Channeled December 12, 1976
Numbered and paragraphed Jan to March 2002

1. If the description and the vision are different, it never will come into physical manifestation. If you want to increase your power of creating a pure heart, do some type of artistry. Do some type of creative expression, music, sculpting, or painting, putting your head and hands together, for this brings your imaging powers into something you can see physically.

2. The greatest magicians had a clarity of creative awareness so powerfully that they spent long hours of unseen preparations to manifest things in the physical dimension. Look how much in your life is going on in the unseen , so that you see only the tip of the iceberg.

3. About two weeks ago, we saw Karmapa, a beautiful Being, who came from Tibet. Can you imagine what it took to bring him all the way from Tibet, all of the communication, all of the different people involved here on Oahu, on Maui and all the other places he is going around the world: Hundreds of people imaging and creating one vision and this Being moved in that vision.

4. Karmapa became a willing representation of that Light, just as Jesus became a willing representation of the highest scriptural teachings, the highest Mystical teachings, the highest yogic teachings, the highest of all teachings. He took everything to the absolute. That is the power of the Christ. No matter what way it came into him, he took it to the highest, absolute, to the best that was in him and projected it through his image. This is the power to control imagination, to be able to take your visions to the highest.

5. Do not be limited. If you want yourself to be in a creative awareness, do not be limited to just visioning yourself sitting off here alone painting a picture. See people admiring that picture after it has been completed. See people buying that picture and taking it home. You must be a complete vision when you are visioning in imagination. You must see the beginning, middle and the end, experiencing it as a living vibration in that inner dimension. You must subject your feelings to it, for that is your subjective world as this is your objective world out here. Too many people become subject to the objective and neutralize themselves. These are two distinctive powers, the objective and the subjective, that you will realize when you can visualize and subject your emotional body to the vision in full conscious awareness.

6. Full conscious awareness, does not mean half in and half out, fading in and out, but this means clarity. This means clairvoyant sight in full conscious awareness, clairvoyantly using another faculty or clear hearing here on the brow, another pedal of that ninety- six petaled chakra. Here the ability of transmutation comes into effect, the brilliant, violet flame of St. Germain and this chakra is the basic transmuter of substance. St. Germain blazed the violet fire every day in ritual in his consciousness. St. Germain was constant in a rhythm and vibration and he always held it in his unseen world, until he needed it and he believed and had the full will, imagination and faith that when he said it was so, he believed in the power of the ever-giving God, the ever-giving of this substance of spirit to sustain the automatic mind of matter and responsive in the divine mind of man. What he has created in his divine essence in his inner -world, what pictures were created there for himself to experience, that's what he would experience.

7. 'When I saw the use of imagination, I saw myself teaching the use of imagination I saw myself becoming more enlightened and more expanded and put into positions that would expand me spiritually. I said, "God,whatever experience I need,give it to me, put me in that position, and those around me will tell me what to do because this is you, God, talking to me. This is the way I will understand.

8. I was very specific on the ways God could talk to me so I would not get distracted or mislead. I made it very specific that I could communicate with God anywhere and in all places at all times. I was very specific, do you see what I am saying? I limited the vision to this. I limited it, to everything. I used the law of limitation in its absolute. I didn't say I was going to limit it to one hour a day, in meditation, I didn't say that. I said, "God, I'm going to talk to you in every way. I'm going to see you in every way. I'm going to hear you when you talk to me in every way."

9. And what happened? I had this piece of paper sticking to my foot with messages on it, God began to play. God has a sense of humor and it was a beautiful experience because here was this unmanifested idea and image of God talking to me through all different facets of creation and I would get messages from birds' songs, I'd get messages from the ocean, from the air, from the breathing of individuals; the feelings, the seeing of the emotions of individuals around me, I'd get messages.

10. This is God talking to me. This is my God Self, the formless, coming to me in an objective way, I had to subject myself to the experience. I also said,"God, I want to see you unmanifested. So when my heart song sang, I got my message there. When my creative song sang, I received my message. When I spontaneously started to sing to my classes, the teachings would flow and they would become clearer in my consciousness. Abstract and formless images would became clear.

11. When in visionialized prayer you can sustain the image with a pure and constant idea, the next step in creation is that you must have a clear cut idea of the image. Ask what is the idea, the description of it at its highest, not the forming of the description, but the description in its end result. Sustaining your vision through this visualized prayer and controlling it from the brow chakra, this is your energy, the power of being centered in your own destiny. This is your energy, the power to be in the mystical realm. This is your energy, the ability to control cause, because everything happens as cause and effect.

