Path to Enlightenment

Thirteen Different Levels of Karma

Fourteen Levels of Mind

The Process is Positive self-image and Goal Setting

The Path to Enlightenment:

(12) God Consciousness

(11) Mother Father Consciousness

(10) Spirit Consciousness

(9) Christ Consciousness

(8) Master Consciousness

(7) Cosmic Consciousness

(6) Super Consciousness

(5) Contemplation

(4) Meditation

(3) Observation

(2) Concentration

(1) Attention

Here we are going right up the Chakras, just like we are with the Colors.

Attention starts with the Base Chakra. Okay, this is the where you have to learn to pay attention. Okay, a little child, why don't you put them in school at the age of One? It's because they don't know how to pay attention yet. So the time is about six or seven years old, they can pay pretty good attention. So that's what's happening in this Root Chakra, you are learning to pay attention, learning to put your attention on a certain thing of the physical.

Concentration comes at the Spleen Level or the Emotional, this is the Focus of Attention. The ability to put it in a certain direction and hold it there, you see. If you are holding your Attention or your Attention is going lots of different directions, then you can't do anything with it. You can't have any Power in that area. So your Emotional or Spleen Level gives you the ability to Concentrate, to Focus, to Concentrate that Attention in a certain Direction.

Observation is at the Naval and that's the ability of the Mind to Observe what's going on with the Attention see. It's watching the Attention, where it's going. We have a Watcher here of Attention and where it's going and that's the Naval Chakra.

Meditation is at the Heart, which is the Merging. Meditation is Merging, see and that comes at the Heart.

Contemplation and simply see how things, that come at the Throat. That's simply seeing how things, how things work the Principle of how things work in different ways. Take one thing and see the Principle of that, see how it fits. Lots of areas of your Life and different things. See, if you know the Principle of things, then you can apply it all about you. That's where Contemplation comes in, at the Throat.

Super Conscious at the Brow and the ability to be aware of all things about you at one time, Super Consciousness. It's not an active State of what watching something or aggressively looking at something, focusing your Attention that way; it's the ability to see. Be aware of things by Passive seeing, you see. So that's the Super Conscious Level.

Cosmic Consciousness comes at the Crown, the outer Crown and that Consciousness of a Universal Nature. A Cosmic Nature just beyond the Physical and not just to do with you, but to do with all things about you. All being place around you and the Master Master Consciousness is in the Center of the Crown. That's the Consciousness of the Mastery of all the different Levels.

When you get to that Center of the Crown, you are the Master of your Body, Emotions, Mind, Environment, Creative, Individual and Universal awareness. You are the Master at that Level.

Christ Consciousness. That's about six inches above the Crown.

The Sphere of Consciousness is above that. Consciousness of the Holy Spirit, in all things.

Mother Father Consciousness and the God Self Consciousness, which both of these are aspects of God. They are just different ways of addressing the One God.

The Mother Father Consciousness is just the Play of Consciousness of the One, and then the God Self Consciousness which is the One. So those are the same in actuality. Spirit Consciousness is the Holy Spirit of God. Realize how God is in all things, in every Person, in all Creation. He is in the Chair, He is in People, in Plants, in Animals, He is in the Stars, the Animals, He is in All Things. It's the Sphere of Consciousness.

This is a Good Chant that you can do, to keep your self in Focus with these Energies, like what we were doing tonight. The Attention, Concentration, Observation, Meditation, Contemplation, Super Conscious, Cosmic Consciousness, you can do that, you can repeat that over and over again. It gives you different awareness of these Levels. Okay, so that's what we call it,

The Path to Enlightenment

Now we get to the Witness States. Now the Witness States mean and we have several of them, gives you the ability to Transcend the Personality, to Transcend your Body, Emotions, and your Mind. Not being run by these Bodies, having your attention in them all the time and being caught up in it is your first Level of being able to have an objective Point of View. Seeing yourself as Separate from that because when you are in the Physical Body, you are in your Physical Body. You know that when you are in the Physical Body you are just in the feeling and you don't notice other things, you don't notice other things.

A lot of Time, you are in your Physical Body, you feel it, you feel if it's Hot or Cold. You feel if it's Hungry or it's Tired, this that or the other. Emotions; you are Happy or your Sad, you are this or you are that. In your Mind, you are thinking this or thinking that, and it's easy for People, before they get into this type of Training to think that they are their own Body, Emotions and Mind. To get caught up in that, that they are that when actually you are not that at all. You are none of these things. You are beyond all of these things and these things are just ways for you to experience while you are on this Earthly Plane.

