Channeled January 16, 1977

210. We are using the power of Visualized Prayer to show you how the Masters used imagination and a very unique power that gives us a lot of energy, the Power of Identification, Om Tat Sat Om. When we are talking about Visualized Prayer we are referring to the area of consciousness at the Brow Chakra, our Third Eye. This gives us our ability to vision things by bringing things into an image, Visualized Prayer. Jesus used the Power of Identification by saying,"I Am the Way. I Am the Light. I Am the Resurrection. The Father and I are One". This is beyond the Power of Affirmation because affirmation just uses the emotional energy of the Body while Visualized Prayer

211. According to scripture,"John bore witness of him cried,saying,"This was he of whom I spoke, he that come after me is preferred before me for he was before me." Here John realized Jesus because John's imagination was open, he could envision in Jesus that he had reached the point in consciousness,where he realized his beginning from the Out Breath of White Light, Great Center Sun, from the issuing forward from God, he realized his divine essence, his God Self, the Light within him, the one that was with the Source of all things, that was in a timeless area.

212. This Light is a very shimmering, silvery, crystal-golden white ray that emanates around the Masters. You must understand Visualized Prayer has three parts: Past, Present and Future. The part of Visualized Prayer that has the power is the present, the here and now. Now is the part of Creation that has power. The other parts of Visualized Prayer are used for seeing, looking onto the Akashic Record, looking into the Past with Visualized Prayer, or with the Visualized Prayer you can pick up images of the future once the third eye is open.

213. Affirmations such as I Am That I Am, tells you of that law of Identification. As you use it, looking to the Now, you become more aware of the Light, the Akashic Light.(Class demonstration: visualization of mountain meadow you have seen). "How many are getting this image?" This is the Light of the Here and Now, the Akashic Record we are talking about and this is the creation in that Inner Light, but to give this Inner Light, I had to pull upon the Akashic Record of the past of this scene that I saw in actuality. I was there standing in the meadow, so all I had to do to bring it back was to start channeling that Light.

214. See, the Akashic Light has no time or space. It is always here and now, the Past is always Here and Now, the future is always Here and Now, and the here and now is Here and Now. Everything is right Here and Now. As you saw that image, you saw it just as I saw it standing there, the only difference is that you weren't there physically to perceive it with your eyes, ears, mouth or nose, with those senses of the body where Visualized Prayer doesn't use the senses of the body, it uses the senses of Spirit and the senses of Spirit was that image that you picked up.

215. So in essence, you were just looking at the same kind of scene that I saw when I had experienced it. If you stop a moment you can go back and see it again. You are looking into the Past. If you stop and look you've already got an image, you are looking at the image of the Past. To your ability to move from the emotional, and thinking nature, to be moved from your own knowledge and ideas to a detached state will be your ability to see with Your Visualized Prayer this record, the Akashic Light, the Past, Present and Future.

216. The ability of your withdrawal of consciousness and concentration on another level of your awareness. Where is that level, what is that level and who has it? These maybe some of the questions you pass through your consciousness. Well, it is very simple. The level is always Here and Now and everyone has access to it. The only difference is the individual's attunement to it. We were using the Law of Identification, we were becoming one with that.

217. Another way to practice using Visualized Prayer is to sit in front of a tree and imagine or image yourself as this tree, this tree is you and you start seeing similarities between your physical body and the tree. First of all the tree has a trunk and you have a trunk, you have limbs, sap or blood flowing through you giving you life force. Blood in itself is not life force, but it magnetizes it. The sap in itself is not life force, but it magnetizes it because within the tree is the image of the tree and within you is the image of you and you cast this image from your higher consciousness into the ethers, into the etheric body and the etheric body vibrating causes the substance of the physical plane that you consume to take on that vibration. You are holding in the etheric pattern the vibration of your physical body.

218. This is a higher unmanifested energy and can be seen. The etheric aura sticks out one quarter of an inch to two or three inches depending upon how much vitality or vital force energy is flowing through the Being. The more that one channels this life force, the brighter will be their Light, the more of this power one will have, the more force one will draw and through Visualized Prayer and the Law of Identity, Jesus drew his life force from the realm of Christ consciousness to the extent that he became one hundred per cent absorbed in and by that vibration. Through his prayer, by visualizing it and saying, 'I Am' and He felt it in His physical, tangible world, through His emotional body and through His thinking mind and he brought it into a physical beingness and channeled that into being.

