Channeled February 13, 1977

549. Blessings of Light and welcome to the Master Class here in Honolulu, Hawaii. Today we are going to continue and the theme for the Visualized Prayer today is "Breaking Old Images".

550. Before the Visualized Prayer can flow in an individual, there are several things that he must do, when we are talking about Visualized Prayer we are not just talking about the third eye and its sense at the brow, but about how it functions throughout all of the other points of view, areas of consciousness. In John, this particular passage was said by Jesus, "And no man hash ascended into heaven, but that he come down from heaven even the Son of man which is in heaven."

551. Here in the teachings of Jesus, he brings a very basic principle of using your creative powers, your higher powers into being, this principle is a universal principle that works on many levels. As applying this to Visualized Prayer, it simply means this, when you go into Visualized Prayer and see there, then come out and then bring that into reality, thereby gaining the power of being.

552. Jesus explained that no man can ascend to awareness of heaven, the kingdom of reality, unless he first comes from that level of understanding. See, you must to realize, be at that point. Jesus knew and knows this principle. To use the Visualized Prayer, you must bring yourself to the point of Visualized Prayer.

553. To use your thinking mind, you bring yourself to the point of thinking mind. To use your emotional body, you bring yourself to a the point of your emotional body. What he is saying; nothing can come from that source unless you are at that point to begin with. So anything that flows out from it flows back to it by the Law of Everything Returning to the Source. In other words, all souls, even those who are not aware who they are, at one time resided in the realms of freedom and bliss before they became involved with the outer appearance of nature.

554. Now relate this to your very own life. Remember when you were a child in a free and blissful state, you didn't have to worry where your food was coming from, you didn't have to worry about a lot of things because our society and system of consciousness is set accept in extreme cases, to supply those things to children until they reach a certain state where they have to go out and do it ourselves, but before that we enjoy a freedom.

555. Before that, before we came into this life, we also as spirit enjoyed a freedom. A freedom and bliss that was beyond this world of appearances meaning that it was a formless plane of existence and as you think back or try to feel back at how fluent your emotions were you didn't start becoming attached to them. You would flow, if you took and moved an ashtray on a coffee table as a child and your mother or father slapped your hand.

556. You would probably have cried for a moment, but then you would have shaken it off and everything would be new again and on you would go in freedom and bliss until you reached for the ashtray again. Then pretty soon the impression would be there in your subconscious mind and when you reached for the ashtray, it would take away from this freedom and bliss.

557. Well, systematically, the society and the parents and the way of life on this planet, stripped us from our freedom and our bliss as children. It makes us take and look forward to things that are put in front of us by our society, by our community, and by our world at large and so we feel as individuals that we must conform or take those particular images on and manifest them. That is not the truth because each individual is a creator in their own right and to take and use the creations of others is not a spontaneous, free flowing power flowing through the individual.

558. Most of us go to schools to learn how to be a certain way and we create a certain image. Many times we lose our own individuality by becoming involved so much in the images that others are portraying. Parents have set certain rules and regulations for us when we are children to follow. To be able to get along better in life, so to speak. Some of these rules and regulations that we have of the past are no longer up to date because they have stopped expanding and growing.

559. They need to keep an ever expanding vibration before us. Many images that are given to us are so limited, so restricted that once we accomplish this our goals for life, our enthusiasm for life stops. We do not fulfill the ever expanding vibration of the higher powers or the heavenly powers. We lose our free flowing awareness as spirit , bound by form, conforming to a particular image that someone has laid on us or has made us to see and have impressed very heavily.

560. For a long time there was an image that was put upon many of the youth in this country that they should have short hair. Hair should be short because "this is the way Grandfather did it", and "this is the way that so and so did it"; "it is cleaner and healthier"; and all kinds of things to convince you that that was the image to take.

561. Then came images from other parts of the world that did not correspond to images that Americans were saying that you should do,like you must wear this suit and have short hair, have material things and keep up with this family and that, all competition. Competition is the death of Unity of Spirit because someone wins and someone loses. There was not always good put ahead of all these images. It was just do it because that is the way everybody else is doing it.

562. Then the gurus and masters from other parts of the world started coming into the United States and they had long hair. Influenced by other youth around the world that were still children, free, they took and they wore the long hair. Like the Beatles who influenced a lot of kids in the United States to think for themselves. Instead of thinking for themselves, what did they do? They copied the Beatles. They copied them. And the whole point of the creative power again collapsed.

563. They moved them out of one comfort zone into another comfort zone and that is what usually happens in our life. We move from one step to another step, very cautiously without realizing that what we get is out of the point of view that we are at.

564. Just as this very basic simple principle says, "and no man hath ascended unto heaven but that he hath come down from heaven, even the Son of God. " This is why it is possible for them to become awakened and become aware of other realms to move their consciousness in, their points of view. So, during an initial creative act, every soul, falls into involvement with creation at one level or another. Some are involved with material creations. Some become involved with subtle light realms and then fall into material creation because their curiosity get the better of them.

565. Because every soul is Divine, it is possible for them to awaken and realize or remember the nature of good, or the nature of God. Here we say, "they became involved." Most of us have become so involved with the instructions that our parents have told us as children, "think for yourselves, think, think, think; think before you act; think before that." These are usually intellectually guided parents and they guide the child to an intellectual realm and the child is stuck with a process that is inadequate for his expansion because thinking comes in little tight circle, around and around and around and the person never has a chance to have the confidence in themselves for what they know.

566. Because every soul is Divine, it is possible for them to awaken and realize or remember the nature of good, or the nature of God. A more soulful parent would tell the child, "do what you know to do," and a parent who is more creative in the arts would say, 'do what you get the idea to do," and so on and so forth for each of the points of view.

567. Those who get caught in the lower triad will tell you, "do what you feel", "do what you think" and these keep the individual bound in seeds of karma. The sins of the father. The separation of the father because they thought that that was the natural thing to do. The only way that you will ever see what it the natural thing to do is to be a free flowing, spontaneous creation just as God is free- flowing and spontaneous. He is everywhere at once and so are you when you realize your power and your higher Visualized Prayer; Visualized Prayer can give you Visualized Prayer.

568. Let us move now into a different area,, back even further than Jesus' time and as Moses lifted up by the serpent in the wilderness, even so much the son of man he lifted up. "Whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish, but have ever lasting life." Here Jesus refers to an old Testament teaching where Moses exacted the molten serpent to look upon when they were in tribulation. This apparently enabled them to lift their consciousness and free them from discord. He gave them another point of view to show them that the world they believed in was a world of illusion.

569. Moses was a master of imagination. He used the staff as a symbol of creation and life and power and authority. The staff. The staff represents the energy force running up through you, up your spine around your head and out your brow. Look at the shape of the staff as it comes up, it curves right at the top of your head as if to come out of the third eye. That was the staff, the flow of energy and when anyone carried the staff, a symbol, as a banner, it always depicted the area of consciousness that they were trying to bring across to the people, not having the written language that we have now.

