Channeled January 23, 1977

284. Each one of the disciples had a different sign and a different personality so they could reach out to those personalities. Certain people that we call upon can get the message out to the people with like personalities than to deal with them directly sometimes. Tat has such an intensity that a person does not know how to react to Tat as Light and Energy and if Tat would take it down to their level, Tat would have to take the substance that is unqualified coming through him, down to that, even when Tat went away from them, that would come back to Tat and Tat would be that. Until you get to the point of continuous spontaneity, you have this resistance built up. Tat's resistance is getting less and less to being that personality because Tat am reaching more and more detachment and more renunciation so do not get attached to that personality. Tat can become that person or Tat can come out of that person for longer periods of time like when Tat does readings.

285. Jesus was constantly in pure awareness, pure consciousness. He could see where everybody was at because he could see exactly where he was at. There were no thoughts to disturb him because he was sensitive and he felt with his mind force and spirit, not with the hands of the physical body. Jesus readily understood the secret law that the Avatar came for the purpose and his chosen disciples incarnated at the same time to assist him. It is not strange that when he called them they came forth and responded. The master knows his disciples and the disciple when called awakens immediately into the working relationship with the master or reaches this realization.

286. John the Baptist was able to recognize his cousin Jesus for exactly what he was and Jesus was able to recognize his chosen ones. Jesus said to Nathaniel, who was surprised, "Behold, another Israelite indeed in whom there is no guile." See, he just recognized some qualities about him that were the same as himself. He could see himself in Nathaniel. Seeing what the other person is doing and seeing what you are doing that is similar to that. That is seeing yourself in the other person. Seeing the Christ in him, Christ-like. See what they are doing, that is Christ-like, that is God-like, that is what you look for and you have to eliminate the substance that is not usable by you.

287. So you have to see God in that person and hold to that. So you hold to what you see the highest in that person. When they are doing something else, you know that, that is an expression of the highest. But that does not mean that you have to identify with that. You identify with the highest of what that person is to get the highest. See yourself in that other person. That is what detachment is, you do not fall into sympathy with all that person's vibrations. But you see everything and you decide what you will be impressed by and you always hold to that with which you want to be impressed by.

288. If you make a suggestion to someone and they don't relate to it, you let it go, you do not force the issue. If a person comes to you and says, "Well, I want to be this way, help me get there," then you do whatever is necessary to get them there. If Tat has to grab somebody and shake them to get them there, then Tat will do it. If the subtilties do not work, if you teach them how and they do not do it and are still asking for help, you have to do whatever is necessary because the call compels the answer. I just give them a new pattern to follow. That is all spiritual consciousness is, attuning to new patterns and hold. Jesus knew this power because he was detached and a he was no longer hung up on himself.

289. When he healed somebody, he did not hang around to get his ego pumped up about it. "Oh, man, how did you do that? That was sharp." "Oh, yea, there was nothing to that, I just changed the molecular structure by concentration of thought." He did not do all that stuff. He did not need to give all that. He realized this, he just kept attuning and attuning to Light and whoever he came in contact with, he would give it to them in order for him to increase energies.

290. So when he would create an image, it would come into instant manifestation. What did he do? He created it for everyone else. Well, they either took it or they did not take it. He created it so strongly that it would become solid substance because he was a clear channel. If they accepted it and were able to let go of the old, then they were reborn. They were no longer caught in the old conditioned reactions, and the new was impressed so strongly that it never went back to the old.

291. So that is what you have to learn to do, impress yourself. The emotional body is what impresses you. There are lower emotions and there are higher emotions. And a lot of people get caught in the lower emotions and do not realize that wonder and awe of the higher emotions, that joy and bliss of higher emotions. Anger and hate and selfishness are lower emotions. Those are the ones who qualify the substance that way. Every single Being is getting that unqualified substance just like everybody else, no one is greater than anyone else, we are equal in God.

292. Life is coming through the matrix, the patterns of that individual and is going to keep being qualified until, that individual changes. What is going to change them? They have to change themselves. Jesus would say, "Do you believe, do you accept what I am saying, then by your faith you are healed," and they would get this tingle in their consciousness and go away with this new life. They might have said, "Oh, it is ok for me to be ok I do not have to be sick anymore.