219. Everyday in your life you are channeling one of the areas of consciousness and by attunement through Visualized Prayer , you can draw that particular area of consciousness that you want to experience. 'I Am a doctor' and what do you do? You consume the knowledge of Doctor. You fill your bank of knowledge* with the information about a doctor. So then when you study this over and over again, you can write it out, you can quote it verbatim, then you can come into the outer world to practice this. Just like a priest, he studies the Scriptures, he studies the Word and he is with Masters.

220. Many Masters study with other Masters, even Christ is studying with the Greatest Masters, the Holy Spirit and ultimately God, the Master of All. So all of us eventually have that ultimate Master, God, and Jesus had reached that point through Christ consciousness,the Christ consciousness in which you attune and become one hundred per cent absorbed. Now, the doctor doing this comes out into the world for practice.

221. Here comes someone and they have a cold and it is stuffing up his bronchial tubes and as he sits there, and the person is talking to him, all of this practice within him, all that be has written down and studied and everything, all of this information comes out of the biochemical computer, his subconscious mind.

222. So Jesus' subconscious mind was no longer of an ego orientation, it was completely absorbed in Christ consciousness. The doctor, the best doctors that are dedicated, that know nothing else and become genius, completely absorbed in medicine and all of it's techniques,what does he relate everything to, the medicine. What does he talk about? The medicines and the cures. He relates everything to that which is within his practice, in his realm of consciousness.

223. Now, Jesus Christ took everything and related it to the Christ Consciousness, the Holy Spirit and to the Father and everything that he came into contact with and received the stimuli of, he acted out of a Christ Consciousness just as the doctor reacts out of a doctor consciousness, the lawyer reacts out of a lawyer's consciousness, the Creator act out the Creation ect. We tell you to practice, practice, practice and the reason is to fill the subconscious mind or to fill the computer banks of you awareness, the biocomputer that feels of chemical and electrical magnetic energy in combination, in your body, that shoots up through the Kundalini Path, the central and autonomic nervous system. that which acts automatically.

224. There is a bio-chemical reaction in the Kundalini Path along with the electricity which is a vibratory rate, that is vibrating at a particular rate, just as each area of consciousness vibrates at its particular rate of vibration. The sub conscious mind has a span or spectrum of vibration, just like the conscious mind has. The conscious mind has a span of vibration through sensing from awaking to sleeping. Now, the Visualized Prayer works all the time. It has no limits like the conscious mind, the sub conscious mind or the imaging part of mind,which is the super conscious part to get the clear images of that which is already manifested and that which is unmanifested to come into being.

225. That Visualized Prayer, that attunement, when you get to that state, it has no limits, it is boundless, limitless, it has no boundaries because there is no time or space. What do you see your dream with, but your imaging, your Visualized Prayer. It is always going on and when you get into the deeper states of consciousness and get to this, then you will see from this spiritual consciousness that even the conscious mind has no limitations, the subconscious mind has no limitations.

226. When you are in the physical universe and looking at it, the subconscious mind has limitations, the conscious mind has limitations and you may even perceive your Visualized Prayer as having limitations, but once you reach your Spiritual Consciousness you will see that the boundaries are infinite, endless, boundless, eternal and ever existing in the state of Here and Now. Where you are perceiving at your point of view.

227. John the Baptist recognized Jesus as being spiritually aware and as one in whom the fullness of consciousness could be manifested. The fullness of consciousness, -but you see, you are not conscious twenty-four hours a day, then you are losing part of your experience as spirit. You are unaware of it. You never lose anything, but I mean you are losing this to your world that you were operating with Here and Now. You are losing that to this world, but ultimately, you will have that when you reach that state when you leave this plane of existence, all that comes because then you are spirit. The power that you are doing Here and Now is awakening the soul. From God, to the God Self, to the Christ, through the Holy Spirit, then drawing Spirit down through the Soul.

228. The Soul comes down through the Personality. The Spirit comes into the Soul. Then the Spirit comes out through the Soul, to the Personality and the Soul is consumed by Spirit and the Spirit realizes its Oneness with all things. Just stop and think, how long do you stay in one body? How long can you stay in your intellectual body, emotional body or physical awareness before you move to another area? Do you know your comings and goings? Many people are bouncing around all day long. They come into a situation and react emotionally, in another situation, they react intellectually; in another situation they call upon their knowledge.

