Channeled December 19, 1976

115. In the last chapter we were talking about Visualized Prayer and how imagination plays a part in Visualized Prayer. But before we had the experiences we are having today,: television, movies, newspapers, radio, magazines, bands playing in night spots, concerts, and mass entertainment on a large scale; during the time of Christ and during that time of man's imagination, man's imagination was not as developed in conscious uses, as it is now. All of these things are a product of imagination in movies, the images that man creates within his own mind, on the screen of his mind, and he wanted to share what he saw. He tried to figure a way to bring this to them. Men used to share it and see one another and then a separation began to happen where men were jealous, possessive of the pictures they had and did not want to share them with other people.

116. They were not being accepted by other people. They stopped accepting one another and being able to see the pictures that you cast. When you talk, you make patterns and pictures of scenes. Like right now as I am saying this I am casting a picture of a mountain scene into the ethers and for the ones who are awakened in the third eye it can be seen. Well,each time you talk, you cast pictures. Some are abstract and others have no continuity and so man stopped paying attention to the other person's pictures because he wanted his own individual It used to be that the man who presented the greatest pictures. would be followed. See, as we progressed along in evolution, we followed the predominate controlling factor of a particular Age. Like when man did not have much intelligence then he followed men who had strength on this dimension. So brute force was the power.

117. And then, as man got further along in evolution, he began to worship those and follow those who had great emotional energy, emotional feelings of well being and happiness. Sensations, like during the time of the Roman Empire when they used to throw snakes into the crowds to give them a thrill. Well, then man began to develop in a higher sense and they started worshiping those men of knowledge and wisdom. There are always teachers and seers and those after sensation, and all forms of consciousness around you. It appears that there are more of the lesser ones until you find the higher vibration within you and see that it is really a Law of Like Attracts Like. The people you have around you are like you. This is because you imagine yourself to be a certain way.

118. God is the True Light that animates all men. There is a basic substance in the universe that works in all things. It rushes to fill your imagery. Your imagination is the beginning of your animation. Before you do something, you see yourself going through the pros and cons of it, you reflect it in reason and logic and according to the Law of Paradox, so you are looking back and forth at it. However, if you are not objective,then your imagination will be subjective and you will feel as though you experienced it or the feeling of it. Because this Light that animates man is not going to say, "This is going to be good for you or bad for you. It is. The power is. And, it is your images that is making suggestion to this power for your manifestation. Whatever you are experiencing, you are projecting.

119. A lot of times you experience in imagination and the experiences there are impressed in subconscious mind. The subconscious mind does not know the difference between outer and inner experience. So, when you, through imagining a poor self image, or a lack of something, this animating Light that is in you, God in you, takes and fulfills your desires. Your desires are controlled by your imagination and emotions.

120. Emotions are supporting agents of imagination. You must subject yourself to something to have the feeling and draw it towards you as an expression on the physical plane. A positive manifestation of pure consciousness is the basic pure substance and it is there to fulfill your needs. Great fields that come out of this substance are called archangels, and out of the archangels comes the whole legions of angels and Light. From these legions of Light, there are supporters of the Masters of Light on similar rays. The Masters support the light workers upon this planet. Those Light workers support those seeking the way and the other people on the planet are looking for IT, but do not know what they are looking for. They are looking for the commanding power of their consciousness to control their destiny.

121. An artist uses pure consciousness and runs it through the visions of his imagination and out through his hands. A poet runs it through their consciousness and poetry flows, a writer another way, an actor through his voice and gestures, a dancer through movement. All of these are the creative power being manifested. No matter what you are doing, you are using this pure conscious. They are looking for the awareness, Visualized Prayer, creative power, and by your imaging you bring it into manifestation. However, even though this Light was revealed in the life of Jesus, the world could not conceive or comprehend it at the level of mass perception.

122. What did he do? He used His imagination by the Law of Identification. "I Am the Way,. I Am the Light. The Father and I are One." He was only verbalizing what he was visualizing. Listen to people and you will see what they are visualizing. If someone is telling you of a frightful experience, they are envisioning it. Jesus cast out his image so strongly that he turned water into wine. He made no time or space conditions on what he was visualizing.