12. Images are your energy into imagination. What kind of images are you carrying to imagine, with? Imagine meaning, bringing images into a correlation of creative expression and then sustaining them by idea, description from the absolute, the Immaculate Conception, the will of God, the perfection. See, when you see something in its end, that's when it is perfect. That's why you hold the Immaculate conception, or the perfect fulfillment.

13. You are holding this one perfect image of yourself. What are you doing this for? You're doing this for the upliftment of all mankind and you are the channel for it to shine this light to all other Beings. However, many, when it gets down towards the heart, the heart is cold and then their thinking says, " I did this, I did that, I feel this way, I think that. I, I, me, me, me, my, my, my." And they close off their creative channel. Secretly they believe for a while, but then they get caught in other experiences of the personality and think they are doing it and all of a sudden, and it has happened to every visionary, including Howard Hughes and his great visions of being a religious man. He was losing, right at the end he lost because he lost his view. He lost his point, he lost his immaculate conception, he lost his end picture. He may have lost because he let other people influence him.

14. Moses did not let other people influence him. Jesus did not let other people influence him. Joseph did not let other people influence him. When the great soldier' s wife said to Joseph," Make love to me or I'll say you did it anyway." No,Joseph held to his purpose, he held to his strength and convictions.

15. You can hold yourself as a servant or a disciple of another being until you can see the clear vision of your own mastery. The master of your own destiny. I am a conscious channel, I have come here to learn. Do you think you are learning? I've learned more than you'll ever learn because I not only have my force, but I have the force of everyone here in this room. And when you get to the point of universal mind, you not only have your force, but the force of everyone around you to work with. That is the power. You are no longer separate from the person you are talking to. Here is a part of you. You have used the imaging power to encircle you and the other individual. Now you have the power of both.

16. Where he suffers from the illusion of separation, that he is all by himself, he will be subservient to your powers. However, you must be like Jesus, benevolent in that awareness and do not misuse this through self righteous vision, but pure vision in brotherly love. You must love that individual as you love yourself, "Love your neighbor as you love yourself." This is what Jesus said, this is the power, the attunement to universal mind where you get the images, the unending images, just as Jesus went and he got images from this master and that master.

17. Jesus did not even have to go to anyone. All he had to do was go privately and attune through his images in his imagination to the images in the universal mind. And there, the ultimate reality came through his imagination. You too have the same ability, but for a time you must put yourself aside. Put your personality aside.

18. You see, I'm saying that the self and the personality are separate but not the same. I'm saying the self and the personality must be put aside for the master control within you. Just as you had to put the outer personality aside to reach the Higher Self, you must put that Higher Self away to meet the Master Self.

19. You must be able to get it all, and then give it all up. That's the secret law. You've already gained the role, by vision, see, you have it. You have to realize that you have already got it. You are here. You are here right now. You are here in the magic moment of now and you have got it right now. Every second, you have countless opportunities flashing past you in pure perception to experience, to manifest, to give life.

20. What gives you power at this point in images? It's called decision. Making a decision gives you the power of the images. 'When you are creating in VISUALIZED PRAYER you must make a decision as to what vision you are holding steady in consciousness. You must make the decision and then follow through, for this is the power of manifestation. Holding the VISUALIZED PRAYER steady in consciousness, that is what we are discussing, bringing these decisions into reality. Bringing these mystical, magical powers into conscious control.

21. You must live in expectation. Once you have made a decision, you must have faith. Faith gives you expectation. Before any of this, not afterwards, but before any of this. Before visualizing your prayer; before using the images; before using the ideas; you must praise God, you must give devotion. You must attune to the light and energies. That's what praising God is.

22. Om Tat Sat OM, I Am That I Am. Identification with the Basic Substance, the spiritual force of the universe. And when you identify with that, you become that. Om Tat Sat OM, I Am That I Am, by the Law of Identification. When you are in that image, by the very Law of Identification, I Am That, that is mine, we are one. There is nothing that will keep it from me. And you must not see any obstacles in between you, in your outward appearance and you, in your visionary appearance.

23. Don't cast stones at yourself. Don't cast pearls before swine. Don't tell others what you are doing that do not believe in what you are doing. The group or family is good when it is working as one. Otherwise, its a diversification of the one. It's the many forms of that one. But when the group or family work together as one, they are more powerful than the one, because they have the inner relation of energies from emotions, mind, soul and spirit, the vibration of all that is working there. And when they use VISUALIZED PRAYER, it even becomes more magnetic that this will be coming into being.

24. By our group, family, or individual effort, we create an image in universal mind. This gives the individual a key into universal mind. And that's what church groups and associations do. That's why cults are formed. That's why groups of people get together to create the same image.

