Channeled December 13. 1976

67. Practice has always been a method of awakening one's Visualized Prayer . It is the key to the mystic's control of his destiny. It is one of the most important factors one learns as a mystic and spiritual being. For you are dealing with an intangible vibration that moves at your very command. To understand the movement of Visualized Prayer, to work with the concept of controlling the pictures in consciousness, you must understand d how this mechanism of consciousness, the imagination works.

68. There have been many who have come to bring this information to mankind throughout the centuries. Many have been persecuted for saying that man has the right to create the images of his own fancy to control his destiny, his life stream, what he is going to be experiencing during this particular impulse of duration of consciousness, called, the individual's life. Man has always had the power to control these realms, but through ignorance, he has let others dominate and control. But, always in the mystery schools and deep set in all religions, it has always been there for man to realize. It was found that if man was not given the knowledge of controlling imagination, he was easier to control. So people were enslaved and persecuted for teaching the powers of envisioning.

69. Moses was one of the greatest magicians because he controlled imagine action. He did all the things of manifestation that Jesus did, the only thing he did not fulfill was the love doctrine and the doctrine of life after death as Jesus had. In his attunement, he had reached this high wave of control over imagination and dominion over the Earth, Sea and Sky and all that is in them, as per Genesis. He became the master of his Being, sitting in the Crown Chakra, sitting in the center of the crown at the top of the head. From this center, man controls his destiny. This is his matter of consciousness, spirit consciousness, completely within his domination. Here he had reached the attunement of his at-oneness.

70. Moses was an ordinary man like you and I. He was saved during a time when a prophesy was given that a great redeemer would come. The belief in prophesy was great at that time that the Pharaoh ordered every infant under the age of one year of age, killed to avert the prophesy predicted by the priests at that time. The priests could see the way the consciousness was going and how it was going against the plan of individual conscious control of the life spark in each man, each man being a master in control of a perfecting wave of Light. The priests could see this and always talked of this higher, perfected Being, the Christ, the perfect emanation of Light, the force of the highest that man could realize, manifested.

71. For hundreds of hundreds of years this image of man upon the planet has been held, because man came here to manifest the perfect body to operate in this dimension. In making this perfect body, man went through the various kingdoms until he consumed the very kingdoms that he had help built. Just as we eat of the animal and plant kingdoms to sustain our energies here, we also eat of spiritual food. Moses knew of the power of the spiritual food. And just as you have to work and pay for your food on the physical dimension, you also use the law that Moses used, the law of tithing, a magical law that he taught his people to increase themselves. This law as used to pay for the manna or the food from heaven that you receive, just as you pay for the earthly food in labor, now we do pay for the earthly food more in money.

72. In this law, Moses knew the power of holding the image of God and the returning to them tenfold. He taught his people how to use their imagination through this law, that when you are giving unto the Lord and you are doing this freely, know that the Lord will return to you tenfold, your share. He taught them to give it all up and they did and the people gained their freedom from Pharaoh. The prophesy was fulfilled, Pharaoh did not avert it because the very child, Moses, was floated down a river and found by Pharoh's daughter and raised as her very own. But, the seed of Light had already been planted in Moses' consciousness when he descended upon the planet as a realized Being.

73. Moses didn't come as a realized being. He came and subjected his consciousness to all the things of the World until he reached a certain stage of evolution to break open and through to be this being of salvation, to be the redeeming power for his people. Well, Moses experienced the culture of the Egyptians being raised in the highest schools of magic and education. Being raised by the Pharoh's daughter, he got the best of everything. And he got the information of the mysteries and the magical rites, and he started exercising these powers for his people who were ignorant of these powers.

74. They had a limited view of what was an experience. At first they saw themselves as captive slaves because they had envisioned that they were. Many of them acted with the attitude of slaves. Then Moses gave them the power again of their imagination, the ability to create with their imagination. And so, he made them give up something because he knew that this would create within them the desire to fulfill this empty space.

75. There is no such thing as a vacuum in the Universe as an empty space. Man cannot create a vacuum, a nothingness. Because there is no such thing. Even the black holes in space are just sinks into an unconditioned manifestation, absence of Light. So as Moses learned these higher Cosmic Powers, how everything was formed, by giving of itself, he learned this very law and he taught it to his people and it is called the power tithing. As you give, so shall you prosper. So, he taught them magical rites. He taught them not to pray to statues, but to see the altar in their hearts.

