Channeled December 26, 1976

157. Good evening Astral Physics students. I send you my love, truth and wisdom. I see you all in perfect health, perfect harmony and in beautiful Beingness and see you all developing and bringing into your consciousness those beautiful powers you're. May the blessings of light be with you. This evening we will talk about light. What is light? Light is everything you see and don't see. Light is manifested and unmanifested. Light is your body, your emotions and mind. Light is the substance that supplies energy. Light is everlasting. Light is eternal. Light is momentary. Light is everything.Light is nothing. Light is all that you see and all that you don't see. Light is.

158. Light. The Masters of Light. It is such a beautiful experience to work with such beautiful Beings with such great love, who spend thousands of years to guide humanity with Light, Spiritual Light. Light to fill your Visualized Prayer. Light to form ideas. Light to supply banks of knowledge in qualified vibrations of Light, Light to use as an unconditioned substance from the Over Soul into the Soul, into the subconscious mind illuminating the super conscious State of Being. Light to be used and transformed by the personality. Light to dispel the clouds of darkness.

159. Step into a dark room, with no Light. You think the Light is not there for you do not perceive the Light,but it is there. Light is at such a vibration that you cannot perceive it, with your limited faculties. So you say that it is dark, but there is no darkness. It is only a grosser Light. The finest of Light sent from the center hub of Light, the Center Sun, the Heart of God, the Heart of the source of all Power. Heredities this Light out to you. It is pure unconditioned Love, a givingness, an infinite patience, an infinite understanding, an infinite knowing and you are an expression of Light.

160. We have talked about Light many times in the class and your concepts of Light have been expanding since you have come in contact with Astral Physics. For the Masters have shed Light into your lives in many was. When you were standing in that dark room, if you were to have turned on one ten watt bulb, look at the darkness being dispelled. It would hide in the corners and in the cracks, it would hide under and beneath things to be protected from being consumed by the Light.

161. Put a 25 watt bulb in that room and turn it on. The Light would be more penetrating with less shadows, there would be less darkness for it had been consumed by light. Put a 100 watt, 1,000 watt bulb in that remand the emanations of Light would be so strong that no darkness could penetrate. It would be all consuming. You are the power of ten thousand suns manifested. You are the brilliant Light, so blinding that no one can stand to look upon its brilliance.

162. You are that Light in your most expanded, in your fullest expression. I am Light's fullest expression, I am Light's deepest dimension, I am Light's fullest intention, I love the Light, I live in the Light, I am sustained by the Light, I bless the Light, I am Light, I am Light, I am Light, I use this prayer to relate and merge into the Light.

163. We find that the first step to Enlightenment is Attention. As you are on the Path to Enlightenment, on the Path of Light, on the Path towards dispelling all the dark corners of ignorance and unknowingness, you are guided. You are guided by Light. You are guided by an expression of vibrations of Light. You are guided by Light, fuller, more broad than you now express, beyond your comprehension, beyond your knowingness, you feel that it is an illusion. When you are in Light, the physical dimension is illusion.

164. It depends on where you put this attention. As you pay attention to something, as you direct your consciousness, you focus on something. You create a line of Light. It extracts from this grosser Light, a finer Light to increase your lifestream and to magnetize to you that which you are focusing upon. Think of Light. Start concentrating upon Light. Seeing Light all around you, in you and through you.

165. Use your Golden Rays of Wisdom to move you across the Rainbow Bridge, that translucent Bridge of Light, that arcs the consciousness from this dimension into the next and into the next and into the next on into infinity. Light radiating from the brilliance of the Over Soul is so bright, that if it were shown on the physical dimension, in this octave, it would consume that which it was around like the shadow of our room for it is an all consuming vibration.

166. Through your conscious mind you shed Light and dispel darkness, the shadows of ignorance. Through your use of Light, you send that energy out into physical existence. Through Visualized Prayer, deeds, trusts, expressions, truth, wisdom,and love all the higher attributes, all the higher emotions, the higher physical actions, the true expression of the higher Light, or you do the opposite.

