Channeled January 23, 1977

317. We are continuing our channel on Visualized Prayer. We have been talking about how the Masters of Light used the creative powers of the universe to bring things into being. We are going to continue talking upon this, but let us look at why we are emphasizing Visualized Prayer. This planet is moving into a shift change polarity, the vibratory rate of the planet will be accelerated. It will move into new space that is not yet qualified, but is at a higher vibratory rate of electromagnetic energy. So we'll have to be attuned to draw upon that energy field. At this present time, the force that travels over your nervous system, is the electricity or electromagnetic energy through the kundalani, it is vibrating at 15 trillion impulses per second. This will be increased five-fold to 75 trillion. This means everything that you are doing will be intensified 5 times.

318. If you have anger, you will have five times more anger. If you have happiness, you will be five times as happy. The energy will be qualified at whatever pattern or matrix or our outer personality it runs and so when we project this energy through the matrix it will only emanate energies of that pattern. What we are doing with Visualized Prayer is learning how to reprogram the subconsciousness for a more instantaneous qualification of the energy. The energy will be qualified faster too, five times faster than it is now qualified. Not only will it be five times as intense, but it will be qualified five times faster. It takes 25 minutes to bake a loaf of bread, then it will take five minutes. So the intensity of your production will be increased.

319. The strata of the energy that you will be using will no longer be confined to the Laws of the Physical Dimension, for you will be using fourth dimensional strata. Fourth dimensional strata moves very quickly and has a high intensity vibration. Immediately upon the delegation of thought the strata begins to form, it is that obedient to the Divine Mind. The Divine Mind correlates and calculates the energy and casts the image and from the image cast into the strata, the strata immediately starts adhering to it because all of the powers are here now in that strata.

320. We have kind of a lagging in our precipitation in the physical because we have put things off and we do the same thing in our consciousness, we have a lagging in our consciousness which has to be brought up, a lagging in how long it takes to think something before we do it physically. How long does it take for us to feel a certain way before we change it. You know, we lag, instead of handling things immediately in the Here and Now, spontaneously, which we should always be doing, we are laggards, so if we were to end up in this strata, some of our first impressions are very distorted, you have to train yourself to have the first impression each time, opening up your clairvoyant and clairaudio so you can see and hear it before it comes, you can envision it before you have a precipitation of it.

321. The vision you cast into the strata creates the substance you will be using. Say, you want a little cake to eat, you would simply put your hand out, image it in your hand and consume it. By the image you would be causing the Law of Impaction which draws around it and the Law of Attraction to magnetize that particular vibration by the image you cast. The stronger and more intense you can create and hold the image, the longer you image, the more the substance will come around it. If you are absolute in your image holding then everything is spontaneously apported.

322. I reached that point about a year and a half ago. I no longer have that energy because I no longer do the same practices. But, by the same attunement, I could create the same thing all over again. It was an intensity of being so much in the Here and Now, and being so in tune with the energies, that all I had to do would be to see it and it was mine immediately. I would even train myself at that point to not go into that without taking and having control of my personality. The first thing that taught me how to use energy was when I manifested fire at my altar. I realized that you could be destructive and I learned how to cast the image out by building up a pranic force.

323. The increasing of vibratory rate of the substance that is here right now and can be increased to a higher vibration and casting an image into it and in between the two it would create the illusion of that image. I got the idea and I found out that everything we see in the outer world is produced from our inner powers so I was wondering what our inner powers are to holograms and laser light shows, then I realized that we had the power already that we used on the projecting screen when we were looking in lakes and crystal balls and mirrors to get an image before it came down into the lower realms. This was to see the image before it got tied up in our thought, ideas, imagination and our feelings to take and correlate the energy before it ever came into manifestation, to where we are qualified.

324. When you are a clear channel you don't have to do that method, when you reach clear seeing, but until you get there you have to learn to work with that, that is why we give you the mirror exercises and so you clear this filament of the mind and you see instant precipitation. A lot of people are afraid of what is going to happen. If I don't do this, this is going to happen to me. If I don't do that, another thing is going to happen to me. If I don't take and eat this kind of food and I eat another kind, then this is going to happen to me. We always play these going to be's or going to happen's in our consciousness.

325. You are projecting into this astral energy and the astral energy will take on the matrix of thought or the matrix of feeling or the matrix of personality, the unit of consciousness is focusing through it. You can imagine it like a diamond focusing a brilliant white unconditioned light through it and out the other side comes rays. Well, as you are diamond clear, this is what you want to be. Is your imagination clear, is your imaging clear? If it is not clear, you are only going to project out of it, what you have patterned in front of it. If it is clear, it will project out exactly what is coming through it. If you were to see that coming out, it would look just like rays of light radiating out of what ever Chakra you are working from. You would perceive great pools of light being drawn in, by what chakra you are being receptive to. People are aggressive and they always have light running out, and they don't have anything coming in consciously.