76. There were tabernacles built to represent this mystical teaching, later in the Bible, if you read it through and understand the metaphysical side of what is happening there. It is a manifestation of consciousness in the spiritual realm into the physical realm and from the physical realm into the spiritual realm. Things coming into manifestation in the Old Testament and things ascending through the Powers of the New Testament. Consciousness expansion is clearly defined from the old to the new. So, as these great Beings came, like Moses, Muhammad, El Morya, Krishna, St. Germain, Buddha and Jesus, all of these Spiritual Beings coming to show man the power of their creative forces of imagination, their creative imaging of things creating images, teaching them to create images to control their destiny.

77. Many months ago, I channeled this particular statement and it fits perfectly in this class because it tells where they pull their power from. Spirit is beyond Creation even though it is the cause and the sustainer of it, the absolute is impersonal and untouched by anything that happens in Creation, yet it controls and regulates all happenings, all shadings, colorings, forms, concepts, ideas of time, space, motion, and particularly of matter existing in Spirit. The world in which we live exists, but not as it appears to us through our senses. Even though Spirit creates and is Creation, it is still separate from Creation. It maybe within Creation, the adhesive force that holds the molecules of the body together, the Spirit is the adhesive here. The Holy Spirit is the adhesive that holds all of it together. It is this Spirit that Christ used to know the Father, the unmanifested. The Father is the unmanifested. So, Christ used the Holy Spirit, knowing the truth of Spirit, that Spirit comes to sustain images in consciousness.

78. In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God. And the Word was God. This comes from John the Beloved, 'And the Word was made flesh". Before Creation, Pure Consciousness alone rested in its vibration less, unconditioned state. This is the transcendental aspect of God that never changes, which forever changes. The Spirit which sustains all things is this transcendental aspect of God. That is why Transcendental Meditation is so powerful.

79. Realize, what Jesus did when he was here upon the planet. He merged his divine essence with this creative power of God, the creating force of God. He became one with God. He became one with all things. He was able to merge into this oneness. Now some say on his crucifixion that after he arose from the dead and completed this story that he had brought into manifestation, he left this area to teach. Others say he ascended up a mountain and became Light. Each one of the gospels tells you something different. But, if you would listen to these stories as pure history, you would see the inconsistency there. Because here are four stories of Christ's life and they all tell you something different about the resurrection.

80. What Jesus did, he actually came to manifest these stories of Christ that they use to bring around the awareness of higher consciousness. He actually brought these into physical manifestation. He actually exercises these stories on the physical dimension that had always been used in imagination and in mind and in people's emotional and feeling nature. He actually manifested those on the physical dimension. That was his white magician power. That was his power of the Christ Light.

81. He could change the electronic structuring of a person's consciousness just by the purity of his vibratory rate, drawing such a high ray of purifying consciousness. He did this by constant attunement through his Visualized Prayer. These are the hidden teachings. Because he was not seen in man's physical world a lot of this was not recorded for man. So man was unaware of his true ability to be the Christ in the way of creating the image and satisfying the image, bringing it into a tangible universe for us to experience.

82. There is also a manifested aspect that appears as Creation. The two aspects are not separate because the transcendental aspect is the sole cause and sustainer of the manifested, all related manifestations. Again, here is emphasized that the Spirit sustains. So when you are working in the spiritual realm, working with your higher chakras, from the Throat Chakra up, these chakras are full spiritual chakras, there will not be seen things tangible in the physical sense from these chakras. You'll see within yourself, your Inner Eye, the Inner Kingdom, the Inner World.

83. Just like this Outer World, there is a great and vast Inner World and the deeper in you go the more you are able to withdraw consciousness from this dimension, the more of the vision you hold , there will come in an outer, tangible experience. In order for a creation to come into an outward manifestation, pure consciousness moves and sets up a gentle vibration which then contains and continues on to become an activating force.

84. The dual flow of power become evident, the positive and negative electronic pull. You have two opposing forces, one in creation and one not in creation, and there is a variance between these two forces of vibration that separate those. There is one point in the center of these vibrations that is called the neutral universe and this is where you must go to create your vision.