570. In that time period the people were operating mostly in their emotional bodies. It was men of great learning and wisdom that came to the ignorant masses and gave the understanding of the knowledge of this power, of the flow of a God given power. However, man-had been here on this planet and become so involved with the world of appearances that he slowly lost his identity as spirit. Many souls have been trapped here for thousands and thousands of years. Maybe the outward appearance has changed, but the same lessons are being learned.

571. Today I was listening to a minister telling about the time that happened a thousand years before Jesus when there was this one young man that had a half sister and a half brother and he started to lust after his half sister. He wanted to make love to her very badly. He enticed her and did things but wanted to secretly get her alone until he got to the point of becoming ill and then he said to his father, "send my sister into my room, alone, to cook me a meal."

572. This was his deceitful, evil thought leaving out the good. He was using his imaging, his creative power, however, he was not thinking of good, of what is accepted, or morally, or vibrationally compatible with the area of consciousness that he was living within. He was seeing this for his own satisfaction, his own gratification in spite of any other individual. So as his sister came in, he looked at the food and said, "This is not what I want to consume, I want to consume you" and he by force took and raped her.

573. In tears and crying, she fled from the room to be met by her brother, who was this young man's half brother. He said, "If it takes me the rest of my life, we will get him for doing this to you." So months had gone by and one day all of these brothers who were in this family were out in the woods on an outing and the one brother said to the other brother, "As this brother had raped our sister, it is time for him to pay for his sin."

574. And so the instructions were given, lets get him drunk and then we will kill him. So they got him drunk and they killed him. Well, see he had left out God. The law of karma is very exacting in imaging or in any other state of consciousness. The Lords of Karma come descending, claiming their balance, the Law of Polarity. This doesn't justify them killing him for they had held the image of his death in their visionary powers and created even further sin involving all the others. A wrong and then another wrong does not make a right.

575. The Visualized Prayer of an individual can pull anything to him, in fact this was a story of two sons of David from the Old Testament. Man takes and looks at the things that he wants to gain in his life, sometimes without seeing if they fit in with the world around him. Then they get frustrated because that vision of their awareness does not come into manifestation. They don't give it a people oriented vision. It is a self oriented vision for self satisfaction only.

576. Jesus, using the story of Moses in the Old Testament, was bringing the awareness that a man would not perish if he could use his higher powers, but would have ever lasting life. See, as these people were able to look upon the resurrection of a dead serpent and gain new faith even though they were in tribulation for they had cast themselves there by not doing the will of God, causing that they had to travel forty years in the desert before they found the land of milk and honey.

577. Until all those that were against it died and then the new generation would come along, at this point in their travels, Moses, their leader, raised them up again in consciousness by performing this act of calling spirit back into matter and re-animating the serpent. Likewise for the people of the generation of Jesus, as well as the time we are now doing, when the masses were just beginning to awaken, they were still unawakened, it was a good idea for people to evaluate the son of man, Jesus, in their mind's eye to place where they can by contemplation of him as the ideal, be lifted above the troubles resulting from self-centered thinking and misguided behavior.

578. Jesus came to demonstrate the qualities of the intelligence of God. Christ represents the ideal creation of man's end result as visioned in the beginning by God's divine intellect, the wisdom or the intelligence of God. So. Jesus came and demonstrated this at a very high vibrational energy, love, wisdom, truth, purity, son ship, healing the sick and giving forgiveness of sins.

579. A woman was caught in adultery and they dragged her out. The elders of the church were getting ready to stone her. Jesus ask if there was any that had not sinned and as many of the men in the east used to do, they would bend down and draw in the sand and Jesus began to draw in the sand and one by one, the elders of the church left. It was assumed that he was drawing first the name of the elder and then the sin of this elder of the church.

580. There were two such incidents that Jesus brought this awareness home. One, when he did this by writing in the sand and another when he simply said, "Ye without sins cast the first stone." Sin is the separating from our oneness with God. The simple basic sin, separation from God, when we don't think we are good, when we live in sin, when we don't think we are one with God and we suffer from poor self image because the area of consciousness that we are predominantly using all the other centers are channeled through that center.

581. If you are an emotional person, your images will be distorted by emotional awareness. The third eye is just like a camera that has many different lenses on it and you can have this one pure beautiful crystal-clear lens and if you should put another lens on like the lens of emotions or the lens of thinking, the emanations of images are going to project that particular vibration.

582. You are looking at the world through your point of view. You are looking at the world by your own creation of it, the point of view that you set at whether, caught in the root chakra, caught in physical things, or in senses where you are setting in the emotional chakra caught in sensation or emotions, or in the navel chakra, caught by thinking, or in the heart chakra caught in just what you know, or you are caught in the throat chakra at just your own ideas, or caught in the brow chakra visualizing fantasy caused by desire. All these limited awarenesses that you are caught in will give you the world in that same limited awareness until you realize that God is in you as you experiencing you. God is all seeing by Omnipresence.

583. You are the creator localized, using Visualized Prayer, the third eye, in the immaculate conception. Now this was another thing that was brought to the ministry of Jesus, the immaculate conception. Mother Mary, the Mother of Jesus held in her imaging consciousness the spirit of the divine, the child of God coming through her. But it was her parents that saw her as the immaculate and a vessel for the savior, redeemer, the messiah to come to the people of Israel. Many parents of the day held this image for there child.

584. She held this image by her faith and demonstrated her faith and her higher light, continuing to hold the image of the immaculate conception within her mind's eye. So within her world this magnetized this great spirit that no woman had ever set and felt herself worthy of before. Through this great spirit out of the highest, out of the heavens, next to the unmanifested Father God, here comes the Son.

585. The only begotten Son of God, the love and intelligence of God, without which the universe would have no order, but for the intelligence of God. This Light was drawn to her by immaculate conception, by holding the highest possible image and then doing everything after the initiation, which was the birth of the child, to further direct it, not only on those inner planes of consciousness, but on those outer planes of consciousness, bringing the child, Jesus, to the greatest masters, the greatest teachers in the world and reiterating to that child, telling Jesus over and over, you are the Son of God, the child of Light, you are all these great things that these teachers are saying.

586. By the Law of Identification, Jesus took it upon himself to hold that image in his third eye, in his imagination and then took action to bring that into manifestation. You see how the chain has gone and gone and even to this day, people, men and women are holding the image of the divine ideal man, Jesus, in their consciousness, and saying I Am That and drawing it into manifestation, unless they have a false teaching that still puts it outside of them, not telling them that it is within themselves.