167. Birds of a feather flock together. Flock with L. See yourself moving in Light. Look around you now to those who are near you and notice the subtle Light that they are emanating, their auric vibration and all the different colors of the spectrum. The infinite color spectrum, for everything goes to infinity. It is hard to conceive, isn't it, at first everything going to infinity, but everything returns to the Heart of God, Light.

168. People are becoming more and more aware of Light. Now they are photographing it with finer, more delicate instruments, but for thousands of years, man has been taught how to perceive this Light, in its most subtle forms, in its most subtle spiritual forms as pure energy and as its form as pure unconditioned Light.

169. The colors are called the sufferings of Light, move your mind from darkness into Light. Shine some Light on your Beingness. As I teach you Astral Physics, I take that focus of Light that you call your consciousness, and I direct it to various areas of itself. I send it there by association,by having you focus your Light, but when you shine your Light in, if there is any darkness, it casts a shadow. Free yourself from all shadows. No longer be the man that chases his shadow and every time he reaches forward, it jumps. As the man reaches, he runs faster and faster and faster, but if he stops and centers in the here and now and goes into the Light and then moves and takes action through discrimination, towards that Light, he will full his life with abundance, with truth, with wisdom and love and happiness, with joy, with bliss, with the soul's desire.

170. As you move deeper in your meditations and you become aware of the Light, it presents itself in various forms.It comes as symbols to the active type of person. For you have qualified the Light by darkening some of the patterns that you use in your consciousness. The darkening of patterns is through ignorance. To be ignorant is not an evil or bad thing. To be ignorant and not do anything about it would be considered a less than favorable condition of consciousness.To be ignorant and to shed Light upon that ignorance is the freeing and knowing of the Self, the One perceiving the Light.

171. To take the brighter Light of the Godself and shine it upon the shadows of personality, is to bring into expression a lighted personality that shines out, all around itself. The aura around the individual becomes brighter, shimmering, a gleaming from their eyes, a shininess of the skin. When someone gets ill, their Light dims. When they are closer towards the source of Light, they become brighter. Destructive forces are darkness. Creative forces are Light.

172. Where is your attention of Light focused? Is it on past mistakes and negatives that you have already gone through,that you cannot do anything about? Are you shining your Light into a black hole of darkness that is corrupt, misleading, ignorant and steals the Power of the Presence and your true indenity which is Light ? The Light that lights every Being in exsistance; Or are you adding to the Light of the Path that you are on till you become one with Light and there is no darkness.

173. If you are caught in the past, you are still caught in darkness. If you look and move toward the future, you are in such a blinding Light that you cannot see. So only here in the subtle form of the Presence and the gross form of the physical, emotional and mental bodies, can you qualify that Light that is all pervading. We give the Light many names, vibrations which are only qualifications of the Light. Sound is a qualification of the Light, motion is a qualification of the Light. color is a qualification of the Light and Light is a qualification of the Light. The Light gives of its self to all manifestations of Creation.

174. When your Brow Chakra is open, you can see with the Inner Sight. When you don't have your Soul Self manifested and pure you cannot see, for you are in ignorance, you are in darkness, you are encasing your head in Light lower than your perception. Behind you qualified, limited, more limited than you, for you are in truth a brilliant beacon. Let that beacon of Light that you are, shine those various colors into your energy centers, Chakras and stimulate them.

175. Take every room of your house, creative or intellectual work space and fill it with Pure White Light. When you are working to transmute negativity, blaze the Violet Fire of Light around you, in you and through you and transmute those negativities.If you seek Wisdom, blaze the Golden Flame of Wisdom. Each one of the Rainbow Rays of Light has a very powerful application. You must first get used to bringing in the Power by creating a Channel. So the more you do your Rainbow Bridge, the more you create the channel between you and the higher forms of Light that you need to shine expression into this physical dimension. Again, the Light is. Through activity we make forms in the Light.