293. I was trying to figure out how to get rid of this because I was trying to impress all my friends with it and they have been giving me attention and this has been pretty good, you know, and who will wait on you and stuff when you are well." They get all caught up in being sick and all the benefits of being sick. A lot of people do this and then they do not want to let it go and if they do let it go, then they are going to say, his friends will know I am faking and I will lose all that attention and love. But if he can meet a holy man, a great Being who comes with this unconditioned substance and says, its ok for you to be well. They say, ok now I can let it all go. Jesus says it was ok and no one will say that it was wrong to let it go. I will not have to go back and explain why I did certain things. Now I can let the whole thing go. They do not have to go back and have their friends ask, how are you feeling today?

294. Well, I have this pain that goes back here and la, da, da. "I null it, I void it, I no longer need it." They do these things. They describe pain and description gives form a more concentrated vibration. So when you are describing something you are giving it a more defined area to come into manifestation. We are told in the gospels, that after this dynamic awakening with John the Baptist, Jesus retired to a secluded place to become stabilized in this new consciousness. There he successfully stabilized by resisting his subconscious tendencies to use his insight and abilities for personal gain. Then the ministry of Jesus began and he found his disciples.

295. When Jesus was talking to Nathaniel he found him to be without guile, he was pure and open and an ideal type to receive the wisdom of the ages. So Jesus could see this, that Nathaniel could meet the attunement. You too are seeking the teachings that I am channeling and so you could channel the same things by attunement. You just connect to the energy and get the same thing that Tat could get. Tat sees, you are open to that, not everybody is open to that. In attunement you accept all that we know and so you have accepted all that we know. That is called the grace of the guru and how do you find it, by loving the person, by being truthful with the person, by exercising your wisdom and sharing with the person.

296. So that is what we do, we give our knowledge. We are awakened and the more you can accept me, the more of that energy that flows through me, flows through you. You become the master of it, then you don't need me anymore, you are the Master and can directly use it. Before that you have to give yourself up to assimilate it. You have to simulate certain things that we do. You do not assimilate everything exactly as the guru does. If Muktananda climbs up a tree, you do not go crawling up in a tree. You pick the highest qualities by discrimination and use those attributes in your consciousness. Do what you want to do at the highest. We are so absolute that we think that we must do everything that person does, absolutely. All you have to do is attune to the highest qualities of that vibration.

297. Nathaniel was surprised and asked, "Whence knowest thou me?" Jesus told him, "Before Philip called thee, I saw thee!". This impressed Nathaniel. You know why this impressed him? Jesus was telling him the truth. Jesus already had seen Nathaniel in himself. Jesus already had seen his qualities in himself. It was Nathaniel that it was in so he said, well, I already know Nathaniel. So he said, I knew you before, because he had already realized it in himself. He did not need to go through a long intellectual answer. He was in imagination and precognition, he was not describing things. It was not his will, it was the will of God.

298. Do not get caught in time and space because when people are talking to you, they are sending you a picture before they say it, and when they say, do you know that, you usually say, yes. But if it has not gotten down to your knowledge, then you really do not know it. If you have not applied it, then you do not know it, but you do know it by application of the picture. Applying the picture in consciousness is the same as applying the picture out here. This is earth images and within is spiritual images. Both impress the subconscious mind the same way. If you have a vision, it can change your whole life. A car hitting you will change your whole life and you do not need any of that kind of thing.

299. I have to immediately start requalifying what comes out of me, if I put a negative on it right away so I uncondition it right away. I keep building up conditioned energy, unconditioned, unconditioned, unconditioned. "I AM the Nameless One, beyond description." "I have no description" That is who I am and by the Law of Identification "I am that I am." Jesus' statement impressed Nathaniel and he accepted Jesus as his preceptor or his guru. Jesus was likewise pleased with Nathaniel and told him that because he was so perceptive, he would see greater things than these. Greater than mere clairvoyant demonstration, clear seeing.

300. You demonstrate what you know. Ideas of what you know, images of what it is you are describing what you know. If I see it in me, I see it in you.. If I see you doing something that I used to do, then I see it in you and so do you see like that. When you are clear and open your creative energy will be getting an unmanifested energy and not formed substance that is already qualified and in form. You want to bring the unconditioned into form. To bring form from the unconditioned, you must be formless, so you go in pure consciousness.

301. It is formless, it has not taken on any shape yet, but when some people get it, they say, oh, I lost it. Because they did not perceive when they were there. They did not have their Spiritual Eye open yet. So they get all upset in the lower area and this beautiful unconditioned substance that they just got, they took and qualified it with that. And they wonder later, why am I still going through the same thing because there you were given the gift of unconditioned substance and how many times does this happen to you over and over again.