587. The God Self, the Christ Self, the ideal creation is there, you are perfect by degree. You are perfect at the openness of the awareness that you are at now and you are increasingly becoming more perfected. Don't get caught in the world of appearances because the commanding force is not this outer world, it is the inner kingdom of reality, the inner kingdom that you see in reality and only at that point of consciousness do you see reality that reflects this world of illusion of transitory things.

588. The very images of the ideal creation of man, still held in those inner kingdoms, that inner realm, that inner government is there, still commanding, still working just as they were fifty thousand years ago, but the governments that were externalized upon the planet are no longer. This is because this is the world of transitory things and when you go back to-your awareness of heaven, for the higher states of consciousness within, will you be able to find that Truth, that Light, that Reality, that Oneness, that once man held in an eternal Light. But many get caught in thinking that they are the body or the emotions, or their mind.

589. See here, they said they had fallen into these troubles and this disturbance through self-centered thinking and misguided behavior, they forgot that each and every other brother and sister was an equal part of them or the oneness of all this. All had come from a greater, greater oneness from the higher realms of consciousness, this unity of humanity, the spiritual essence that works through the human bodies that it manifests upon this plane.

590. Those who could sustain this uplifting vision, will in time believe in him, or be able to discern the spiritual truths about the ministry of Jesus, the intuitively perceived Christ Consciousness, the impersonal Christ Consciousness, that which is ever giving, will give to you, will give to me, will give to all beings. It is not a personality matrix that you have to conform to. All you had to do was to draw upon your highest ideal of your own created being, as God expressing himself.

591. The best that is in you had to come forth, and impersonal, not saying that it had to have a certain personality, it came to everyone equally, the Christ Consciousness, when they attuned to the ideal creation within them. This will insure that they will not perish or be lost in confusion or turmoil, but will come to the realization of eternal life, knowing that their life is eternal because of the images that they are holding here, again in Visualized Prayer.

592. The soul cannot perish, in the sense of being destroyed, but it can be confused to keep the attention flowing away from the Source, the soul can be confused by being drawn away from this ultimate reality, this higher creation, realizing the ideal being within you because we start seeing so and so doing this and we say, well gee, I'd like to be doing that too, then suddenly we say,"Oh, I'd like to do that."

593. Pretty soon we get caught in what others are doing instead of what we, as creative beings, our own potentials, our own power, our own Christ consciousness, our own ideal creation, our own God consciousness, we lose the image of it in our third eye as soon as we put some other film in the camera here in this world of appearances, here comes the projection you find yourself doing.

594. The soul cannot perish in the sense of being destroyed, but it can, by refusing to keep the attention flowing to the Source, become lost in a maze of conflicting opinions and theories and lose sight of its true light and life, " For God so loved the world he gave his only begotten Son. Whosoever shall believe in Him shall not perish, but have ever lasting life."

595. God Consciousness, the soul Reality, in order to manifest as creation has to extend dual electric flow, the male and female polarity into being, the initial positive impulse is intelligence, without which creation would be blind and disorderly. This intelligence is Christ Consciousness and it is the only begotten of the Father. All souls, regardless of their degrees of delusion, in the illusion, which believe or commune with the Christ Consciousness, awaken to the realization of their true nature and their consciously known ever lasting life.

596. I love this part here, where it says, 'Consciously known to bring that conscious awareness. Many of the things you are reacting out of right at this very moment are keeping you from your ideal creation, because you are unconsciously reacting to things that were given to you as a child by your parents, by your school, by your society, by your friends, by embarrassing situations. You have presented certain things in your consciousness that you have said,"I'm not going to experience again ", maybe there was at one point.

597. I Remember when I was eight years old and I held in consciousness until just about three years ago, I was eight years old and I was walking up this hill, I detested walking up this hill and I had prayed to God for something that would take me up and down that hill, I mean, I had to walk five miles up a hill everyday, back and forth to school, well, a couple of miles anyway from up at the top, I had been praying to God for months and nothing came to fulfill that prayer, nothing came in my conscious to fulfill that prayer and as I was walking up this day, I was tired and I was praying real hard, and I was walking up the hill and I got mad at God.

598. I had an argument with God, and He never said a thing, he just kept loving me and I said, God, you haven't made a way for me to get up this hill, I'm mad at you. I'm not going to talk to you anymore. I don't even believe in you anymore. Now you didn't make a way for me up this hill, I don't even care about you anymore and with every step, I got madder and madder until I got up the top of the hill, I went into my house and I forgot all about it, but that went into my subconscious mind, by thinking it and feeling it and saying it I conditioned it right into the subconscious mind and for years I reacted out of that.

599. When I got into trouble, I didn't want to go to God, I was afraid to go to my inner self and say anything, in fact, I got caught up in the outward appearance of things and the only time I would go in was to calculate or work things like that I wouldn't even read or do anything that would take me to the inner planes after I was thirteen years old, see, it took a while for this thing to build up.

600. One time there was this bull and he had a little calf and they were on this long journey and the little calf said,"Gee, I'm weak, I can't make this long journey." So the bull put out an ad and offered a great reward. He wanted someone to help him take his little son along with him. So this donkey applied for the job and he decided, Ok, I'll take him and he put this little bull on his back, and he started on the long journey. Well, months went by and pretty soon this little calf was a full grown bull and it was all this little donkey could do to get moving and he said to the bull,"Gee, I've been carrying this calf, now the burden is just too heavy, I just can't .... Can I get out of this, and the bull said,"No, we made a contract. You accepted the reward and now you have to fulfill your contract."

601. Many of us do that same thing. We put our self in that kind of binding situation. It sounds like a lot of bull some of the things we carry around all of our life, just like I carried around that argument with God until three years ago, until I finally had some peace with God. So is the story of the donkey carrying that little bull.

602. At first things don't seem like they are very big, but as time goes on the world is expanding, ever expanding, it is changing, ever changing, but never changing in an expanding vibration. It is always growing and when it stops growing, it dies. As this problem became heavier and heavier in my consciousness, as I sat there one day, I was going to leave this dimension, I realized that I had to make this particular peace. It was after the fact of pulling the trigger on this pistol, that this came to me, but at this point I was dead, I left this dimension, I was no longer that individual. I was reborn by killing myself off.

603. One of the first thoughts that came back was, remember that argument that you had with me when you were eight years old, I forgave you a long time ago and you haven't forgiven yourself. I remember getting that from God, telling me that. And that is when I was uplifted and believed more in God because he had given me that in consciousness. I had reached that point in consciousness, I had given up, I had become detached, I had become a renunciate, but these are systems of consciousness that are taught.

604. I had reached this point by a very fast method, realization, being there right there at that moment, right in the here and now and I have maintained that awareness and grown out of that awareness and I keep expanding. Some of those who have come to Astral Physics when it first started see the expansion. And when this organization stops growing, then it will die. This is why we are changing, ever changing, but never changing, in an ever expanding vibration because we are following the basic principles of the ideal creation. We cannot get stuck in those old feelings and thinking and emotions of the past that bind and confine us.