229. In another situation, they call upon their Visualized Prayer. You are constantly changing, ever changing, but never changing. How much control you have over that depends upon how clear is the imagining part of consciousness, your Visualized Prayer. How much of Visualized Prayer can you incorporate into other areas and how much into your Being, which is above your Visualized Prayer, the energy that supplies Visualized Prayer.

230. Now, what supplies your Visualized Prayer? You are a circle, that is supplying your images. Realize Everything Returns to the Source. That is your perfect circle. That law when you look at it is a pattern, a circle. Everything Returns to the Source, right? So it is a circle in our consciousness. Or we say As Above So Below, so we have an up and down motion. We have a straight line. Each law creates a pattern. In your Visualized Prayer, when you image, you are using these patterns; circles, lines, squares, triangles, ect.

231. This becomes very important when they are teaching you basic art in school. They teach you to draw circles, to make horses. Basic art is taught in symbology. Well, in Visualized Prayer, you can learn symbology. When someone says something, learn that symbol that that makes and then you can see how that fits in, because there is a plane where everything is in geometric patterns and forms. As you come into contact with other individuals you will get their pictures, symbols, or their actual images depending upon how far you have your inner vision opened.

232. When you get to the point of seeing their aura, then there Visualized Prayer is a pure state of imagination, where imagination has the facets of all the other areas of consciousness. Realize that everything is Here and Now and everything is One and we are just taking and attuning to various facets of the One. So there is one energy that has many facets. It has one emotional facet that we use by association. We are not our emotional bodies, we use our emotional bodies.

233. We use the physical plane by association, we associate with the physical body through our senses. I know for a fact that I am not this body, for I have traveled without this body in consciousness. I have had confirmation of this for I have had people see my traveling without this body and they perceive our consciousness. I have been able to go and bring back information from other Planes of Consciousness.

234. I knew a young lady that lived in Red Wood City, California and I wrote her a letter from Hawaii. This was about four years ago. I told her to take and write something on a piece of paper and put it on her coffee table and then at midnight, my time in Hawaii, it was about 3:00 a.m. there, I said, "I want you to see me there, where you are and by your seeing me there, I will be magnetized to that area."

235. That was my connection because I didn't know exactly what her location was. This is before I realized that I had the power that I could be anywhere by name. All I had to do was say her name and I was there. I didn't realize that I had that fluency and most people don't realize that they have that fluency until they reach certain states of consciousness.

236. So I was using another means of magnetizing myself to that place. I said, "Write something and put it on your coffee table and see me there". So at midnight, up in Manoa Valley, Hawaii I sat there at my desk, my arm was resting on a piece of paper with a pencil in hand and I could see myself standing next to her there and I read the note she had written and when I came back from that realization, I was going to copy it down and guess what? I was already jotting it down. The automatic writing had taken place because there is no time or space. I was there. I was here. I was everywhere and I was aware of those two points in consciousness. Just as Christ was here and everywhere, issuing forth from Mother-Father God.

237. That is why we say, see the Christ in all Beings and see the Christ in you then you will realize yourself in all beings, and this gives you the power to go beyond your physical body because you are not the body, you are you. You are not the emotions, you can go in and out of emotions. You can go in and out of the thinking mind and you do it everyday of your life. You do everyone of these things, going in and out of areas of consciousness. If you don't sleep for a few days what happens is that these areas that you have all nice and separated, start mingling and start flowing into one another.

238. Your awareness is expanding and you are becoming more aware than in just one area and you get confusion and you are not as correlated. You are in a more expanded awareness because every time you go to sleep, what we call sleep, you go unconscious because maybe some of your other bodies are asleep. If your emotional body is asleep, you won't be aware of the Astral Plane energies*.

239. If your mind goes to sleep you won't be aware of thoughts. It means that it goes into a state of non-action. It is unconscious, inert. Only through action can you know all of these dimensions. Only through action can you experience anything. You must take action. And how do you take action? By the images you cast. Overtime you've wanted something in your life, you cast an image over and over again and the next thing you know, it is standing in front of you to accept or reject. How many times have you cast the image, and said Oh, I'd love to have this or that, you see it and there it is standing in front of you and you say, "Oh, I can't have that because..."

