Channeled February 6, 1977

401. A few years ago during an experience in consciousness while working with Visualized Prayer in a controlled class room situation, I was able to tap a ray of light that my Grandmother was upon. My Grandmother died in 1965, at the age of sixty-five.

402. My Grandmother knew exactly the day she was going to die and she knew exactly the time and where she was going to die and she told me this twenty years before. She had complete knowledge of her life stream and what her work was upon the planet.
My Grandmother taught me many techniques of visualization and how to work with higher strata and we had never gotten into past life experience or into much future because we were working mostly with the here and now and the powers right in the present.

403. She did her healing from that power, but really she was pulling upon the past and future very strongly and drawing it into the here and now through concentrated thought. She used to make pictures and taught me to make pictures in my consciousness.

404. Before I get into this subject today, I should tell you a little bit about the third eye. The third eye or the brow chakra is where you are doing your visionary powers. When you place a lens upon that eye you get different pictures. You can relate it to a motion picture or a camera that is taking pictures and projecting pictures. It is more than a motion picture camera because it can take still shots and shots that can be taken within your consciousness and out of your consciousness. It has that in and out vibration, but it also has large and small vibration to it as well. It can blow things into great, great sizes or condense them into very minute form. This is the power of the third eye, just like a camera, you put different lenses on it to get different effects.

405. If you desire to pick the reds in the sunset, you put on a special lens. It is the same for the brow chakra, you need to put something over it to draw the pictures you need to draw because you are seeing everything because this is also an all seeing eye and sometimes when an individual first gets into it they haven't trained their consciousness enough to bring this power in. Usually, their imagination is blind, giving them flashes of size and minute things and gives them flashes of light. It is like that camera, you have to learn to make things brighter or dimmer and how to put the right lens upon this camera, so to speak, so that when you project outward or when you are taking images in you select a point of view, you are a director of consciousness at this point. So the director of consciousness must take place in.

406. Your consciousness to control your third eye which is one of the petals of the ninety-six petal lotus. As you open the director by taking more control of your thoughts and ideas and your knowledge and feelings, you control more of the images in and out. This is the in and out motion of this third eye, as well as having large and small, inward and outward, broad and narrow, and one pointedness and allness. Those who learned to control the third eye in Egypt, had a snake upon their head. This means that they had traveled through the seven tests.

407. When I was using these techniques of seeing and past life I triggered this area of consciousness that my grandmother had been teaching me from. At this point she gave me her power. A guru can transfer power when the individual reaches the same vibratory rate that the guru is at. A guru can lead a person into that rate and connect them into this whole line of light and that person will have new thoughts and images that the guru had in his consciousness and the guru picks up all the light from that individualls consciousness. It is a merging, a mystical union.

408. By putting a lens upon the third eye, called the Mystic's Eye, you start seeing beyond the world of appearances, you see deeper into consciousness and see mystically. Then I learned that you could put a psychic lens on and see psychically. Another lens that I use is a spiritual lens and these are the three lenses that I put upon my third eye to see the world through and cast my pictures upon this plane.

409. When I reached the vibratory rate of consciousness that my grandmother was teaching me, she had systematically programmed in at that level in my being, the information and knowledge and only when I am in that state of vibration would it all be unlocked to me. It was a beautiful wave of consciousness because it was the Rainbow Bridge that opened it up to me and when my grandmother left me her power this was the only way I could express it:


Bathed in Red, Orange, Yellow and Green
I gazed upon a Heavenly Queen
Her powers were given over to me
To help guide and heal Humanity
And then in Blue, the White Light flashed
This gave the powers of the past
Two wands of Light and Energy
Were placed in my hands for Humanity
Purple and Violet set my soul free
So that I could roam throughout Eternity
Then Light and Love and Energy
Expanded my Soul to cover the Galaxy
The power of Ten Thousand Suns
Is yours my son to make mankind One.
Head to toe my body glowed
Is meant to Help Mankind to know
There is No Time there is No Space
There is only Love for the Human Race
And now I know my work is undone
But now I have the power of
Ten Thousand Suns.

410. I wrote this after having this vision of my grandmother, passing the power. I crossed upon the Rainbow Bridge and when I reached the green of my heart chakra, because I always used the correlation of the color with the chakra and this gives me the access to the plane of consciousness. Each color has a vibratory rate that controls the vibration of energy so the vibrations correlated to a different area of consciousness.

411. A Rose*, or Red Ray has the power of bringing you information about the physical dimension. The Orange Ray brings you that emotional energy from that dimension, the Yellow Ray from the intellectual mind and intellectual consciousness. The Green Ray unlocks your soul knowledge, your heart energy and when you meditate upon that it brings you poise and balance and calmness into your awareness, a very powerful Healing Ray.

412. Most people run across the Rays very quickly in consciousness but you should be able to stop and hold your energy on any Ray, hold the power of you Light there to draw it into you, by assimilation of that same consciousness. If you.are gazing upon the Rose Ray and you wish to draw information ' about the physical dimension, you orientate it or put a lens upon your camera, so to speak, into that dimension. The same for all the rays.

413. The Green Ray is also a teaching Ray of your own experiences and your own consciousness. Into that Blue,Ray and here is where I moved up and gazed upon a Heavenly Queen, and realized that this is where my grandmother projected most of her consciousness from, the Heart Chakra and I had reached the power at this point. Realizing that, I decided that, that was what I needed to assimilate to get the same energies. Well as I moved to the next ray I realized that her powers were given over to me to Heal Humanity.

414. The Green Ray is a healing Ray and my grandmother used it a lot. Then in the Blue, the White Light Flashed, I moved into a field of Blue Light. This was a creative consciousness. It is rhythm and vibration, it is truth, music, poetry and the poetry started to flow from me. Before this I had never written like this. I used to make rhymes but never like this. I unfolded this in many days and weeks that followed.

415. My Grandmother had taught me much creativity as well as my mother. These White Light flashes have so much upon it when you get these White Light flashes, and you should meditate upon it to get the energy from it. This White Light flash gave me the powers of my past lives and We started to pull those in when in this state of Visualized Prayer at one moment, I saw all of my past lives at once.

416. This is hard to describe to a monolithic point of view because we are made to look forward. This eye is like it can have a thousand eyes, a multiple point of view. It can be a ball of eyes that sees in all directions. It is everything in front of you. It has such a magnificent power of perception that you can perceive from any way directions. It is everything in front of magnificent power of perception that you train the imagination to see.