302. You can play any pattern over and over because it never wears out, it is always being. Jesus told Nathaniel that he would see greater things, he would see the heavens open ascending and descending upon the son of man. He would see these spiritual entities moving in and out, force fields of Light, some of them qualified as angels. We have been praying to archangel Michael so that qualifies that force field with the personality of Archangel Michael and so if you call on Archangel Michael of the Blue Ray, you are calling on the power of the Blue Ray. You have something to identify with personally or you just say, Blue Ray power, but we give it a personality so we can identify with it.

303. If you want to take it personally, because you are personal, you can just attune to the Rays, just visualize the Colored Rays of Light and you won't manifest anything unless you cast an image in it. The image takes on the substance of that plane and each Ray is oriented towards a plane. Red, the physical; orange, the emotional; yellow, the intellectual; green, the knowledge; blue, the creative; violet, the transmutation; indigo, the body of unity. Nathaniel would be able to perceive souls clothed in Astral Light entering and leaving bodies. And also to perceive Celestial Beings who would later commune with Jesus. See, we have these Celestial Beings that come all the time and many of you have seen them at that point of clairvoyance, but you know about these things. It is that simple.

304. From this point on, the ministry of Jesus moved right on. We find him in the second chapter at a marriage and from there he goes to Jerusalem at a Passover. There he is described as being upset over temple activities, that of moneychangers in the temple, that he puts those responsible out by strenuous means. Also, at this time many saw his miracles of healing, and they did not arrest him for he knew all men that were. He was aware of the level of understanding of each person and saw no reason to take and try to declare to them who he really was and thus force them to take a stand one way or another. He did not say who I am, he said, "By your faith you are healed." Then he would walk away and their imagination would cast some great images on him.

305. If you do something good for somebody, don't they feel good about you and you have that energy coming to you. You should do things for people so they feel good about you. The better people feel about you, the more of that kind of energy you have. Also, at this time, all saw the miracles of healing and were impressed, they did not commit them to him because he knew all men, the level of understanding of the average man and saw no reason to try to declare to them who he really was and force them to take a stand one way or another. Then a Pharisee, Nicodemius, confirmed his belief in Jesus's spiritual awareness, "For no man could do these miracles that thou hast done, except that God be within you", meaning that he realized Jesus made this attunement with the unconditioned energy.

306. Jesus answered, "Verily I say unto thee, except that a man be born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God." That means that you must come as a child. As a child you did not know anything, you did not think anything, you did not feel anything until your parents showed you. Here is stated a profound truth, unless a man be born again to a new state of consciousness, he cannot comprehend the subtle truths of life, nor can he experience clearly of his consciousness and realize the ultimate truth. Nicodemius, not understanding the subtle states of his consciousness asked, "How can a man be born when he is old?" "I say unto thee, except a man be born of water and of the spirit, he cannot enter the Kingdom," water representing the emotions.

307. The spirit meaning energy, unmanifested energy. So unless he can get his emotions and his unmanifested energy, he is not going to see the Kingdom of God. If he cannot get his physical images and spiritual images together, then he cannot see the two as one. Water signifies the fluidity of the physical world, men must, therefore, be born in this manner then awaken spiritually in order to move consciously in the world of reality, creation, undistorted by error or false perception, in which this ordinary realm is but a reflection. See, this is just a reflection of what we put into those images. We put it into the unmanifested and then we see it out here in the World of Form. So whatever you are putting in your imagination is reflected by the way you think and feel and the things you are putting in there, and that is what is coming out. It is simple, become simple. That which is born of Flesh is Flesh.

308. That which is born of Spirit is Spirit. Alike attracts alike. "Marvel not that I say unto you, you must be born again. The wind blows here and listeneth. And thou hearest the sound thereof, but thou can not tell from whence it came nor where it goeth, and so everyone that is born of Spirit."See, Jesus was telling you about his formless body, formless body in the unconditioned. You have a formless body, and unless you realize yourself as formless, you cannot use that energy, because, realize yourself as that. By identification, you realize that and that is how you get it. Whatever you are identifying with is what you get.

309. If you identify with the formless Spirit Body, say, "I see myself as formless Spirit, engulfing the whole planet. I see myself in all things. I see myself in the Universe. I see myself in the Great Beyond, the Beyond the Beyonds. I am in the awareness that I am nothing. There is nothing less than I, see, I am unmanifested." The wisdom of that statement is profound and attunes you to the unconditioned. That which is under the Law of Material incarnation must live by Material Law. But when the soul awakens spiritually, it can live according to a new Law of Understanding, do not be surprised at this, for the intellectual comprehension makes it easier to comprehend.