605. We cannot let the sins of the father keep impressing us without our re-evaluation of those things that we learned. Now just because it does not apply now, does not mean the father was wrong when he gave them to you. It could have meant that person's survival, then the pressure was much greater than the pressure that we are feeling now. Men and women could walk down the streets without guns strapped to their sides. There was one time in this country when everyone had to have a gun, when we first came over here, we had to have a gun, we had to have something to protect us, we had to wall ourselves up.

606. Now we can live in a house with openness, the doors open and still have a good society. There are a few that still break the break the law. The majority, it is a pretty peaceful vibration. We do not have to have an equal number of people for an equal number of people like they had to have armies control people at one time, now we have just a small police force just to keep us policed up and to take care of these who still run a muck. Some of the consciousness that was given then to protect the individual against that kind of society is no longer needed just as some of the things that your parents told you are no longer needed in your life, and your life style.

607. You are not suffering in the same limitations as many of the things that you were taught for this is an accelerated time in being and across the land, the acceleration of consciousness sweeps. As man prays to have the things of his past unconditioned, this unconditioned energy is there to be used. It is part of a great ocean of consciousness that is unmanifested and the intensity that you create within pure spontaneity from the unmanifested into new creative force, the more intense the force will be.

608. Whatever the acceleration of consciousness touches, it becomes more of. So when you are raising on the path, you become more sensitive, more sensitive to the path, so you see more and more things, you become more and more aware, you become more conscious of what is happening about you. You get more intensity and whatever you are you are more of that.

609. Some beings reaching that awareness of fourth dimensional beingness are already finding that things in their lives come more quickly. They image it and in a matter of a few hours or a few days it comes into reality. Those people who are still caught in the third dimensional consciousness,. the past consciousness, those beings are finding that it takes them two, three, four years in their creations.

610. The freer you are, the more detached, the more you can renounce, and stop hanging onto things, the quicker you can let them go. The more faith you can have in it the quicker it will come into manifestation. But our doubts and fears are lenses that cloud our images and put them outside and away from ourselves in, 'maybe so'. We talk in what may be, or what has been and few people image in the present tense, here and now.

611. They talk about what they did yesterday or what they will do tomorrow, but they do not say what they are experiencing right here and now. Time and time again throughout the training and teaching we bring the student into saying, "What are you experiencing right here and now. What is happening in your life right here and now." Because when you can get into the here and now, your life becomes everything, everywhere, all at once at an individual point of view.

612. You have the whole of creation to draw from even beyond the greatest of all gifts, the unmanifested, gifts of God come to you through the great and Holy Spirit, the divine creation that you have within you. Remember that it is the great and Holy Spirit that supplies the Christ consciousness from the Father and it is the great and Holy Spirit permeating all dimensions that fills the universe and it is the adhesive of Life that draws things and holds them together, this great and Holy Spirit.

613. This intelligence is the Christ consciousness and the only begotten of the Father. All souls, regardless of their degree of delusion in the illusion, which believe or commune with the Christ consciousness, awaken to the realization of the true nature and consciously know their ever-lasting life. Only through the Holy Spirit baptism or initiation into spiritual awakening, the sincere, true seeker is instructed to contemplate the Christ consciousness.

614. See, through that great Spirit, you are initiated into the higher consciousness, we become spiritually awakened, but we must contemplate upon this ideal creation. Many, many masters have come besides Jesus, to show you ideal creations in its various facets. Now comes the rainbow in consciousness. Man has come upon the individual rays emanating from that one pure abstract consciousness the Christ consciousness, the ideal creation.

615. Something so great and so magnificent that we can just draw and draw and it expands and expands us and keeps expanding. It is a growing and ever-lasting life because it is an ever-lasting expansion, when you stop growing, you die and that is the way with nature, and with anything in this universe. If you stop growing, you die, then the consciousness you are in is a dead consciousness, you need to find a consciousness that is ever expanding.

616. Many people go for goals in their lives, boy, I am going to get a car, I am going to get a swimming pool, I am going to have a nice person to be with and I am going to have plenty of good food and money in the bank and they get it all and they sit there by their swimming pool and pretty soon they say, "What am I doing here, boy, I would like to go some place, I feel that I ought to be doing something," because they feel death sneaking up on them. They feel everything starting to come to a standstill. They feel that death starting to stifle them, trying to choke them off and the next thing you know they are saying, "I am not happy with all this, I want to get rid of all of it."

617. They are afraid to leave it, they are afraid that the next thing they know somebody will break in and steal this or steal that. All these things that they have wanted have only bound them in a limited expression. The expression of creative power of Christ consciousness, is ever expanding. You never get bored in that kind of expression. We are always expanding, every day is a new day. We fall asleep to this dimension at night to awaken to a new day, every day, a brand new day every day.

618. The first day of the rest of your life, you are like a child being born each day and a rebirth every night. There you are in that cycle. You can take full advantage of it or you can try to bridge those little gaps of lost awareness until you reach that pure consciousness, you have bridged that gap with conscious awareness and that is all you can bridge the gap of unconsciousness with.

619. Many try to bridge the gap with dreams of accomplishments of the past, they reach a certain level of consciousness, a certain level of being and then they have finished, not realizing that it was just an initiation to the unfolding, they have touched upon it and quit. They are quitters, they give up.

620. The sincere true seeker is instructed to contemplate Christ consciousness, that which is nearest to the Father, or the transcendental state by successful contemplation of this, the soul is enabled to experience clear awareness. See, contemplation is to get the idea of this, the knowledge. See, how simple that this is and we put all these words on it that become abstractions in our consciousness.

621. The Soul, what is that? How many people really know what the soul is? That it is in one respect their accumulated knowledge of experience from life-time to life-time. How many realize that? How many are caught in thinking, well, gee, I have got this body and this thinking mind and when the door closes that's it, all gone, someone blows the light out. They lose their soul. Where does their soul go if they lose it? It will go to where it has the most impressions, whatever you put into it.

622. Whatever knowledge and experience you have gained, by contemplating it, by mastering it, you direct the knowledge that goes into your banks of wisdom. You no longer fall to hearsay or erroneous thinking or emotions. You are clear because you are no longer looking for agreement by the confused expressions about you. You find agreement within, with the One, with the Father touching you, with God pressing upon your skin, you feel it in meditation, like a gentle pressure upon your being.

623. God touches you in many ways, to let you know that he is there. God is unmanifested and only through your belief can He be a manifestation, but God is always beyond the world of form even though He is form in all of its manifestations. God is beyond that, He is that unconditioned essence waiting for expression from the creators localized, the sons and daughters, the intelligence of God in each and every one of you, the knowledge of what is good, what is the right thing to do.