25. When Jesus came into a society that was diversified, not functioning as a unit, and bringing the unifying powers in, speaking differently, bringing it in the way of Love rather than beating it into somebody, killing them, burning their homes, destroying them as the Roman's were doing. Here was a people that needed faith, but not the faith of the power of arms, but faith in the mystical realm. Something was unseen. Something that no one could take away from them. That is what you have,the power no one can take away, an open door. That's the power.

26. Tibetan Monks have proven it. They have spent thirty years walled up away from society and have come out sane, knowing more than a lot of their keepers. One man after thirty years in isolation in a Buddhist monastery, high above Lhasa, there given food every other day for thirty years, came out and told all the other monks and lamas of the things that were going on around the world. What was happening all around the world and here he was in a little room with no light, completely isolated, joining with spirit, moving in spirit Just enough to sustain the body, moving in spirit, more spirit than matter. And do you know what he did after three years of giving his message?

27. He became isolated again until he left this dimension. But, the point is, after thirty years in isolation he came out and he told them everything that had been going on, the wars in the world, the differences in consciousness that people had moved through. He was completely aware because he was more spiritual, he was more centered toward the universal images than the individual could be. This is what you are doing in your attunement, by visualized praying to God, praising God, seeing God in everything, you are drawing the very substance to create with in Visualized Prayer. You are drawing the ethers to yourself.

28. God is the true light that animates all men. The positive manifestation of pure consciousness, universal intelligence, Christ consciousness revealed God. That's what revealed God. The pure consciousness revealed God. When you reach in your meditation the Great Silence, there you are in the stage of concentration and focus of attention of your energies. Here you have your collected forces. Now you draw upon the divine images of imagination in the highest, absolute sense and see yourself in the perfect light, the perfect body, the perfect experience and bring it to life by feeling, by experiencing that. Om Tat Sat Om. I Am That I Am.

29. Then the universe has and always will bring those images into manifestation. They have never once let you down and even now you are sustained by the limited images that you now have no matter how broad you think you are, you are limited. And you will be limited as long as you are in earth awareness, until you have the monopoly of consciousness in spiritual being.

30. Even though this light was revealed in the life of Jesus, the world cannot receive or comprehend it at the level of mass perception. We identify with mass consciousness through the Law of Identification. That's where we lose it. We want to be like the other guy. That's where I lost it in my very own life.

31. When I was thirteen, I had the powers, I could see. I knew where everybody was coming from and it affected me so that people around me would 't even believe it. And I was even steadfast in it until my emotions started to creep in and make it weak and I decided that, well, I wanted to be like one of the other guys too. I mean, everybody else is doing it. Why not?

32. And slowly, I left the path. I left the focus of becoming one with God and manifesting higher powers. I gave it up for sense gratification; of new sights to see, new sounds to hear, new tastes, to smell and to feel. New things to think and I went out with the boys. That was my experience. Four and a half years later I found myself in the hospital, swollen, couldn't move, suffering from rheumatic fever, my heart beating 160 beats per minute. Realizing how far I had come off of the Path, I created a sickness; a sickness to escape responsibility. I didn't want to be responsible for what was going on. I didn't want that. I wanted to leave it all behind.

33. Instead of using the higher powers, I created and used the destroyer rather than the creative forces. I knew both forces and knew that I had the power of both forces. It seemed easier because that was the best way to get even with mass consciousness for their images that they cast upon me. Because they said, " Who is this boy that comes from a poor family?" Because they thought we were poor because we didn't have any money.

34. But, we had the love of God and we had the experience of feeding and eating in nature right out of the gardens and right out of the orchards of our own farm, living there and experiencing all the things that were there. We didn't think of money. But, then moving into a money oriented awareness in San Francisco from a nice farm life, I wanted to be like 'those guys'.

35. Boy, they looked pretty cool with their triple soled stomps and their peggard pants. I had my clod hoppers and my old blue jeans. Man, these guys, everybody was paying attention to them. And I knew attention was power so I wanted attention too so I would be like the rest of them. Well, I got a lot of attention. A lot of times, I didn't use the easiest methods. I used tricks and deception to get attention because I was doing just what the other guys were doing.

36. I had lost it for a while, almost twenty years. I wandered around in this awareness, half awake. But there, when I was twenty three, when I was laying there, I knew the powers when all the doctors said you are going to die, inside I was laughing because I knew the power. I always knew the power and I'm going to get out of this one. They are not going to make me do this or that because you see, I can do what I want to do.

