We are saling some of our most blessed and precious things to Eaise funds for our overhead and the Church and School pleaes see what we have below. Thank you for coming to our fund raising. Blessings Of Light

This is our once a year fund rasing.

Allmoneies are concedered as donations to the Church of Revelation and are Tax deductable 501 3c Non profit Org.

Fund Rasing Specials

Only the statues and art are at the location.

EMAIL  MasterTat@hotmail.com

We held the Spiritual Mystic Ring up to the Picture and it is close to the Spiritual Mystic Ring actual Size. Super-Ring Figure size is 13 3/4th

A Mystical Powered Rainbow Ring That Tat Called His Rainbow Mastership Ring, Tat will do a ritual to pass the power of the Ring to who ever buys the Mystical Powered Rainbow Ring That Tat Called the Rainbow Mastership Ring. It will be a blessing on all levels.

$111,111.11 One Hundred eleven thousand, one hundred and eleven dollars and eleven cents.

11  *** See "Highly intuitive, even psychic, this Master number is a channel between the sub-conscious and the conscious mind. 11 means Highly charged. See more on the number 11 at the bottom of this page.

**The story of the Spiritual Mystic Ring at the bottom of this Page. The ring will be sent on proof of deposit at our *Bank or by Cash, Money Order, Cashiers Check or personal check sent to: all checks must clear before we send anything listed below.

The way to pay us is by us receiving proof of deposit at our *Bank or by Cash, Money Order, Cashiers Check or personal check sent to:

Church of Revelation or Bishop Harrison Roy Hesketh DD

P O Box 808 Oxford, New York 13830.

You can now phone us 607 821 0733

*You can send or See your bank for proper form and route to:
Account #85202,
Church of Revelation, Bishop Harrison Roy Hesketh D.D.
Hawaii Federal and State EFCU
632 Channel Street,
Hilo, HI, 96749, U.S.A.

Wire Funds:
Pacific Corp. Federal Credit Union. Account number: aba #321380632
Further Credit HFS Federal Credit Union routing number: 321378660
Account name: Church of Revelation / Bishop Harrison Roy
Account number 85202

Contact our bank (808) 930-1400 Toll Free (800) 216-2666
Call Center Hours Hawaiian Time - Monday thru Friday 8:30 am to 6:00 pm Saturday 8:30 am to 1:30 pm Hawaiian Pacific Time

All bides for any art must be sent to our EMAIL  MasterTat@hotmail.com. Our policy is first come first served. Payment in advance. No exception. Seven Day return policy. Buyer pays for return shipping. All payments are considered as donations and are Tax deductible. We are a 501c3 nonprofit organization from July 7th. 1976. Proof of deposit is a must before we send anything.

We have Gems for donations from $20.00 to $200.00

Art Sale

Buddhist Art


42 inches tall Temple Lion facing right $3000.00

44 inches tall Temple Lion facing left $3000.00

The Pair of Temple Lions $5000.00

Shown above

42 inches Setting Buddha $4800.00 (Hand Craved in Indonesia)

4 feet long Reclining Buddha $3000.00 (Hand Craved in Indonesia)

60 inch Standing Blessing Buddha $2500.00 (Hand Craved in Indonesia)

Buddha Banner hanging $300.00

Tibetan thangka hand painted by a monk taken from Tibet in 1955. This figure in this thangka plus other faces $1000.00


Tibetan Cymbles $50.00


Shown above

Krishna Statue 12 or so inches $150.00

Dancing Shiva Statue 12 or so inches $75.00

Quan Yin Porcelain Statue $20.00

Seven Statues ( Stages of the Path) Myan Art $700.00

9 Egyptian Statues and a Tut Bust $2100.00 ( 9 Statues and 1 Bust Hand Carved and Hand Painted in Egypt)

North American Indian Art - Drum, Raddle, Feather, Picture $250.00

Individual paintings by Tat

Tat Vision of free lance individual cosmic paintings 100 available - 9 x 12 inches $50.00 each

Tat Vision of free lance (4 sets of 4 available) cosmic paintings at a reduced price 9 x 12 inches $177.00

Tat Vision of free lance (1 set 6available) cosmic paintings at a reduced price 9 x 12 inches $250.00

Tat Vision of free lance cosmic paintings 10 available - 24 x 36 inches $500.00 each

Tat Vision of Cosmic Universes 6 available - 4 feet X 6 feet $1100.00 each

Tat's Special Blessing Oil

Tat's special Blessing Oil the last batch. Small Bottle for Blessing and Healing Oil with over 38 years of blessings with Light 'mix # 108'. This is a mix of over 55 different oils. There is Oil blessed by Jesus from the Church of England, oils from Sri Aurobindo, Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Swami Muktananda, Paramahasa Yogananda, Musk from Tibet and oils collected and blessed by Tat from healing, religious and spiritual site all over the world.