326. The Power is this: not to have any Light running in or out, but to be in a State of Being, meaning that the Light is going in and coming out at the same time. It has to be in the State of Being. Attune yourself to a State of Being in order to use the astral energies. It means, the inner thoughts are no different from your outer world. You don't think one way and act another way, you don't feel you are one way and act another. You don't get the idea of one thing and act another way. There must be congruity between the inner and the outer world, they must coincide because the Spiritual World and the Material World is one life, you'll have one life here. By your images you cast into that Light everything you see around you is a direct response of the images you have cast in the Inner Kingdom and how much Faith you have had in those. If you have cast the image and then doubted it, you cast doubt on the image and that will come along with it. Whatever you cast that is exactly what you get.

327. No person who is functioning in three dimensional consciousness limited in his perception, to only that which is revealed through the senses, has perceived reality. We may perceive attitudes of Spirit, Light, Bliss, Vibration, Joy, Peace, Love, Omnipresence, Omniscience, Omnipotence and let me explain these: this is the Power in the universal sense, but when you individualize,the Omnipresence individualizes as Love, Omnipotence individualizes as Truth, Omniscience individualizes as Wisdom. This is the way you bring the energy into your heart, by feeling your connection with it.

328. If you didn't put it aside someplace, you wouldn't have to remember it. It is when we instead of making a connection with the energy, we put it aside or suppress it then we have to remember it, stick it back on us and here we have this life force, this energy, its like a plug and says, here, plug into this, well, I'll just take care of that later and you put it off to the side and then when you have to use it you have to go looking for it and put it in your consciousness.

329. You can stay always connected to any other force or power you connect to the unconditioned part of that force. Not the personality of the force, but the unconditioned, endless pool of energy that is emanating from that. It's like tapping into a field of Light. You stick your antenna up into that Light and you start drawing that Energy and Light. You can draw it straight through your crown or other chakra. Some teach you to draw it through your feeling nature, how you feel about that then you would be drawing through the Chi area. Or they ask you what you know about it, draw it into the heart, or what gives you the idea of it then you would be working at that level or what do you image then you are in your imagination. What kind of energy is it then you would be working at the source of that energy?

330. Then, attune to it and just be it. Why mess around with all the others, you tap right in with being, you use the being consciousness, "I Am That I Am." And you are saying I am that, using the Law of Identification, one of the strongest Laws in the Universe. The only thing that will happen to you is that you will be tested to see if you really are that because you are only what you can demonstrate. A lot of people have doubt that when the tests come, will I really be able to stand the test and they make the test harder for themselves. They keep adding more and more to it, making it harder and harder to experience and then when they come up to it, it is so blown out of proportion because they have used so much emotional energy, the exaggeration of it blows them out.

331. It disorientates or disconnects them from the force to where they get disorientated to its use. The Omnipresence, Omnipotence, Omniscience is the unconditioned fields of this Light and Energy to use unconditioned Love, Truth, and Wisdom. There are many qualified fields to use and most people are using them. As a mystic spiritualist, I teach individuals to tap into the unconditioned. Why get something that you have to work over when you can get something brand new. "I am brand new everyday!-, "I am refreshed everyday" should be in your awareness. This should be in your philosophy.

332. Every Darshan of my Light is a New Light. The Darshan is how you are vibrating spiritually. When someone is talking, they vibrate a certain series of patterns out. Through imagination, you get the image of that and then you get the idea of that, then you get the knowledge of that and know it in your heart, then you think it. So when someone is talking to you that is the channel that you get the picture, then you get the idea, then it goes to knowledge, then you think it and it seems like it is spontaneous and that is several impulses.

333. Some people don't take anything they think, some people take everything they think. Some of the Chakras are not open. Some won't take what they know, but only what they get the idea of because of lack of confidence in themselves so they don't take what they know, they'll keep putting it off. "Well, I can tell you what I think about it," but they won't tell you what they know because they don't have confidence in their knowing. You can pin a person down and tell exactly where they are at, what portion of the imagination they are using because the imagination holds and is orientated toward every body.

334. No person who is functioning in three dimensional consciousness limited in his perception, to that which he perceives through his senses, has perceived reality. We may perceive attributes of Spirit, Light, Bliss, Vibration, Joy, Peace, Love, Omnipresence, Omniscience, Omnipotence, but as long as we are limited, due to our identification with the outward appearance of nature, we cannot directly see it or perceive the transcendental aspect of God. When one perceives the true Nature of God, and this vision demonstrates his life, such a One is no longer a man in the accepted sense, but is an awakened Son of God.