123. Sri Sathya Sai BaBa's imagination is so strong that it forms a direct arc from the creative powers into this dimension. There is a creative arc of Light that was revealed by Jesus, it was revealed as the Light of God in man. You cast an image every time you see something. People who do not see images act impulsively out of instinctive mind and they wonder why nobody understands them because they do not see the pictures, they are unaware that there are any pictures. And then when they start talking to you, they say one thing and give you another picture, then you see the incongruity. So this is seen through the eye of imagination. Imagination is not erroneous or non-form. It has a form that is higher in vibration than the physical dimension, because they are closer to the pure consciousness. It is only when we encase that light that we slow its vibration and make it visible in this dimension. Here things are slow. It takes us four or five months to build a house. We can draw it out in a couple of hours and think it out in a few minutes. In imagination it is here spontaneously. This is how the masters control appearing and disappearing, making fire and projecting different manifestations. They did it very matter of factly because the imagination is very detached.

124. Even now the level of mass consciousness is survival and sense gratification. And you are bombarded by this and who is going to know if you fall to this. Well, God is going to know. Higher consciousness is going to know. You are going to know and what are you but the higher consciousness of God. You are God experiencing Himself through this personality and you have pictures of other personalities that you can project in your imagery to become like, or, you can create a higher vibration than any of those, the unifying force of all of those or a combination of any of those . Well, all you have to do is imagine pulling that particular ray of light. Now you do not even have to imagine pulling the details of all of it because that ray has a nature and as you run it through you it will purify you. You are not looking for anything. It is looking for an expression and you are a channel for it and you draw the different source of information that you use through your imagination. So mass consciousness out here is still at very low vibrations of consciousness.

125. Spiritual beings, those who long for spiritual enlightenment, are not trapped by this mass consciousness and realize their oneness with God,experience it everyday by seeing it everywhere and giving everything to it. This is even true today. The light is just as available today as at any time in history. However, one must be intuitively awake to discern it. When we ignore our intuition, we break continuity in consciousness. We are told to do a certain thing and our ego, or thinking mind or feeling nature tells us to do something else. Then later you ask,"Why am I going through this?", forgetting that those pictures that you cast are still being manifested and the pure consciousness is still coming to fulfill them.

126. Whether you are aware of your imagery or not, it is always working. The emotional body, physical body and mental body is constantly working even as you sleep it produces cells and digests and does a thousand and one other things. All of your bodies are always working, but where you are, is where you become aware of that working. If you are caught in emotional energy, you will be caught in looking through your emotional body. If you are caught in thinking, you will be caught in thinking all the time. If you are in imagination, you might walk around spaced out all of the time. That is why the masters all talked about a continuity in all the chakras. A continuity of awareness so that you could move freely. If you were in a state of imagination and you wished to experience knowledge, you could just come right back to it. It would be as quick as changing your point of view.

127. However, most are sluggish in that, five minutes, ten minutes, sometimes days, weeks, years, lifetimes instead of a spontaneous intuitive nature. You just know what to do. it takes a duration of consciousness or time to figure it out or to see how you are going to feel about it and when you are taking this time you are passing this energy, casting the image over and over on some erroneous thought and do not erase it and do not correct it, then that is coming towards you. So your intuitive awareness is very important.

128. When men are deluded, their perceptions are feeble and they tend to be materialistic since the material aspect of creation is all they can perceive. See, when we isolate ourselves and limit our self from our unlimited being, we are trapped in that awareness and we have nothing else to support our belief system. And, when man becomes weaker, he just scrambles to take care of just himself. He wants to make himself comfortable with material things. He gets someone else to work along with him and calls that his wife.

129. They work along and she decides she wants to do something he does not, then there is a nicelittle family squabble and if there are enough of these non-agreements, then there is a divorce. That is the end of that relationship. Then you go and try to get someone else to imagine with you and support your imaging, all for acceptance. We are all looking for acceptance and we really do not need it on this dimension. Everything you need in this dimension comes to you through the creative powers. It all comes through the higher source, through your imaging which gives you knowledge and thinking and feeling and being in the physical dimension.

130. However, many people get caught in those lower things trying to find it there, in taste, feeling, touching, seeing, looking and smell. "Did you see this?",- or "Did you 'see that?" "Did you hear this or that?" Or "What do you feel about this?" Trying to see what your emotional response is or what do you think about this, trying to get you thinking and none of those are spiritual bodies, those are the lower bodies of consciousness. The first spiritual body comes in the heart, when you have part spirit and part matter. Most people never open their heart.