Blessing- Healing. Place a dab on your forehead when feeling tired and weak while you burn a light or a blue candle. Used to cure sick people and dispel evil. Used to bring peace, harmony and tranquility to your home. Sprinkle around the house to bring peace into your life. To stop arguing and fighting. When put on your pillow it aids in a quiet and peaceful nights sleep. To enjoy a better, more peaceful life. Creates a state of calmness and peace. Fills your home with happiness, love and harmony when sprinkled about. Helps to calm and solve minor marriage problems. To bring peace and blessings to all who reside in your dwelling. Good to use in a home where there is much arguing and fighting, calms people down. Use to calm the nerves of a sensitive person,Wear to always be in good spirits.

Anointing - Gives power to candles and other items that you want to consecrate. Attraction - Attracts good things to you be it love, money or jobs. Blessing - Used to bless your altar & tools before any ritual. Conjure - Use around your altar to attract spirits to help bring on your desire or request quickly. Consecration - Use around altar,on power bags, poppets etc.. to consecrate and cleanse . Courage - Believed to make the most timid person brave & fearless when rubbed on the chakras on the physical body. Memory - Use to increase your memory,Good for student studying spiritual teachings. Spiritual Dream - For prophetic dreams, to improve psychic, mystic and spiritual powers. Reconciliation - To reconcile a non-romantic relationship, such as one between friends or colleagues.

When this oil get down to half way in your bottle you can be add another oil of good quality like olive oil, Musk, Lily of the Valley, Frankincense, and other spiritual oils that have been blessed. When you add the oil you must say ' in the name and power of God I add this oil.' The oil then must set for 21 days before using it again.. You can put this oil when you first get it and put it in a bottle up to three times the size of the bottle received. It only has to set for three days. When that bottle gets down to half full you can fill it with oils as described above. Always say a prayer overt he oil when you mix it. This price while it last $55.00 per Bottle.

A sample of a prayer to bless the oil.

Our beloved and most High Almighty God. Through the Powers of all the Sainted, most holy Beings, the Masters of the Light of God to humanity that gave their Life for you on this planet Earth. By and through the Powers of all the Sainted, the most Holy Beings, the Masters of the Light of God to humanity that gave their Life for you on this planet Earth. By the power of the Great Angelic Host that reaches from Heaven to Earth that serve you and humanity through your Great and Holy Spirit.

We hold this oil up in blessing, faith, love and with the purity of our request. We ask for you to infuse this oil with the power of the trinity of the Godhead, The Creator, Sustainer and the Transcender and the duel power of the Mother/ Father God who is the one parent of us all and in the Oneness and Wholeness of your Holy Presence. As well as by the anointed power of Christ which is the Word and Light over all created things.

As we hold this oil up to you God we stand in your silent presence for these few minutes to receive from you a blessing for healing and blessing oil.

(you now stand with your head bowed for a few minutes open to God as you hold this bottle up in the air over your head)

We thank you God, We praise you God and We love you God for this instant answer to our prayer for we know in your Presence there is no limit to time, space to circumstances. With all our heart, mind, spirit and soul forever your. Amen and Amen, I AM THAT I AM, Om Tat Sat Om

EMAIL  MasterTat@hotmail.com

NOTE: all Art sent - plus Shipping and Handling cost of S&H depends on size of the peace of Art

(the large statues have a $500.00 crating cost plus shipping ) All payments due before shipping.


** The story of the Spiritual Mystic Ring.

Master Tat Walking the Jeweled Path.

In 1975 the Ascended Masters of Light put me on the Jeweled Path; the Jeweled Path was as follows, when you reached the clarity on a level of conscious awareness you would be given a Gem that represented that level of Mind, Consciousness, the Chakra and other seen and unseen things on the Rainbow Bridge Path to God.