240. You have put another image in between you and the original image. Anytime you want something in your life, see it, feel it, Here and Now and you put nothing in between you and that and that is Visualized Prayer. If there is something in between you and your first image will come to your awareness. Anything that is stopping you from reaching that positive experience in life, all the negatives that are stopping you will come up. It is very simple when you are in a States of Objectivity or in Detachment, which is in a clear state of imaging, you will be able to create and not be subjected to that image you are seeing until you are ready for action.

241. Subject the images you are creating, to the imagines you are seeing. Do not be caught in the World of Appearances. A lot of people have an image of what they think certain things are either off in the future or the past, they are not in the Here and Now. When you are in the Here and Now, you see every thing perfect. You see it in the perfect Light and so this is what we are doing, we are learning to attune the Visualized Prayer to the Here and Now to see things as exactly as they are created.

242. Do not be deluded by images, or appearances. John the Baptist was undoubtedly spiritually awakened to be able to discern the truth, but he was not at this time fully Self Realized. Christ, Jesus was fully Self Realized. He realized the true Self, God expressing. When you look at a spiritual awareness, it reverses, everything reverses. Just like when looking at colors while gazing, you close your eyes and see the opposite colors. Gaze at the blue, when we close our eyes, we see orange because it is reversed, the mirror image. A lot of times we have the image of these mirror images as just black and white, but look they are reversed.

243. Don't get deluded by the images in the mirror when we talk about on the physical plane, because we are talking about a spiritual reflection, the power of the mirror image within consciousness; the way the planes work reversing here to demonstrate. We have a physical, tangible form, the body. In the Spiritual World, we have a formless with an intangible body. Here we have manifested will and it is correlated to the vibrations of this dimension. It is of the physical and it is our own will and what do we do? Everything we exercise, it is our free will with things on this dimension. Then we get into our Spiritual Will which is formless, It is God's Will. It is the abstract part of the manifested, it is the unmanifested will. So we are talking about manifested and unmanifested and what is realizable of these in consciousness.

244. Christ is the consciousness in its Pure White Light State. This is consciousness fully conscious, Self Realized. Christ is self realized. And he used the Law of Identification to maintain the image of that, see, what he is in the Here and Now. Listen to all of his dialogues, did he say 'Well, o.k., at three o'clock next Thursday, sit down and you will be healed. You see, he did not put the person off to the future or say, 'You won't be healed because you did this, by going into the past.

245. No, he was always in the Here and Now. And if you read, like the Roman soldier who came to him in the middle of the night, he said, "My son is dying. Heal my son,but can you do it without going to my house?" And he said, "As you say these words, your son is healed." That very moment, because he had all of his power, all of his energies in the Here and Now. All of his consciousness right in the Here and Now. And where is everything? In the Here and Now.

246. Everything is in the Here and Now, but see, the Here and Now is changing, ever changing, but never changing. It is constantly moving. It is awareness moving through the Duration of Consciousness. It is awareness moving through the Duration of Consciousness that is what the Here and Now is. But in the expanded Here and Now, it is magic Here and Now, it is everything. You know we have here our form desires and in our higher consciousness, we have God's desire, or the higher body, the spiritual, that which is fluent, that which has no limitation. Our higher will has no limitation. When we reach consciousness of our higher will, when we reach consciousness of God's Will, good will, then we are no longer caught up in our little will, our limited will.

247. We have unlimited will. We have an unlimited desire body. We have an unlimited will and the masters have told you this over and over again. When you get rid of your own individual knowledge, then what do you have? You have God's infinite, boundless knowledge. A boundless sea of knowledge, Infinite Intelligence. This is the center of the Crown Chakra and the center of the Heart Chakra. Your knowledge, the Heart Chakra, the twelve petal lotus, the Crown Chakra, twelve petals, that is God's awareness, it is unlimited, it isn't limited to this time, place or circumstance. It is universal, timeless, it is as true today as it was one hundred thousand years ago at the moment of creation which is Here and Now. It just happened, right Here and Now. It is not happening in the past or the future, everything is in a state of Being and it is being created brand new right Here and Now. Everything you see of the Past is only facets of your Presence Consciousness.

