past, but this week it was more condusive for less personal talk and staying more focused in the present in Astral Physics Teachings and the retreat. As the meals progressed, I found this added to the experience and taught me how much I go out of the present in the past at meals at other retreats. We were told to be on time for each meal and session. That discipline moved me through various layers as the week progressed. I learned I couldn't talk too much in order to make the bathroom breaks, yet still be focused and in the flow. When I was late for one outing and missing part of morning attunement hit my buttons of always wanting to be right and perfect and gave me the opportunity to detach from that and molling it over in the mind and to set up the energies so it wouldn't happen again. Sound has always been an issue with me. At night when there was snoring, it shifted from past experiences with it and going into temple disciplines until either I ignored it or it disappeared. That was a great transformation for me. I loved the first morning chanting. I have loved the chanting before, but doing it before the sun came up with all of us and the rain, fed my soul. As the week progressed, I had variations within the chanting. When I woke up early, I was right with it and feeling everything. When late or just on time I'd be more groggy and my mind would nit pick, like saying the decrees with different books with different words would take me out of the meaning of what I was sayiing. Tat's morning sessions in Astral Physics Teachings were at the beginning always easier for me than the evening ones as I was more focused in the morning. There is so much information given, sometimes clarity, expansion and refinement to what I already knew and sometimes whole new vistas. I've taken notes and it's in what I'll apply that I'll really have learned what was given. I find I learn information best when I teach, share or give it away as Tat says. As we've been busy the whole time, that will come later. And some of the information is already in my mind ready to come up when asked for or as needed. The first outing was wonderful to see Hawaii's nature and the ocean. Then I slipped and fell. That taught me besides being aware of slippery rocks and edges to oceans, but created a new way of expressing. It was the right side, arm, I had to surrender it's use, I couldn't touch all of it to heal it myself and allow Tat and time and not getting excited or believing the reality of a dislocated shoulder and its expenses. Energetically, it feels that I'm learning a new way of getting out there without as much pushing, but going out with surrender and grace. The evening sessions were more challenging for me, for after eating,m I wasn't used to concentrated mental energies after being up for so long. So I had to use all my will power to stay focused and attentive instead of going unconscious. It finally broke during the week and in one of the morning sessions under Tat's insights with each of us, I was able to push through that inertia threshold and stay focused past my comfort zone by concentrating on the brow and the will power of wanting God in my life whatever it takes. The first night of temple sleep with ti's breath was challenging. Double so because of my arm and shoulder. The slippery motif- from ice at beginning to rocks at the ocean carried into the mind or rather that's where it soureced in moving into states of consciousness without slipping and loosing it. The first night I was aware of the light thinking someone had turned on the lights when they hadn't. The next nights were difficult til I had the breakthrough. After that I was OK, however long it took. It especially helped to hear that it took many months for Tat to get the light on all the time and that hewould do anything to get it, that is, practice all the time til he got it. At this point, I feel a bliss in the forehead and there is light, though not as bright as the sun or the kind when you rub your eyes and then see inner light and I know when it's right I'll see that and just keep on. The morning we added the nadum to it, I couldn't do it in the class, but at night I could and then at the mountain top experience. Now that's my favorite part, when I have the nadum, breath and light in the brow. Different outings brought forth various feelings and energies within me. I loved the lava park, all the green and devas fed my soul and creative, psychic levels. I was imaging devas and creatures in the lava rocks and lit up my being there. I felt I have spent lots of time there. I also really liked the black sand beach. I felt I really let go in the sand and water. That night I had a dream of letting go as well. All of us sitting on the bench with Tat felt like a past life sitting with the philosopher, master in Greece or the Middle East and how learning was experienced in the past. I appreciated our group and lessons from each other. To hear each person's reaction to the breath and Tat's insights with each person as well as see how the energies affected everyon enhanced my experience, by seeing what was the same, what was different what I could gain from aspire to, what to look for or later feedback with other people I may meet. The group's harmony, dedication and strong spiritual momentum was, is, wonderful. As I work with groups, I learn ways to work with them from this example. I was glad to sing and play the harp when I did as I did that when I was confronting my negative, stretching threshold I described earlier. It helped me come out of it, by giving into that part of me that gives, It also served as an anchor for me to attune with as we put forth our sucess and energy , our gifts to the world. The mountain top experience of course was all of that. That was the morning I didn't wake up for the morning chanting and was feeling a little out of sorts for missing it and it just helped the experience because on the way up, Tat