335. Now see when you reach your awareness of your true Nature, your Nature as God, you become the Son of God at that point. Christ consciousness, being the first and therefore, only begotten Son of the Father, or pure consciousness, and the Father is pure consciousness, declare or reveal the Nature of God. Since pure consciousness is incomprehensible, only realizable, the Christ Consciousness is an indication to it. You can't take and comprehend it, see, we are working on the opposite end of comprehension of all of this. We are reversing the polarity for Spirit. So everything you are doing, it is the opposite of that for Spirit, realize. You may be doing spiritual things and you will have to discriminate what you are doing that is spiritual and what you are doing that is not spiritual in order to change the polarity of it.

336. In the verses that follow, John the Baptist goes on to speak: "I am not the Christ," He does not manifest at this time the Christ consciousness and even denies that he is a reincarnation of Elijah because he is not aware of his past incarnations. All he can say is that he is a voice crying in the wilderness of human thought, preparing the way for a new and more revealing State of Consciousness that would be embodied in the man, Jesus. John baptized with water, as water is a symbol for purification of transformed life, when he said that the One who would come after him would baptize in the Holy Ghost.

337. When you reach the State of Christ consciousness, you no longer baptize with water, you baptize with the Holy Ghost, the Light of the Holy Spirit, the higher vibrations of Light, then you no longer have to do a symbolic thing to the point that you can do the actual thing. But, most people are still in symbology. Some people fall to the symbology and do not see the actuality of what they are doing. There are these great fields of energy, these great fields of unqualified Light for the Light workers to use.

338. If you are caught up in using qualified strata ... and now let's get a little information here about qualified strata; it is anything that is in form. Most people take the qualified strata from other individuals. It is like here we are going to school and we see this guy that is doing good in one area so we want to be like him and imitate what he is doing. Well, he has already qualified that strata. If you are doing what he is doing, you are doing something second hand. He is the only one who has direct knowledge because he is the only one qualifying the strata. When you are doing what someone else is doing, then you are not creating. You are using qualified vibrations, you are not at the point of using unmanifested energy, unqualified Love, Truth, and Wisdom, which are the basic rays that emanate from the Christ Consciousness.

339. The basic rays of fields of Energy and Light that have been qualified in that manner, unconditioned Love, Truth, and Wisdom that come out as a refraction from the White Light. On the other side of the White Light, emanating through it is the Crystalline Fire. The Crystalline Fire is the point the person must reach to make instant precipitation, instantly teleport from one-point to another. One maintains an identity with that by assimilation,: Just like he was assimilating this other friend who was being successful by imitating, using qualified strata instead of unqualified strata.

340. Unconditioned strata is so pure that when you run it through, you become conditioned to it, you will be unconditioned by it. You will be conditioned to it because you will be unconditioned by it, from all the things that you are attached to. And you let that draw you upwards from the personality to the unconditioned fields of unmanifested energy. The way to use this energy must be qualified by the imagination, with the emotions by how you feel and how you think. It will come in exactly.

341. Now, you could say, "There is a beautiful, beautiful car there, but I know I couldn't touch this thing with a ten foot pole." Now, you can't get to it because you have just qualified not only the car but the area, you can't get ten feet from it. Because you will be qualifying body, if you want to be looking like you are now, you'll be looking like you are now, if you have another image of yourself, you take on that image. If you have no image, you'll be formless.

342. Whatever you want to be, you'll be like a sea within a sea, an energy force that is held together by the seed atom in impulse like a sea of unmanifested substance, and you'll be able to qualify by working along with all the other qualifiers. Now, that is what we are doing here on planet earth, but we are doing it at a very slow rate and always fighting and arguing and not agreeing and all this, here we must be in harmony with one another in order to form this substance because we are all co-creators. We are all in it together. You cannot destroy another person, you can't say,"I wish you were dead".

343. When you said that it would already start into being and this might be your friend. Negative thought is so subtle, well, if you work for that perfection and it is called perfection attuning to that energy directly without all the images and all the symbols of it and you are directly tapping it, then you have what is called direct knowledge because you will know the nature of that field of energy by drawing it.

344. You can be sitting in your house and image the Grand Canyon and if you can hold the image, that is what you will have by the window. If you want a great mountain scene, you will have a great mountain scene or a desert scene, whatever you want to experience, whatever you can hold the image of. Look at our artists how high in vibration they are. They hold the image of something, and bring it through and put it down on paper or canvas. Well, that is the way you will be bringing the image through and putting it down on Energy and Light and it will be taking instant qualification.

345. The power you are learning is the Power of the White Magician and the Crystal Fire Light and the controlling of the imagination is very important and your creative imagination depicts what you are going to experience in substance. So, when you can correlate that all with your emotions, your thinking and your knowledge, you have instant manifestation coming into being because you have completed a cycle. All you really are doing is working with cycles.