131. See, I am the Light and the Way. I am all those things and everything, all the power there is. I Am. In a materialistic consciousness they would say, "Oh, listen to that ego going on. What point of view are you at? You will see at whatever point of view you are at. I was using the Law of Identification. I Am One with God, and I know it. See, I do not need any acceptance here, all I need is acceptance from God. And, if God accepts me then everything in you accepts me, because you are God expressing Himself out here. However, first I become One with the Father through the Holy Spirit just as Jesus did. on some erroneous thought and do not erase it and do not correct it, then that is coming towards you. So your intuitive awareness is very important.

132. Through Jesus' imagery, he created his life by the fulfillment of prophesy; healing people, raising the dead, he became an agent for that force, called Christ consciousness and it flowed through him. He did not say, "I use the Christ 'l, or "I use the Light", or "I use the Way. I Am the Christ, I Am the Light, I Am the Way. He always made an affirmation in the positive universe to bring the science of the spoken word into manifestation. What tests him. He did not go around to prove anything, but when he was called, just like the power, he did it.

133. What is the Holy Spirit, but the best that is in you, your Master consciousness, your Christ awareness. Jesus called Lazarus from the dead because he had a continuity in consciousness all the way to his pure awareness on his ray and he could see. He called and commanded the life force to individualize again and animate that body.. How did he do this? Through his imagery, his connection through his imagination. He had to imagine himself being able to do those things, and He is image.

134. The deluded condition of man is not the true condition of man and is only temporary, as man progresses through his consciousness. The collective thought of all of us, is what we are experiencing in our lives. So. every time you get caught in sensation, thought or material consciousness, you support that. Well, there is nothing wrong with any of those areas, just select the highest that is in you. See it the best it can be. So'create your image and go for it and do not lose your point. But most can not keep their point. What did you want to be last week? Last year? Five years ago? How many times have you changed what you want to be?

135. How many times have you said, "Gee, I do not know where I am going because I have all of these images and I am not doing anything to fulfill any of them and I am being drawn by all of them. So here you are imagining this and that and something else, casting these images and not realizing that you must extend your power to hold your point.

136. One thing that will keep you from holding your image is your "thinking mind", because the whole thing is conscious selection of thought, not subconsciousness conditioned reaction. Conscious selection is what controls, but when you are there letting them go at random well, what are you dreaming? The artist's dream is his reality. The musician's dream is his reality, imagining music coming out of clouds before it is all over there is a symphony by really creating visions in imagination. It is just as real as driving an automobile.

137. As long as you are in harmony and not going over anyone's will, feel free to imagine anything you want. All the Masters were in harmony. One master does not conflict with any other master. Buddha does not put down Christ's teachings and Christ's teachings do not put down Buddha's teachings, but the people who practice those teachings put down each other, still caught in putting down instead of lifting up. The masters were free of that. They gave freely, flowed at the level of understanding of the individuals who came to them, often talking in universal cones and parables to give it to them. The master also attuned to nature and expressed through nature by description and emergence.

138. We are all looking for a way out and into something. Well, where are you going? You are going to where your imagination is taking you and you are creating the images. When man accepts the Infinite Here and Now, he comes into the realization of tremendous power due to his comprehension of the Omniscience, Omnipotent, and Omnipresence. The basic substance that emanates throughout all the universes is here in all things. Jesus knew these concepts of power, but how do you tell someone who would be frightened if you turned on a radio because they never heard it before? Just as a camera coming to the Indians, the Indians thinking and believing, "They have my spirit inside that box. What is spirit but a picture of yourself. Men always knew that, but got caught up at the movies and took his imagination and stuck it in a box, like he takes everything and makes it an object. Everything you are doing, you are making it into an object, putting it outside of yourself, even feelings.

139. When you put time outside of yourself, then you are,fighting time. There is no such thing as time as we imagine it. What does a 24 hour day have to do with anything outside this planet. You are not bound by the body, you are just using it and it is your imagery that you are projecting into it that is keeping you in it. You imagine you are in your body.

140. The power of the magician is being able to bring what he creates in imagination out here and take it back out of this dimension. That is what magicians of old did, move things in and out of this dimension by the creation of vibration using the transmutation power of the violet flame in highest alchemy. They used the Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscience when man realized his true nature as the Son of God.