But you are not these, but when you are identifying with these levels, it's easy for you to get caught up in believing that's who you really are. That's duality, that's an illusion, it's not that at all. The Heart Level gives you the first ability, the first Level of Being able to Transcend that. The Seeing that that's not so, that's not who you are and at this level at the Heart is called Objectivity. This gives the ability in Consciousness to stand back and See what's happening at these Lower Levels, you see. Standing back and being able to See. We are talking about Seeing in Consciousness, where you can look in Consciousness. Where now all of you are starting to do this, where you say, "Gee, this is just my Emotional Body running. Now, this is just my thinking Mind causing this. The reason you are able to do this is that you are starting to get more of an awareness of this Heart Area, of Objectivity, standing and being able to say, "Ah, this is what is going on in that area of Consciousness. This is what is happening here, and this comes at the Heart.

Now, the Heart has to do with Acceptance, with your Knowledge and your Experience. So the more Accepting, we are talking about Unconditional Love and Acceptance of yourself, and all other Beings, the more Acceptance you have at this Level. The more Objective you can be of things because you see, when you lose your objectivity is when you get into judging things, you see, when you feel that that's not right, you see. When you think that that's not right, Oh Gee, that's bad this or that or the other, when you get caught up in these Lower Ones, then you lose all this accepting at the Heart. Then you can't be Objective. Have you ever tried to get a small Child, and you say, "Now look, it's not really so bad, you know", he doesn't really mean it that way and you start trying to explain to him how the situation goes and he just wants his toy. You know this kid is not at the Heart Level, he's not very accepting of his Brothers and Sisters. All he's concerned about is take the kid away, get rid of him, but that's where you get the ability to look at things and deal with them from a more Balanced Point of View.

The Heart is the Point of Balance between the Lower and the Higher Levels. This is the Balancing Point. The Lower part of the Heart has to do with the Physical, Emotional and Mental Levels. The higher part has to do with these Higher Levels. The Balance at the Heart, gives you Balance or the ability to be Objective in Consciousness.

When we get up here in the Brow Level, the Second Level of Witness is the Level of Detachment and often times when we talk about detachment in these Classes , the first response people have to that word is, "Oh, that means you are very Cold". That means that you stand out and are very Cold to People. Well, that's not True. Detachment doesn't mean Coldness, because when you get to this point, you've already got unconditioned, all accepting Love. So you are not judging People and liking or disliking, you are just there, you see. When you get to this Level, this is one step higher in Freedom of Being bound in these Lower Levels. We are talking about these Witness States, we are talking about the increasing ability at a

Higher and Higher Level, not to be bound in these Lower Centers. So as we go up here to Detachment, this gives us, not just the ability to have the Heart of Acceptance and Freedom from the Objective Point of View, but that ability for us to see more clearly what is going on. This is at the Brow Level, the ability to See, to see what's going on. When a person is at this Level, a lot of the Language they will use when sharing; Okay, I see, Oh, I see that and so when you get into these Higher Levels of Consciousness in the Detachment Levels, you have the ability to see what your Body, Emotions and Mind are doing. You have the ability to see what is going on in the Heart, what's going on in the Creative Area of Consciousness and you have more of the ability to see from a Neutral Position. Each one of these Levels has a Positive, Negative and a Neutral part to it. So you have the ability to see what's going on at different Levels at that Stage, and that's called Detachment. The Master, the Master learns, The Master learns to become Objective and Detached, Objective and Detached which means that you, it's like you are in the World but you are not of the World. That comes up here next. We will be talking about that here, Objective and Detached. You can stand back and look at it, you understand what is going on because understanding comes at the Heart. You see what is going on, because Seeing comes at the Brow but you are not getting caught up in the Emotion of that Situation or the Negative thoughts someone is projecting into that Situation. You are not caught up in the Negative actions that a Group of People are involved in. You see it, you'll understand it, but you are not getting caught in it. That is what's happening opening objective, then detachment, and then Renunciation.

Renunciation is a statement in Consciousness saying, I am no longer bound by the World. I am no longer bound by this outer Illusion of Material things, of Emotion, of Mind. I realize I'm not that, I am not caught up in it. At this Level you have the ability to use the things that God has given you, use you car, have a nice Family, good relationships with People, jobs, you have the ability to have all that and you use it without thinking. That is you and then if you don't have those things, you're bad or a failure. See, Renunciation is the ability to see who you really are, to see that you are this individual manifestation of God. To see that you can't be cut, burned, torn apart, can't be destroyed by anything in the Outer World. The Body might get destroyed, but that's not really you.