346. You know about the Diamond, if you take a piece of coal and put it under pressure for a long time and keep extracting and condensing until you have a diamond, a clear substance because of the duration that it is held under pressure. Well, if you can step beyond the time and space factor and hold the same intensity and without having to spend the duration by being spontaneous, then you will have an instant Diamond.You understand what I am saying?

347. Question: I don't understand that.

Answer: It's very simple, if we take a piece of coal and it is under the earth right now in a natural science of physics, it would take that piece of coal to turn into a Diamond a couple hundred thousand years with a pressure of that underneath the earth's surface, steady pressure against it to push all of the liquid, so to speak, from it and crystallize it to a clear hard substance, that's natural science, the physics of it. Well, what we are learning is the physics of the Astral Plane, Astral Physics, how, under intensity, the emotions become the Diamond.

348. It's only a concept, the pressure on the substance, so what the coal represents is your crudeness, not your smooth polarity, but the crude vibration of your consciousness. And when you keep pressure on that, it clears. That is why I place pressure upon the students and I keep creating the pressure on them so they clear, their Diamond will clear. They have to know where they are at, otherwise they will keep taking the pushing of the buttons that I keep pushing, until they do know where they are at.

349. And then when they know where they are At, they are open and clear, just like the Diamond and then everything flows through it. So, in the spiritual consciousness, you may be in this White Light, but in the center of this White Light is a great Diamond field of energy, Crystal Fire, emanating, that is just the connection into the endless pool of this unconditioned energy for you to qualify. So, in your consciousness, as you take and learn to control Visualized Prayer and control your other States of Consciousness, then you can qualify this unconditioned substance very quickly.

350. Well, Jesus had touched and is this unconditioned substance, he knew he could manifest, or change the vibratory rate by using the substance of this dimension. He turned water into wine because it was a substance of this dimension, he drew it around his image of the wine being there stronger than the image that it was not there. He increased the patterns of the molecules of the water to such a degree, and stir the ethers.

351. The ethers then have a direct response into the Elemental Kingdom and the etheric kingdom can be messengers to the Elemental, the Earth Elemental, the Water Elemental, the Fire Elemental, the Air Elemental. There are Etheric Elementals as well. Well, above the Etheric Elemental which are Chemical, Heat, Light and Life Ethers. There are the Elementals of this Plane called, Physical Beings, we are the Elementals of the Physical Plane. Then you have the of Mind which are the colors. The Elementals of the Angelic Plane, Angels, Virtues, Principalities, Archangels, Cherubim, Seraphim, Powers, Dominions and Throwns, until you reach the highest Element of all, the One Element, beyond the Beyonds.

352. There are Elementals in all vibrations. That means that within that field of energy, there is a qualified substance and it may have that consciousness expanded or contracted depending upon the openness of awareness. So, all you have to do is work with the Elementals of those other planes, and accelerate them. You accelerate them by giving them consciousness. Now, how can you focus that consciousness? The best way is through prayer because when it is pure and when you send the Ray out through the Chakra to that substance you have more Power over it.

353. You are emanating the Power of Manifestation, casting it forth from your Third Eye, or from your imaging portion of consciousness. Jesus had this power and John the Baptist could see it. And he could see the symbology of this, the water, would be the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit has been likened to water. Here it is this field of unconditioned energy that we are talking about, the underlining current that holds all things together. There is a manifested and unmanifested part waiting to come into being and take the place of that which is being demanifested. So you have manifestation, being de-manifested and re-manifesting at the same time. So you have precipitation or that which is changing, ever changing, but never changing.

354. You have the pattern in the etheric matrix of your Physical Body, the Physical Body, keeps producing the etheric matrix over and over again. When you doubt the pattern, you change the pattern by your awareness and then the matrix changes and the pattern that is manifest changes. It will be exactly the way you have been working with it, you have conditioned it that way. That is the way your matrixes will channel this unconditioned field. There are conditioned fields that just channel out of each of the sensory areas of consciousness, like touch, taste, smell, hearing, and sight, those things are all drawn out.

355. The Holy Spirit, from God, or Holy Ghost, comes from Christ, means sacred vibrations. That is the Word, Sound, Amen, AUM or the Big Bang, the Holy Ghost when you are saying Amen, you are addressing the Holy Ghost. You are That, the Absolute Being, you are taking and addressing That. Om Tat Sat Om. So you are addressing the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

356. One who is baptized or merged in this experience, experiences the magnetic pull of Spirit which clears the mind and the consciousness so that God can be realized. Now here we are calling God, the unmanifested. Watch how we use the name God. When you hear the name God, that means the Absolute in That, the Absolute of That. The Absolute Being. You can say, well, Art is my God, and you would be absolutely absorbed in Art. And they used to say different things were God. They thought Love was God and they built Love temples and made love.