248. Christ is a facet of your own consciousness that you can become completely absorbed in and you can do it in your Visualized Prayer. So you can see that this power of Visualized Prayer gives you everything. Whether you are aware of it or not, whether you are conscious of it or not, your Visualized Prayer gives you everything you experience in your World, in your Universe, in your Planes of Existence, from your point of view. You are right Here and Now at your point of view.

249. John the Baptist could see the point of view of Jesus. He was so expanded, the Christ was manifested and he could see the Holy Spirit descending. What is the Holy Spirit? It is the issuing of the powers of the Holy Breath of the Father into everything to cause it to move into form. Without the Holy Spirit, this dimension could not move into form. Without Christ, this dimension would not be sustained. Christ brought the conscious awareness of the Holy Spirit to this dimension and exercised it, demonstrated it. Realize, you don't know anything until you can demonstrate it. You may understand it, which is the lower part of the Heart Chakra, which is one petal on the twelve petal lotus. Understanding is toward the ego, Knowledge is of Spirit. See, when you start reaching spiritual realms you get into knowing, you just know it.

250. When I say what is 2+2, you say 4. You just know it. You don't have to associate numbers with things, you don't have to figure because you have done it before and you just know it. It comes from practicing. Are you practicing your Visualized Prayer or are you using your emotional body, or your thinking mind? Wonder what you are practicing? You know you say, " I wonder where I am at." Well, if you want to know where you are, look where you are at. Where else can you be. And you are Here and Now, so you know it better than anybody else. And the only thing you are doing is not paying attention to it. You are ignoring it. Ignoring it, ignorance, ignoring.

251. It means you are ignorant, turning away from it, not paying attention to it, your energy is not going in that way. You don't have your awareness there. So if you want to know where you are, look where you are. Where you are at, at this moment, that is where you are at. You cannot be any place else. Right now you are in that body, in those emotions, or in this mind. You can realize that by using Visualized Prayer. Every Master teaches you how to use this Law of Identification. Look at the Master's teachings, he may have other doctrines in there, but eventually it all comes down to I Am. I Am and it takes care of all of that. Whenever you want to say, I am that I am, you are using that Law of Identification, just as Jesus used it to become the Christ, to become completely absorbed in that energy.

252. John the Baptist discerned this truth, that at that time he was not yet fully realized, for if he was, he was aware of playing his allotted role. Now, I understand that I Am already a Christ Conscious Being. I Am already a God Conscious Being, but I am playing my allotted role. We are roles in the Divine Plan of God. You know Shakespeare said, " The world is a stage and everyone has a part to play." We are, we're on the stage of life on the physical dimension and we are playing a role in God's Divine Plan Here and Now.

253. We come into the physical dimension and we are playing male or female and some come into the physical dimension and they don't know whether they made the right choice or not. They get all confused because they start falling to their passive awareness and when passive they say, well, if I am passive, well, then I must be feminine because society says that anybody who isn't aggressive, they must be feminine. Which isn't true. Male and female doesn't depend on whether you are passive or aggressive even though we use those analogies.

254. What happens is that the man or woman gets the message that they have another facet to their consciousness and they start paying more attention to that because it is painful to get into another area because you experience with someone in that area or you have experience in your life stream in that area where you have misused it or you have seen others misuse it and you don't feel you are that strong to stay in that other consciousness and it gets twisted all around. You get the message that says, balance, balance, balance when you are half way up the spine. Love everybody. Love everybody and what do you do, you see from whatever your awareness is.

255. If you are in a passive awareness and you are identifying with a feminine wave and you are in a male body, then you might start looking to men that are more aggressive because you are playing a passive role. And the same with a female, she may be playing an aggressive role. And it is a game, it isn't the truth. The truth is, you have already selected what you need for an experience to cure your karma. Look where you are. That is where your experience is, not what may be so or what other people impress upon you.

256. You have to be careful with images that impress. Others may create an image of you and say, "Oh, that person is a sissy because he doesn't fight" and then they may tell somebody else and they will say you are a sissy using all emotions and casting a picture and if you are there, not giving any defense to it. What happens to Beings like that? They have a beautiful open heart. Most people who are open like that get confused because they are taking the images of others saying well, I might be wrong and they are passive, so they don't take any action. They are going to accept anything that comes and you will hear that ... Well, whatever.