417. We have been very fortunate to study the world scriptures. All of the world religions and scriptures revealed a different way of perceiving of using this vision, this third eye, as they were all using the same power, but differently to lead to the one purpose that all beings are moving towards, the oneness and realization of God. God in all things, giving to us constantly for our upliftment and unfoldment so that we may become God conscious ourselves controlling great spans of consciousness.

418. Can you imagine a monolithic point of view to control the universe,well, you have different planets and different points of view there and all the creatures upon those planets and all the consciousness in every atom. God has the eye or eyes to see all of that. When you put the Spiritual Eye on, you obtain your God vision and see how God sees things. The picture of Krishna standing with a line of different faces going off in either direction with the same body triggered that consciousness in me.

419. God is One great body but has many forms and so I was wanting to see out of the eyes of many forms at this point and so I had trained my consciousness to do this. Here is how it helped me. When I had that White Light flash in the Blue Ray all of my past lives were revealed all the way to the Great Center Son in a great flash of Light, forward and backward it was so mind boggling at that point of consciousness to see all of that all at the same time but to understand it I am still realizing what that one great flash of light has given me.

420. Two wands of Light and energy were placed in my hands for Humanity. It was the power of Light that was given me both in its passive and in its aggressive wave. I was given these powers of Light sitting there and I could feel them in my hands. I had a couple of people confirm that they saw them when I was in this state of consciousness. They turned to green, the next night I got Green wands. They were actually the energy flashing out of my palm chakras. I was bringing the cosmic force right in through my body and it was coming out of my palms. The power was put in my hands'.

421. Purple and Violet set my soul free. Purple is forgiveness and violet is transmutation. It is also the opening of your At-Oneness and also taking and giving you the ability to transform the view that you have over the third eye now. A lot of people have a negative lens upon their third eye and when they look at the world they start picking up everything that is wrong. They look at themselves and start picking up everything that is wrong. That is their point of view that they are looking with and it blinds their higher vibrations of mind because you see, all it is doing is selecting what is wrong.

422. There is a good lens to use when you wish to gaze and analyze your consciousness, but to take and look at the world through a negative lens like that is very dangerous because those images are programming the subconscious mind for experience. So if you are looking at everything and picking out the negatives of it instead of the positives of it, just put a positive lens on taking the negative one off then you don't see death,. disease and suffering.

423. So when the purple and the violet flashed, I found that at this point of view I could span this galaxy. I was no longer bound to the earth or to penetrate out and get little peeks at the universe. At this point, I became the universe. The energy became so intense, there were seventy people in the class and I was using a breathing technique and it was charging pranic force.

424. They were realizing that they were popping out of their bodies and one woman next to me had a static vibration of ecstasy and another woman named Mary Cranny levitated off the chair. It was quite an experience for all of us at that time. I didn't realize how powerful the experience was because my aura had expanded over the entire room. I could feel the whole room and all of a sudden it expanded over the whole universe and people were getting these powerful flashes.

425. What you are suppose to be doing is making a screen that is a black outline with a white screen. I had been doing the breathing techniques and prana consumption, unconditioned force and working with rays instead of working directly with personalities. The personalities working with the Ray itself you are working with just the unconditioned substance itself and increases whatever you are doing. When I reached that, I could roam throughout eternity. I found that I was getting things about other systems and other planets, then flashes of cosmic consciousness.

426. Then Light and Love and Energy expanded my soul to cover eternity. At that point, I felt the very Presence of God. He was right there and I was One with that. I felt that Love in me as me and this gave me an energy that started expanding. It was like an explosion that took off and it started expanding outward and it got brighter and brighter and turned into Light. It did, I could see all the planets and all the people.

427. It was all at once, like buses were moving and people were waking and people were talking, people were making love and people were not making love and all things of the world seemed to flash in my consciousness at the same time, children being born, people dying, people being killed, people being loved, people being hated, all, all at the same time, a flash at that point.
428. It was just in a moment in a flash of light that all of this and this great sense of all beingness, all oneness and all knowingness, it was at the point of having a monopoly of consciousness in my Crown Chakra. I had reached that point and I was able to tap the universal mind of consciousness.

429. The universal mind, the Golden Lotus in the center of the Crown. Those who read my aura could only see pure White Light, my aura became very clear and all the psychics and all the people I had gone to said, "Your aura is very clear." A lot of them were amazed at that energy because I had been doing things for over nine months to clear my aura to simply strip it of all of its own vibrations to magnetize this universal light and energy.

430. The power of Ten Thousand Sons, that is what I felt, and the power of ten thousand suns, because not only this sun and our galaxy here, also the nebula and universe with all of its suns. It was alive and I was expanded to realize ten thousand of those suns and all of their planets and all of the beings and life on them. It was almost insanity compared to the conscious level we have on this plane.

431. People would have said I was completely insane because of their mono-view, not realizing this multiple vibration that comes into consciousness when the third eye opens. I was opening everything just wide open. I said,"God, open me up wide open and I accept it right now. I don't want to wait, I want it all right now." And God gives you everything you ask for, but I had to keep asking about fourteen months before I really got the flash of everything.

432. I think He gave me just everything I could handle at that point. And a voice came saying, "And the power of Ten Thousand Suns is yours my Son to make men one, to bring a unity force in." I was hit with that unity in the Crown. When you get into the Crown Chakra and you start drawing from that unifying force, your third eye has much much more power than when you are, focusing in on one of the other chakras.

433. You can focus it individually in on each one of the chakras by imagining things in the physical universe or imagining things in the emotional universe, or "see" things in the mental universe or the universe of knowledge, in creative idea you can pull idea and image it. You can just image without getting into other areas of consciousness as well or have any combination of any of them or all of them in time you, see, it has that versatility to it.

434. From my head to my toe, my body did glow, meant to help mankind to know. My radiation of light has been seen by Beings over and over who have come to my lectures and by my students, in my classes who have seen the radiations of light that was given to me. The light workers are known by their light, by your light you are known. When you become a light worker, you will start to glow and others will recognize you by your light. They may not see it with their physical eyes because its a perception glow in mind from the third eye.

435. There is no time, there is no space. There is no time or space at this point because I was there, I was everything and I was nothing all at the same time. Incidentally, this took place in November of 1975, this incident that I was telling you about and the poem that I wrote.