141. When he realized that God is right here and in everything. Your spirit individualized and therefore you are what God is, manifested and unmanifested, positive, negative and neutral. You are all of those things and it is a wise or unwise use of all things that you are considering. When you realize the wisdom, you are no longer controlled by your imagination, but looking through imagination as the master of your being. You have taken responsibility for your imaginary actions whether you have or have not command for what you are doing, you take responsibility because as "I take responsibility," you say, "I take command", and so responsibility gives you freedom and freedom gives you responsibility, responsibility gives knowledge, and it is your knowledge that gives you wisdom and wisdom that gives you freedom.

142. Take responsibility and you draw all the rest up with you. Instead of climbing up the mountain ' first you are here, then you arethere. Why do you always have to have something solid beneath your feet? You are not always solid. Spirit can move over the mountain. The body may break down, but spirit never breaks down. Do you know what kills the man who falls off the cliff. The images he creates of what he is going to look like when he hits the ground. That is why, in sorcery, when they reach a certain level of power, they actually jump off a cliff. Those who have cont:tol of their imagination will appear in full conscious awarenss at the bottom. Those that have not come back and try again. It is the image you are casting.

143. There was an experiment with rod grass plants to prove the power of prayer. They put a meter on the rod grass plants. They grow from the bottom up, most plants grow from the ends. The meter was put on it so it would make a line on the end of the paper, a graph to see how far it would grow. In a twenty-four hour period it grew an eighth of an inch. So, during a prayer meeting of one hundred people, praying for an hour, the people sat there and imaged the plant with perfect life, perfect conditions and perfect moisture. The plant registered 800 times the amount of growth in that hour than it had for three months, by Visualized Prayer.

144. Most people have such a poor self image, that they are afraid of their imaginations. If it came in instantly, just think of some of the things you would have gotten in the last 24 hours. There would have been flying frogs and purple people eaters, but that is an exaggeration. However, look, there are horrible looking things, people all deformed. Think of some of the views you give to yourself. Gee, look at my eyes today, like pools of blood and next think, pools of blood. Can you imagine, no do not imagine! That is what you conscience is telling you in your heart,"No, do not imagine that!"

145. And so you have a protective mechanism in consciousness, fantasy. This is for all the erroneous imagings and you say, "Oh, that can not be and you qualify it not to be. Well, you put a lot of things there. "Oh, Jesus can not be. There are a lot of people with that image. "Oh, one man did all that, probably just a bunch of stories. How do you know it is true. How do you know that somebody did not just make it up a couple thousand years ago? That twelve people did not just get together and write this script saying this is the way man should be? Made the whole thing up. Well, how do you know?

146. I remember when I was eight years old I went to the movies and saw Captain Marvel fly and I thought man could fly. I jumped out a window, and nearly killed myself. I saw this and I believed it and I could see myself flying and experience it in other ways, but I could not get my physical body to do it, but I saw a man do it and so I believed it. How many things are you believing that you read? How much personal experience do you have? Most of us imagine. Most of your experiences are imagined and how could you even survive without other beings, without the farmer imagining a good crop and the grocer imagining a store. We live in imagination. The whole.universe is full of imagination.

147. Look at all the creative imagination that goes into all the attention getters, the signs we make to draw peoples' attention. The different costumes we wear. I mean look at the costume that you're wearing. That is a costume. "Oh, those are my clothes." You might say. It is not natural. If you took these clothes off, you would not have stripes and you would not be colored green, and pure and black and have pictures on your chest, you would not have Mickey Mouse on your chest. Do you have Mickey Mouse on your chest? It is not natural, see, but you have imagined all these things because you want to project a certain picture, so that is why you have all this. You are camouflaging always creating an image of yourself. "Oh. I am open and free and just a nice guy and that is why I run around this way." Or, I am this way or that and I want to identify with this group or that. "'I'm a hippie", "I am a spiritualist", I am this, Iam that. We put on all the clothes, all the games, for other people when they see us so they can support our imagination.