257. I can play the passive role or I can be a man and play the aggressive role. It is a matter of degree. It is the female and male lines of energy that move up each side of the spine that have already been correlated for you and with your images, you draw one or the other of those two currents. Oh, well I love this person, they do things for me, they really care about me. They do all the things that you would want to do for someone else, they're doing it for you because you are creating the images and that is what you want.

258. Desire, no matter how subtle, is energy. And that is what you are going to get. Whatever you create the images of, that is what you are going to get. And a lot of them get the signal that it is time to get an increase of energy Here and Now and what do they do? They go off on whatever point of view they are at and they may not have created any images of their own and say,"Well, my dad says that I am a sissy and you know... And what do they do? They fall to the circumstance and say, "It is God's Will".

259. They don't realize that they are the creator localized and are creating the whole thing. If they take and use that image and say, 'Well, whatever', that is what they are going to get because that is the image they are holding and the universe is impersonal and sexless. It is the energy, the life, the form and it comes to you unconditioned from the one God. There is only one force in the universe, not a man and a woman standing there. That One force is God and everything else is formed in it. And it is impersonal, it says, 'Well, whatever image my children wants they are going to have.' This is unconditioned love, it is ever giving.

260. Whatever picture is cast that is what I am going to give. You see, that is how God works, impersonal. Everything that you image. If you fear you'll get fear because that is the images you are creating when you are working in those images. If you see yourself with making it with some other person, a male making it with a male and a female making it with a female, you could fall to that awareness. If you take the images of someone else, you could fall to that awareness. How about those people who say,"My goodness, I am a doctor, but I don't really like being a doctor." A person like that studies for years and his mother or father wanted him to be a doctor and he was too weak to stand on his own spine.

261. One of the powers of mastery is undivided attention. The ability to bring all of your energies and that is what I demand in my classes, because when you are not open to what I am saying, then I am picking up what you are saying and the channel doesn't come through. You see, I am a very sensitive Being because I can tell what you are thinking and that is why we are running off the way we are running off here. Some of you have been having problems, certain problems in your consciousness and I am getting that and as a teacher I solve that for you during class. Impersonally I give it to you. I don't say you have to do that. One thing I will say, if you want the information, pay attention. When you are thinking you are not paying attention. When you are feeling, you are not paying attention.

262. The way a person talks, they dress, the tones of their voice, all of these tell you what kinds of images a person is creating, until you get to a point of just seeing the images without having to use your imagination. Well, every man is full of Christ consciousness, his creative power, but he may not be using it, he may be ignoring it. He may be limited to something else and paying attention to anything but Christ consciousness and he is limiting himself. The doctor is limited to that. I am this or I am that, whatever you say you are, you are limited until you say I Am.

263. When man or woman rises to Christ consciousness, he or she rises above man made laws. Understand what that means. He is no longer bound by the laws of this physical dimension, he is a Spiritual Being and uses spiritual laws that are much more strict than any man made laws. I'll give you an instance of a Spiritual or Universal Law: If you go into an airplane and you fall out of that plane, and you don't have wings or a parachute, you're going to fall through that space and be destroyed on the physical dimension by the law of gravity. It is a Law, a very impersonal law. It is Spiritual or Universal Law because the law works the same for all.

264. We are all Spiritual Beings, we have already been physical beings. Now, everything returns to the source and the dimension you are in, is what you consume. If you are on the physical dimension then you consume physical things. On the spiritual dimension we consume the manna from heaven. You will be on the astral plane by consuming the substance of the astral plane, you'll be on the mental plane by consuming and running through the things of the mental plane. If you want to be objective, you do objective things, if you want to be subjective, you do subjective things. If you want to be emotional, do emotional things. Whatever your point of view, that is what you consume and that is what you are.

265. One point we have not really touched on is: What is your source of imagination? Where is your imagination coming from, where is the source of that. Well, the source of Jesus' imagination was the Christ Consciousness and in that there is no insecurity and so when he imparted to an individual he was imparting that energy, he was giving it away. You have to give it away, to get it. If you want to get life, give it. I was told that by Christ in the Haleakala Crater. I asked, "How do I experience more life? " "Give life", Jesus said, in a vision I had as we were standing there. Jesus was consumed by the Christ Consciousness, Jesus was taken into it because Jesus became that on this dimension and Jesus ascended to Christ Consciousness by attuning to it. Om Tat Sat Om, I Am That I Am. Jesus used the Law of Identification and his Visualized Prayer and Jesus meditated. Jesus meditated a lot. This is true of many, many Beings who have ascended.