357. They thought that was it. Some thought sacrifice was the Absolute Being so they sacrificed. What is Absolute Being, what is the Absolute. Well, here we are talking about that unmanifested. Ultimately, we talk about the Absolute as everything. Everything we see and don't see, everything that is, was and will always be. I have everything to realize everything. If I want to realize everything, I have everything to realize that. Because alike attracts alike.

358. If I am open to everything, I attract everything. It is up to me as an individual manifestation to be a decreer here of what I want to do with everything. Now, if I am an egocentric Person, I'll do it all for myself. If I am a Spiritual Person and working in the higher areas, then I'll do it for others. If I am really one with God, I'll do it for others and I'll do it for myself too, see, because God is everything. God is not half a person. And if you are not doing it for yourself, then you are not doing it for all. You are not seeing God everywhere, you deny him right here. And so when you look at the substance, you will qualify it through that denial. That everything else can have that experience, but you are eliminating it for yourself. So alot of people who are using discretion sometimes go over board on it, discretion..

359. John the Baptist could see that Jesus was hooked into this Power, Cosmic Consciousness, if you want to call it that, qualification of it, its very fine at this point see, it is very fine. We're talking about degrees as well. There are degrees to unmanifested energy until you reach pure, pure consciousness, then there is no more degree, or Laws. There is no more anything. It is no thing. It is the silence, the calm, you have reached the center and out from that center everything responds. Like you are right in the center and everything is emanating out.

360. Sometimes we emanate out with it, so we get out in it and think we are that, instead of that we are the center creating all that with our Life Force. Life Force is coming from our center, our center is the connection to the all. From the all we are making everything. So that is why, why not have all power, all wise and you have to be all wise, that means that you have to know about yourself too. Work on yourself, you have to know how you think you have to know, the rhythms and the patterns of that to control it.

361. A lot of people don't take the initiative to learn. And then when they run into a situation where they are having a problem that would be a situation to continue and increase your efforts there to unfold that problem, take and see it. It is not a problem, only a stepping stone for greater success because if you solve it right there, you will never have to face it again. A lot of people say, well, I have to remember that, I'll have to remember not to do that again. That is a contradiction, so then they remember and say, well, I'd better not do that, so they remember and say, well, I'd better not do that, so they just keep going in, it is taking energy.

362. Thought just running in and out is taking energy. It weakens your whole Force field, Aura. How many times do you say, "I don't remember that .I don't want to keep on with that right now. Maybe some other time. I don't ever put off anything. I don't ever tell anybody, well, let's do that tomorrow. What that really says is you are going off in my future and I will never see you again because that is what I am doing to the person, by putting them in the future someplace. It never comes and then when they come, it is still off in the future, because everything is here right now.

363. What we are talking about is imagination, one of these petals on this ninety-six petal Lotus at the Brow Chakra has perception on it. And there are different depths of perception so how you perceive things and what you perceive, perception of Light, Color, Sound and Motion, that tunes you to the Cosmic Ocean, see, to See the Sea of Destiny, when you are in the Cosmic Ocean with Light, Color, Sound and Motion, it will set you eternally Free. We can have that as a little song.

364. Songs and that are qualifications of the energy. And when we do it we are doing it with an emotion that we are happy to do it with. Some people do it and get mad at themselves and they end up and don't have any love for anyone because they are mad at themselves. When you get mad at yourself that is really a heavy way to have to qualify the energy. The best is just to love yourself and see that the energy is there and you are qualifying it so if there is something wrong, correct it, don't do it again.

365. Its not good and its not bad, you have just come to the point that you may have been using the energy for a very positive reason just no longer needing it, but you didn't disassociate it, you didn't disconnect it, you didn't detach. Well, when you reach detachment, you can flow and touch the energy without being attached to it. And then it can flow through you without your being attached to it. Most people get attached to it. "I did this. I did it for me". They do all these things, well, they break down the shield and then they fall into the energy and whatever point of view they have, that energy will flow through that type of attitude.

366. You have to keep the Attitude of Meditation, being calm and open and then the energy will flow to you that way because that will be what you magnetize to you and then you will impact it through your emotional energy and send it out. Then the Universe through its impaction will impact it more to bring it into a more dense state if that is where you sent the seed. But if you said, "Well, I think I'd like to think about a car," Well, you'll never get it out of the mind realm. You will be just thinking about it until you say, I desire to have one. See, you have to take it out of the mind realm and put it in emotions, but you have to keep backing up the emotions with thought. The thought and the emotions must be oriented toward the vision of seeing yourself and feeling yourself with it right now, see so you are using Visualized Prayer to bring things into manifestation.

