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January 2003

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We believe in God, the Nameless One, that projects and supports all that is form and formless; the One and only Almighty God, which is, was and always will be. The Omnipresent (Love Unconditioned), Omnipotent (Truth Unconditioned) , and Omniscient (Wisdom Unconditioned). Seen and unseen, manifest and unmanifest, Mother Father God, The One Spirit- Mind Being and Non-Being. All Names and No Names and beyond Names. The goal of all Religions of all times. Without beginning or end. In all as all. The God who breath the Holy Spirit into all Masters, Saints and Holy Beings that com to the Earth to Guide all of Humanity, form the beginning of time and creation to the present and future.

The specific and primary purposes are to operate a church for religious purposes, to study, investigate, research, teach, promote and apply the teachings and healing techniques of Jesus , the Science of spiritualism , the Ascended and Ascending Masters of Light and all other religious leaders from the beginning of time to the present, employing the laws of God and all of the forces of Nature and the Universe to heal the Soul, Mind, Emotions and Body of Humanity and enable them to live a happier, healthier, more Abundant and Ascendant Life.

THE CHURCH : All the Peoples of the World that is, was and ever will be that believe in God make up the Church Of Revelation that we serve. It does not matter of what Race, Kindred, Nation, Tongue, Religion, People or Practice. All God's people belong to God. We believe in and embrace all Religious, Spiritual, Esoteric and Mystical Lineages that God has revealed to the People of the World, from the most Ancient Times to the Present. The Church of Revelation is the Body of God in Human flesh and One Spirit. The Church of Revelation is not bound in buildings, temples, cathedrals, chapels, ashrams, synagogues or any other type of structure. 'When Humans meet in these places, then they are churches or other names for the worship and teachings of God, for God and by and through God's Holy Spirit.

This does not mean we do not need to maintain a place of worship. On the contrary, we need a place secure for the people to worship and learn. This is why we have buildings and property. These places, when consecrated, are HOLY GROUND. When people worship and learn together they create an atmosphere, a Light Vortex or an Aura as it were. The Light Vortex gets stronger and more magnetic as it grows. It is important to have a body of people that have similar beliefs to gather together for Spiritual purposes. This is why we have members of the Local Light Focus for the Church of Revelation.

Love "Tat" Tattenaitananda The Bestower of the Gift's of God that Liberates Bliss


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