85. Once you create your vision in the center of these negative and positive poles, between the unmanifested and the manifested, when you bring your consciousness to this point, you then have the ability to see them objectively and from a detached point of awareness and use the vibratory rate of these two poles to create with. 'This simply means, is, what you are visualizing moral and does it fit in with all other beings? Does it fit in with a natural state of consciousness? And natural is what is conditioned and becomes a very flowing thing. At first you my have to pretend enthusiasm, but soon you will be enthusiastic.

86. At the right hand appeared the universal intelligence or the Christ consciousness. The universal intelligence is all the thoughts of men, all the feelings of men. All the feelings of this is their Universal Mind, not the cosmic mind, the universal intelligence, that which works and applies to all dimensions, that Law which applies on all dimensions. That is what the great magicians of the world came and showed and exercised. St. Germain with his great manifestation powers and his ability to see far into the future and predict consciousness.

87. Men have been able to use VISUALIZED PRAYER in many ways. Joseph was up on the side of this mountain and he was dreaming of being a very famous and influential man. He was just a sheep herder and if we would just look at the outward appearances of things, how could this sheep herder fulfill this vision. Look around his environment, what did he have to fulfill it? He had his dream. He had his vision, what he saw himself as. He held that vision. No matter what the outward appearance of things were,he held that vision. And so what happened, one day he was on a trip and two men beat him up and threw him down a well. He was drawn out of the well by slave traders and sold into bondage and there, not being one to 'want to be in bondage, he rebelled and was thrown into prison with two other men. He began to interpret their dreams for them and he kept this image of being a famous and influential man.

88. While this was going on there was another man on the other side of town who was studying to be a great soldier and he had a beautiful girl that had her eye on him. He studied and did all the things to become the highest in the Pharoh's army. He finally married this young girl and Joseph became a body servant to this soldier and his wife. This is where he got into trouble and was thrown into prison. He had been sold as a slave to this soldier and had gotten into trouble with this soldier because the woman said, either you make love to me or I'll say you did anyway. But he would not go against his principles or against his belief system and he did not make love to her, and so he was thrown into prison. That is where he met these other two gentlemen who were just ordinary people and he started interpreting their dreams there in prison.

89. The Pharoh heard about it and he started interpreting the dreams of the Pharoh and the next thing you know, Joseph was appointed Prime Minister of Egypt, the largest country in the world at that time. It all started with his Visualized Prayer, working into creative awareness, sitting there on the side of the hill, not being fooled by outward appearances, not even when he was beaten up and thrown down a well, not even when he was taken into slavery, he still did not give up or go against his principles or against his dreams, he ended up in prison. Here he was condemned, but still giving, interpreting for others in his consciousness. He was fulfilled.

90. We get these ideas that our images have to be fulfilled by something we do as individuals and not the spirit force that we are talking about that holds all things together. At the right hand appears the universal intelligence, the Christ consciousness, and at the center, the word. Some mystics refer to this as the Om, the word, the Om. The vibratory rate of consciousness.

91. You know how we say to center your sound, then create from that point of awareness because you have focused and concentrated your focus of energies into image and your subconscious mind does not know the difference between your actual experience in the outer world and your actual experience in the inner world. It records them both as experience. That is why a lot of people fall to fear and images that they have created in their own imagination, which keeps them out of their imagination. See, your imagination is one of your most powerful tools for your progress in any station of life especially upon the mystic's path to reach the realization of your spiritual beingness, the fast path, the path right up the side of the mountain.

92. All created things are extensions in form of pure creative consciousness. 'When you can reach this state of meditation of pure consciousness, centered in Om or the sound, the images you create are sent in vibrations upon the ethers and draw around them the substance to bring it into a physical tangible experience in this outer world. It does it in a controlled way. You are controlling your destiny. You are no longer being controlled by outside factors, you are now using creative imagination to control your destiny using the higher forces of Visualized Prayer, the energy and the light to create with. The sound is the energy. The Light casts the images.

93. The energy is a steady attunement of focus and concentration. Energy is the ability to be able to hold steadfast to a one pointed awareness. All of the teachers tell you, therefore there is nothing in this or any other world that is not consciousness in manifestation. It starts in that spiritual vibration in your inner eye, your visionary powers and that is what you experience in your life. It is so subtle, we want MGM to come on in there, it is so subtle that you do not even see how simple it is. You are so used to these powers that they run so subtly that the gross vibrations just over nm them so that you do not become aware of them.