176. Light. Put a Ring of Light around all that you possess, White and Pure Crystal Fire Light. The more you see it there, the more it is magnetized to it, the purer it becomes. Soon you will see no negativity, you will only see Light. The Light is consuming, all consuming. Let your Higher Self, send your Light down, down, down, into your physical from that higher source of Light of the Self. Let Light shine out through your Physical Heart and the Heart Chakra.

177. Let me tell you now about some others and give you some quotes about Light. This is from the Divine Iliad: Man's sensing with his eyes, blinds him to my dual thinking, for I but build illusions with my dual thinking, for his sense seeing. Sense seeing binds man to sense forms and things while my knowing opens doors of glory to the oppressed threads of Light with which I weave all the ideas of man and of mind into forms for many moving things. Mind seeing, disintegrates into the farthest reaches of my universe of me, and sees all forms as one. With his seeing eyes man sees life as matter energized, but senses not that the energy of matter is the Light of my divided thinking.With man's unseeing eyes of Spirit he knows the Light of me, the Source and knows that he is bound in me as one and I in him. Behold me thy God of Love inseparable as the Divine Light.

178. Many place an image of God before us, just as this Divine Iliad has said that God is Light. I put no name on the Source of all Beingness, for the Source has Trinity, Duality and it has Oneness. It has every other expression all numbers onto infinity that you could possibly know and sense, get the idea of or imagine, Light, not a wall but reach out as far as your can onto infinity. Two streams of Light that run within your body, the female and the male current, one on either side of your spine carry a very subtle Light, the Kundalani force is Light in and beyond the bodies. The universal power within Kundalani force is a Light. So within your body you have different vibratory rates of Light functioning. In your physical body, in your etheric body, in your vibrational body, in your astral body, in your light body, in the universe of Light, in abstraction, in the universe beyond the crystal, Light ever exists. It is ever being.

179. Christ said, I am the Light, I am the Way, I am the Life, I am Light. We study, in many ways, in Astral Physics, as we do Color, Light, Sound, and Motion. We study Light as Truth, Wisdom, and Love. We study Light as vibrations. We study Light as conscious manifestations of Beingness. We study Light as color. We study Light as God expressing in all things, manifest and unmanifest.

180. The Light of the Presence is released through various Centers or Chakras focused in the Body of Mankind. As you Decree, the Power of the Word, vibration, flows forth from the Throat center. This Center should be visualized as an emanating Electric Blue Ray. The Heart Center is animated by three flames: Red, Yellow, and Blue. The point at the center of the forehead is the focus of the All Seeing Eye of God, the Third Eye. The Emerald Green and Golden radiance of the Teacher, Master or the Holy Being of Christ or Pure White Light is at the top of the head in the centers.

181. These are from the teachings of aura reading and perception. We learned more of that, in our advanced class on aura reading, that there are many ways of looking at the aura besides the physical eye. There is the perception of emotion and the perception of mind, perception of subconscious and super conscious vibrations, all perceiving Light in one manifestation or another.

182. You are the Light. You are Light. For you shine around you a knowingness that all others can see. Be within the third of humanity. Many people look upon you as unique or different. Some, through ignorance, look upon you as weird or abstract, but you have learned to look at all things with an equal eye, knowing that Light is. We say that God is Light. The Light of the World is the Christ.

183. Light. I love the Light. I live in the Light. I am sustained by the Light. I walk around with these words in my consciousness playing and I have been able to move into realms beyond the physical dimension through the understanding of the manifestation of the Light. There is much to learn and even when we touch upon it we are not even near the Ocean of Light. I have stood on the shore of Light and seen it emanating out, out into a universe of darkness. I have swum in the Sea of Light and have seen there Beings of Light brighter than the Light they were in, qualifying and intensifying and raising the vibration of that Light.