was saying let go of all that holds you back and I was looking at the main one that holds me back at the time which I hadn't thought about for weeks. Meditation, I could hear the nadum louder than I ever had and it was different than the wind sound so there was no way I was imagining it or just tuning into the nature sounds. Then the meditation in the car was the highlight with the winds all around to going through the jewel initiation. I have asked to be more effective in what I am doing for the planet everyday, and this felt like an answer to that prayer. To carry back from that elevated place into all of humanity, carrying the jeweled gifts for this time, I felt touched on all levels. I continue to energize eveything til the radio came back on and then it just changed it's form. It was wonderful to walk through the mall and not feel drained but just as empowered with energy flowing from us. I learned much more___ new recipes, particularly leftovers recycled into soup, how to say everything in poetry. I sometimes have a meditation in poetry___to have the example with speaking from the depths of all we're doing is a great teaching___also that what we do can take many forms. I've found a finer, tougher, fore focused dedication and I thought I was dedicated, I've learned to let things go, to focus, and be in the present. I've learned how to access the light of God within my own forehead. I've learned to access the crystal river of possibilities and the importance of discipline and following the attunements. I've learned the importance of altar, it's force field and it's affect, about the brain and the fissure of Orlando, the moon chakras and psychic chakras and how to act and serve. I've learned to keep going and get by on less sleepthat is a different kind of sleep. I've learned new chants, new ways of doing rituals. And most important of all I've learned to access a new part of me that is actually the oldest part of me, the part of me that was before the you and me.

Second Week

This was a week of much learning on many planes. It built on the first week and carried everything into more refined, focused and expanded planes in Astral Physics Teachings . The week began at the hot pool, being in the world of nature which reflects the heart chakra which opens us to the environment. After enjoying the water, sun, and ocean and feeling its etheric cleansing, the sun was in the right state, near sunset for Tat to give teachings through use of the sun to see auras. It was amazing to see the colors on people and watch them change as they interacted with each other, with nature and their thoughts. People's auras would merge when their attention was connected, sometimes immediately leaving, not liking it, sometimes moving very fast. It was amazing to see how much we influence others and we have a whole new world open. With fewer people and being built on the foundation of the first week, the second week was able to still be structured yet be looser and more organlic allowing moments that would come up being part of the Astral Physics Teachings wherever we were. We continued to begin the day with our 6 am ritual. Only this week we were in place much earlier. Continuing to expand on temple sleep and waking with inner practices as we would go to sleep, we all found we required less sleep. I would usually wake up at 2:30am and continue the practice til the chanting began. The chanting was very different than the first week. The first week, I was hearing the beauty of the ritual, waking in the dark, the candles, bells, the rain, feeling all of us united in a common practice. The second week was far more inner, taking the inner plane experiences into the chanting. One morning earlier in the week we learned how to intensify these practices by adding visualization, movements of body and mind thus impacting our chanting with much greater depth. During our week, the impeachment procedings and bombings of Iraq also took place giving added impetus to our chants and prayers to be a greater focus for transmutation, asking for God's will and assissting those stuck on the inner planes. Our diet continued to augment our experiences__sometimes having food designed to aid in elimination on the physical as well as other planes, sometimes to create more heat, sometimes to give greater focus. We would learn from Tat at the dinner table, in the car on excursions in nature and in classroom settings and in Astral Physics Teachings. The formal classes ranged from interpretation of scripture from the Bible to the Gita to understanding the positive and negative aspects of color in ray attunements, to having the effects of different oils and insence to the tenents and finer tunings of astral physics. In the scriptures we would find how everything related back to us. This would give us lessons that Tat would augment into practice to take into the inner planes as we entered temple sleep. We continued taking trips into nature. At a beautiful waterfall we got to practice our techniques for seeing prana, and the devas. We spent several days at the hot pool by the ocean, went through the lava tubes at the volcano park and climaxed the week with a trip to the Hilton hotel at Kona, being with the dolphins, waterfalls, riding in boats, seeing incredible art work all setting the tone for returning to the world in an environment of opulent success. We even got to see another beautiful full rainbow. And this time we were able to all see subtle added colors that were alive and vivid__the rainbow being a covenant and promise of the new us we're bringing back into the world. The inner journey during the week was just as incredible and even more finely tuned as it built on the previous week.We were given a practice to do as we went to sleep and do during the night. Sometimes, I was successful with it and my dreams would reflect it by flying in the dreams or lifting into whole new vistas in the dream plane. Other