The Gems and their meanings are as follows

Ruby Gem for the Physical plane: Root Chakra with 4 pedals

Citrine Gem for the Emotional plane: Spleen Chakra with 6 pedals

Yellow Sapphire Gem for the Lower Mental plane: Navel Chakra with 10 pedals

Emerald Gem for the Psychic Environmental plane: Heart Chakra with 12 pedals

Aquamarine Gem for the Higher Creative Abstract plane: Throat Chakra with 16 pedals

Tanzanite Blue to Indigo Color changing Gem for the Super Conscious plane of the Spirit Body: Brow Chakra with 96 pedals 48 inner and 48 outer consciousness

Amethyst Gem for the Unified Field of Cosmic Consciousness Awareness of the unity of all three fields of the Physical, Mental and Spiritual: Crown Chakra with 1000 pedals

Golden Topaz for the Mastery in the Master Mind, collective consciousness of humanity and of the planet. Center of the Crown Chakra with 12 pedals for the 12 powers of God.

Three White tinted Gems are represented by the three basic rays; Rose Sapphire, Golden Sapphire and Blue Sapphire in the White Light Sphere just above the head about six inch in the Etheric Body. The etheric body is in the field that surrounds the physical body in the aura. The etheric holds the pattern for the physical body. The three basic rays represent the material, mental and spiritual planes of conscious awareness.

Three Gold color Rings, two Yellow Gold and one White Gold. Yellow Gold for the Mastery in the Intellectual Mind, Master Mind and white Gold for the Mind of Light, collective consciousness of humanity, of the consciousness of the planet and of the consciousness of the for the Mastery in the Intellectual Mind, Master Mind and Mind of Light; collective consciousness of humanity, of the planet and of the Cosmos. The cosmos is from the DNA structure to the infinite structures of creation.

The gold was melted as the eclipse which was a total lunar eclipse which took place on January 9, 1982 started and the jewels were laid out in the pattern of the rainbow. The Gold was formed into a oval lace pattern for the jewels to be mounted on. under the oval is three rings that come into one rings. The ring is size 13 and 1/2 with add to a 7. The power of change. The trinity changes all things into the one. There is an

I could not tell anyone that I was on the Jeweled Path, I could not ask anyone for the jewels and I could not buy the jewels. It took seven years, from 1974 to 1982, to receive the Gems. Then on a full moon in January of 1983 I had a Jeweler pour the melted gold from three gold rings that were given to me; two yellow gold wedding rings and one white gold wedding ring to be melted together to make three rings coming into one that held the oval shape that held the Gems; the oval shape represent God in action. Placed in the center of the ring is an 7 caret Amethyst that was manifested by Sri Sathya Sai Baba in India. This gem was then given to me from Sri Sathya Sai Baba .

In cooperation with the Jeweler for a time went there was an eclipse of the moon and earth that is when and were in I chanted and prayed as the Spiritual Mystic Ring was being made.

As the eclipse started is when I started to Chant Ancient, Secret and Mystical incantations and invoked the powers of the rainbow light spectrum. The oval shape[e of the ring represents God in action.

There are two line of gold coming from the center seven level Amethyst Jewel from Sri Sathya Sai Baba to each Jewel so as to that represent Mother/ Father God. That is the way, plus some secret alchemy, the Spiritual Mystic Ring, seen above and below was made. There are 11 jewels with two gold lines coming off the center Amethyst jewel that is 7 carets and is s 7 levels in the cut of the Amethyst jewel.

The center Amethyst - violet a spiritual color has the two lines of gold representing the mother/father God to each on the 11 jewels around the oval of God in action. The Amethyst gem represents instant manifestation as it was instantly manifested by Sri Sathya Sai Baba and as he gave it he said 'this is for the Spiritual Teacher.

The Teacher, Guide and Comforter , The Great and Holy Spirit and God; was sent to me from the Cosmic Christ, 'Head of the Hierarchy'; who is the only begotten one; that which was manifested when God gave the Word and said "Let there be Light'. I know this within my heart and soul.

Three ring going into one ring supports the oval of God in action. 11 jewels plus the center jewel with two lines from the center of instant manifestation are the mother/farther God. The jewels weight 33 carets. The Gold weights 1/2 oz. which is a three. The numbers are 1 God the center gem - 2 M/F God - 3 rings going into 1 ring. 1/2 oz. equals 3 - 33 gems are the number 6, 7 levels and 7 carets are in the center gem equal 14 equals 5 - 11 gems around the center gem, 33 carets of gems - the rainbow bridge in color plus the 3 basic rays of light and color. 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7 11, 14, 33

The Lunar Total Eclipse of 1982 January 9 = 3

Nothing on Earth can prove this and no thing in Heaven wants to for [ they that are in heaven are my Father/Mother Parent and all my brothers and sisters and the great angelic host have been with me from Let there be Light. I am in that body of the Christ the anointer of light of all creation. God created the Christ with the Holy breath of life. I AM in that I AM

As I got the first gem I began a special ritual for all things that would come in my life and that includes the Ring.