37. I always had that power, but I didn't always use the highest methods to accomplish it. Instead, I didn't make anybody else sick, I didn't hurt anybody else, but I created illness in my life. So, I told them no. No matter what they said, no matter how critical they said it was. They were not going to operate on me. They were not going to cut into my heart or put a plastic valve in me because I had the power, I was and am One with God. Why should I be the one to experience that.

38. So half from fear and half from reality of my own creative powers, I decided "No". I was not going to be cut open. I said, "If God had wanted me cut upon, he would have put a plastic tube in me to start with." I said, "It's perfect. You are all out of your minds."

39. One year later there was no sign because I believed. I kept hold of the image in my Visualized Prayer of a perfect heart. It was a big heart full of love. It was over-sized because it had to be for all the love I have for God as everything.

40. Jesus, the perfect description of the Avatar made manifest, fulfilled the prophesy, just as this center is fulfilling the prophesy of Light Centers of the New Age, by bringing to you expanded awareness. These Centers will be great centers of light all over the world to bring ancient wisdom and knowledge to mass consciousness for humanity to again learn the immaculate conception of the Divine Plan of God in man, the perfect being.

41. The perfect body, emotions, mental waves, the perfected beingness, the Christed ones, not only one but all of us. This is the promise of Jesus that every individual is to reach this level of Christ consciousness. " Consider me as an elder brother", he said. But, the Christian religion through hundreds of years has changed the whole structure of what Jesus very simply brought to us.

42. He told people to go into their closets at home, go within themselves to find God. He wasn't always an even tempered man, not when he threw the money changers out of the synagogue saying, "This is my Father's House". He had the image so strong in his mind, the Law of Identification, so strong in his imaging powers, Om Tat Sat Om, he was that I Am that I Am. He was that power made manifest. But, even though his life was revealed in the life of Jesus, the world cannot perceive or comprehend it at the level of mass consciousness.

43. The same is true today. The Light is just as available today as it was anytime in history. But, people who are not intuitively awakened, cannot discern it. God is, was, and always will be. The spirit is, was and always will be, that is what he is saying here. The sustaining, constant force throughout the universe is always there for your use.

44. The praise comes first before image because you must identify with it. You must use it, the Law of Identification. I am that. I am the intelligence of God living, working here. I am God in action. I am That. And you identify with those forces and by the Law of Identification, the energy, the images of universal mind comes to fulfill your creation.

45. When men are deluded, their own perceptions are feeble and they tend to be materialistic since the material aspect of creation is all that they can perceive through their senses. The deluded condition of man is not to true condition and it is only temporary. Man always finds a way back to the path whether it is through the mighty Crusades, there are still crusades going on upon the planet. Now we don't use horses and shields and swords, still, there are great crusaders of the higher powers.

46. When man learns to awaken and begins to perceive and to accept the infinite here and now, he comes into the realization of the tremendous power due to his comprehension of the Omnipotent and the Omnipresence. Now we are getting into the higher stages of vibration, the Omnipotence, Omnipresence of God Consciousness. He's here all the time, He is in everything. You are touched by Eternity right here at every moment. You have the right to use the full vibration of it as children of God.

47. This is what Moses taught. He believed that he was a child of God. Jesus believed that he was a child of God. St. Germain believed he was a child of God. Quan Yin believed that she was a child of to Divine Golden Ray of Wisdom, a child of God,One with the universal intelligence, One with her own Christ consciousness.

48. Every soul is a spirit individualized. And, therefore, is what God is. A true spiritual message encourages man to awaken and come into the realization of this truth in order that he might be saved from misery and pain due to ignorance of his own creative powers.

49. Due to the ignorance of One's own powers of Visualized Prayer. All who believe in His name, or commune with their God nature, are led into the realization of Ultimate Truth. Just as creation came into manifestation from the pure unconditioned state, through successive stages, so man begins where he is and moves forward to the realization that he is spirit.

50. Since the first emanation from the Center of Intelligence, from the Great Center Sun. The center is universal intelligence or Christ consciousness. One who moves through the veil of awareness to become aware of this or thinks of it and is unable to manifest or is able to manifest accordingly.

51. It is literally true that all must repent or turn their attention from the world of appearances back to the source of all form and appearances. See, repent means to change your point of view from the limited material world to the spiritual world, the all pervading. When you are repenting, you are no longer being trapped. You are pulling and withdrawing energy. Through repentance, salvation, right?

52. By changing your point of view of the outward appearance of things, you salvage your attention, your energy, and point it to another focus in another direction. You leave the world of appearances and you see the cause of all causes. The soul, individualized spirit, identifies with the body. It's beginning was of God, when spirit individualized as it is. In the beginning, it was with God until you have conditioned this soul into your experience.