436. There is only Love for the human race, and at that point I felt my oneness with mankind and all beings. I had been studying the Christian, the Buddhism, the Hindus, the Krishnas, the Vedic teachings, Esoteric Christianity, Esoteric Buddhism and Tibetan Buddhism. At that point I had already studied Zen Buddhism for some time and comparative religions.

437. A lot of these areas were bringing in a lot of knowledge and in nine months I got the equivalent of thousands of years of knowledge by completely focusing on one thing using the power of impaction. Everything I saw was completely related to knowledge and consuming knowledge, unconditioned.

438. I did not say well I am not going to take that in because I cannot see how that is going to be either positive or negative. I took everything in and I realized it is how I projected whether it was positive or negative. If I receive it from the neutral universe I had power over it. When I am conditioning it with the positive or negative universe, then that is what it is conditioned by.

439. All the masters learned this power of the neutral universe, the straight and narrow of Jesus. The golden mean in between, the middle way of Buddha. It is the center of the cyclone, Tao, and the great Silence. All of these are the same area of consciousness, the neutral, that place where you can see both the positive and negative with equal perspective.

440. And now I know my work is done. At that point I was looking for something to put all information that I had learned, I said, what am I going to do with all of this. For now I have the power and I found out later on, when I was reading, that the masters are considered the power of ten thousand times ten thousand suns, and they are considered the thousand Sons, the masters of light. I realized that I would be working with the masters of light more closely than I had every worked before.

441. One thing that I worked with was an ancient Egyptian ritual that brought the seven tests of Egypt to control my imagination. These tests are very simple: First, Sincerity, and as Jesus said and many spiritual masters have said, as well as Shakespeare, "To thy own self be true."

442. This is the first test in these seven tests. Sincerity, being true to yourself. There is a lot to that being true to yourself. Meditate upon that and win that first test. These are tests of inner life we are working for. The explanation comes from within you.

443. These are the keys to contemplate upon:

1st. Sincerity: "To thy own self be true".

2nd. Justice: "Judge not that ye may be judged." Use these as meditative contemplative thoughts and expand them in your consciousness.

3rd. Faith: "Have faith in God and do not be led astray by the temptations of wealth, honor and fame of the earth."

4th. Philanthropy: "Victory over selfish self."

5th. Heroism: "The Using of will and faith to break the chains of illusion." Heroism. Fear is the chariot in which man rides to his death.

6st. Love Divine: "This Brings You into the Halls of Harmony." Be not led astray by carnal love, give of yourself to all mankind.

7th. The Christ: Christ is the Divine Ideal Being, God's perfect image of man made manifest. This is your white light body, Oh you anointed of God.

444. This was taught in Egypt in Light before Jesus of Nazareth attained that level of consciousness. It has been taught upon the planet for thousands and thousands of years. Then Jesus of Nazareth came and became one hundred percent absorbed in it after being taught for many many years in Egypt.

445. Remember just after his birth he was taken to Egypt. While in Egypt Jesus was taught by Great Masters until he returned to his native lands. Selfish love and hopes and fears are but reflexes of the lower self. "Tears flow from the hearts of flesh, but the Spirit never weeps."

446. As I was working in Visualized Prayer , I always kept my consciousness open and I would write notes down when different experiences happened to me.

447. I had this one friend named Jim and we would converse in higher consciousness all the time. I was working in an area of my consciousness in mind subduction and control. I was working on how to control the mind by my spirit. I was sitting, talking to my friend and as I was sitting there I had this realization that my thought patterns were taking on old and unwanted patterns mixed with some new and completely different, opposite as well as contradictory patterns.

448. These old patterns had not run through my mind since I had last been in this state of consciousness and I also became aware of another reality while consumed in this state of consciousness; it was a set of thought patterns which I had and have now altered. In the reforming of thought patterns, one can control his environment thus.You can control any situation with the power of action,reaction.

449. The thought pattern controls vibration. When you work with thought patterns you control vibrations. Vibrations are so called different rates of consciousness. When a set of given circumstances happens, it gives a set of reactions, the response takes place.

450. Now understand this clearly, when you have a definite set of circumstances that takes place, a definite set of responses or reactions take place in your subconscious and in your inner planes. See, alike attracts alike. The outer stimulates the inner. The inner creates the outer.

451. Now, how you have your lenes of the third eye focused makes a big difference. If you are a negative person and think predominately negative, you will be negative in what you are seeing and you will respond out of all the negatives that are in you.

452. If you are positive in your point of view, you will respond out of the positive. What one has to do is be beyond his emotions, change his attitudes and develop new thought patterns. You have to be beyond the emotions. You cannot get caught in playing to that stimuli when the circumstance outside takes and brings that particular area of consciousness alive into you.

453. You must be the master living here, free from dought and free from fear. You must stop that from playing and then put in to mind what you would see at the highest plane. This is what I kept on doing, taking it to the highest in me instead of projecting it outwards instead of letting my old patterns get upset and getting angry and saying profanity.

454. I then became very calm instead of reacting when someone would push my button and fluster me, in fact it would make me more calm. I simply reversed the polarity. If anyone tried to push my buttons, I became more calm. They received less energy to work out of so it died out. It did not have anything to do, in fact, a lot of times it would become such a reflection that it would bounce off of me and go back to them and they would become flustered within themselves, because my aura was getting so clear. It would bounce right off.

455. When reprogramming our God given computer, the brain and the subconscious, we must express a new set of patterns and reasons to the point of eliminating the old for the new. See, you must eliminate the old patterns completely until they are in the neutral universe and replace them with the new patterns. Every time you take something out of these little dark caves of memory, you must put something back to balance the mind.

456. Very important here, I have seen a lot of people take and empty their mind and then they walk around not knowing what to do, they don't have a point, they don't have anything. They become spiritual zombies. They can talk all about spiritual things, but they have not put anything into their minds to react out of emotionally or mentally so they don't react to anything. So when you take something from your mind, you must replace that something.

457. My grandmother taught me a technique about little black caves and you would take your light into these little black caves and they were called the caves of memory. Whatever you wanted to remember would be laying there on the floor. When you stepped into this cave with your light, there would be information from your memory.