94. Creation as we behold it is life acting upon itself. It is our link of intuitive sight which causes us to conclude that matter is anything but spiritual form. Even scientists declare that Creation is but energy form and we can conclude by following energy back to its source that it is really light and light is but the manifestation of consciousness. Here is another mystic key to your ability to realizing that light controls your destiny, that is when your creative powers come on. That is when your confidence rises in you.

95. That is when you realize that you are truly sustained by this unconditioned force, Spirit. Holy Spirit, the adhesive of all form. You draw the awareness of this within yourself and when you bring it into the Holy Spirit, there is a great spirit that will fulfill all things, but the consciousness of the mystic is not just to work with the aspect of the Great Spirit, but to condition their consciousness into the Great and Holy Spirit and work from the Great and Holy Spirit. conditioning themselves to be a receiver for this by attunement to it.

96. Creation is energy form and we can, by following energy back to its source conclude that it is really light and light is but a manifestation of consciousness. On the spiritual path, it is important to remember this basic truth. Consciousness, the sole reality, is appearing as creation. Consciousness is constant. Form is transitory. Consciousness is taking on a vibration which we call form that soon returns back to the formless, just as Jesus in His dying and coming back turned into light before His students and disciples. He actually brought the word of God into manifestation.

97. The Word, the vibration of the unmanifested through consciousness, is Intelligence. In the ocean of consciousness, which was and is apparent in creation, is the only life there is and is the only light there is. This light and life exists even when man in spiritual ignorance fails to comprehend it. Even if we do not believe it or feel it or experience it, it still is. It is apart and separate from our creating powers for it is the creator of us. We are made in its image. All men are made in the image of God. That means that you are made in form and formless vibrations. You have an unconditioned substance.

98. This is your mighty I am presence, your magical power, your magician's realm and when you are in it, in conscious awareness, it is stillness and unmoving and your images create the subtle vibrations in this unconditioned god self and bring things into manifestation. The truth has always been the truth, but man has been fooled by pictures created from erroneous and irresponsible thinking. He believes wholly in a book that was brought through many translations, through word of mouth and emotional exaggeration.

99. Jesus proved that man could live after death and it was the disciples that glorified his name. It was they who brought many things up and attributed them to Jesus. His power was to show how one could bring anything into manifestation using these higher states of consciousness and being one with God.

100. When you are in a peaceful or in that quiet point of consciousness, then there is stillness, when you reach that great silence in meditation, then you touch the Om, the first vibratory rate, the steady Om in that consciousness and on that, you create your image, for this is the crystal river flowing through that great silence we talk about. It is the Om, the clear substance waiting for manifestation.

101. The facility that man has for bringing that crystalline river into beingness is sitting in the crown of his oneness, knowing ness and beingness, looking, as above so below, looking at the imagination, not looking up to it, but looking down through it to creation in the physical dimension.

102. This is the very step of bring the forces up the spine, over the head and out the brow, the staff of life, the staff of Moses. The energy forces coming up as one force, up the spine, stimulating all the chakras and there looking from this point out at creation from man's unformed body, his master consciousness. In this ocean of consciousness which was and is apparent as creation is the only life there is and the only light there is.

103. A man in darkness who lacks intuitive perception will never perceive God. Intuitive perception comes at the brow chakra, that is one of the petals on the ninety-six petaled lotus, to unfold the brow. On being imagination, one being future auric perception and others, various stages of perception and one of these being intuitive perception, insight. A man in darkness who lacks intuitive perception cannot perceive the light which is in and through him and without which he would not be. It means that if a man cannot bring awareness to his brow chakra and open that divine faculty from the golden ray of his crown chakra into his brow, he will not perceive or "see". Ascension is half the power, descending is the other half. Realization and neutrality is the sustaining force in motion.

104. All men must be awakened or spiritually quicken before they can comprehend the truth about life. This awakening is the second birth which awakens the soul intuition and enables us to become aware of the finer forces and electricities in nature and eventually enable us to realize the true nature of God. The true nature, which is your nature.