No one can break it's powers because they would have had to start before I did and all those with me from the beginning of creation and I did not tell anyone what I was doing in special areas of my inner life from March 20th 1974. Only God knows.

It was at that time I began doing things to cover everything that was connected to the Spiritual Path I was on from that date.

My mother, grandmother and great grandmother put protections over me from before I was born on earth. They had called me to come to earth in 1937.

With this Spiritual Mystic Ring

With this Spiritual Mystic Ring I traveled to nine countries, met thousands of peoplits number and my Travele in person and talked to hundreds of millions of people in person, over Radio, Television in the United States, Canada and Bermuda. People heard and read me by our tapes and books which we also reached millions of people. My wife and I took the month of July off every year from 1982 to 2002 and went to the many places we loved. We had many week ends and days off also doing the year to do things together. I was able to spend months every year in Hawaii and when my daughter was born I spent most of my time with her as my wife worked. We made all the money we needed to buy the necessities of life and we are debt free, own our home, car and furnishings and live a good life in our golden years. Blessings of Light Master Tat.



The Meaning of the Numbers

Add the number of your phone number, address, name

Write out your full name or address, name. If you want, you can write out several versions of it (first, middle, and last; first and last; first, middle initial, and last; etc.) and calculate each one separately; if a certain spelling of your name produces a numerological value that you would like to invest energy into, consider writing your signature that way for a while.

Match each letter in your full name to the corresponding numerical value. One way to do this is to number each letter as you move through the alphabet (A=1, B=2, C=3…) until you hit 9 and then start back over with 1 (H=8, I=9, J=1…). You can also use the chart below to see the breakdown of letters associated with each number:

Number 1 - Beginning, New, Focused concentration, Goal-striving, Action, Independence, Originality, Courage, Invention, Leader, Self-reliant, Ambition, Pioneer, Will, Conscious Mind, Positive.
Number 2 - Duality, Division, Polarity, Choice, Gestation, Cooperation, Service, Harmony, Support, Waiting, Diplomacy, Patience, Psychic, Intuition, Adaptable, Empathic, Partnership, Mediator, Comparison, Receptive, Helper, Collecting, Reproduction, Balancer of Opposites, Subconscious Memory, Positive and Negative.
Number 3 - Trinity, Union of Divine plus Human, Manifestation, Positive, Negative and Neutral, Expression, Subconscious Mind/Imagination, Creative, Optimistic, Enthusiasm, Expressive, Charming, Humour, Fun, Attractive, Friendly.
Number 4 - Practical, orderly, patient, logical, hard-working, loyal, builder, steadfast, frugal, responsible, earthy, planner, materially creative, green thumb, even tempered.
Number 5 - Adventure, change, freedom, exploration, variety, sensuality, unattached, curious, experienced, periodicity, knowledge seeker, knowledge teacher, traveler, imagination, child-like, playful.
Number 6 - Harmony, beauty, nurturing, love, marriage, family, responsibility, understanding, sympathy, healing, empathic, perfectionist, order, duty, comfort, service.
Number 7 - Philosopher, sage, wisdom seeker, reserved, inventor, stoic, contemplative, aloof, deep-thinker, introspective, spiritual, faith, esoteric, exotic, unusual, hidden, seeking perfection, ethereal, other worldly, enigma.

Number 11    See "Highly intuitive, even psychic, this Master number is a channel between the sub-conscious and the conscious mind. Highly charged.

Number 14    A wild streak. Need for change and adventure can destroy carefully planned progress. Lack of focus and commitment. This Karmic Debt number can get you in trouble. Guard against self-indulgence.

Number 33    Its ultimate potential is in teaching. It is called the Christ number. It comforts others. It represents self-sacrifice and beliefs in Utopia. It is often codependent.

There are 11 gems on the outer rim of this Spiritual Mystic Ring. The Ring has 33 Carets of Jewels and 1/2 oz. of 18 caret Gold.

The number 11 The number eleven carries a vibrational frequency of balance. It represents male and female equality. It contains both sun energy and moon energy simultaneously yet holding them both in perspective separate-ness. Perfect balance.

Consequently, constant reoccurrences of number eleven in our lives often signal us to be aware of our balance:

Elevens are magical messages asking us if we are centered or off kilter.