458. Then in the Tibetan teachings I learned another technique. It was to step into a room that had a number of boxes marked from A to Z and a number of boxes down from A to Z. Any subject under A would go into one of the boxes marked A and so on and so forth through out the whole alphabet, they use the tibetan letters.

459. When I would want something, I would go in. I would look in this room and I would see the box marked with that subject and when I pulled it open it had the information I wanted right on top. See, because I had a very good secretary and she would always keep everything on top. My secretary was the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit kept everything right on top for me..

460. Because when I would go in there I would pull out the drawer and there would be my information on top. And so I learned to memorize in this way. Every time I would want to memorize something I would say, O.K., now that goes in under A and under such and such a subject, the name of the subject, like that goes under apple pies which actually goes under R's because that is recipes 'you see, there are cross sections too, but that gets a little more tricky. Keep it under one subject because cross section energy comes later when you learn how to get it correlated first and you may need to plug into many boxes at once, like lines of light in your consciousness. These are actually the impulses of your mind.

461. Students of what we call the inner circle who are devotee's, disciples of what we are doing in this particular teaching and dedicated their lives to it, they are to be taught some of the higher techniques of how to do some of these things, but it takes their complete, undivided attention to that and following instructions. One mistake can jumble up the works. We have many persons in the organization right now who have dedicated themselves enough to get some of these higher teachings. It takes complete selflessness and complete love for the teacher so they have to have complete confidence and give their life to it.

462. I gave my life to my guru to learn the same thing and then after he taught me he gave my life back and it was so much fuller when he gave it back, in fact he is still giving more of it back all the time. This guru, just by gazing into his eyes I get so much energy, he is a very powerful being. He is one of the gurus, I study under, and there are other gurus I study under in this dimension, but the ascended masters give your life back in the way of impressions in consciousness and so they give me much this way. Are you ready to give everything you have got?

463. Are you ready to make that dedication? If someone says, "O.K., whatever you are doing right now, drop everything, leave it all and come with me right now." Are you ready to do that? That is what confidence and faith you must have in your teacher to attain the greatest knowledge.

464. You will learn superficial knowledge and you will learn surface knowledge, until there is complete selfless dedication to the teacher will you be able to reach any higher states and that is any teacher. I say this is true if you follow any other Master, you must give this kind of dedication. That is the only way you are going to align with that Master because he did the same thing.

465. I gave everything I am, my completely "I AM" I have given to God. "On my own, I am nothing." You see, so I do exactly what I have to do. If I have to sweep the floor, I sweep the floor. If I have to print things, I print things. If I have to give great messages, I give great messages. If I have to go help someone that is sick, I go help someone that is sick.

466. Whatever I am called to do, I do because I know God is calling upon me to do those things and so you must be in every realm. But some will say, Oh, I am in such a good position now, I am not going to sweep the floors, I will not do that because I am too good to do that. Well, every guru finds out at one point that he is the greatest.

467. One is the extreme of the other and you must have the whole open to have everything in between. You see, if you have a box, you have everything that is inside that box. The same with the sides of consciousness and the broader the sides of consciousness are spread the more you have within.

468. Everytime you take something out of your little dark caves of memory, put something back to balance the mind. You can control your environment about you by the way you vibrate. Vibrations is the action-reactions and partly developed thought patterns and the developed thought patterns, either good or bad, the direct and indirect environmental factors, the positive and negative attitudes, the past and the present impressions, pressures, diversions, goals and many other factors and facets to meditate upon from every concievable side and angle.

469. To vibrate at the level of your surroundings you must be able to see as close to, but not become part of that which you wish to vibrate with or to be it only in a related consciousness. It is very improtant for you to understand that is why I am relating to you some of the power of the chameleon.

470. The Chameleon goes up on the rock and starts vibrating like the rock and turns that same color. He identifies with it and assimilates it and doesn't lose himself to it, you see, that's where most people don't stay detached, you have to stay detached. Most people get all subjective to their feeling this way and start thinking that way and they think that's it and that's it. They're stuck in it until they break that illusion again.

471. This is all illusion. Everything. The reality is your eternal self. That's the only constant thing that you can personally center upon that is the closest to you. The thing closest to you is you, your own eternal self. You keep meditating upon this eternal self with this opening of your third eye by seeing clearly and by the lenses you put upon it.

472. Here I am putting on the lens of one who is working in mind. I put my Mind Lens upon my third eye. To vibrate at a level of your surroundings you must see as close to but not become part of that which you wish to vibrate with, be it any of the five great elements, earth, water, fire, air or ethers, in whatever pattern they are in. Whatever pattern they are in, you see, what I am saying there.

473. We say water, but water can be in many many patterns, a snow flake, and the snow flake has endless designs doesn't it? That's just one expression of water. The more complete the pattern, the more varied, the harder the alignment. The less complex the pattern, the simpler and easier it is to vibrate at all the desired rates, not only do you identify but you must become part of without becoming the desired vibration factor and sending patterns.

474. When a given act or circumstance happens a given set of reactions takes place. What one has to do is see beyond and be beyond their emotional consciousness. That's all there is to that particular experience I had. It was triggered off by the conversation I had with my friend.

475. Now here is an experience that I had with my sound when I first started controlling my sound, you know the sound exercise I teach you, Its a very secret exercise. Experience. This is the first attempt of the experience. While first hearing the sound nothing seemed to happen. All there was was a very faint ringing in my left ear then after a few days of working with this exercise it came to my right ear.

476. First the sound within came to the left ear, then it came to the right ear and this is the way this sound came into my consciousness. These and I say these because the sound in the right ear had a different level and volume than the left ear. I had heard subtle ringing in my ear before, but this was a controlled sound that I was bringing in.

477. Through concentrated thought, impacting thought, these sounds or ringings were brought into oneness, into one sound in the center of my head. One evening when I was controlling this sound and causing it to go from a low whirring sound to a high pitch, I received such a high pitch and it hurt my right ear so bad that I thought my head would explode or at least, break my right ear drum.

478. All this time of the controlling of this sound, I was only trying to purify my mind. Because what I was doing was centering the sound and holding the sound and let all thoughts vibrate at the level of the sound as I kept the sound at a high level only the thoughts that were at that high level would come into my mind so it was purifying and it was eliminating all the negative, those thoughts that didn't have any rhythm, those thoughts that were out of harmony started to pass from my consciousness.