times, it would be difficult to stay awake and harder to hold the focus. With more light coming through more intensely, it shone on the parts of me that needed refinement, particularly with my mind. We learned to go to a higher deeper place that is beyond the mind__so that the mind along with our subconscious, emotions, pysche, and creative aspects are only servants of the greater Self. My mind went through it's rebellion and old patterns of wanting to be in control. But with applying the new light teachings, application of the gold flame of mastery and love, my mind was surrendered into a new place. By going back and forth with the intensity of the classes and practices with the time in nature was so healing. Tat had done years of retreats. His mastery, love of teaching and expertise in so many forms created a unique learning experience that took me beyond my parameters and has opened me to a new way of being as well as strengthing and renewing existing dedication. We are living in such an incredible time of change that what we learned here is more timely and valuable than ever before. The main thing we learned was to become our own master, not to have to rely on reflected materials of books, what other people have said and everything outside of us. Instead we've found the keys to access God directly and thus act and speak from our own connection and experience with God.. And what we found is not only a whole way of life, but is only the tip of the iceberg. There is so much further to go! What else haven't I said? Being with the other participants was a great part of the experience. They were 100% dedicated to God and learning. We had a beautiful flow with each other, upholding each other, comparing notes. We were together constantly, everywhere we went. And in the few instances when we could have gone off on our own, it felt natural to just stay together. It felt like we were under one aura of flow and learning and able to have such harmony by our common desire for God and all the time we had on the inner while still together in the outer. Tat's family also enriched our experience. They made us feel part of a family__a family that was real and filled with love and carrying that love into the world. The menagerie of animals also added to the experience with their love and unique characters__Godzilla, the kitten, battling our feet, Pakito, the dog siting in the chair next to Tat with the bird chiming in on important points, to the neighbor's horses prancing through every night. We watched beautiful videos together__colors and sounds to awaken inner tunings. And the final night, we had a Christmas tree and sang and played Christmas carols, as each participant had a final touch of light healing session with Tat. The whole experience is really beyond words and I know it will continue to influence and play out in my life for some time to come, like my life never being the same again.

Cold and Ice all about, yet within we rmain calm. Preparing for the leap into the unknown, to be surrounded by wisdom, truth and love. We rest deeply on the airplane as we fly to Hawaii. When the plane touches down in Hilo. We surrendered ourself to God's embrace. The Hawaian Air brings light to our soul. One piece of luggage does not arrive, calmly we surrender to God and accept perfection. The retreat location is beautiful to behold. Like a nest, we are protected and freed from the outer world. Our needs taken care of by Tat, we have the opportunity to focus and concentrate, meditate and merge into God's Holy Presence. The days merge into One day, the nights into One night. Here we are now, in the Presence, Dear God may we remain always in Your Presence. We are the Master living here, free from doubt and free from fear, knowing that what's within our mind will manifest in space and time. The retreat schedule produced a Divine Balance. Beginning with chanting, we bring the body, emotions and mind into alignment and harmony as we raise our hearts and souls to God. In this manner our vehicles are aligned with Godly vibrations, so we may be open and magnetic to the attunments of Astral Physics Teachings which followed. We are feeding our being Divine Light and energy through the Astral Physics chants and attunements. We are consciously filling our being with the wisdom, truth and love of God; everyday attuning to that, making that our first movement, in this, the first day of our eternal life. We are unfolding that we are a master unfolding through the putting into action of the daily self disciplines, Astral Physics chants, attunements and meditations. We become that, we are that. We ascend over the rainbow bridge of light as we see each chakra an infinite universe blazing within and without, drawing each to its own, unity in diversity. We step into the Gold, White and Crystal fields of light. I am that. After these morning attunements, we gather for breakfast to nourish the body temple with the elements and proper nutrition it needs so the body may be a fit recepticle to receive the light of making manifest that consciousness here and now. The three OM'S bring us all together as one and the prayer impregnates our food and consciousness with divine vibrations, that we may be of greater service to all and that God's will be done. The morning class which follows, invokes in us the powers of attention, concentration, observation, meditation, contemplation, super conscious and cosmic consciousness. It is a period of stillness of receptivity to the words of God spoken through our teacher. What joy it is to be here receiving the teachings, what a blessing, Thank you God ! The keys of life, the truth of being, the wisdoms of eternity, the love of the One, I Am That I Am. The meditation before lunch is a period of spiritual digestion and assimilation. A correlation of the morning discourse through all the levels of being over the rainbow bridge and then dwelling in and coming out through the