367. Well, John the Baptist could see that Jesus had this ability. One can be baptized with the Holy Spirit either as a result of inward yearning, to know the truth which forces soul awakening, or by coming in contact with a highly realized Being. The Presence of a Self Realized Person stirs sleeping soul memories and forces spiritual awakening. Through our contact with one who is spiritually awakened, we are magnetized, the Life Forces are quickened. We are initiated into awakening.

368. What happens here, when you meet somebody, you want to identify with them. And that is the only way you are going to understand their information, is to identify with them. When you pay attention or identify with a Master, he imparts by his very Being that Energy and Light he or she is. By his very Victory, that energy comes into you so it changes your matrix because you are seeing through his eyes for a while. So the more you can see through his eyes, the more you can qualify energy that way, the more it will come back to you that way.

369. Then in the twenty-ninth verse of John, St. John the Beloved, John the Baptist sees Jesus and prepares to baptize him. Even though Jesus is destined to play outwardly a more dynamic role, than John, still he follows the path ordained by tradition and comes to John, for the Mystic's Touch. That's why he went there for initiation or awakening. That's what they call the Mystic's Touch, Shakti, because when I am doing that, I am transferring my thought forms into the person so they will start thinking that way.

370. They will no longer be caught in their Thought Form. I'll push it out of their Aura and replace it with my Spiritual Aura and that is how to do a lot of the healing. You eliminate their Aura, by disassociating from it, have them be disconnected from it. First of all, when you get an illness, and it is not a mental illness, and you seek description, it will hide from you. It will even go out of your body to hide from you. You'll send that energy right out if you try to describe it. If you try to describe it. If you try to describe it with abstract mind, you'll cure it.

371. To succeed on The Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path follow and practice the Principles of the Teachings written in this Holy Book. Discipline the Physical Body and the sense perception to control action, vitality and agility. Restrain the Emotions and the Subconscious Mind to control desires, needs and wants. Concentration in the Lower Mind controls thoughts, goals and values. Self Control in the Soul controls experiential knowledge, understanding and the environment.

372. Devotional Practices of the Higher Mind give control of creativity, ideas and talents. Mind control of the Conscious, Subconscious and Super Consciousness as they merge together gives the ability to control Light, Imagination and Individualization. Practicing and acting out what we have just been given in the previous sentences is the actual conscious way to control your total Being and Destiny! God has given you dominion over the Earth and you are part of the Earth! Take your Dominion!

373. Furthermore, practice Spiritual Teachings and the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path with Spiritual Discipline that purifies the intelligence. Practice disciplined restraint of the waves natural to the Mind. Prevent the impulses that agitate the inner consciousness of Humanity and take control of agitations of your inner consciousness. Practice the conjunction of your faculties for a common purpose, such as being At One With God. Win and maintain a clear Mind!

374. Practice the process of eliminating the Mind and transforming it into an instrument for open and direct God Realization. Practice until you realize that you are the Child of God. Practice the regulation and reform of the impulses of Mind which run after goals that lead you down by the senses. Merge your Mind into the Music within that brings Harmony, Peace and Bliss until it fills your Consciousness. Do all these Things one at a time until they become Natural to your Daily Life, as Natural as Breathing. Practice makes you Perfect!

375. Even though many have come and gone saying that they would be faithful until the end, then doing otherwise, the Holy Mission of One God, One Humanity and One Life is not being stopped. Even though many have worked against it, our Faith, Love and Respect for God and this Holy Mission have never stopped. God has revealed this Mission to us open and direct through the Holy Spirit. The Wisdom, Truth and Love in the Presence are Greater than anything of this Transitory World of Appearances.

376. We are with God and God is with us. I am, says Tat, a God Man, I AM THE MIGHTY I AM PRESENCE of the Holy God Self. Tat is here for the Unity of One God for all Humanity and Eternal Life for all Humans past, present and future in the Clear Crystal Fire Light of the Holy Spirit of God! If you have not joined with us yet, please do so by practicing what be written in this Holy Book.

377. Some Masters, Saints and Holy Beings have come through the Human Race. Some Masters, Saints and Holy Beings have come directly from God to give Humanity Wisdom, Truth and Love. Is there any One of them that the whole Human Race has accepted? Many followers of the Great Ones have done the work of darkness by creating greater separations in Humanity by saying 'we have the only Way,' 'we have the only Name of God,' 'we have the only Wisdom,' 'we have the only Truth,' 'we have the only Love,' 'we are the chosen Ones' and 'we have the only God that is truly God.'

378. Blessed Humanity will only be satisfied when each and every one of us has open and direct contact with God. That is why it is necessary to have the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path to God, open and direct as put forth in these Holy Teachings. That is why it is necessary for each one of us to seek for and reach open and direct contact with God!