479. This is the Nadam, the sound and this sound clears you, it is a purifier. It works especially well with the Rainbow Bridge because you can hear the colors in sound. In fact, there is a beautiful being called Lady Nada that works with this sound. I thought my head was going to explode with this sound, I was trying to purify my mind. I was also reading the llth, 12th, and 13 th chapter of the Bagavad Gita along with the Bible and some other texts on religion.

480. One evening, while sitting in a lotus, I was looking at a candle's flame and I brought on my sound doing the chant Om Mane Padme Hum. Now, I was gazing on my candle, into the center of the flame, as I was centering the sound and I was seeing the Light in the center of my head as well as the sound in the center and chanting. I was drawing the sound and Light inward, and gazing upon that Om Mane Padme Hum-Om Mane Padme Hum-Om Mane Padme Hum, over and over.

481. This was to keep other thoughts from coming into my mind and this was controlling the thought strata as well as smoothing out the emanations of mind and by gazing, I was controlling the images that I was getting, and the sound was controlling any other sounds that may come and Om Mane Padme Hum and breathing was controlling my emotional and my thought patterns. While sitting in this position, I closed my eyes and I used my chants to space my breath, I felt as though I were first falling.

482. I started to fall in endless space as I was doing this. I fell right out of the body, it was really quite an experience. Then I began to rise about two feet from the floor, like I was rising above the floor. I had the feeling that I was the candle's flame because in my Mind's Eye, I was consumed wholly by it. Startled by this experience, with a slight jerk, I opened my eyes and found myself back on the floor. Little did I know at the time, this was my first experience of control or somewhat controlled Light Body travel. Many weeks went by and I could not simulate that same situation, because I didn't put the sound, the pitch of the sound, the breathing , the gazing and the pureness of mind together.

483. Now, these were the things I had to get together in order to experience that again. And I tried to simulate it for weeks after this. Maybe a month or two after I had had the experience, I reached the goal the experience was leading me to and I didn't remember to put the sound back in the center of my head, the pitch of the sound which was very high, its so high that the human ear cannot hear it, the highest pitch you can imagine within and hold that sound. See, I was connecting the energies of my throat chakra with my brow chakra, with my crown chakra and my two ear chakras. I was stimulating my four head chakras.

484. With the inner sound at that level, I was eliminating the pranic force that was vibrating at a conditioned reaction to an unconditioned, but conditioned reaction. The sound was coming in, pulling the energy in, without conditioning it to a particular pattern, but one steady ray. The sound was coming in pulling the energy in, very high in my consciousness, buzzing, higher than our bell takes you to your crown chakra. The higher pitch opens the crown and so I was working with that higher pitch and holding that sound. I had controlled my mind to such a point that I could hold anything that I wanted to hold in it. I can still do that, as long as I want to hold it, I can hold it in my consciousness.

485. Then pureness of mind. All my intentions were pure. They were based upon God, upon Christ and the great spiritual beings upon the planet, the best that was in me and I was seeing the best for humanity. I wasn't looking at war, and disease, and suffering and death, I wanted humanity free and loving one another and in harmony.

486. I was seeing people more free, like little children just learning things. I could see the child in everyone that I had been blind to because of my spiritual sight being blinded and other things just unfolded and unfolded in my consciousness. I could see God everywhere in the trees, in the flowers, God in all things.

487. God is all things. The breeze blowing was God caressing me. The ocean was God's purifying me as I swan in it. The earth was God supporting me and God was in every way being of service and all I could do was be of service to Him. So that is the purity of mind that you must have.

488. One day while meditating at the beach, I practiced shallow breathing and my sound came on to me. Shallow breathing is breathing with the mind. Your breath becomes less and less in the body and more in the mind. It brings you to that calm state and clears your mind too. Well, the shallow breathing is a beautiful thing to practice, it requires long consumption of breath and it releases you from some of the energies of the lower dimension. You start to draw direct light.

489. I made my mind blank and kept the breathing and closed my eyes. At first there was what seemed in the distance surrounded by black a golden cloud of living light and fire, but translucent. The cloud whirled and pulsated and came closer in my mind's eye. I had no fear of it. As I concentrated on it, things like rings of this living fire Light descended from above my head out from the center of my being. I was the Light and Light and fiery cloud. When I opened my eyes, over three hours had passed. It had seemed only minutes had passed. Without any words, I had come to some amazing realizations of my life of a personal nature.

490. When I had started this experience, I was sitting up, but when I opened my eyes I was face down on the ground with my arms covering my eyes and I was so caught up in these clouds, these fire rings, because it was just a great big beautiful cloud of Light and it came and it started forming these rings and they came down around me and would go out from me like from the center and they were just endless, beautiful translucent golden rings.

491. What I was doing was correlating the all encompassing Wisdom Ray of God which is the Golden translucent fire light that you see in meditations if you have gotten to that point yet. Fire Light meditations are very powerful, which can be stimulated by your candle gazing.

492. If you don't have an altar yet, I would suggest that you put one in your room. An altar is very powerful as a centering device. It brings your consciousness into a center of awareness, a safe place. You build a vortex of energy and Light. It should have two candles upon it. One represents the Mother-Father God and the other represents the Son and the Holy Spirit. This is the way I set my candles up. When I light them I say,"In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit" and in this way I bless my candles.

493. The candle blessing is done by facing the north and using a high vibrational oil and stroking the candle out from the center northward, saying, "In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost, I bless thee". Then you anoint the candle towards you from the center and repeat, "In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit I accept God's Blessings". This will charge the candles with your thought forms and every time you light the candles you are triggering that thought form to come into the vortex.

494. Isn't it beautiful to trigger in the Trinity, every time you sit down, to have that power. Then, I have in the center of my altar the deity, someone who represented the deity, a way to become one with the deity. I had Jesus, I had Buddha, I had Krisna and other Masters, Saint and Holy Beings.

495. I also have an incense burner. I used to use a Josh stick for my meditation. When I could no longer smell it, my meditation was over and it helped center my smell so I wasn't distracted.

496. I also had a bell to center sound with, to stimulate sound because when you are saying a prayer and ringing the bell, your prayer goes out on the vibration of the sound into the ethers faster. They don't get caught up in astral energy, mental energy or in your knowledge or ideas, they go on the sound and go into the ethers of the akashic light where they gather around them a like substance and impact more purely, so I used the sound to center with.