When we add 1+1 (eleven reduced) we get number two - which is also a balance number - Numeral two also deals with:

Those who recognize the spiritual meaning of number Eleven in their lives are quite sensitive to vibrational frequencies matching these attributes above listed. Elevens appearing on a consistent bases is indicative of a reflective, thoughtful and intuitive soul.

Messages the Number Eleven Proposes

The 11 symbolizes the potential to push the limitations of the human experience into the stratosphere of the highest spiritual perception; the link between the mortal and the immortal; between man and spirit; between darkness and light; ignorance and enlightenment. This is the ultimate symbolic power of the 11. 11 is the ability to reach spiritual enlightenment (the 11), makes it a reality in the material world.

After Judas Iscariot was disgraced, the remaining apostles of Jesus were sometimes described as "the Eleven"; Some Interesting #11 Facts:

Jesus Christ = 11 Letters

The following also contain 11 letters:

Jesus is Lord

Our Redeemer

Savior Jesus

God in Heaven

God Almighty

Number Eleven possesses the qualities of intuition, patience, honesty, sensitivity, and spirituality, and is idealistic. Others turn to people who are 'Eleven' for teaching and inspiration, and are usually uplifted by the experience.

Eleven bring the gift of spiritual inheritance, is gifted as the "Light-Bearer". It is the number of the Light within all. Strengthened by the love of Peace, gentleness, sensitivity and insight. Greatest facility is the awareness of Universal relationship. Is related to the energy of Oppositions and the Balancing needed in order to achieve synthesis. Eleven is The Peace Maker... Colors : Gold, Salmon, Prune, White and Black.

33 is the Master Teacher.

This individual's focus is on reaching the world and uplifting the loving energy of mankind. They are not concerned with personal ambition, and have great devotion to cause. The 33 individuals usually achieve fame through acts of kindness, tenderness and compassion that lead to the transformation of the world's consciousness.

The Ascended Masters help you to focus on the Divine spark within yourself and others, and assist with manifesting your desires.   Number 33 is a Master Number (Master Teacher) and resonates with the energies of compassion, blessings, inspiration, honesty, discipline, bravery and courage.  Number 33 tells us that ‘all things are possible’.  33 is also the number that symbolizes ‘guidance’. The Master Number 33 is connected to the Ascended Masters, and the repeating Angel Number 33 is a message that many Ascended Masters surround you and are offering their assistance.  All you need to do is ask, as the Ascended Masters are waiting to answer your prayers.

The Angel Number 33 is a message from your angels that any positive changes or projects you are considering right now will be well worth your while, and you will be assisted in the undertaking.



EMAIL MasterTat@hotmail.com

Mailing Address:

Rev. Bishop Harrison Roy Hesketh D. D. or Church Of Revelation or APSCOR.COM
P.O. Box 808
Oxford, NY 13830

We welcome your Love Offering Donations. This is how we get our income for the Church of Revelation and Astral Physics School to do the Work of God and serve you with Daily Prayer. As well as along with your using the Church Of Revelation's Spiritual and Religious Services and using Astral Physics Teachings on this website, videos online and using our Products.

If you feel this material is a Spiritual Blessing to you, please respond appropriately with supportive prayers and finances for God's work through God's channel Master Tat and its Astral Physics Teachings, the message to humanity for all times. And, if possible, provide ongoing financial support for the proclamation of this message to all of God's people and all the world.

Expect a Miracle Today with Tat's Hair. By holding Tat's hair in your hand as a reminder that God has heard and has promised to answer your prayer and as a witness to others that you believe that God answers prayer in response to your request and the sacrifice of the Seed of Faith. NOTE: Tat's hair has the power of Tat's Crown and Center of Crown Chakras. Tat's Hair holds the Energy and Light of the Power of God and the Ascended Masters of Light who anointed Tat's head. The Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood did this with Transcendent Love, Life and Light of God, Christ and the Holy Spirit giving Tat the trice blessing of the Godhead. The Seven Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood did this in a circle of Light in Hawaii, in front of an alter in 1974. The anointing continues to this day and present time until Tat transcends to God in Light. The Blessing of Light will continue after Tat transcends to God in Light from the Light of the Holy Spirit of God to Tat's Hair until the end of time.
Send for Tat's hair with a love offering to P.O. Box 808 Oxford, NY 13830 or request Tat's hair at MasterTat@hotmail.com.

Note: Donations to this Website apscor.com or the website mastertat.com are tax deductible and a confirmation of receipt will be given upon request by mail or proof of deposit.

Donation Information

You are the a valued visitor, God Bless You and give you what you need in Life.

EMAIL  MasterTat@hotmail.com

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