266. When we live by grace, we move through this world in tune with the infinite will and though we may outwardly conform, we are inwardly guided in all that we do. No man has seen God at any time because they would have to be outside of God and there is no inside or outside of God. The only begotten Son of God was in the bosom of the Father, He hath declared Him. Here, John realized that Jesus had attuned to the Christ Consciousness and had attuned to the unmanifested portion of consciousness, the Father. He was in the bosom, in the midst of giving it away, feeling it, talking about it, acting that way, using the Law of Assimilation, assimilating it.

267. In the Law of Identification you must assimilate it, to get it. If you want love, you must assimilate love to get love and let it flow through you because it is a wave that flows through you and you can feel this energy that comes through you. You can channel any energy you want. You can channel energy that confronts someone. See how this energy is changed, it is unconditioned. You can change and do what you want to do. "I am anything I want to be", "I am infinite". "All past lives are my past lives". "All future lives are my future lives". "I experience through every one of you". "I am identifying with the Christ Consciousness by identification and assimilation".

268. Just at we assimilate El Morya, Djwahl Kuhl or any one of the Masters of Light because they are consumed in that energy and they are everywhere. Where is Christ? He is everywhere. Where is Jesus? Jesus is everywhere because Jesus was the Christ and he is everywhere, the energy is everywhere. He is everywhere. Christ is Jesus, there is no difference. No longer any separation. Now what does he do? If you experience the Christ, he experiences you from his individual conscious awareness. He experiences the Christ in all forms because He is that now. He is expanded to Cosmic Christ. He can go to any of the planets and experience with the Beings there in total communication. He can go anywhere in the manifested or the unmanifested universe. He is eternal, ever lasting.

269. Jesus talked and assimilated the Christ consciousness. What would the Christ consciousness say if it could talk to you? "I AM everything, I AM the light, I AM the Way, through me you find the Father." He said come through me and what does Jesus learn, but the Father through his experiences in the Christ. He did this through Visualized Prayer and what was his source? The Christ consciousness was his source of images. What is the source of your images? Is it a person, some actor on T.V., is it some other man, some other woman? What is the source of your images? Is it society? Is it your community, is it your job? Is that the source of your images

270. Everyone must come to the point where they realize their source. Realize the source, The Source, The One Source, God, the Source of all Sources. And when you look from that point of view, you look down and see you are nothing, you are everything, you are the Alpha, the Omega, the beginning, the end, everything is you, how can you take any position, you are One with God. You are all Positions so you cannot say, well, I did this or that. Because you yourself are nothing and everything in the Presence.

271. The energy has already been made by the Father and issued by the Father and runs through you for experience. What is that, that is experiencing that. The Father is experiencing the Father. It is God experiencing God, Himself, right Here and Now. So God takes a little facet here and a little facet there and puts His divine spark in each one of our bodies. God is right there, I see it in everyone. I see that Light in all. Right Here and Now is God, I see Him. I see God everywhere. I can see God within, that is how you see God everywhere. You must see God within you first, Christ saw the Christ everywhere, by identification and by assimilation he demonstrated it, then He knew. He was the Christ and what did that show, the White Light around the Christ. He became the wisdom of it and what did that show, the golden halo around the Christ, a Golden Light around the Christ.

272. You can be everything or nothing. It is up to you what you say you are. What you see you are. Whether you are conscious of your images or unconscious of them. It takes us months in Astral Physics to break down the blocks just so you can see. We train you to be a Conscious Channel. There are a lot of unconscious mediums that know how to trance, but we want you to be a Conscious Channel and see what thoughts are your thoughts and what thoughts are other people's thoughts. So, do you know your thoughts from other people's thoughts? \

273. As soon as you start paying attention with a receptive and open mind when you are standing next to someone, you will know what they are thinking. Because you will know your thoughts, the rhythm of your thoughts and the vibration of the thoughts that are yours and then you will know their thoughts. Mind reading is easy. All you have to know is how you think and how to stay open. Then you will know what other's thoughts are when they infiltrate your aura. It's that simple. But why even do that. Just see. Open and See.