So the Master at this Level sees they are not part of that. They are in the World but not there having similar experiences. They are not caught up in the Illusion, they are that because they know that's not True. They know they are something beyond all that. So that's what's happening in the area of Renunciation. When you get into Liberation, you become free from all that. It's one step higher again. You are Free, Liberated it like a like a consciousness less and less pulling from the Lower and Lower Levels You are getting Freer and Freer. It's becoming easier and easier at every Level. You are more aware of who you really are; your Relationship to God, your Relationship to all things. You see yourself increasing as a more Universal Liberated God Being, Witness state of Liberation, you are becoming Free. Freedom, have Freedom from the Lower areas of Consciousness of being Bound in the World. Up here, you are saying, "I don't need it," You don't have to renounce it any more, because you are at that Level of Witness. Up here at Illumination, where you are free, you have the ability to have greater Levels of Consciousness. You might be noticing in your Meditations lately, when you come out of your Meditation or during the week, that you find you realize things that you didn't realize before. You are having Illuminations of Truth, Wisdom and Love, different aspects of your Life. Different things that have been going on for years and all of a sudden you are going WOW! I didn't realize that's what that really was.

All of a sudden you are clear, you see. Well, that was there all the time, you didn't become different or changed. Smarter than you were before, you were always smart. You were always intelligent, you were always bright, but when you were bound in the Lower Levels, when you were thinking those things, you were caught up in those things. Could see, have you ever heard that expression, "Couldn't see the forest for the trees? Well, that's what happens in these lower Levels. You get caught up in the Forest and get so caught up in the Forest and seeing the Trees, the individual Trees, you don't even see the rest of the Forest. You don't see what else is around you.

When you are up here, you are free from you see, you are able to see things you couldn't see before and experience things at a higher Level. Be free from pulls and what might be written, what can't be, you are not caught up in all that any more when you are at this Level. You realize that there is all possibilities you see, you are not caught up in all this, so you are able to be more, because you see, there is nothing binding you. You see you're the one that decides how much you see, how much you know, how much you realize by how free you are and how clear you are in consciousness.

So when you get to this Level of Illumination, you are free of it, freer and freer and freer. Now you are clear to to get new information that's been there all along. By now you have the Illumination, the Wisdom of that you see. You don't have to do anything for it. It's not like I've got to sit down and learn my A, B, C,'s to learn how to spell. It's just there, the information is just there. You are so open, you just take it in like a sponge. Ever watch young people, the way they learn. They will sit and look at someone and nobody will say anything to them and they will have they just have well they are not very smart, there is nothing any different about them except that they are open. They are not being pulled by what I did at the job yesterday, what I got to do when I get home, or how much money I got to have when these bills over here, open state of consciousness.

When somebody does something around them, they just get all this information and they put it in them and then they never know it's them until all of a sudden a situation arises where they have the opportunity to share that. "Oh yeah, I know how to do that." Well, that's what happens when you get into these Higher Levels of Consciousness. You are just aware of more things, more things because you are more open and less caught up and bound in these other levels, the Witness. This going higher, becoming Freer and Freer yet here at the seat of Illumination. Still it's qualified, it's qualified at this Level. Here you are freer and more at this Universal State, State of God Consciousness. You are getting more and more open, less of the other things going on and when you finally get to this level of Witnessing there is no more of doing or any of that. It's not like you are trying to do anything, you are going in that direction, you are not doing this, you are not doing that, you just are. The clearest way we can express that is in Meditation, that state of being aware that you're aware. Just being you're not doing a thing, you are not thinking anything, feeling anything, you are just being and when you are just being, can you imagine that, can you imagine that, what it's like to be God? To be not doing anything, just being. He knows everything, He sees everything. Everything is His, He is everything that is, was and ever will be. When you are getting to this Level, you are getting closer, you are getting to that God Conscious State, just being. When you are at the Level of being, you are there, you know things, just are there isn't even a conscious of things coming in and going out of knowing or not knowing.

Everything is at that Level, everything is open to you because you're just at that Level, everything that is. You see, you don't do anything. It's like learning the different Powers that people would like to learn. You don't have to, it's not like learning a sport and you have to out and practice every day to become proficient at it. There are tools that we give you to learn how to have these experiences, but as you . . these things come naturally. You don't have to do anything, for them.

You see, you are already doing some objective type Consciousness. Everyone in here is doing that already, doing that. Some of you are already at the Level of Detachment and some of you are already at some Levels of Renunciation, you see it comes Naturally. When you are in it you just realize you are in it. There is nothing that you have to do for it. That's the Seven Witness States; Objectivity, Detachment, Renunciation, Liberation, Illumination, Freedom, Being. Does anyone have any Questions on the Witness States or this Path to Enlightenment before we go onto some other area? Does everyone understand this? Is this Perfectly clear to Everyone, Okay. Questions.