53. What you know has power. You know the little technique we tell people in Astral Physics is to manifest a parking place, we visualize a parking place through Visualized Prayer . Here is a subtle power. They can manifest themselves having a million dollars using the very same power because there is no difference. The power is exactly the same. If you can manifest a parking space, you can manifest anything else in your life. Just remember that a parking space comes sooner because of the duration of consciousness. You must hold the images clearly about your higher reality, seeing yourself with the abundant life. This means belief, faith, it means believing and letting go.

54.Visualized Prayer is so powerful here, it is the activating of creative consciousness. When spirit identifies with the body, the body becomes ignorant. It is obvious that mere believing in the doctrine of salvation is not enough to liberate man from bondage. But contemplation that results in the realization of the oneness is a sure way.

55. Contemplation on your realization as oneness, meaning seeing one in all things. Contemplate one in all things. See God in the trees, flowers, sky, birds, people, the unseen and the seen, all realms of manifestation, at-one-ness, see that spirit everywhere working, holding, cohesive and that which is unconditioned just waiting to sustain your images from your Visualized Prayer.

56. The word which is the activating consciousness appears as form. The word appears as form. And who is the manipulator of the word? Christ Consciousness, the consciousness of Light, Energy and Life. This state of consicoiusness is above Master Consciousness, this is the Christ consciousness, Spirit consciousness and the God consciousness that we are talking about.

57. The activating principle and the selective divine principle of man's consciousness. The scripture is referring to the incarnating spirit of Jesus. Christ incarnated and appeared as man among men, but there was a difference. He was enlightened, therefore aware of his mission.

58. When you become illumined, you are aware of your mission, the part you are playing in the Divine Plan. Only when you become illumined will you become aware of your part in the Divine Plan of humanity. You have a part that no one else can fulfill. When you learn that part, then you can use this Visualized Prayer to see yourself fulfilling that image from universal mind.

59. You must reach illumination from the crown and only through the crown chakra can you look down through the imagination. Jesus was enlightened and therefore aware of his mission. It is said that when a perfect being, a self realized soul elects to incarnate for a specific purpose, due to the shock of physical birth, there is a temporary shut down of awareness and during the earlier years on the earth plane, the soul awakens once again to the full realization of its purpose before incarnating.

60. Understand this very simple statement to enlightenment. When man makes this commitment to come here for a specific purpose, and every single being has done this, when they realize their mission, when they realize this, become illumined and see oneness of all things, that soul essence of reincarnating ego that goes from lifeline to lifetime is there at the disposal of full conscious awareness of the spirit the God Self in man,to bring about the spirit's full state of pure conscious awareness and the Divine Plan of perfection. You will become awakened.

61. When you become awakened is up to you. As long as your point of view is toward the material plane, possessions of things, and strong in that awareness, you will not see the light. That is why the gurus say, "give it up". This means, give up the emotional and mental attachments. You must give all attachments to the lower realm up and you must attach yourself to your Higher Self in a God conscious or Christ conscious way.

62. Everything you are using is for the glory of God, the glory of Christ consciousness, the Light. The Light in man. Whether you are eating, or dressing, or working, whatever you are doing; Praise God! You are giving that to God. That's your gift to God.

63. Now, when you create the image in mind, who is God going to come and fulfill? Those who are open! Those who believe it and have faith in it will be fulfilled. That means the images you create in Visualized Prayer will come into being exactly the way you manifest them in a pure conscious state. When you do not add anything and are objective to it. When you do not let your negative self image or your negative images cancel out that image in some way.

64. The primary focus of today's lecture has been to bring you to the awareness of the basic substance of the universe. It is talked about in the Yoga Sutras, in the Bible, in the Bhagavad-Gita, in all world scriptures. So, instead of telling you in stories, parables, or cones, we tell you as it is so you can understand it in this day and age. The Visualized Prayer is your key to the controlling of your destiny and that is what you are looking for.

65. Controlling what happens to you in this life, what you do, where you go, what you manifest, what your mission is, if you accomplish Visualized Prayer. Do you want to come back lifetime after lifetime and not accomplish your Divine mission? Will you be always drawn and falling to the lower awareness? Will you have to take up existence on another planet in third dimensional beingness? You have a perfect opportunity here and now to experience Life.

66. Visualized Prayer is a state of consciousness that is reached through Meditation, Contemplation and a witness state at the Brow Chakra in the imaging part of the mind, also known as the Imagination.