497. The incense, as it burns, changes matter into spirit and you are sending your prayers upon the incense as well. As the incense goes up, they take your prayers to a higher vibration.

498. also had a book, a spiritual book something that would uplift me, something that would give me a connection, or the Word of God, the Bible, the Koran, the Daily Word, the Bhagavad Gita. Something that would connect me in a solid form. Along with something to hold my incense in. And I had a little pillow, something that I could sit upon so that my attention wouldn't be distracted away from my brow by the hardness of the floor. I used to have a small blanket, now I have a robe that I wear that I can cover up with so that I am not influenced by the outward atmosphere and come within this atmosphere, the inner atmosphere. All of this is to center you more and more inward and upward.

499. No matter where you are in the world, you can center on this altar because it becomes an altar in your heart, because you know exactly what it means, you see. When you are putting your altar up, you give everything a purpose that is on your altar. You never put anything on your altar that does not have a purpose, a purpose that will bring you to your ultimate reality, God. To be One with God. That is what you are seeking and you can use different Masters as doorways into Light into this Oneness, as a doorway, but your ultimate purpose is to be One with God and so this is the ultimate reality of my altar, to become One with God.

500. When I was traveling on the Mainland, I could stop and I felt exactly the same experience as when I was sitting in front of my altar and for all intents and purposes, that was where I was. I built up such a pattern the first teleportation that I did, where did I end up, in front of my altar. So, it was a safe vortex. It is the most safe place that I feel upon the planet is sitting in front of my altar. As I would sit there in front of my altar, I created a certain atmosphere, a vortex.

501. I had a black robe that I could pull over my face at one point so I could completely withdraw from all things and go into my self and no other light could come within except my own light and at one point you should center to that destiny. In that area of consciousness, there is nothing but you at that point and when you come to that awareness, you go in all of a sudden there is expansion. See it is like impacting and all of a sudden it comes to expansion and you start realizing phenomenal things.

502. The art of meditation is to reach the expanding consciousness in union with God. I've always used that particular vibration, the altar. I was gazing upon the candle on my altar this night. The candle's flame will teach you a lot about spirit if you watch the candle's flame. If you want to learn the power of reflection, you gaze upon the candle's flame long enough so that when you close your eyes and still see the candle's flame within, see, and that's how you've got to train these fields of energy within.

503. You have to train your imagineation, train your emotions, your mind, your knowledge and train your ideas, you have to train yourself, see, through self discipline. Through knowledge and self acceptance, you must train yourself. So by gazing upon the candle's flame, I was training my imagination, that facet of myself to be able to have perfect reflection inside, to take that flame and move it inside within my mind in the center of my brain, in the very center of my brain where my sound was.

504. You see, concentration on your inner sound, the nadem, is one of the most powerful exercises and if you have anything that you haven't handled, it will come up for you to handle and this is a very fast way to clear consciousness. This is one of the reasons that we teach it in the Astral Physics class, to bring your awareness to the point of discretion.

505. If you are really on the Path and want cleared fast, this is one of the clearest ways of doing it. That is drawing the flame into the pineal gland and centering sound there. That's bringing your concentrated focus of light force energy into a crown chakra, the body of unity. And anything that is keeping you from being One with all things will come for you to handle at that moment. If you hadn't accepted somebody, for example, because they limped, you'll start seeing a bunch of limping people, in fact they might even confront you.

506. On another occasion, I was laying on the beach and thinking beautiful thoughts about my love for God and how great it was to be in Hawaii. I closed my eyes and started my shallow breathing, brought on my sound and made my mind blank. I saw in my Mind's Eye a beautiful blue, a very light blue, trasluscent, with emerald green and clouds of living light, pulsating all around my being. When I opened my eyes after what seemed hours, but was in essence just a few minutes, I felt so refreshed as though having a full night's sleep and I was so full of energy.

507. My third experience with this color experiment and sound experiment was in my bed in my room at Manoa Valley and breathing, using the breathing technique of 5-5-5-10, in a controlled way. I was thinking of my sound and it came on and I came to a realization that the pitch of the sound controlled what color I pulled into my consciousness. I did as before and found a very high pitch of the sound brought in white light.

508. You can also exhale all your breath in the subduing light of violet and any questions that I asked were immediately understood, not in words but in answers. It seemed that the questions came with the answer without my thinking of the questions. It was like the question and the answer was one. There was no difference.

509 Once one has gained control over vibrations using thoughts through the following method, they will have mind control by coordinating the sound with the beating of your heart, and breathing at the same rate as your heart beats. This is a very powerful coordination and impaction of thought strata. Coordinating your sound at the center of your head, breathing at the same rate that you heart beats, see, you understand that. Then take the sound to different pitches in vibration by the degrees of concentration.

510. Then one can transcend to different planes of consciousness using this technique. The most important factor is the pureness of mind. Keep your mind pure because I'll tell you, if you are at a negative point of view during this, you'll go to negative planes and you can have some big old hairy experiences there, monsters and things ripping you to pieces doing all kinds of horrible things to you. Believe me I know. So keep that pureness of mind.

511. One's mind must not have any negative vibrations or thought forms from others or negative vibrations in areas which the transcendental mind takes place. The sound is the ringing in what seems to be the ears or head. Controlled thought or ringing or high vibrational sound can be brought under one's control to the point of being in the center of one's mind, free of all physical stimuli. So that is the point of one's control, being centered.

512. After learning to attune to many areas of consciousness, I pulled in the Blue Ray on September 1, 1975 at 12:35 a.m. in Kaaawa, Hawaii and this is the information that came through. And this is using Visualized Prayer and my question was, "What is the truth of time?"

513. When I went into the Blue Ray, I desired the truth of time, this is what came through my channel: "Cycles within cycles; the change of life within the wheels, the tenth pure pulsations emanating life with crystalline flashes, golden rings and rainbow colors. Energy, life, light and motion, moving far beyond the speed of thought, exchanging pure Light unconditioned to be drawn to planes above. Light in pure harmony".

514. The channel continued, "The creative power manifesting and unmanifesting, changing atomic structuring and brought into form through thought impulsing vibration put upon the thought strata, moving at different dimensional speeds, different intensities, from fine substance to denser form, magnetic and magnetized by the thought impulses and drawn to matter of different planes".