105. Just as Jesus and St. Germain and Buddha and many of the other great masters manifested aspects of God through them to know God. All of these are rays to that oneness, just as you are rays to that oneness and you will realize your master consciousness. Sooner or later you'll awaken to Is and so, as you do, you will then be in control of imaging or your, Visualized Prayer. This again is the faculty which you use to bring this inner light into beingness.

106. One of the degrees of spiritual awakening is accomplished by the comprehension of new ideas, in new areas of life, in consciousness. The law is the same for all. He that seeks shall find. We very simply mean that that is what you have your vision on. Whatever you are picturing is what i s manifesting. If you picture a poor self image, if you keep telling yourself, I am a failure over and over again, that is what you are going to get. But if you keep telling yourself over and over again that I am successful, I am successful, soon success. Do not be fooled, Joseph was not fooled by outward appearances, do not be fooled by outer appearances. Do not look at your limited experience right here and now.

107. When I was laying in Death Valley under a thorn tree, two years of depression had preceded this day. I was laying under this tree, awakened in the morning, looked and inches away from my eyes were these thorns. I looked and there was a sign that read, "Inferno lowest Point in the United States" and we realized at that moment it was the lowest we could go. Right now is the lowest point you can go.

108. There is only one way from here and it is up and know that, there is no going back, there is only one way and it is up. Just as I realized it, there was only one way and it was up and so what did I do, there was only one way to demonstrate that at that particular moment and circumstance. It was to pack all my things, put them in the truck that I had, and my friend and I drove up a very high mountain peak to symbolize coming from the lowest and going to the very highest. We drove through the strata until we came to the point 8,000 feet in the air. From the lowest point in the United States to 8,000 feet where we camped that night. One day it took us to ascend. One day.

109. When we were standing on top of that mountain you would have thought that the world had changed. All of a sudden everything looked different. At that moment both John and I had the same opportunity to keep ascending.Every new stage of conscious awareness is preceded by a recognizable state of awareness which contains characters and characteristics. Each of your states of awareness has certain characteristics and as you move into new states, you must take on new characteristics.

110. You must be like, we were taught, the chameleon; with the ability to merge into new surroundings. That was the protection; changing, ever changing and never changing. The power of the chameleon, it is a God given power. This name was given to me because of my abilities that were manifesting. God saw this and brought the chameleon to me instead of some other faculty like a red cloud or a running dear. I was sitting on top of that mountain and I got what I thought was a lizard. And I was thinking, "Boy, I am going to be called Lizard." No, I was blessed and called a chameleon which was a very high spiritual name, (awareness). It was respected by the Indians because it was a very high spiritual sign.

111. The preceding stage bears witness to the One to come in the gospel narration John the Baptist is considered to be the forerunner of Jesus. He prepares the way for Jesus, for the enlightened awareness which would be evident in the later's life by drawing the people's attention to the necessity of the spiritual path. John was not the Light that is. He was not fully illumined at this tinie, but he was sufficiently aware to know the great expression of God consciousness was due to manifest. He knew that people would be coming to God consciousness.

112. Jesus became God consciousness. This was a mystical teaching, that man became one with God. They did it in many, many ways and showed it in Christianity, Hinduism, Yoga and Buddhism. as well as other great spiritual teachings. A joining and merging of consciousness with a spiritual aspect, a Divine Union, a mystical union. They always taught this from Lemuria to Atlantis, to now. From the beginning of man's inception upon this planet he was taught the Law.

113. A very simple law, but your key to Visualized Prayer,. your key to creation. A very simple law. The Law of Association, the Law of Identification. Om Tat Sat Om. I Am That I Am. Christ brought this law onto this planet. I Am That, he wanted to be physical, He became physical by the Law of Association..The Law of Identification, being like that, attuning to that, He became that. Om Tat Sat Om. 'When Jesus was talking to his disciples and said, 'Who am I?" Peter said, "You are the Word made manifest."

114. Peter realized that Jesus had merged with God consciousness, he had fulfilled the visions of the scriptures, the visions of men. He had manifested it. He had taken the highest manifesting ability through His Visualized Prayer. "I and the Father are one," through the Law of Association, He identified with That, He identified the Christ consciousness, the Light of man, the Light of the world and He did this through His creative faculties and imagination. He spent long hours in meditation, seeing Himself in that position, seeing Himself in that awareness.