184.On one dimension, you are one color of Light on another dimension, you are another color of Light and on another dimension you are Life, whether you are as clear as a crystal or as deluded as darkness, you are Light. You can increase that Light by adding to it new Light. Every time you let love flow out to another being, you are drawing the Light of love to you. So what if you do not see it in the physical eye, does that mean that your Soul must be blind to it or your Spirit must be blind to the Light? No, it doesn't mean that. You must open the eyes of your higher bodies to perceive the Light of the higher dimensions. As you look out upon the physical dimension, you cast a Light from the eyes. It reflects upon that lesser light and creates an image that sends an impression back into your consciousness, seemingly instantly, that you qualify with shape and form.

185. Light can be defined or diffused depending upon your angle of perception and the way you are sending the Light from your Beingness. I hope you can see the Light that I am shedding and see it in your heart. Light, I cannot help but have a beautiful and blissful feeling within whenever I come into contact with Light consciously.

186. The Creative Powers of the Universe that emanate from the strongest source is given to the earth beneath it in order that many may learn through the alchemy of meditation to change the dust of the World, into the destiny of Eternity.

187. The stars are your fortunes as is the magnificent God flame within your heart, the miniature sun in the pot at the end of the rainbow, the extension into your world. The rainbow is the extension of Light into your world in many ways. Where Light is, there God is. The dabbling of many colors from the pure white Light, array itself in a kaleidoscope, remembered by sayings as 'Jacob's ladder, Joseph's coat of many colors' are only expressions to tell you about Light for truth just as a seamless garment of the Christ consciousness as white Light indeed. So is the embodiment of Joseph as he wore the coat of many colors.

188. The many become one in Christ. The Christ is a brightest emanation of vibration of Light sent forth to illumine man. It is the pure love force. Out of the Christ Light are the many colors drawn to create universal perfection. So you can see that those that follow the Christ Light are regenerations of that Light into the physical octave and we find these regenerative abilities in reflections in meditation on the relationships of the colors of the Rainbow Bridge of Light, in its perfection knowing that the Blue Ray is a token of faith and a promise of power and strength, of the earnestness of God, of devotion in its true and highest sense. It flows out of a vast luminous reservoir into the sea and into the sky, it is a blessing from the source.

189. The Yellow Ray is a molding of the Gold Ray and of White Ray as a golden radiance whose glimmering imparts illumination. The consecration of right knowledge, the service of right knowingness, the out shining of the Christ Mind and the establishment of the Laws of Harmony between all people and between God and all people.There is the Rays of the Sun sent to the earth everyday.

190. Tha Red Ray is the Divine Love shining forth at sunrise and sunset. There is a great power in the knowingness of this Light you can create a Light cord between you and another individual. There is a silver cord of Light that connects your Spirit Body, your Soul Body, Mental Body and your Astral Body with your Etherical Physical Body. When you are out in your spirit travel, your awareness moves over this silver cord and into your Spirit Body, and when more and more attention units are transferred there, as the awareness is heightened in vibration to perceive more Light.

191. As you travel in your spirit travels and at first they seem like memories, they seem like remembering and then as more and more Light is shed into that area of consciousness and then as more and more attention is paid there, as more focus is given to that experience, the Light becomes stronger and the reality of that becomes stronger. Anyone that thinks that they can switch the magic switch and supersede eons of time is suffering from the illusions of darkness, not seeing the Light.

192.If the full intensity of the Center Sun would shine for one moment into your Beingness for one moment you would be all consumed by it. As you descended in the Light and became denser and denser, you qualified more and more of that Light making it denser and denser, making it less and less a broad expression and narrowing its outward shining and that impulsing vibration that you are, now localized in an individual manifestation, but realizing more of what you are, you are moving back to that Son, that center hub of Light.