624. We are not to take away from another individual that which that individual needs for his growth by deliberately confronting that individual or by thoughts or feelings. To wipe away the prejudices, non acceptances, the individual rises into his Soul. That essence in his heart. There he is able to command his thinking and the emotions and on into the banks of knowledge flowing from the higher realms, the idea of things, the seeing of it, the clear seeing of it, clearly seeing it and how many clearly see about them?

625. How many are walking around in a fog, with blinders on and they do not even see the sides of the street as they are driving down it, they see just a little bit past the hood of the car. How many see the children playing in the playground, the houses and the sky as they are driving down the street, so limited in their focus. They are driving through life in the same way. Because you will only see through that which you are. The more you can expand your awareness, the more you can stretch your consciousness.

626. The first stretching of consciousness was taught in Lemuria, the Hatha Yoga, the different postures to stretch the body to give it mobility, to ingrain that and you are now getting the benefit of that training for many thousands of years ago, the building of the emotional body, the building of the mind, the building of ideas in imagination. All of that that was here hundred years ago, five thousand, four million years ago.

627. Eons ago, in the beginning, which is now and which is everything that will be, the Alpha and the Omega. It was and is and always will be. This is everlasting life, but when you can move your conscious awareness into that realm of consciousness, you will awaken to it. Only do you see death when you are dying. Dying is the point of view you are in. You are afraid of death because you see the game you are playing and it has an end to it and we prolong the end which is agony, frustration, and anxiety.

628. By contemplating the Christ consciousness, that which is nearer to the Father, we reach the transcendental state, by successfully contemplating this, the soul is able to experience pure awareness. From this level it can become aware of its nature as God. It is literally true that the only way to complete self realization is through spiritually awakening, or a second birth.

629 How many of you have had your second birth? How many have stopped doing every single thing that they were doing, quit their job and left everything that they had any attachments to and changed their point of view to the highest and moved on that way? Not until you have that birth, not until you can let go at that point, will you ever have a realization of yourself.

630. When I left Tahoe that day, I drove down that mountain, I drove away from a family, from property, I drove away from money in the bank, I drove away from material things, I drove away from a job and I knew that I was never going back to that state of consciousness that I was in. I did not know where I was going, but I knew God was leading me somewhere to realize myself.

631. I got down to San Francisco looking for a plane to take me to the middle of Mexico, because I knew that I had to go where nobody knew me and could hold me in an image. I had to be at that point of consciousness. I could have done it very simply by retracting my consciousness out of everything I was doing, but not for me, I had to leave it all behind. For two years I had been liquidating all the possessions I had, selling them, getting rid of them, giving them away.

632. When I got on that plane, I left San Francisco and instead of Mexico I headed here to the Hawaiian Islands. I did not even have enough money to get off these Islands. I was testing God all the way, I would say, "I have faith in God, I have faith in myself and I have faith in you that I am going to make it. "No matter where I go in the world, I can always make it. I pulled upon the time I was young and traveled around the United States and made it over and over again. Every place I went, I had food, I had friends, I always had a place. This time I wanted to know God, I wanted to know good. So I started looking for Him.

633. The first thing I saw was in the language of the people of this island, Oahu. They were not speaking in negatives, they were using a lot of yeses and a lot of positive phrases and happy spirits and all I could see were the good things, but then I could not see all the good things in me until one night I let go and said, I accept every thing in the universe, and I sat there hour after hour and everything that came into my thinking, my knowing, my feelings, my higher nature, I accepted.

634. I was being tested in that moment. I said, I believe God is everything you see and everything you do not see. Everything I have read, everything the masters had told me, they said that God is in everything. He is the all encompassing one vibration, how could anything be outside of that. How can I put anything outside of that? Who am I to think that I am greater than God to put something outside of God. I came to that awareness as I was sitting there accepting things.

635. I had not accepted certain things in my life and when it came, I started to accept it. I said, you are dumb and you have made many mistakes. I did not try to defend it, I said, I accept it in my universe God. Because you are everything. It must be there for something, it was after that exercise that all those things I thought were negative I started to get positive awareness from. Because as I was accepting them, I was thinking that God was positive. Here I am accepting. I no longer accept them as negative, I change my point of view of them. I said it is OK.

636. There must have been some of God there that I just overlooked, I did not see. All of a sudden with all of those experiences I started being led to more positive things. Everything in my life was more positive at that point. But still not firm enough I still kept isolated. I would go to my room, I would study in my room. I did not have a radio or a television or anyone to distract me. And I studied, I read everything. I did not try to figure it out, I just said, God, if these are words and if it is in the world I know it is you God, seen or unseen, so there is God here someplace and I started accepting it all as God. God, you are going to speak to me every place, a piece of paper on the street, an open magazine on a bench, a paper in front of my door.

637. I have seen ideal creations coming through the Islands. One of those ideal creations was Satchidananda, a very beautiful Being. I am that too. I am realizing myself as everything. I am a universal being. That is a part of myself, a part of myself that I never saw before. I started looking at other masters and the masters I had already learned, giving me new life and new meaning because they all became gods in my consciousness. I understood that and I knew that I was a god among gods because I kept that image and I kept holding that image that I was good.

638. I was good and everything that was wrong with me comes up for me to handle, to correct and make me realize more of the good that is in me. Every trial is only a possibility of knowing a greater part of myself, every condition without trials and without tribulations, you are not going to learn a thing, you are not going to get there. But how many are going to go over and over again before you accept that you are here, now. Not in what may be so in some future experience. How long are you going to let these things distort Visualized Prayer ?

639. These were the things, that I was asking myself. How long are you going to do this? You must ask yourself questions to get the awareness. By successfully contemplating this the soul is able to get clear awareness. At this level it can be aware of God. It is literally true that the only way to complete self realization is through spiritual awakening, the second birth.

640. Contemplation, Christ consciousness, or the universal intelligence, manifested through the Masters of Light. Then to become aware of the transcendental aspect of God. Will you become aware of it? Regardless of the techniques, the methods, the beliefs, all souls flow and follow the same route to liberation. Every soul is liberated only when it completes within itself of its ideal creation.

641. When you accept, I am perfect right now, then it can begin. You cannot even begin until you accept yourself right now. You cannot begin spiritual life until you know yourself as perfect this very moment. Do not be caught in the world of illusion and be deluded, you are perfect. Maybe you have let your body get out of hand, or your emotions or your mind, but you, that son or daughter of God, that Christ consciousness, the ideal creation is already perfect and you are that right now.

642. Now by degree in the here and now you can start opening that now more and more. By degree you unfold like a flower. Never has a flower just appeared out of nowhere. It has to come through certain states of evolution, whether they are over an evolutionary arc or an involuntary arc. As the masters have been able to learn to precipitate instantly, they still use the very manna that creates all things, in spontaneity. That is how the masters are so powerful, they are spontaneous, ideal creations, using that Visualized Prayer holding the perfect image of God for you because they are holding that image strongly in their awareness.