310. The wind blows where it pleases and we can hear the sound of it, but know not from whence it comes nor wither it goes. The one born of Spirit is like this, he moves as he pleases through the world. His movement is ever in line with the Cosmic Will because he is forever attuned to it. One who is initiately awakened, follows no rigid plan of action unless it is for a specific purpose, for the most part he does what is right at the moment and the best for the moment. You have to take care of it right now, instantaneously. Be here now that is the big thing. The Law of identification, Om Tat Sat Om, I AM That I AM. "I am a doctor, I am a policeman, I am a housewife."

311. You ask someone who they are and they will tell you I am a this or I am a that. I have people coming to me who say, I am Light and Energy and then I look at them and see if they are really light and energy or just intellectually saying, I am light and energy. Because, to be that you have to demonstrate that and if a person cannot demonstrate then they are not that. It is that simple. The law is exact. It is absolute. It is not wishy-washy. So you must do the right thing at the right time. Do whatever is necessary right then. Whatever you have, do it right then. That is the way you handle things. If you handle little things right then, then you are given the unconditioned power to use. You are given the higher powers to use. Until you handle the lower powers, you cannot have the higher powers to use. That is where all of your attention will be.

312. What we are teaching you in the Visualized Prayer realm to do is to work with Astral Force and Light. A thing that you may start doing to help you in that way is to train yourself never to be surprised or disappointed, in anything, because when you are surprised or disappointed, the images you create at that time will come back to you. The emotional body is what impresses you, realize that. So you must be very careful in your emotional energy. Use pure emotions, meaning, like if you have anger or negative emotions use them positively. Jesus used anger positively when he threw the money changers out of the temple.

313. You see the positive has a positive and a negative to it and the negative has a positive and a negative to it and goes on to infinity. So, how fine do you want to get. Those two realms have infinity within them; two realms one within the other and you go on to infinity that way. To get to the most positive, highest vibration, you would go to the most pure positive vibration. It is the Law of Degree that we are talking about. So how much of the whole do you want to be. How much are you into it? Do you give it all or do you give part of yourself? What you have to learn to do is give your all spontaneously.

314. But we have a fear of doing that because we don't want to take the images of somebody else. So, we have to set our own patterns up in our emotional body in order that we don't react out of negativity. Attune to the highest and say, what you are. "I am Light, I am Love, I am Truth, I am Wisdom," and then when you say, I am that, then you are claiming it right then. It is not putting it off to some other time. You have to claim it now. If you want to be a dancer you have to be a dancer right now, not after you study for ten years. You are a dancer right now. You are unfolding the dancer. It is a matter of degree from this point. How fine you want to get it. You are already what you want to be by just saying I am that, by degree you will realize it.

315. Question: What is the power of Om Tat Sat Om?

Answer: "I Am That I Am". What you are attuning to is that you are an absolute being. You are saying, I Am an absolute being, I Am'. Tat in Sanskrit means, absolute being. And the absolute being we are talking about is God, the manifested and unmanifested parts of God. See, God is in three forces. He is in a sustaining force, a dissembling force and He is transcendent and the absolute of all of that.

Question: How are we different than the plant kingdom?

Answer: We have more correlation, and a greater spectrum of awareness to work with than the other kingdoms do. We have incorporated more energy, we use more consciousness, we are more versatile, they are limited to the vibration where they are at. Eventually the consciousness there will be here. When we are off someplace else, it is always moving back to the source. We have already involuted, now we are evolving, back to the Godhead, back to the Son, back to our original vibration, we are going back to being formless. We are going back to being formless, and being conscious in that formlessness, back to being all things. So when that rock kingdom makes it to this level, we will be already experiencing the rock kingdom this way. We will be that as well as what we are.

Question: How do you work with the elementals?

Answer: By attuning and commanding that force. You have to know some of the qualities of the elementals, their attitudes. How do you get somebody in the human kingdom to do something for you, you appeal to their qualities. If you do that in a spiritual way, you do the best, you see the best that is in them. Otherwise you chop down and gobble it up and extract the life-force. We aren't cannibals so we don't do it physically, but we do it to each other mentally and emotionally. I've seen people devour in that sense.

316. The automatic mind in matter responds to the divine mind in man. That is your key to working with the elementals. Summoning up then in this lesson, when you are working with Visualized Prayer, reach the neutral Universe and stay in it as much as possible. What is the neutral universe? You are not creating, you are just a Being. So, we are teaching you ultimately to just be. Not to be moving in action in either direction, but be in pure action, ready to move at any moment, to be spontaneous. Ready to make immediate precipitation. You are than in the Power of the Presence.