193. And as you gain control over your various bodies, you gain control over those various vibratory planes of Light. Knowing the physical dimension is knowing just one dimension of Light, The emotions is only another dimension of Light. Knowing the Mental Body is only another Body of Light and no matter how high you go in your knowingness, and in your Beingness, you are only just realizing the various dimensions of Light until one day you become all consuming Light and this is the destiny of man, to be all things and to be experiencing all things, to be one with God or to be God like.

194. Christ, the anointed of God, who said that he was the "Light" said, "Let this mind shine in you which was also in me," who being in the form of God was Light, through it, gave an outward expression and felt himself equal with God that made himself of no reputation and took upon himself the form of a servant and was made in the likeness of men and being found in that fashion as a man, he humbled himself and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross in order to bring the message of Light down into this octave of beingness.

195. Many great Masters, Holy Beings and Saints have come back into a lesser Light to give guidance to those who are seeking a higher path. There are many great Beings who pass through this dimension momentarily. You may meet them once in a lifetime and then they shed the Light in that moment that clears the darkness away from your Path that you may proceed.

196. Know Light, know it in all of its manifestations and all of its expressions. To know Light is to know yourself. What are you seeking but your self expression of your Beingness, Light. Love that Light, feel it, know it, express it. See, it is a free flowing of Light, that is a spark of Divine Essence and a self expression of God. You will have the ability and the right and the privilege to use Light in all of its manifestations. If you wish to develop the power of the Soul, a spiritual power, you must shine Light of that dimension through your beingness.

197. As you shine the Light of the Third Eye, Brow Chakra, into the physical, dense octave of Light, that brilliant Light dispels all the ignorance and gives you great insights. It gives you the Light to see the Light Aura, of individuals in its true manifestation and expressions. Those individuals that believe that there are secrets in the world are suffering from the illusions of shadows by overly gross forms of consciousness, by darkness. There are many beings that would try to take your Light, if they but knew how, but see, the higher you get in consciousness, the brighter the Light and the stronger you become, so the more power is given you. Light. The more Light, the finer the Light. Power is either weak or strong depending upon the intensity of the Light.

198. If you want to be intuitional and talk from your bank of knowledge and not purely from memory, you must look with the eyes of the Soul and out of that Light Body and shine it into this physical octave. It will brighten and soon all that around you will be an emanation of your Light. Again activating the Law of Attraction and Repulsion, you send forth the Ray that magnetizes to it, it's kind. If you send a dark ray of depression into the ethers, it returns a like kind. This is that glorious Light that you are becoming aware of. You are becoming aware of a force so powerful that it can bring anything into manifestation in your life that you ask for. It is so powerful when you shed that Light into any corner, there is no darkness. You can see true images of what true Beingness is.

199. There are many words that qualify Light. There are billions and billions and a countless number of expressions of Light. Man is so arrogant that he thinks that he is the highest expression of that Light. Then he comes to realize the truth of his Beingness and then he realizes the brilliance of his Light. Sometimes this throws him deep into darkness, the dark realms of despair, mistrust, of not knowing, but if he takes for a moment upon himself, the higher Light, his own Christ consciousness within, his own spark of love, his own Godself within and shines it into the dark, through affirmation, then he raises his vibratory rate of Light, and he moves his awareness to a higher and finer Light. Light is everywhere and nowhere. Light is, was and will always be. If you wish to be God like, be like the Light. Seek the Light, know the Light and know that you are the Light.

200. Just as it is in the beginning when Light was separated from darkness and great monadic wheels of Light permeated the Universe in chaotic vibrations, they soon became harmonized and smooth vibrations in order to sustain other vibrations of Light. As a portion of this Monadic Light broke and the consciousness within it manifested and descended into lower matter and into individuality as you are an Individual Soul expressing, you are a spark of that Light's first urging. When you are in your meditations, see yourself going deeper and deeper within, but feel the Light getting lighter and lighter all around you.