643. For God sent not His only son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through him might be saved. So many times, the direct knowledge has been put into story form that people could relate to, what we are talking about here, is the intelligence that has been sent to you. The intelligence that is within you to condemn that which is not perfect, that you may purify it. You are here to be helping uplift your brothers and sisters and the mineral kingdom, the animal kingdom, the vegetable kingdom, the angel kingdom, that is what you are doing.

644. You are that step down transformer for the masters in the next dimension and those radiant forces in those other dimensions. You, just by your walking around, radiating love, you are uplifting, these other vibrations, but how many go around radiating that light and love to everything? How many are dead spiritually? How many have stopped growing spiritually?

645. When you stop growing, remember that is death. When the growth stops there is death there. Whenever you stop growing in an area of consciousness that area of consciousness dies, you may have to resurrect it. That is what you are doing, you are resurrecting that spiritual body in the physical body as demonstrated by Jesus. You are resurrecting that spiritual body in the physical universe as shown to you there by Jesus.

646. Infinite intelligence, providing all the space and animating all form, does not condemn, but the world, in mortal consciousness by believing on and communing with this level of awareness, can be saved from pain due to illusion. See, if we can just get them out of hanging on to things that are going to fall apart in a couple of years, right? Well, if you are thinking that that is you and that is yours, then if that deteriorates, then part of you deteriorates, but if you are using that thing, then you have another thing. If you are using the physical body, you are pouring life into it. When you think it is yours, then you start deteriorating with it.

647. The same with the emotions or the mind. You must be objective, or stand as witness in your own soul. You fall to the death of the lower vibration and the law of the seven deaths, must take place for you to become a liberated being, realized living in a constant self realized state that is changing, every changing, but never changing from moment to moment. Liberation in that eternal life, know that you are going on and on, and on ... you must go through those seven deaths.

648. You must go through the death of the physical body, and thinking you are it and many people get lost in that. You must go through the death of the emotions, and the thinking mind, the death of individual knowledge, the death of your own ideas, the death of your own imagination, the death of your own beingness, to realize your universal beingness as being in all things: "My heart beats in all heart beats','; "My life is in all life"; "Life is all lives"; "My past is all past"; "My future is all future"; "I am a universal beingness"; we get removed from the illusion.

649. People who do not believe on or commune with this infinite intelligence, must continue in spiritual ignorance, until they are eventually awakened. They are self condemned to wander in illusion, for the duration of their ignorance, duration that they ignore in their states of consciousness. God does not punish souls, which are really individualization of God himself. Deluded souls must continue in their blind condition until they awaken and learn to contemplate the true nature of God in themselves. They can do this through the images of the masters. Then, they will experience freedom. The main limiting factors that must be overcome here are five in number.

650. 1. Ignorance. A soul is ignorant about life when it unconsciously identifies with nature. This condition is the cause of all of our human problems. The Bhagavad Gita states that you must overcome pleasure and pain. When I first read that, I remember sitting in my room and I took out a needle and I stuck it in my finger and I screamed and pulled it out and I said, "My God, how am I ever going to overcome that pain." I was orientated towards the physical body and God said, well, you are not the physical body, don't stick it, that is how you overcome pain. How simple His instructions. Don't stick it.

651. You know there is a show on television, I forget the name, and they always had guys popping up in the corn field and things like that. One fellow went to the doctor and he said, "Doc, it hurts when I do this." And the doctor said, "Don't do that." You know, that is what God came back and told me, don't stick it. To overcome pain, don't put yourself through it, but how many of us keep putting ourselves through it thinking that that is the only way we are going to overcome it.

652. How many still suffer from the illusion that for every wrong thing there is a right thing, and visa versa, in your life, don't you realize that out there, there is somebody who is always wrong. They think they are always wrong, so they are always wrong. Why can't you be always right? Why can't you be perfect in what you are doing? You won't get above that understanding until you can get the clear idea of it. You won't get above trying to understand it or think about it until you accept it in your heart as knowledge from your own ideas. Unless you send the energy from this higher triad down into this heart area, and stop relating to the lower triad, you will not transcend and live in the transcendental or an ascended life.

653. 2. Egotism is the second thing that has to be overcome. This is the belief that we are separate from God. The cure for egotism is humility, which means to come into the realization that God is the only Reality and is apparent as everything in nature. There is nothing apart from God. That is the way you overcome that ego, and the feeling and thinking you are separate. You have to be humble and let me tell you how people put themselves through things to show that they are humble.

654. One will give up all of his possessions and put on rags, and go through the streets, begging to show that he is humble. Another will scrub floors, and wash pots and pans and empty garbage to prove that he is humble. I am talking from experience. I was in a position for years as a head chef, a gourmet chef, a continental chef, I had great powers of creation in that area. To prove I was humble, I actually forced a position that I would have to go sweep floors, and empty garbage and wash pots and pans to become humble, because I thought that to be humble was to do all those things that I didn't want to do.

655. That wasn't humility, I found the way to humility was to realize that if it was sweeping the floors, it was God sweeping the floors, if it were emptying garbage, it was God emptying garbage. If I am creating and had five thousand people out there that I am feeding and I have done that, it was God doing that. And I started to realize that God was doing all things, through me as me. And then I started realizing that He was working through everybody else too. It was that equality that I had searched for, that our very Declaration of Independence states, " All men are created equal" and I wanted to find out how all men were created equal.

656. I was seeing some short men, some tall men, some skinny men, some fat men, some rich men, some poor men and they didn't look equal to me. Some had great wealth and some had nothing. How is that equal? I couldn't see beyond the world of appearances, until I saw that God is everything and the Law of Equality was very simple and that is what we are doing with our life, becoming simple. That is so we can know God as all things, we get rid of all that complexity.

657. 3 Attachment is the third thing that you must overcome. This is a big one for a lot of people, possession. I have seen people demonstrate that they are not attached by taking the very clothes off their backs and handing them to someone else, saying, "I'm not attached." What a way to demonstrate. Then you start talking to them about some emotional thing and they start defending it and there they are attached.

658. Any time you have a defense, you have something that you are attached to. If you have any defense, you are attached because everything is yours in the world to use, no longer bound by anything, but how many people are still attached. Can't let go. They have to possess something. Their body, their emotions, their mind, they have to defend it. Defending shows attachment. If God is everything, as we realize by over coming the ego, how can you take a position. How can you take any position if God is everything and you are one with God? And you are God expressing Himself. Well. aren't you everything? Realizing yourself? You are becoming awaked now.