white light. The moments before lunch were also the most appropriate time for a few quick yoga postures to loosen up the spine and limbs from their morning posture of sitting still. This body is able to sit for longer periods now, without restlessness or discomfort. Thank You God. The afternoon meal of soup and salad was filling and nourishing, yet light enough to bring energy to the body so we felt ready to go out on the afternoon's adventure. The afterfoon tour provided the perfect environment in which to integrate the mornings spiritual power. It was a lighter time, interspersed with joy and humor that complimented the serious discipline of the morning practice. But while balancing the morning session with a certain lightness, it was as well interwoven with teachings and wisdom, which made the afternoon all the more enjoyable. In a way, the morning session manifests the father aspect, while the afternoon time felt like the mother aspect. and the evening brings us into the one. Rainbow Falls was a beautiful place to go for our first tour. We experienced the subtle devic energies. By following the falling water with the eyes for a minute and then holding the gaze on the side of the cliff and perceiving the undulations of energy. Another afternoon we walked across the lava to a black sand beach, the waves and prana filled wind are wonderful, thank you God! The macadamia nut factory was fun, Thank You God and for the samples! Also we saw some pretty varieties of flowers and especially at the orchid farm. Thank You God for the yellow ginger we picked. What a divine fragrance. The Wood Valley temple was a sacred place to visit. The serenity and stillness of God radiated from that focus of light. After leaving the Wood Valley temple we drove through the rainbow, what a beautiful experience.. Thank You God! Thank you God for the pruification ceremony at the black sand beach, for drawing any darkness out of our chakras, purifying our being. After returning from the day's adventure, we showered and then centered in meditation and sometimes rest until dinner time. After dinner we gathered for the evening class during which we received variations on a spiritual exercise that is the key to God union. Each night after class, several hours were spent focused on the breath, the inner sound, the light and oneness with God. During this process, many different things would arise all of which keep us from God. Each evening was a battle with thoughts and imaginings that sought to steal us from God. Detach, let go, I null and I void it, I no longer need it. We re-center on the breath, sound and light. We claim the diamond light of God. We vow to do this exercise until I am that! The process each night is what it is, that's the reality. We do not impose comparisons or judgments upon our experience. In the present, we cut through illusion in the presence, we are free from delusion. Awakening at 3:00 am has been a steady experience as well. The peak of the retreat occurred atop Mauna Kea at 13,000 feet. We drove through the rain and clouds to get there, but the view from the top was clear, 360 degrees around. Wrapped in our garments of warmth we entered meditation, focusing within on the breath, sound, light, the Holy Spirit in the form of the wind was a constant purification, especially so at that altitude. Six individuals unified in the six pointed star, anchoring the clear crystal firelight into the spine through the chakras. We danced on the edge of consciousness as we became aligned for world service, we are in a spiritual flight. Dear God, guide us as we unfold the wisdom, truth and love which we received here in the outer world. You are our breath, our blood and our life. May your will, Dear God, manifest in through and about us as we unfold in your eternal life and light. When we return hom, assist us in keeping Thy sacred flame blazing, blazing, blazing, in and around and through our bodies, emotions, mind, soul,creative, individual and universal levels. Help us maintain the consciousness that everything we do to please Thee, oh Lord. Help us remain free from bondage to lesser things, we claim you as our center, our source and supply, lift up humanity in Thy spiritual sky. All Praise be to Thee. Amen & Amen. OM TAT SAT OM

Second Week

The second week of the retreat we went deeper, into the Astral Physics teachings, the inner reality became more solid, the esoteric knowlege and wisdom embodying the daily practices, the unfoldment of life and the ultimate goal, God were crystalized and ushured into our being on all levels: Physical, Emotional, Mental, Soul, Creative, Individual, Universal, Cosmic, all the way to the Godhead. On one level, the theme of the week was Vision. What's the vision we are holding for our life? Most people either don't make a vision, or their vision limits and Binds them to lesser things. So what's our vision? Why are we here? We have all possibility to work with. We choose to do God's will and God's desire, to be centered in God, to live and move and have our being in God; to uplift, heal and unite the individuals manifest within humanity. We become: whatever we put our attention upon; whatever we internalize with our fellings; whatever we describe ourselves as; whatever we know and claim in our environment; whatever we put our faith and ideas in; whatever we believe; whatever vision we hold in the vault of the inner eye; whatever we realize ourselves as being. Either we Consciouly choose to give our life to our vision on every level of our being or we give our live unconsciously to the darkness born of ignorance. We are spending our life in the presence of God and for the unfoldment of God's Divine Plan. Doing everything in and with Full conscious awareness brings us closer to God, since God manifests the quality of pure-conscious-awareness. We realize how important it is when doing the morning chants to be consciously chanting on all levels of our