148. That is acceptance and if somebody does not accept us we hurt. "They do not accept me." It is because of their limited awareness. If you accept their non-acceptance, then you're limited. Because pure consciousness is pure acceptance. It is unconditioned Love, Truth and Wisdom the three-fold flame in your heart that transmutes the spirit into matter and matter into spirit. It comes through pure, but many of the flames are out in the hearts of men. Many of these flames have not been kindled for centuries. Many people have lost hope and are not able to see their nation becoming this way or that way. There have been more people over here imagining something else. Look at what Hitler was imagining. Imaging! Imaging! Boy, he had all that going, "Zig Heil! Zig Hell!" And taking children away from their parents, "Say, Hitler is OK, and if your parents do something, you tell us and we will take care of that." Take the kids away to get even with the parents. They used all the negative forces to control instead of positive forces. They used all the destructive forces. They imagined they were the super race, the chosen race. Well, how many chosen races have we had?

149. Realize that the human race is the chosen one for this experience on this planet. We are not 'chosen for the universe. We will experience as universal citizens once we can be a citizen upon this planet with our neighbors. How many know who lives on the right of you and the left of you or the street behind you? How many know who lives a couple of houses away from you? See how separate we are and then we cry in the wilderness. We imagine that we are alone, so our images give it to us.

150. Visualized Prayer should always be used positively. Always see the best for yourself. That is why we say, meditate, meditate and see these things. First you go over the Rainbow Bridge and meditate in the Silence so you can center your awareness and you are not all caught up in the erroneous things. Then you create. That is only the first step in creating, becoming quiet. It means withdrawing all the energy from all the bodies, physical, mental, and emotional bodies, that brings you to your heart. You are on your way to Visualized Prayer. You get creative ideas that give you visions and pretty soon, you get visions that give you creative ideas, because everything returns to the source. Cycles are always complete. Everything you image has a cycle, it goes out and comes back and it will move at the speed that you are clear.

151. So a true spiritual message encourages man to awaken and come into the realization of this truth in order that he may be saved from misery and pain due to our ignorance. Every human is an individualized soul of God, an individualized spirit. A clear white light that emanates from the Godhead and here is this clear light breaking into the rainbow rays from the Godhead. Many of you ask, down here, which ray am I going to go on. Eenie, meenie,, minie, moe, which one am I going to be. You already made a choice when you came in. That's what you will be awakening to, your true mission in this life, what you are doing here.

152. All who believe in His name, or commune with their God nature, are led to their realization of ultimate truth. Just as creation came into manifestation from the pure, unconditioned state, through successive stages, so man could become. It all comes in stages and some of you are looking for instant Godhood. Well, you are on the Path for the rest of your life. If you use discretion, are diligent, and make the right decisions,if you use the higher powers of love, truth and wisdom, purity, perfection, and you do that long enough, Om Tat Sat Orn, I Am That I AM.

153. As long as you are on this dimension you have your free will. You make your decision now for what you want to be in a constant. That is the ultimate. I am One with God, the Father, the Mother and the Son and the Holy Spirit. I am One with All things. I am that no matter what you do to this body or emotions or mind. I am still One with God. I see that., I imagine that. Om Tat Sat Om. Can you say that? Can you say, "God, whatever is between you and me, give it to me. Whatever is right now. I call for a karmic balance in this life. Can you do that? Oh, what is holding you up, guilt? Or is it ignorance that you are a Son or Daughter of God?

154. Call for it. Be free from all limitations. Oh, But Gee, I might have to go and be uncomfortable for a while. I might have to give up this or that habit I have got over here. I might have to give up a conditioned reaction that I am kind of hiding from everybody, that I really enjoy doing. What is holding you up from realizing that you are the creator, that you are God, the ultimate truth? You must realize that, and keep affirming that over and over. I Am That. And if somebody else says that you are not that, you do not get offended by it. You see where that person is talking from and it is a limited state of awareness or they would not ever say that.

155. You would never take a stand if you are One with God for God is in all things and in all dimensions and you have no position to take, because God is all positions. So it is O.K. for somebody to say that, to not agree with you, it does not change my image because I Am That I Am and you must hold to that in the world of outward appearances. You know all that is, is you testing you. That is only another part of yourself testing you. If you keep getting your buttons pushed it is because you are pushing your buttons and you keep coming until you overcome being subjected to it. You know you have to correct that.

156. Jesus kept affirming; anything that was in the way soon became apparent and he handled it. It is no good to pour it out here, everything returns to the source, it comes right back to you. You say, Father forgive me. Jesus, forgive me. Two unconditioned powers, one unconditioned love, truth and wisdom, the other pure ascension Light.