659. So attachments, this is an indication that the person does not really understand the truth that consciousness is appearing as all things. The cure for this is to stop relying upon specific people, conditions, and things in the world and turn your attention to the Source of all things. You know, not a person would ever let you down if you weren't leaning on them. A situation would never let you down if you weren't depending upon that situation. Nothing can let you down in the world if you aren't leaning on it, hanging on it draped over it, held up by it. That's not freedom, that is attachment.

660. Until you see and move your attention to God as the Source of all things, right here, right now, manifested in so many ways, then you start creating in that image and Visualized Prayer from all of that is ok, I can use everything. Path, mystic- spiritualism, uses everything in the world, because everything is God, isn't it? He is everything, the wind, the trees, the animals, the flowers, the mineral life, other human beings, celestial life. Everything is used to realize everything. And so you use everything to realize everything and become more of a universal being. God's Path leads to God, but don't be fooled by the devil, the false Path of ego.

661. 4. Aversion. The fourth thing to overcome. Many people are averted from their point, their ultimate goal. They see that and they want to try it. Oh, there is spaghetti religion, let's try that, Oh no, there is some apple pie religion, let's try some of that over here. No no, let's try some hot fudge religion. I tried some of that. I'll tell you after awhile, hot fudge sundae, after you eat it, if you have a craving for something, go down and buy it and have nothing else around and make yourself eat it and eat it and pretty soon you won't crave it anymore. Gratify until you satisfy.

662. And most people are just gratifying and no body is getting satisfied. So you need to satisfy yourself and not be averted. To compulsively reject any manifestation of life, is to fail to realize that God is in and through all things. When we see a situation created by unwise people, which to us does not seem to be according to the Divine Plan, we do not reject it, but strive to bring order, direction, and purpose, into the situation. Boy, does this overcome prejudice and putting things outside yourself. Nothing is presented before you that the Father is not saying, "Let's get this simple". Keep It Simple Spiritually K-I-S-S. We just raised that one up. We should not reject it but rather strive to bring direction, order and purpose, into the situation. Aversion must be overcome.

663. 5. Clinging to the Bodies. Remember your spiritual lesson, free flowing, boundless. One moment you can be the whole of the galaxy, the next an individual right here. You can be in all things or in nothing. You can be great or you can be small. You are a spiritual being, free flowing, boundless, unconditioned, and clinging to the body. That is why we should maintain the body in a healthy condition. It serves us well. You should remember that our true nature is spirit.

664. We must realize that the bodies are but vehicles and will someday be vacated. True Self Realization, shatters these erroneous beliefs that stand in the way of Liberation-, liberation of your spirit.---- When man is able to overcome the limited vibration, when he can overcome the ignorance, egoism, attachment, aversion and clinging to his bodies of consciousness, then he finds liberation because he realizes himself as spirit and only at that point, Liberation.

665. Now is the time to identify with spirit and use these vehicles of consciousness to the utmost for the highest realization of the Holy Spirit in you as you, as God in you as you, as Christ in you as you, as the Masters in you as you, as that Great Spirit of Light, Love, Truth, Wisdom, Purity and Perfection, emanating right here. This is the condemnation that Light is coming to the world and man loved darkness rather than Light because their deeds were evil, for everyone that does evil has the Light, neither come to the Light, lest his deeds be reproved, but he that does truth comes to the Light, that his deeds may be manifest that they are in God.

666. Those people who are doing evil things, short of the realization of oneness of all things, hide their things and hide their plans and perpetrate them on the world. They are lost in the darkness of their own creation, because they don't think how they are going to work with anyone else. Look at the abuse of freedom today, the abuse to show anything on T.V. that one may want to show regardless of how much it impresses the children. To show movies in freedom, to young adults, look at the images we are giving them.

667. Freedom for a business man regardless of the community or to his country, business men being able to sell to the enemies that are killing our own country. Look at freedom and the thought of freedom and how much it is abused, is that really freedom, slavery to one individual's or groups consciousness and these are the things that man doesn't want to look at so he ignores them. He puts them out of his view. Ignorance, he ignores them. He must be freed from these, he must come to the Light. Those kinds of beings when the Light truly shines upon them, when the truth is told, they collapse, they fade into nothingness, some don't even remember their names.

668. When men are in the deluded state, they are hypnotized, cannot understand anything concerning the subtle truths of life. They are hypnotized, they are fixed, they just plod on, thinking that that is all there is, there is nothing else. They just come marching along like a bunch of zombies. Anyone who gets in their way, just gets stepped on. There is only one thing and they are hypnotized to it. How many are hypnotized to those things in life that are limited in duty. They prefer their conditions because they haven't known anything else. They are in darkness, they are negative and self seeking in everything they think and do.

669. At this level, people tend to be critical, antagonistic and critical of spiritual teachings that might reveal the Light and reveal them. They get really down on these things. Let's take the Lords Prayer out of the schools, boy, what were we dropping, look at our country how the few impose on the many. And the many thinking "Oh, that's freedom. Just let that happen."

670. Look at the Roman Empire, thousands of years ago, oh, we are free to do what we want to do, we can throw animals in against animals, people against animals. They did this, enslaved people and threw them into pits for the joy of a few. And they even got so erratic and abstract towards the end, they would put deadly vipers and snakes in a basket, Oh, the thrill was great folks, they threw the snakes up into the audience and you could watch your friendly neighbor being bitten to death by a viper.

671. Just for the thrill and sensations of man at that point. sensations, sensational consciousness, coming above his physical body and he demonstrated with the physical body and he sat back there in sensation. Now man is sitting back in mind, condemning sensation, but the benevolent beings that reach their soul in its pure intent, will flow and master all those lower realms. How many don't want to be revealed to be lacking in understanding?

672. How many are hiding things and have the fear of criticism, there are a lot of intellectuals that get caught in that one, the fear of criticism. The lack of understanding, because they themselves do not understand. Instead of trying to awaken such people, they defend their outlook on life in order to justify them self, see, instead of awakening, such people defend their outlook and in order to protect and justify what they are doing.

673. Well, Jesus overcame that one when they said, " What are you doing down there in the tavern, there with all those whores and all of those sinners, what are you doing down there? He didn't say, " Oh, I wasn't doing that", he didn't go there defending himself. 'Well, you can't say that to me, He didn't try to protect himself, Jesus said, " That's where the lost sheep are". That is where those people who aren't knowing good are at. That is where I have to go to bring them out of that. He just let them know,"I'm doing the Father's work".

674. The person who is moving into the Light of Self Realization, loves the idea of greater unfoldment because he wants to be in harmony with the creative principle of all things. The creative principle is the functioning of your images in life. The creative principles, those images that you put together to give you idea. Those are creative principles.

675. What is the source of your images? What is feeding your imagination, is it the world of appearances or the world of spirit that feeds your imagination. Many of you are higher than you think you are, but you limit your view by hanging on to that which is limited. The one who is moving into Light wants his actions to be right in God or performed in the awareness of God, or to be performed in pure consciousness, conscious of every move that we make.