515. The answer continued,"Except when the time is collapsed, awareness manifested as pure Light substance draws to it on the tenth substance unconditioned and encloses it in its vibrational skin and maintains pure spirit vibrations and makes different dimensional shifts, as the substance is drawn off of the future. Once balanced the stream of Light draws substance to support planes of existence."

516. The channel continued,"The Masters of Light direct and support radiating rays of White Light directing to power units dispensing Light to lesser spheres whose intensity is too weak to draw higher vibrational Light. As a unit increases vibrations, one light energy is sent, causing higher vibrations to support time space position. Planetary position is held by polarity balance of electromagnetic current drawn on all sides and balanced in the distance to the Center Hub of Light."

517. The channel continued, "On parallel dimensions moving in and out from the Hub causing cosmic day and night, the past, present and future moving at the same time through unconditioned substance. As the evolution towards the center hub of the inter dimensional light and energy moves forward, complete knowledge of itself, it vibrates through the substance which is programmed by the thought impulse projected by the now condensing of the past into the present. The free spirit moves upon the unconditioned substance, nothing from the lower planes can enter through the dimensional shift because of its density and lower eratic vibration".

518. The channel continued, "Only through illumination upon the sixth plane of light, in pure form and directed through lesser bands of color crystal can the spirit enter into unconditioned substance." This was a description of time from the crystal blue ray of light which I am still working upon to decipher pure knowledge. It is a very high intensity condensing of information. It was directly responding to the Center Hub of Light, the center hub being the great universe within the wheel of the seven universes.

519. There are seven universes outside of this great center universe or Center Hub of Light which the center projected out all of these others for experiencing itself in order to come back to itself, so the duration of consciousness between the center and out and in is called time.

520. This is from the Golden Ruby Ray, May lst, 1975, 1:30 a.m. to 5:20 a.m. This was the question that I asked: "How to I correct the present situation and get back on the path of light and mastery?" I did not believe I was projected to my best image and the answers I recieved were very personal and spiritual.

521. The first thing that came through the Blue Crystal Ray were symbols. Now this is the beauty of this ray, now the Blue Crystal Ray was the truth ray. That does not mean that it has to have a lot of wisdom in it or love, just pure truth. so this is the golden ruby ray which is a Christ ray.

522. This is the channel that came from the Golden Ruby Ray: "Have you confusions that come from false teachings, I say, there are those who would lead you wrongly. Follow not the error, believe not in the handicap. Between you and me a path lies. Between us there can be no confusion. Cosmic light hath dwelt upon our heads. We are partakers of goodly blessings, the world perceiveth not. Those who have confused you are mischieveous of intent and have not been of error, but of malice. They have not been favored as ye have been favored. They seek not wisdom for themselves but the casting down of those who have wisdom.

523. The channel continued from the Golden Ruby Ray: "My beloved, I tell you truthfully, ye have coffers of knowledge unopened by others. Ye have heard mine utterings spoken in your heart. Verily, ye have profited. Have ye profited by the instructions of those who spoke in vanities? Have ye not had miseries and wrecking of spirit? How can good come from these? It is not a testament of their own limitations? Say nothing, our Lord reigneth off too far in the Heavenly mansions for us to serve Him. Say rather the Masters hath made his choice. Whom among us shall serve and who shall be leader."

524. The channel continued from the Golden Ruby Ray: "Behold, it is his choice there is no alterations. It behooves you beloved, to be trice circumspect in those whom you do not elect to instruct you. Those who come unto you verily have limitations else would they come unto you assuming different forms. They are then like unto your physical self who would have counsel of you, thinking to enhance themselves in your blinded esteem. They have small knowledge of my plans for the race."

525. The channel continued from the Golden Ruby Ray: "They do look upon you as equal to themselves over whom they would rule as Lords as Supreme manifestation of spiritual egotism. I have no part or parcel with them for they disrupt my servants in their missions and confuse my workers with their sacred plagiarisms. And yet I have permitted them come unto you though' they know it not. My purpose was not to deceive you but to show you the limitations of earthly instructors that ye may be wisely in instruction that is Heavenly."

526. The channel continued from the Golden Ruby Ray: "My servants are those who do my will without meditation. Without even considering your own knowledge. Think ye that I am not powerful enough to speak directly unto your spirit without the instrument of frail mortalities? Whence cometh this vagary of power? Am I limited in my self? Am I dependent upon persons who cannot conquer their own vices? Have I not the power to speak directly unto your heart, the heart of you who love me and whom I love, my beloved."

527. The channel continued from the Golden Ruby Ray: "Know wisdom. Trust not the -ones who come unto you and belittle you. Belittle is not divine. No Christ spirit doeth it. No master spirit seeketh confusion of any lesser spirit. Truth is light and light is truth. The way of light and truth are not hidden but open. The way of light and truth are circumspect, never a disparagement. Light and truth are always open. They have no secretness, no ennoblement do they seek, not to be cast down, nor to be discovered, not to defile you by petty limitations."

528. The channel continued from the Golden Ruby Ray: "I say unto you, ye have attained to the stature thereof and it is demanded of you to know of these who would master your thoughts and divert them from eternal purpose. Man has no need of these spirits who caution them to remember that they are dust. Workers of iniquity are those who tell you that no man hath knowledge of me in my errand that is blasphemy of vileness."

529. The channel continued from the Golden Ruby Ray: "Ye have knowledge of in your heart of me and in that ye are the husbandry who has called on to the harvest. They know not this. They see you as a goodly man having power among your fellows. They desire to enhance the power for their own benefit, their own power, for their own prestige. I say, they are those to whom I have referred to as wolves in sheep's clothing. They are woefully ignorant of my plans for the world."

530. The channel continued from the Golden Ruby Ray: "Ye have heard me say that you are my beloved, come to earth in this cycle so that you might interpret mine errand for all nations. Ye are in the flesh because you made a compact upon the higher planes than any who do address you through speech of mediums. They know not your real identity. And they would do you evil, mentors they are not. Do not title them as such or give them prestige in their work. Do not give merit to the work they do not deserve. Many of them are of high variety of moral species but none the less, mortal."

531. The channel continued from the Golden Ruby Ray: "My servant who have talked to you are not of these. Yet, I have permitted that which hath been demonstrated that ye be made wiser of those who address you. I speak unto you now in terms of great emphasis. Trust not those who say unto you, behold, we have knowledge of Jesus of Nazareth. They have no such knowledge or else would they reveal it. Am I not powerful enough to make myself known? Cannot I work miracles still?"