379. The Writer Tat has wondered in the beginning of the founding of Astral Physics School and Church of Revelation, What is the need for another Spiritual, Mystic or Religious School or Church when there are so many here on Earth already?Õ Through obedience to God and never wavering on the Righteous Spiritual Mystic Path from its beginning in 1974, this Founder is being shown over and over again the reason for his Being. This Writer has been taken to many Masters, Saint and Holy Beings
and has been shown time again for the need of Oneness for all of Gods Children in the World!

380. This Work of God in the Church of Revelation and Astral Physics School is the answer to the Training we have received and are receiving. Many Spiritual, Mystic and Religious Organizations say there is One God, but they do not practice the Wisdom, Truth and Love of One God. These organizations practice separation by condemning others, fighting among themselves, denying the Masters, Saints and Holy Beings of other Spiritual, Mystic and Religious Organizations and they also commit racial and sexual discriminations!

381. The heights that you will reach through these practices will bring you rewards of the Spirit, Mind and Body. The Powers of your God Self will come to you as you reach the higher levels of Life that they operate on. Do not seek after Power, Sex or Money or the Gifts and Powers of God. Find the God given Talent of your God Self, your At One With God and what ever you need to fulfill your part in the Divine Arrangement. Seek first God and the way of being at service to others!

382. What you need is being revealed and being given to you when you are your Holy God Self. What you need is being revealed and being given to you through the words of this Holy Book. You will have Wealth, Health and Happiness. The Abundance of all Good Things will pour into your Life to such a degree that you will not have room to hold it all. Can anyone count the grains of Earth in the World, count the drops of Water in the Ocean, count the Stars in the Sky or the span to the distances of the expanses of God?

383. If you describe it with emotions then you will impress it. So with abstract mind or higher mind, say, how big is this thing? Big enough to fit in a cup, see you wouldn't actually be putting it in there, that is only a figure of speech. That doesn't mean that it couldn't be put in there, that section of your body could be cut out and put in there. I'm not talking about taking that section and cutting it out and putting it in a cup, we are just asking is it the size of a cup? So when you profound the mind that way, it has to take the true image. Its an illusion when you say, is the pain big enough to fit in a cup?

384. Another thing you say to the mind is, how large is the pain and what color is it? So you close your eyes and you get a sense of a color. And you might say, oh, its green. Then you go through asking, how long have you had this pain, where is it located, would you like to get rid of this pain and start talking to the person in this way, they start paying attention to the pain and if they simply pay attention to it it accelerates the healing to it, and it is getting Life Force that is qualified higher than the disease.

385. So if you have something that is hurting you and you pay a lot of attention to it and intensify it, and supply some energy to it like qualifying it with one of the Healing Rays, fire orange or green or violet or white, those are Healing Rays, you qualify that attention there with that, that is what you are sending into that area so the darker hue will want to escape that brighter Light. So all the gray and brown and all that stuff that makes sickness will disappear from the Aura, because you have replaced it with this higher vibration.

386. The greater always controls the lesser and the greater could only be a speck, this whole building could be controlled by only a speck of Light. If you took all the electricity that runs through this building in a day and condense it down it would be just a speck of Light. That is what they did with the atomic structuring to release it, they condensed to agitate it and thank God there wasn't a chain reaction in the Universe, that Law is an erroneous Law.

387. If it were so, when they dropped that bomb, the whole atmosphere would have just kept going through that change. There are certain Laws of Resistance that stop that from happening. And the same with when you try to reach a higher State of Consciousness, through your Visualized Prayer there are certain laws that will say, that's not possible.

388. While being baptized by John, the water in conformity with John's ritual, Jesus had an experience of being lifted above the human senses. He was able to relate because he was an open Being. That's another Power of Jesus and the Masters, Openness. Openness means that you are not holding anything, you have totally let go or you are in total faith. You have completely let go and say,"Ok, I completely let go and let God". He is doing everything for me, my plans are fulfilled, my needs are fulfilled, right here, right now. Everything is taken care of. You want to eliminate that word need as much as possible, because need is depicting you are without it. And don't use the word want, because that means you are without it, that you lack it because if you don't have it, you lack it.

389. Now lets go on to the next verse here, where John is describing what John the Baptist was doing to Jesus and how he used his clairvoyant powers to see this change take place. Clairvoyant, what he knew, clairvoyant power, what you know, and you may have some very specialized knowledge and awe people who aren't aware of that. But, then see, after they leave, that person is just as psychic as the psychic was. They exercise the same thing and say, well, I know that. It doesn't take time to know. Knowing is just Being. Knowingness, Beingness, Oneness are all the same.