676. Soon after these arise the question of purification arises. Some people came to John the Baptist and mentioned that Jesus who was Baptized by John is now drawing all men to himself. These people also sensed that the ministry of Jesus was more powerful and more productive..John was not envious for he knew well his mission as well as his disciple, Jesus. He said, "A man can receiveth nothing except that it is given from heaven. He must increase, but I must decrease".

677. He was saying, "Now, Jesus is coming here showing how to use imagination, showing you how to use imagination, showing you how to use these higher states of consciousness. He knew that Jesus was teaching them much greater consciousness, much greater power, much greater awareness than ever before. He was demonstrating.

678. You know you can have a lot of intellectual knowledge running around in your banks of information, in your computers, you can have a lot of information. You can have vision without end, but unless you demonstrate, you have nothing. Unless you can demonstrate it out here in the physical, demonstrating, it is abstraction, it is illusion, as well as any other illusion.

679. Unless you can demonstrate that in your life, you do not know it. There are people who have read books after book and gone from teacher to teacher and don't know, they cannot demonstrate a thing. They lack the confidence and initiative to go out and perform what they know, by the fear of criticism; by the fear of separation; of lack of acceptance; by the fear of, "Oh, nobody understands me", and all these fears and doubts, within themselves, stop them from exercising what they truly know to exercise.

680. It is from experience that I am talking. I can only tell you of experience. I have no other authority than direct knowledge, my direct knowledge and experience tells me. You cannot know a thing unless you demonstrate it. The masters have said that and when comparing it in my own life stream, have come to the same Self Realization.

681. So then I began to exercise. There is a law in what we are teaching, a simple law, "If you want more of what you've got, give it away." Oh, look at the paradox. Jesus wanted Love, he wanted everyone to love that Ideal Creation that He was and is demonstrating. So what did he do, he gave Love, unconditioned to everyone. He wanted forgiveness, he gave forgiveness to everyone.

682. He didn't hold grudges, he didn't have burdens, give them to me I know what to do with them, "Ok, Unmanifest them, Father, here they are." Give them to me, I'll take it!"--Because he had a doorway into Light that wouldn't quit,the doorway that no man closeth'. He was right there with the Father. He was touched by it. He could manifest things in a flash of Light. In a moment, he could appear and disappear, because he wasn't connected to this dimension when he reached Christ Consciousness.

683. Each individual raises his spiritual consciousness. when he can demonstrate what he knows. When he wants more love, gives love. If you want truth, be truthful, if you want truth of self, give your self truth. So many people are self deceiving, they say, "I am one thing and then they don't do what is necessary to be that. "I Am that I Am" and then they don't demonstrate it. Saying it without demonstration is a hollow awareness.

684. If you don't use it, you lose it. If you want more wisdom, give more wisdom, give your experienced knowledge, not passing on the words of someone else. I never want you to pass my words on, I want you to pass your words on from your own experience. That is where it is at. That is where your authority is at. When you can find me in you, then you have the authority of me. When you can find Christ in you, then you have the authority of Christ.

685. When you can find any master in you, then you have the authority of that master, because you have to find him in you and demonstrate him in you. I see a lot of people around who look like Jesus. They are smoking dope and messing around and breaking all the laws of nature, and society, and they look just like Jesus. Some think that is where there awareness is at. A person demonstrates his conscious level.

686. Watch where he demonstrates it at, that is where his level is because he demonstrates it not only in his outward appearance, but does he demonstrate that in his emotional body, his thinking body. Let the mind that was in Christ be in you is what Paul said. Let the mind that was in Jesus be in you. Oh, I had that sign and one night I was praying in front of that sign and it bled for me, right from the hands of Christ.

687. I was praying with all my soul, let the mind that was in Jesus. be in me. Let it be. Let it be and so be it. I looked up and it was bleeding, blood came right out of the hands and feet of that picture. My imagination was so great, that I felt that I was right there before the Cross of Jesus in his last moments, after he overcame the last cries of the ego,"God, have you forsaken me?" And then he moved his transcendental God self when he said, "Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do".

688. He moved from that ego awareness, where he was performing the cries of humanity, and how many are running around, crucified, saying,"Father, have you forsaken me?"- How many have come down from that Cross that they are bearing to walk upon the earth again, in Light. You only know it on the level that you demonstrate it in your knowledge. You demonstrate it from Your soul when you have it in your knowledge, in your ideas from your spirit, imagination, from your being, when you are that. "I Am that I Am."-

689. Jesus, the Masters of Light and many of the masters used these greater powers of Visualized Prayer, purified, because you are not just one facet of consciousness, you are the whole jewel, you are the diamond. It may have many facets, but you are the whole diamond. Your imagination is just one facet and it works in conjunction with every other body. It works through your emotional, mental and spiritual body and here is the image that you are projecting through your imagination.

690. You are looking in the mirror, and getting the picture of your projection. Here is how you see you, how I see you, how others see you. And then guess what, here is what you are. What you really are. And that is what each and every individual will see, when you find out what you are en that is what you will see. Then you have power. People will say you have a lot of power. People say, "Roy, you have a lot of power, how'd you get all that power? How can you make such strong impressions. " We say, "I Am open". It is that simple,

691. I Am Open. I accept everything. I Am impressed. If some person says, " Roy, is a liar, I hate him." We don't cry, we agree with whatever he says. I'm going to support him, because that is his point of view I am not that, I know what I Am. But I agree that that is his point of view of me. I don't take that image. But how many take the image? How many of you are fighting them off saying, " Hey, what did you say this about me for?"

692. A master never condemns a lower state of consciousness. They've always sought to uplift it because that is the very foundation, the very ground they must walk upon. Right now, those masters in spirit walk upon the ground of our consciousness, the battle fields of our souls, they walk with us there to help uplift us. And through our Visualized Prayer we hold the image of that Master and even though he is no longer in a physical body, you start drawing that field of energy, and Light to you and when you start demonstrating, it starts to flow through you.

693. It is unconditioned at one point, it is ever lasting, it is eternal. Jesus Christ is eternal, Buddha is eternal, El Morya is eternal, Kuthumi is eternal, Confucius is eternal, Krishna is eternal. All the Ascended Masters are eternal. They are still here today the same as they were when they walked upon this earth because they have reached eternal life. They are all things and for those who follow them, they have identification with that. You must find your true nature, and your hidden potentials, and demonstrate them. No longer be caught by the images of others.

694. You must overcome those limitations in consciousness. You have to overcome ignorance, egotism, attachment, aversion, and clinging to the bodies. When you fall to the Grace.of God, He is there before you, fulfilling your dreams before you even ask. You are using many many lenses on your spiritual eye and until you remove all the lenses and all the sheets in your aura, you won't see clearly. "Old images are broken in consciousness by the creation of new images that are greater and purer than the, old."