274. You have been given a lot of keys and some of you will go and you will go back to that job and get caught up in that and you will go back to that little apartment, or that house and go back to those friends and assimilate those vibrations and say, I am that. And you think that some day you will be able to look at the Akashic record just the way Tat does. Well, Tat doesn't think, doesn't do anything. That is how Tat sees. He doesn't do anything. That is how you see.

275. You desire to SEE ? Don't do anything, nothing. I don't do anything. There is nothing less than I. The gurus say it to you, there is 'nothing less than I, everything is greater than I. If everything is greater than you, you SEE everything in the Here and Now. But if you say, well that is less than me, all you are going to SEE is that which is greater than you and there is nothing greater than you. Or you may get all caught up in what is less than you and never see the greater you. With what point of view, what angle of perception are you piercing consciousness.

276. You know, I have students and I watch some of them when they first come and I know the ones who are going to make it and I know the ones who have been jumping from this course to that and not doing anything because they have not found it. They are full of hearsay. The only things that you can give to anyone else is your knowledge, your direct knowledge. Hearsay is hearsay. If Tat had not experienced the Christ, Tat could not tell you about the Christ. If Tat had not experienced the Masters of Light, Tat could not tell you about the Masters of Light. If Tat had not experienced the Light, Tat could not demonstrate it.'

277. You can only know what you can demonstrate and you can only have power or authority when you give your experience. Don't get caught in words because your words have conceptual vibrations. Don't get caught in just the words of it because when you become an adaptable person, an adept, then you will see how "weeding the garden" is the same as taking the thoughts out of mind that you don't want. You will see how "weeding the garden" is the same as taking out the emotions that you don't want to experience. You will SEE how the concept is the same.

278. "Weeding the garden" is a universal law that is playing Here and Now, you will SEE. You will SEE, and you will not be bound by the world of appearances and you will not be limited by words. You will not be passing hearsay because with open direct imagination , free from fantasy, in the Here and Now when someone says it, even before they say it, you have experienced it because they have to create a picture to say that. It comes down through all those areas of consciousness. You don't think up to imagination, it comes down.

279. Imagination comes down and you SEE it before it even manifests in the person's words. And everyone has had that experience. Well, Tat knew just what you were going to say. Did you hear that or did you ever say that. Stop and SEE what state of consciousness you were in at that moment. That is your key to that attunement. If you really want to SEE how your Spiritual Body really functions start to SEE, remember back to when you were three, four, five years old. Start looking back and SEE how magical the World was until you got caught up in the World of Form, the World of Appearances, the World of Words.

280. No person who is functioning in three dimensional consciousness, limited in his perception only to that which is revealed to his senses, has perceived reality. We may perceive attributes of the Spirit, vibrations of peace, joy, omnipresence, omnipotence, omniscience, but as long as we are limited due to our identification with the appearance of nature we cannot directly perceive the transcendental aspect of God, the part of consciousness that is God realized, and realizes all things. I am more and more my Godself and not my little self, by expansion, by paying attention to that.

281. You know, you call me the Teacher, I am the student, I am the Eternal Student. I am learning for everybody. I learn how I am going through certain things You are the Teacher. Because in Spirit Tat realizes that Tat is the Teacher. I am Spirit. But I am you, you are me, we are one, and what we stimulate Here and Now is that oneness. So what does Tat do? We make an opportunity for the rest of me. Does that sound egotistical? Ah, if it does then you are still caught in ego?

282. But if it sounds spiritual, then you have realized Spirit. The rest of me is given an opportunity to know the rest of me. That is what it . is all about , for me to know me. For you to know you and for you to realize that we are one, that there is no separation. That we are fully conscious and all Being. Tat realizes, Love through every person, Tat realizes Wisdom in every person, Tat realizes,Truth through every person,Tat realizes God in every person, and Tat realizes self.

283. Your Visualized Prayer will be the teachings continuing in the weeks to come. These books are like keys into a computer. If you think that I am saying the same thing over and over again then you have stopped growing. You have not looked at it with another point of view each time it came. As a child, everything was always new and fresh. Are you set, are you stuck on some other images? Do you keep hearing the same things over and over again and relating in the same way? Or can you see that it has many facets. Tat sees through the eyes of all other points of view. That is the truth about realizing yourself. I can see a chocolate cake seven days a weeks and it is new each time, Tat does not have an old piece of cake, Tat has a new chocolate cake. Tat is renewed every day, because Tat assimilates that.