390. And John 'bore record saying, I saw the Spirit descending from Heaven like a Dove and abode on him and left him not, but he that sent me to baptize with water, the same 'Said unto me, upon whom thou shall see the Spirit descending and remaining on him, the same is he who will Baptize with the Holy Ghost, meaning this person had the power to take the impression and hold it. We take and let so many impressions go out of the subconscious mind, we don't want to hold them, we are rejecting so many things, we don't want to hold them, that it is hard to impress us, so we have to learn the power of holding the image of that which we want to hold. We have to learn how to take an impression and be impressed. First we have to learn how to be unimpressed so we can learn the power of being impressed.

391. John was led of the Spirit of a marvelous degree. As soon as he performed his duty of baptizing and trying to awaken people spiritually, that eventually, he would confront the one person who would mark the fulfillment of his mission, take his impression and do what he said to do. He knew that someone would come along and manifest the highest that was in them, he knew that. And if he could convince the imagination of the person to hold that image and feel it then Om Tat Sat Om, I Am That I Am, he would be it. He knew that he would recognize that person because during initiation, that person would receive full Spiritual Consciousness.

392. John saw evidence that the Spirit seemed to descend and this awareness of Spirit abode, or remained. Now, many people have a glimpse of a Cosmic Vision, Seeing this, John prayed, Seeing all the energy patterns, John said, lets purify them. Send somebody that can do that. Someone who could manifest, pure Love without saying, you have to give something in return. And this was the doctrine looking for someone who would be benevolent, accept everybody as an equal and would no longer have prejudices and murder and destroy and even in the subtlest forms would be manifest in that consciousness.

393. Even the very nature of that person could do nothing else, for that would be their pattern. There isn't anything else to do but the best that was in them. Jesus Christ was so detached, such a renunciate, that he could immediately take upon himself anything he wanted and disassociate himself from it just as fast, spontaneously. The power to appear and disappear, now many people have a glimpse of a Cosmic Vision then they return to their ordinary consciousness, but as John saw, that here was a person by the virtue of being receptive, was able to retain the awareness of God, once he was awakened to it.

394. This was the evidence that John was looking for and it was the beginning of the end of his personal ministry. From that moment on, the vital work was to manifest the continual unfoldment of Jesus. So sure was John the Baptist that at last he had met his successor, he bore record. "This is the Son of God." he said. Anyone who becomes aware of his real nature is a Spiritual Being and lives from this realization and is an awakened Child of God. We are told in other gospels that after this dynamic awakening, Jesus retired to a secluded place to become stabilized in his new consciousness.

395. Ah, you see that key, once you realize you are God Conscious, go and stabilize in that. You must have a greater impression of that in you than anyone can shake you from. And so what did he do, he went up into a cave and stayed there for forty days and everyday he said, "I Am God, One with God, I can use all of God's power" I Am That I Am." He kept saying it over and over, he kept thinking it and believing it, feeling it and living it, and exercised it in the World. The Power is not Power unless you exercise it in the World and apply it. Jesus showed the Power by application by coming from the White Light and Healing the Sick.

396. Jesus believed he could do all this with this unmanifested power of the Father he could immediately transform a person by his being the Channel for it, walking around with this unmanifested power when someone would come into the radiation of his Aura he would leave this substance go that was negative in them and it was dissembled immediately by this unconditioned power by its being the greater: Assembled in their consciousness would be a pure power, it would be pure consciousness and now it would be up to the person if they would let go of the matrix or the image they were holding.

397. If they let that go they would recondition with this new Power that was given to them with their old matrix, if they accepted it, could they let it go. Can you have that faith? You know, the Word had meaning. Words have meaning. Faith is not just any word. Can you let go of this, can you no longer be involved in this? Here at the Brow Chakra is one of those petals, detachment. Learn detachment.

398. Don't take things personal and that is what happens to most people, they take things personal. When you are imaging, it will not come into manifestation unless you take it personal. Unless you take it personal, I Am That. That is my car. I have a line of Light to it and nothing can get in the way of my having that car. And we cast that image, so pretty soon, we have a car. Sometimes I get so intense that when I want something, pretty soon I get two or three of it.

399. We are told in another gospel, after the dynamic awakening, that Jesus, after receiving the Holy Spirit, retired to a secluded place. There he successfully resisted the urges of the subconscious tendencies to use his insights and ability he had gained for his own personal gain. A lesson is here set forth, which we may all benefit, not falling to the tendencies of the subconscious mind, but have the ability to take and orientate this energy towards a higher vibration.

400. I have prayed and prayed and prayed and got such intensity of energy that I didn't know what to do with it. Now, I flow that energy. Then the ministry of Jesus began and he proceeded to gather the disciples around him. Here when he realized this he said, hey, anybody can do this, it doesn't matter where they came from, anyone can do this. He knew it and so he wanted to get the Word out, being a Realized Being, he didn't want to relate to personality, so he brought certain personalities, qualified a certain way around him.