532. The channel continued from the Golden Ruby Ray: "Have I not gathered my little band of interpreters of my errand as the time has forbidden? What need have I of any lesser satellites? I say, I need them not. In my heart, I have spoken. In your heart, I have spoken. Trust the instincts of your heart. No calamity followeth, no confusion reigneth. There is no calamity of unbelief where I have been in spirit."

533. The channel continued from the Golden Ruby Ray: "Those who tell you you must beware of your own powers to perceive their shortcomings are addressed in turn by those who are evil. Verily, they heard falsely and I correct them. Voices come unto you purpoting to be me. Know, I say unto you that which cometh truthfully of me cometh unto you directly. That which cometh of me has purity of essence. That which cometh truthfully of me beareth in the essence no trivial of intelligence, love ennobleth always, maketh a brilliance of perception and slippeth out confidentially."

534. The channel continued from the Golden Ruby Ray: "Knoweth that all is of Light. The light showeth no pitfalls in the pathway ahead that cannot be avoided.. Trust not those who come unto you saying, "The Master hath revealed his purpose unto us." Know that I speak thunderously when I tell you that I am capable of speaking directly in your hearts. The hearts of my disciples, making you to know that my dictates that which men call conscience."

535. The channel continued from the Golden Ruby Ray: "Verily I warn them that if they harken unto intermediaries, their wits desert them. It has been done in times past, faith has been shattered and obligations of of great importance canceled. My servants have said unto themselves, behold, we are weak mortals prone to error, therefore listen to the adversities of counsel as well. Know my beloved, that if calamity hath befallen; this hath been the reason."

536. The channel continued from the Golden Ruby Ray: "As your wiser elder brother, I beseech you, harken not to the adversary that sayeth unto you, watch these steps less ye fall into a pitfall. Do you think that I let my servants fall into pits? Can I preserve your body from faltering and yet be unable to address you in the warning of calamities that would ensnare your spirit? Love and wisdom, I give you instructions of truth, purity, tranquility and reverence." This was a direct channel from the Golden Ruby Ray.

537. Through my Visualized Prayer I was able to assimilate vibrations with the various rays of consciousness, by tapping these rays of personalities you get direct knowledge, not hearsay from other individuals, but direct knowledge within you. The Masters talk directly to you. They do not come through another being to you, they talk open and directly to you when you reach that height in consciousness.

538. Centering the flame through gazing, breathing, and your sound is the most powerful tool, keeping pureness of mind is one of the greatest things that you must do. Keeping pureness of image and imagination. I thank God that I am a clear channel to let my arm write these things. If I had to think of what was being said to me at that time, I would have lost this knowledge.

539. The Masters don't waste time. They do it very compact, very powerful when they come to you. Always keep a pencil and pad near your altar when you have meditations like this because you will have flashes and messages will come through for you. If your clairaudio is not clear enough to hear, you may have to use an automatic writing and let your hand write whatever comes into your consciousness. Do not try to figure it out.

540. In Visualized Prayer, I always create the image of what I want to experience in a strong vibratory rate, feeling it, seeing it, thinking it, knowing it, accepting it, knowing it right then and living in expectation that any moment it will manifest in my outer tangible world. I expect it. It is exercising of faith. You exercise your faith in every image you create. Do not go back and be caught by being impatient because it is going to come at the perfect time. And there may be something to clear out of the way before that comes.

541. I remember when I first started to ask for the consciousness to bring the Center into being. If I would have gotten the money at the first point that I asked for it, the Center would not be like it is now. But when I got a clear idea of what it was, then the money came very freely.

542. So the question was, "How do I correct the present situation and get back on the Path of Light and Mastery? What I was doing was I was starting to listen to other people and what their impressions were. They were saying, well, oh, you should do this because you have the power to do this, so on and so forth. Well, the Masters had already given me a message and so my attention got diverted and so I got disorientated in what I was supposed to be doing. A lot of us do this.

543. God gives us the impression of our ultimate reality and we become diverted by doing other things and we forget what we were doing and sometimes we forget for years. When I was a child I was given impressions from age 5 to 13 for seven years about what I was supposed to do in this life. When I was 13, I got diverted and wanted to be like some of the other kids and I fell to my own ego because I stopped talking about and doing the things that I was taught to do. I assimilated how they were so I could be accepted and so I became weak for a long period of time, I did not know where I was going and what I was going to do.

544. The spirit does not always seem logical, but it is always in the spirit of rhythm and vibration and harmony, it is always in harmony, always harmonized. And if you really study the Masters and conceptual knowledge by taking it out of that third eye, instead of looking at it with old life and old ways.

545. Put on the lens of the mystic eye on there and look at it mystically and the basic position of the mystic to unfold himself, the Self. Not the ego or the personality but the Self. The Self is all things. The Self is God. The God self, vibration of Beingness. The mystic is simply trying to bring forth the Christ in his own consciousness and so when you look through the Mystic's Eye you say, now is this really leading me toward the Christ?

546. You are opening up to that field of energy and light and you start looking past the world of appearances. And if you cannot take that intensity, look through the psychic eye and say, "What is this doing for my knowledge?" Oh, my eternal knowledge is going from lifetime to lifetime, you know this is what you are accumulating and then you ask, "What is this doing for my soul? Is this increasing my knowledge? Is it going to be of benefit to me?" It is discrimination, you must be open to see it all. What am I going to be impressed with is what you are seeing with this eye.

547. Some people get so unimpressed nothing seems to impress them. They go around and listen to this and that teacher and never take anything to heart. See, then they say, "O.K., I am going to do that", and then they do not go out and practice it. "Oh, someone is going to make me do it." "They will push some magic button and I will go out and do it." Ah, self mastery, it is Self, Self Mastery, it is not somebody else mastering you, it is you mastering you. You taking the initiative to do it and it is you impressing you and if you are an emotional person, you get impressed by everything.

548. Not until you get objective and detached will you be able to select what you are impressed by. And then you may harden your emotions and become very cold. Because it will just go past and you will say, oh, I remember that, it is about a half dozen teachers, they are all saying the same thing. Someday, I might believe that. That is their attitude, they do not have to say the words to say the vibration for you. So you have to watch the attitude you are taking in consciousness when you are using Visualized Prayer.