Daily Atunements Instructions

Instructions for the Daily Discipline and Practice:

Each step of the daily discipline is read and attune to the following:

1. Attune to the Aspect of the day.
2. Attune to the Elohim and receive the power.
3. Read the Ray Energies and feel them being magnetized to you.
4. Read the Special Virtue and take them within your Mind and Aura.
5. Read the Vices and Consciously dispel them from your Mind and Aura.
6. Read the Virtues to Acquire and 'see' them working in your life.
7. Visualize the Precious Stone in the center of your mind.
8. Read the Color Rays and visualize them in your Aura.
9. Sound the Note and Key in the Mantra and Chant to attune to its vibration.
Note: You can use the mantra or chant to control your emotions or mind during the day.
10. Contemplate upon the Plane of Consciousness for a few minutes.
11. Read the names of the Chakra from different teachings.
12. Visualize and Sense the Chakra Location in your Physical Body.
13. Read and observe the Chakra Function within you.
14. Attune to the Zodiacal Signs in the Universe as Light and Energy.
15. Attune to the Kingdom as a body of conscious Beings.
16. Attune to the Elements and take your dominion over it.
17. Attune to the Master or Masters of the Daily Ray.
18. Attune to the Archangel and the angels as the vibrational Messenger of Light from God to Earth.
19. Feel and know yourself as Master of the Soul Level.
20. Feel and know yourself in the Flames of the Rays Manifesting to your Body, Mind and Spirit.
21. Use visualization and draw with each of your hands and mind with the inner light of Mind, the Symbol of the Day.
22. Repeat the Decree aloud three times with all your heart and mind.
23. Repeat the Affirmation aloud three times with all your heart and mind.
24. Say the Prayer and insert your own special prayers for the day.
25. Make the Call aloud like calling to the distance or as calling to summon with love.
26. Read the teachings of the Masters, Archangels and Spirit of the Day and bless them so you may be attuned the their thought forms in the Spiritual Levels of Mind.
27. Read aloud the Fiat and claim it as your own.
28. Read the Meditation and be that in your Meditation.
29. Make the Call to the Rays and Visualize them in your Meditation.
30. Enter Meditation over your Rainbow Bridge of Light, seeking the Conscious Silence of Heaven within your Body, Mind and Spirit.


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