being. We're not just moving the mouth or chanting for fun, because it feels good. Chanting is a conscious attunement that takes us as deep as we choose to go. We are building the power, consciousness, and and vibration of the chant into all the cells of all our bodies when we are conscious of that. We are impregnating the phyiscal body, emothinal body, mental body, soul, creative higher abstact mind, individual and universal spiritual levels. There is an infinite depth and power to the chanting but we must be conscious of this during the chant. This is true as well with the daily attunement on all levels, and has power proportional to the amount of focus we use on every level. The importance of this cannot be overemphasised. The power in the attunements and chants is generated by the one pointedness and alignment of all the bodies: physical, emotional, mental,soul, higher mind, individual, and universal levels. So we learned to put feeling and sincerity into the attunments and chants; mental focus (and not to allow the mind to wander: if the mind wanders, we bring it back quickly and firmly to the discipline.) We put our soul into the disipline, we're casting negatives out of our soul and attuning to the higher vibration and light. We recognize the power of cycles in doing the attunements everyday, at the same time to build a steady power on all levels. Using the power of the third eye to visualize the attunements and chants, and being open at the crown to receive direct connection/communication from the divine. So the importance of vision and purpose in the daily discipline and the activities of life became clear. Recognize, realize, assimilate and demonstrate, Consciously attuning to the highest, the one-without-a-second, we call for God's vision and purpose to fill our third eye, that we may step down and transform this into action, anchored in the phyisical. The decoding of the first few verses of Genesis, were extremely illuminating, Thank you TAT! I am the smaller creator. We begin the breath, sound and light meditation and then in this deep state of consciousness we create the vision as God creates, in mind. What a powerful technique. To take complete control and responsibility for our life; to make the decree God, , not my will, but thy will be done. God show me the vision of our life; Reveal to us the highest Path to manifest. And then to visualize this, with all our creative power and faith; to know this with all our heart and soul. To see the environment support the vision; to feel the emotional support and fulfilment; to see the vision in action. To hold the vision that unites, frees, and uplifts humanity; and to live that vision, it must be so. - "Everything and Everyone in heaven is for us so nothing on earth can stop us"; "Nothing on earth can stop us and nothing in heaven wants to." Then daily discipline and attunements, ritual and meditation, prayer and vision all coalesce creating the nessary power and focus in God to bring God's divine plan into manifesation. All the spirtual knowledge, tools, practices, disciplines, wisdom, etc... That TAT has given us work together to unite, unfold, and integrate God's life into our life, and we are one humanity. To have a spirtual discipline that's so inclusive; with God as God, TAT unveils the mysteries and reveals the unity of the ancient wisdoms and spirtual disciplines in attaining the goal: eternal and everlasting unity with God. One morning we learned the power, vibration and consciousness of various essential oils. This is helpful in attuning to specific energies, and receiving or radiating those qualities. The incense works on the same principles, being but a different form of the essential oil. We received clarity on the setting up of an altar and also creating a vortex. Incense, candles and bells are important for anchoring and maintaining the vortex as they act as carriers of spiritual energy between the physical and spiritual planes. The incense carries spiritual vibrations on the smoke, the candle conveys spiritual currents as the wax is transmitted into light and the bell carries spiritual currents upon the ethers. The most important however is the individual focus and absorption in the ritual, with purpose and clear vision. When all the levels of consciousness are concentrated and poured into spiritual vision, vortex, prayer, invocation, call etc---Then the manifestation is instant in the presence and the candle, bell and incense are valuable aids in bringing the spiritual and physical planes together. The attributes of the colors which we were given are extremely valuable. Knowing the attributes will help us begin to think in color rather than words, as well as eliminating the heavier, darker attributes from our mind, aura and wardrobe. Also, when reading aura's obviously it is necessary to know what the colors mean. This gives us access to the universal language of creation. The 12 astral physics principles bring everything together in right order, organizing and relating the teachings in a divine alchemy. This we definitely will be contemplating deeply as an infinite source of wisdom. The chapters from the Gita were so uplifting and illuminating; we will diligently delve into this holy scripture. The trips to the hot springs and volcano provided the perfect balance to the intense spiritual classes, disciplines, etc... Ending the retreat at that beautiful hotel, with all the spiritual statues and opulence was very uplifting, a glimpse at what is possible to manifest, a mini paradise, created from the minds of men, Thank you God. God bless Tat! and his family. God bless the Church of Revelation and Astral Physics School. God bless humanity. Thank you God for all our blessings, for all the teachings. May all the people of the earth awaken to Your Presence within, realize Your wisdom, Your Truth and Your Love. Amen and Amen Om Tat Sat Om


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