201. Take your Rainbow Bridge to the White Light and then in octaves of intensity, increase that White Light, more brilliant and more brilliant. Don't push yourself beyond the realm of seeing clearly, but see the best you can with the Astral and Spiritual Eyes and the Eye of the Soul opened as channels down into the various dimensions. See the Eye as a channel between one dimension and another, just as you take in images of the physical dimension, take and turn them into ideas and spiritual concepts. You are exchanging Light. You are changing it from one vibratory rate to a finer or denser rate. You reverse and move it in the other direction, then you are changing the Light into a physical manifestation or your Spirit into Matter, Matter into Spirit, back and forth as you focus back and forth into Light.

202. In your personality, when you shine the Light of the higher attributes that you wish to manifest, that is what will manifest, for you are paying attention there, you are focusing there. You are attention concentrating by observing, then in a state of meditation, you bring that observation and concentration into a focus that brings things into manifestation in your physical life.

203. This is what you are looking for, control. Control comes from knowledge for Knowledge is Power. Power is Light. No matter what equation you take, you can take it back to Light. No matter what form of vibration you qualify, you bride it back to Light. You can take Light and bring it into any lesser form and raise the vibratory rate of that. The higher Self in an abundance vibration of Light from above your head, Crown Chaka, sends forth from the heart, Heart Chakra of it's substance into the heart of you, a three fold flame that emanates the Christ Spirit and as you let that Christ Spirit which is pure Love, which is pure Light, emanate from you, your aura will increase.

204. As your aura increases, your perception increases because you will understand all that it touches. It takes in more and more thought strata as it expands. It takes in more and more emotional strata as it expands. It takes in more and more physical strata as it expands, so you become more sensitive on the Path, more and more sensitive as you move along so you must be more careful of the Light that you are shedding, for your focus when it is concentrated creates this intensity of Light. Create a broad beam of Light channeled from the Infinite through all of your bodies into this physical dimension and watch your life change, watch your Light shine.

205. I say a prayer, it is a short one and I've said it for many, many months now and I have seen the actions and reactions from it, "Oh God, guide me, protect me, illuminate the lamp of my heart and make me a brilliant star. Thou art the mighty and the all powerful". I have asked for the illumination of my Gifts and Powers and the illumination of my heart. I have asked for the clarity of my Physical, Emotional and Mental Bodies and I have accepted that Light from the higher even though it dispelled some of the connections of ignorance of the lower forces, those of my personality attachments.

206. I will give you now a tool to help you. Every body relaxed. Get into a comfortable position and close your eyes for a moment. Now, that you are relaxed and comfortable, feel yourself moving deep within your consciousness and centering awareness, not even being aware of those around you and there is only you now. Keep the awareness of only you. You are the center of all things, there is nothing around you for your Light is so bright that it is all consuming.

207. Now, in your right hand, imagine a flaming sword. See this flaming sword as the Blue Flame with a golden handle and you hold onto that golden handle. Now you are forming in your consciousness on another level, a weapon of Light. Don't let the word weapon frighten you for you need to defend yourself against darkness and this is but a tool to defend yourself on a higher level. Now, see that sword of Blue Light, flaming in its emanations, strong in its vibratory rate, emanating a blue translucent Light, vibratory high, like a Sapphire Ray that is burning in a translucent flame.

208. Now in Your mental body, if you consciously weild that sword around you it will cut away negativity. True, you are using imagination, but is your finger any less than your Physical Body, is your tongue any less than your words, is your Light any less than your Self. Use this sword for it is as solid as anything you see about you and it will cut away negativity. Blaze it when you need it, return it to the Source of Light when you don't and it will always be there. The mystical teachings have taught us to use instruments like this for thousands of years. Now I shall close:

209. Dear Heavenly Father Mother God, through Christ's Holy and precious Spirit, we ask that you send Forth the Light into all present. We demand
Light to manifest in their lives. We demand that they see the Light through The Christ Spirit in us, we draw it to us. Let our Light shine and may the Light of each and everyone of you shine brightly and be a guiding force to all those who come into contact with you. Om Tat Sat Om